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FeatureNotes from the end of a world

Inside the final hours of Asheron's Call.

It's the final weekend of Asheron's Call. Three days from now, the servers will be shut down, and 18 years of video game history will be lost forever.

FeatureWhat happened to gaming's Waterworld?

The fall and plummet of APB.

Back in 2008, Realtime Worlds was sitting pretty. A year after the release of the well-received Crackdown, the Dundee-based studio's founder and GTA creator David Jones managed to net $50m for its pet project, the ambitious MMO APB: All Points Bulletin. He was positive about its chances, and given the interest in the project and the pedigree behind it he had every right to be. APB would be the company's first big online game, he thought. Instead, it was to be Realtime Worlds' last.

It had been a tough few months. Development of the very first Rainbow Six had left the team exhausted and panicky, and the party held at developer Red Storm Entertainment's studio in North Carolina after the game shipped promised some sort of relief. It promised to be special, too - the studio's founder and world famous novelist Tom Clancy was going to be making an appearance.