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FeatureFootball Superstars

Promotion contenders.

Like all beautiful things (Sheryl Cole, anyone?) Football Superstars is dead simple. Everyone loves football, right? And MMOs are an increasingly compelling alternative to the humdrum of real world considerations such as the price of a pint and the question: 'will my wife mind if I turn the lounge into a Pro Evo gaming shrine'? So why not combine the two?

Championship Manager 2007

Nice try, good conversion - oops, wrong sport...

Why is it that every time we play A,N. Other management game we feel the urge to talk about Football Manager, to compare it to by far and away the leading title in the genre?

Football Manager Handheld 2007

Inspired substitution.

You've got to run to stand still in the fast-moving world of football management. The same can be said for the virtual 'soccer' universe, where Football Manager has been setting the pace for years. The latest FM for PC (and Xbox 360) upped the series' canter once again with a locker room bursting with 100 gameplay additions...

Championship Manager 2007

Warming the bench.

The proverbial one-horse title race does nobody in football any favours: fans are bored by predictable results, managers end up scrapping over tin-pot cups and the team topping the football pyramid festers through lack of stiff competition.