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VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #124

It's a Spelunky special this week. We love this game.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #123

This week it's the podcast debut of EG regular, Simon Parkin. We quiz Simon on his many ventures and there's a welcome (sort of) return for a classic parcast feature.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #122

Podcast 122! Guess what? There are still no new games out. We kill time by talking about games from olden times. Spectrum, BBC, that kind of thing.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #121

We turn the podcast over to you, the listeners, this week as we attempt to answer as many of your questions as possible.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #120

In lieu of there being any games to talk about I hit this week's panel with a pop quiz.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #119

Bertie and Toms B & C discuss Rezzed and their highlights of the show which include Hotline Miami, Prison Architect and Tengami.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #114

More Toms than a sat nav factory this week. Bramwell, Phillips and Champion preview next week's E3.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast 113

Oli, Chris Donlan and host Tom Champion discuss all things Diablo 3.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #112

Podcast 112 - Minecraft! Max Payne! Diablo! FIFA 13! Biscuits! Love!

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #111

We open up podcast 111 to you, the listeners! That means it's all your fault if you think it's rubbish.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #110

Podcast 110 sees the return of a pod favourite, Will "the velvet owl" Porter. Plenty to discuss this week including Dishonored, Crysis 3, Sim City and Warfighter. Will also fills us in on the progress of Project Zomboid, the ambitious indie game he's writ

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #109

It's been a great month for new game releases and we cover the pick of the bunch, Fez, Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition & Trials Evolution, in this week's podcast. Listen to the end for a musical treat!

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #106

Bertie gives us the low down on his recent trip to ArenaNet to check out Guild Wars 2. Bedders, meanwhile, has been to Iceland and has all the space goss from EVE Fanfest.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #101 Mass Effect 3

It's Tom time on podcast 101! Tom Bramwell, Tom Phillips and Tom Champion dissect the Mass Effect 3 demo, discuss tomorrow's European Vita launch and the prospect of imminent pancakes.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #100

It's a welcome return for Ellie Gibson as the Eurogamer.net Podcast celebrates its one hundredth birthday!

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #99 Amalur & FF13-2

Martin "the beard" Robinson, Oli Welsh and Tom Champion natter about the two new RPG kids on the block; Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Final Fantasy 13-2.

VideoEurogamer After Hours #1

After Hours with Tom C, Martin Robinson and Dan Pearson.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #98 RE Revelations

Tom Phillips, Martin Robinson and Tom C discuss the joys of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS and the console's new circle pad pro accessory.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast#97 Player Research

Tom C is joined by friend of the family and all round Mr Awesome, Christian Donlan. Together they quiz Graham McAllister, the founder of Player Research, about user experience and usability in games.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #97: Testing Games With Science

Graham McAllister from Player Reseach explains the dark art of biometric usability testing.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #96 SWTOR

Oli Welsh, John Bedford and host Tom Champion discuss Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic one month after launch.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #95 PS Vita

In anticipation of the consoles European launch, Tom C & Tom B answer your PlayStation Vita questions.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #94 End Of Year Special

Bertie jumps into the host's chair to present an end of year quiz to the rest of Team News.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #93 Back to Karkand

Tom B, Martin Robinson and Tom C discuss Back to Karkand, the latest DLC pack for Battlefield 3.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #91 - Skyrim

It's a Skyrim special this week. Tom C, Wes, Bertie and John discuss the finer points of this little known, niche title.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #90: Sean Murray

We're joined by a very special guest this week, Sean Murray of Hello Games. Sean chats with Tom C, Tom B and Wes about Joe Danger: Special Edition, The Movie and his recent arrest.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #89

Tom Champion, Tom Bramwell and Dan Pearson make up the ensemble for podcast 89. Topics discussed include the new Bioware game, the Mass Effect 3 leak and Sony's recent financial performance. Joy.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #88

It's a full house this week as Tom B, Oli Welsh, Wesley Yin-Poole and host Tom Champion, discuss BlizzCon, Sonic Generations and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #87

Podcast 87! Bramwell, Pearson and Champion discuss Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Gabe Newell's comments regarding an Apple platform and the mighty Tropico 4!

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #81

With the two Toms away, Martin Robinson hosts this week's chat.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #80.mp3

It's another Eurogamer podcast!

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #79.mp3

The Eurogamer team return to discuss this week's gaming news. I wonder how many of them have Cologne envy?

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #78.mp3

The EG crew return for yet another podcast. As you may have guessed, I haven't listened to this one either. Enjoy!

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #77.mp3

Tom Bramwell, Oli Welsh and Rob "Bertie" Purchese are this week's motley podcast crew. Not sure what the topics are, I haven't listened to it. Cooking maybe?

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #76.mp3

The Eurogamer.net team discuss the issues of the day.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #75

Oli Welsh, John Bedford and host Tom Champion discuss the newly released XBLA game, Bastion. We also discuss EA's acquisition of Popcap and John has a shameful MMO related confession.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #74

Podcast 74! Tom Bramwell retains hosting duties and is joined by Will "The Velvet Owl" Porter and superstar PR man, Steve Merrett.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #73

Tom C is neck deep in expo prep so Bramwell steps in to take on hosting duties. He's joined by John Bedford and Dan Pearson to discuss, erm, not sure, I haven't listened to it. I'm sure it's great!

