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Quinns has been writing about games for a decade. If you see him online, please be gentle. He'll be using a shotgun no matter the circumstances and will not be very good.

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Cosmic Encounter review

Great fun with the original space oddity.

Talisman: Digital Edition review

Stop the game, I want to get off.

Rampage review

A lot of hot air.

RecommendedNidhogg review

The artist's debut épée.

The wait's over! Finally, after three years, confused PC gamers the world over can actually buy Nidhogg, the legendary 2 player duelling game first commissioned by New York University's Game Centre. This commercial release is a robust thing, boasting four levels, rudimentary single player, mostly-functional online play, tournament mode and a host of comedic variants. I can't recommend boomerang swords highly enough.

Risk of Rain is an immaculate platformer. From each precisely-timed leap that carries you from harm's way, to the crispy pixel visuals of you gunning down a preposterous giant crab, to the looming, grandiose soundtrack, right down to you laughing at the jokes in the main menu's unlockable encyclopedia: absolutely everything is as it should be.

Dota 2 review

Definitely MOBA.

It's the summer of 2010. Typing to a backdrop of Chatroulette and Chilean Miners, it becomes clear that none of us in the Rock, Paper, Shotgun staff chatroom, where I worked at the time, know how to react to the news that Valve, a company famous for giving gamers what they want before they know they want it, is making the sequel to Defense of the Ancients.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune review

Gaming's favourite chancer gets carded.

Fight for Fortune is the Vita's Uncharted card battling game. Every one of the series' characters, from Drake to Francis Drake to Draza, battles over treasure using tropes from the series ("CAVE IN!", "Sully's Sea Plane"), all in card form. How does this end up? Well, (full warning, this review's about to peak) it's a little thin.

City of Horror review

The talking dead.

When Eurogamer asked me to start doing board game reviews, I had no idea where to start after video game licenses. The Board Game Geek database holds 62,000 games. Where the hell to begin?

Editor's note: Welcome to Eurogamer's first board game review - the start of what we hope will become regular reviews coverage of this exciting gaming scene. While we've chosen to kick things off with a video game licence (and a slightly older game at that), rest assured we'll be highlighting a wide range of contemporary games in these reviews.

Guardians of Middle-earth review

When two towers just aren't enough.

There was no getting around it. As a multiplayer online battle arena - or MOBA, as League of Legends and its ilk like to be known - based on The Lord of the Rings, Guardians of Middle-earth was always going to have Gandalf fighting Galadriel. A buffed Gollum killing Legolas. Some pro hobbit from the mystical land of Detroit killing the Witch-king of Angmar, over and over again. That's chemical nerdicide potent enough to make me, just a casual fan of the films, feel a bit like a child being touched inappropriately by an elderly relative.

Gateways review

I'm making a note here: MODERATE SUCCESS.

Gateways challenges you to navigate a cramped underground lab by manipulating time and space itself. Each click is a fold in the fabric of spacetime, meticulously crafting each origami solution. It is overwhelmingly inspired by Portal, as developer Smudged Cat Games (which also made The Adventures of Shuggy) is only too happy to admit.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: At the Frontlines of World vs. World

Quintin makes a foray into the maddest, meanest feature of Guild Wars 2.

It's the most nondescript day imaginable. 2pm on Thursday afternoon, and a spell of British anti-weather (sun like a cheap lightbulb) has me feeling neither warm nor cold. But I am sweating, and I am rapt.

FeatureHotline Miami Preview: Beneath the Neon

We ring up the developers behind Rezzed's Game of Show on their own personal hotline.

If you haven't seen any of the trailers for PC indie action game (or "top down f***-'em-up", as EG's own Jeffrey Matulef described it) Hotline: Miami, you're in for a treat. Go take a peek.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: The Five Races

Do you know which you should play? Don't make our mistake.

OK. Following those first few rickety hours where I was disappointed at how much of an MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is - as documented in our collective diary - I've since found that I do, in fact, have another MMORPG in me. This game twisted open my genre fatigue like a rich man presented with a cheap lobster, and has commenced slurping the free time from my reticent carapace.

APB Reloaded Review

Arrested developments?

A deserted storage facility on the cheap side of town. The sun beams down high above it, rendering everything in the colours of affordable breakfast cereal. Welcome to San Paro, the city of 2010's MMO shooter APB and, today, free-to-play MMO shooter APB Reloaded.

FeatureThe Dota 2 Experience, Part Three

Our team of Dota 2 noobs have to ship up or ship out, in the final instalment of our diary.

Last week our Dota 2 noob superteam took on actual humans for the first time. They got taken apart like a bad sandwich, and vowed to get their revenge. Here's what happened next.

FeatureThe Dota 2 Experience, Part Two

Our team of well-meaning Dota 2 noobs go up against actual humans. This is gonna get ugly.

Welcome back! When we left off, our Dota 2 noob superteam was about to have its first game against real humans.

FeatureThe Dota 2 Experience, Part One

A touching tale of learning to play Valve's hardcore opus. It can't be that bad. Can it?

This started in a pub. Of course it did. I remember agreeing to something about Dota 2 between a fourth and fifth pint of foamy lager.

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