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Nic Linnear


Rugby '08


Four years, countless embarrassing defeats and an almost bionically rebuilt Johnny Wilkinson later, and England stand nervously on the brink of what could be history's most unsuccessful attempt ever at retaining a Rugby World Cup title. Such has been the lack of the enthusiasm and general sporting press buzz over England's chances in the run up to the France-based tournament that you could be forgiven for thinking it was six years, let alone six weeks, until the competition started.

Super Rugby League 2

Rugger? Bugger.

Someone, somewhere, is probably ecstatic right now. Not because they've won the lottery. Not even because they've just woken up next to Lucy Pinder. But because they're happy just to know that Super Rugby League 2 even exists. Suffice to say, it's taken its time reaching these fair shores. But is it worth the wait?

Rugby 06

Leader of the pack.

Somewhere high up in EA’s crystal towers, somebody is sleeping well tonight, safe in the knowledge that gaming’s equivalent of Skynet is one step closer to global domination. Because to even the most casual of fan it’s clear that there’s no better console version of Rugby Union than EA’s spanking new shiny version. Case closed. Job done. Captain licensing money has saved the day again.

Rugby Challenge 2006

Six nations, two rugby games, one choice. And it's not this one.

Rugby: it's a lot better than football, isn't it? You can drink in the stands, play doesn't halt every five seconds for a petulant team riot against the referee and England are still World Champions (just about). If you don't agree with that then you're a) stupid, b) a hooligan, or c) probably both. (And if that doesn't kick off some healthy debate in the forums then we've pretty much proved that porn really is all the internet's good for.)