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #72

It's a momentous week for the podcast as it's the last ever Sandy Isle Games AND Metabet. Lest we forget.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #71 (again)

It's our second attempt at podcast 71. If you have the first effort then congratulations, you now have a rare artifact of great historical and cultural value. Or a podcast with rubbish sound quality.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #70

The two Toms, Oli and Martin Robinson settle down for some pre E3 chat. The team also find time to cover FIFA 12, Duke Nukem Forever and there's a reader's Sandy Isle selection.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #69

Fresh meat for the podcast grinder this week as EG's new features editor Martin Robinson makes his debut. It's a particularly emotional podcast this week as Ellie makes her final appearance before heading off to have a baby. /sniff

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #68

Two special guests this week, regular EG contributor Christian Donlan and Namco Bandai's UK marketing director, Lee Kirton. Ellie and Champo make up the numbers.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #67

It's a very special podcast this week as Ellie and Champo are joined by Splash Damage bigwigs, Paul Wedgwood and Ed Stern to discuss the imminent release of Brink.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #66

Champo's off saving the world this week so Tom Bramwell mans up and takes on hosting duties. He's joined by Rob Purchese and Christian "nicest man in video games" Donlan.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #65

Bramwell's back this week after numerous trips abroad. He's joined by Wes and Tom C for lots of Skyrim chat and analysis of the rumoured Wii HD.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #64

It's the Ellie, Oli, Champo show this week. There's a very special X Factor style metabet jingle showdown and the crew discuss Ken Levine's assertion that sex in games is rubbish.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #63

Dan Pearson returns to the podcast and joins Tom C and James "chav with a brain" Grant to discuss lawsuits, hackers and EVE online.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #62

Tom C, Ellie and Wes discuss the 3DS launch party, Ian Maggs' Sandy Isle Games choices and the radio 4 shipping forecast.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #61

The Eurogamer dot ned podcast #61 is brought to you from our brand new offices! Ellie joins the two Toms to discuss issues as diverse as domestic abuse, whether or not Final Fantasy IV was on the SNES or NES and eighties DJ Mike Smith.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #60

The two Toms are joined by Eurogamer's Business Development Manager (and part time Eddie Izzard impersonator), David Lilley. We talk iPhone games, the Eurogamer Expo 2011 and David gives us his sandy isle games choices.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #58

Wesley Yin-Poole, Christian Donlan and Tom Champion are this week's unlikely heroes. Podcast 58 features Latin, illicit GDC chat and one instance of Tom C losing the room by discussing a game nobody else remembers.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #57

The two Toms are joined this week by special guest Christian Donlan. Christian discusses the merits of Bulletstorm and reveals the Coca-Cola recipe.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #56

Ellie and the two Toms discuss David Braben's radical vision for games journalism, Mary Portas and the oyster card of justice and strip clubs.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #55

Ellie Gibson, Wesley Yin-Poole and Tom Champion discuss first class air travel, sales figures and various chicken based restaurant outlets. This week also features bleeping; indicating that Tom C's editing skills have progressed from "barely competent" to

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #54

It's podcast 54! Tom Champion, Tom Bramwell and Tom Phillips discuss the recently announced Sony NGP and their plan to make Eurogamer an exclusively "Tom" based company.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #53

Podcast 53 sees the return of Will "The Velvet Owl" Porter. Will expresses his love for Dead Space 2 while Ellie and Bramwell cast their weary eyes over last week's 3DS launch event.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #52

Bramwell's back from New York and joins Wesley Yin-Poole and Tom Champion to discuss devs who complain about the press, the latest Sony lawsuit and horses. Apologies to any pigeon lovers.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #51

It's eighties chat on this week's podcast which features host Tom Champion, Ellie Gibson and special guest Gareth Williams from Premier PR. It's also a great week for stuff hitting mics. Sorry Miles!

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #50

It's podcast number 50! Tom C, Tom B, Oli and Ellie celebrate Christmas by taking part in a poorly researched quiz.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #49

Podcast 49 sees the return of news hound Rob Purchese along with Tom Bramwell, fresh from his sick bed. Tom Champion barely holds things together after taking more codeine than is advisable.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast #48

Ellie, Oli and Tom C discuss the games they're looking forward to in 2011 and EA's new quality over quantity policy. Warning: Contains borderline offensive German accent.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #47

Tom B, Tom C and Oli discuss the gaming issues of the day. Chat includes the much changed world of Warcraft, Bramwell's inability to remain vertical while drunk and Champion's continuing failure to impregnate his fictional wife.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast  #46

After the high of last week the podcast returns to its shambolic worst this week. Tom Champion, Tom Bramwell and Martin Taylor are those responsible.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #45

We have a special guest this week, it's Miles Jacobson from Sports Interactive! Miles answers your questions and puts up with the demented ramblings of Tom Champion, Oli Welsh and Tom Bramwell.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #44

Tom Champion has (mostly) recovered from his food poisoning and returns to host this week's podcast alongside Tom Bramwell, Ellie Gibson and Oli Welsh.

VideoThe Eurogamer.net Podcast #43

Tom Bramwell, Oli Welsh & Tom Champion discuss Blizzcon, Fable III and p42s (whatever they are).

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