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Review | Codename Panzers: Cold War

Now with 100 per cent less Panzers!

Review | Men of War

Company of Heroes has company.

ArmA 2

Co-operation Flashpoint.

Review | Democracy 2

Education. Education. Tax cuts.

Review | Rail Simulator

We express an opinion.

Review | RACE 07

Ethnographers will be disappointed.

Review | Combat Mission: Shock Force

Muddle in the Middle East.

Review | Enemy Engaged 2

See you later Alligator.

Review | Ship Simulator 2008

Taste the salt, hear the gulls, smell the vomit.

Review | Kudos: Rock Legend

Clicks, drags, and rock 'n' roll.

Review | Peacemaker

Feud for thought.

Review | Bookworm Adventures

The lexicon of love.

Theatre of War

The worst case of stage-fright in RTS history

Review | Space Empires V

Like Triton, it's big, icy and short of atmosphere.

Review | Armed Assault

Bring your own bodybag.

Feature | Bombarding Bohemia

As in, Interactive. As in, with Armed Assault questions.

Review | UFO: Afterlight

Beagle 2 never stood a chance.

Feature | Priceless Victories

Five freeware strategy games too good to miss.

Review | Birth of America

The Yanks are revolting.

Review | Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Edition

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Review | Faces of War

Platoon of Heroes.

Review | Wings Over Europe

Lots of chaff, not much flair.

Review | Blitzkreig 2: Fall of the Reich

Comes with free cyanide pill for your dog.

Review | Anno 1701

Rum and cocoa on the rocks.

Review | Flight Simulator X

High drama, low framerates.

Review | GTR2

More gripping than the last one.

Review | Night Watch

Black arts in Red Square.

Review | Armadillo Run

Constructive criticism.

Review | Ship Simulator 2006

A life on the ocean waves. Minus the waves and the ocean.

Review | Rush for Berlin

German capital hosts 1945 World Cup final.

Review | Take Command: 2nd Manassas

Blue plus grey equals red, lots of red.

Review | Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Like the Iron Curtain: long and rusty.

Review | City Life

Ghetto fabulous.

Review | Panzer Elite Action

Tanks, but no tanks.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivious to Oblivion? Not anymore…

Review | Panzer Front Ausf. B

The full Montgomery.

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