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Happy Feet

Penguins on the Dancing Stage.

Yes, it's Christmas again and time for that yearly staple: CGI movies featuring moral messages, cuddly, talking animals and - of course - spin off games. 2006 is no different and, in order to fully cash in on the immediate success of the movie, Happy Feet is being released on a half dozen formats to best get the kiddies and girlfriends vote. No surprise there, and no surprise that the game's not bad, but not great, either.

Crash Boom Bang!

Think Mario Party but less fun.

Being a games journalist, I spend much of my time on my own with only a PC and my numerous games consoles for company. It's sometimes a lonely life but I love it and really wouldn't have it any other way. My flat might be tiny and cluttered, stuffed to the gills with consoles, code and DVDs but it's home and, unlike many journalists, I thrive on the isolation.

Destroy All Humans! 2

The Austin Powers edition.

I'm a sucker for science fiction, but after a while movies and games get predictable. Aliens try to take over the world but in the end humans always win. Destroy All Humans! was different; it allowed you to play as Cryptosporidium-137 (who was named after a particularly nasty infection - do feel free to check Wikipedia for all the gory details), a member of the Grey-like Furon race who are hell-bent on the invasion of Earth. They also needed the brainstems of humans which contain precious strands of Furon DNA to ensure the continuation of their race.