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PSN Roundup: PC Engine Special

Stuff to do with that Japanese PSN account.

The first time I ever heard of the PC Engine was when a friend whose Chinese mate's uncle had imported one told me about it. Without having seen it, I just assumed it was some kind of Japanese computer for word processing's sake - not a console the size of a good sarnie, and certainly not one that ran cutting-edge games stored on credit cards. Any which way you sliced it, the PC Engine was something special. From five-player games and the eight-way d-pad sported by its controller to what was at the time easily the best console version of R-Type, NEC's machine was a little marvel. Shame, then, that hardly anybody in the UK had one (though, for some reason, everyone in France did).

Trash Panic

Not rubbish.

(Available in Japan as Gomibako (reviewed) and in Europe as Trash Panic.)

Otomedius Gorgeous!

Maiden voyage.

Otomedius Gorgeous! is essentially a game about penguins and cleavage. It doesn't show us any penguins endowed with boobs of their own, because that would be hideous, but still, I reckon these two elements probably constituted 60 per cent of Otomedius G's design document. The remaining 40 per cent is a Gradius-inspired love-in at the shmup ranch.