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Phil Iwaniuk


Phil once won a rosette for his depiction of a fox in an under-sixes art show, and has spilled cups of tea on the floors of many prestigious studios across the globe.

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Hello Neighbor review

Twitching curtains.

As many a parent has wryly told their spouse above the caterwauling of their kid on a long haul flight: getting there is half the fun. So it goes with Hello Neighbor, a game about breaking into a stranger's house to find out what they're keeping so well guarded in the basement. The journey into that basement, through secret passageways and over roller coaster tracks in a three act structure, was bound to outshine the destination, because not knowing is more fun than knowing. And, more pragmatically, because navigating a surrealist environment and working your way through its puzzles is more fun than opening a door.

You only need an excuse. The fundamental appeal of Football Manager is the same as it was in the Collyer brothers' debut in 1992, and if at any time in your life that appeal has spoken to you, it will do so forevermore. Really, it's just a matter of how seductively each iteration whispers its new features list at you.

It was the prototypical esports event, in a way. A mixed-media gaming competition Atari launched at the height of its early 80s success, Swordquest pitted players far and wide against a series of four Atari 2600 adventure titles, and then against each other in a grand final for a prize pool of $150,000 in jewel-encrusted treasures. Each game contained clues that revealed hidden messages in an accompanying comic book, and sending the correct message to Atari earned you a chance to compete for a real, honest-to-goodness piece of treasure at its headquarters. All that, without a gaming chair or energy drink in sight.