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WiTtY sTrApLiNe HeRe.

There's no way to tackle an old favourite of '90s JRPG players and its eventual arrival in the West without preamble. Oh such preamble we shall have... long, meandering and highly informative the preamble shall be.


You know you want to...

Onimusha might well represent the most successful foray made by any game into the surreal world of traditional Japanese Kwaidan storytelling. However, behind every favourite there tends to be an underdog, a role Kuon quietly adopts. It's a position that would take a great deal of work to escape.


This way to puzzle heaven?

It's nice to find an original game that's designed so intuitively. Exit subtly reminds you of so many games you might wistfully recall playing into the wee hours; it's as comfortable as slipping on your battered old jeans. Taito's puzzle/platformer centres on the character of Mr. ESC: in fact 'character' is certainly the only word to use. The aptly named Mr. ESC is a professional escapologist and a mercenary rescue worker (someday that'll be my job description). There's no more development needed, really.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

Port in a storm.

Street Fighter II was the game that shifted most fighters from arcades to home consoles. Since those days though, we've seen some truly abysmal offerings. Who can forget the nightmare that was Capcom vs. SNK EO's appearance on the GameCube? Or the abominable Capcom Fighting Jam?