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FeatureWhat's behind Japan's Gundam game obsession?

A look behind the games and the culture that have consumed Japanese arcades.

One of the most remarkable aspects about the Japanese arcade scene is that it still exists. Perhaps it's because organised criminals loves to launder their money through arcades and pachinko parlours, or perhaps it's just down to the reality that people still want to play games there.

FeatureAll is fair in love and Super Robot Wars

Dissecting the history of one of Japan's most enduring mecha series.

Back in 1991 the GameBoy was well into its swing, and all manner of new publishers were getting in on the action. Not wishing to miss a trick, Banpresto released a relatively small turn-based strategy game developed by a tiny studio by the name of winkysoft. It was called Super Robot Taisen (aka Super Robot Wars, or SRW for short).