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Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

Will Wright's next game to be "built around the player's life"

Sims creator says his heroes are Miyamoto and Molyneux.

Heavy Rain dev confirms work on PS4 game has begun

Plus: no Move or 3D for Beyond, says Quantic Dream boss.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD: an intellectual analysis

Star Wars fan Ellie casts a critical eye over Rovio's latest.

New Alan Wake not yet signed?

MS exec Phil Spencer reckons so.

Blacklight dev slags off Call of Duty: Elite

"There's always going to be that jerk."

RAGE release date pushed to October

Few weeks delay for Bethesda shooter.

PS Home experiencing record traffic

Sony employees "dancing in the streets".

Frostbite 2-based Mirror's Edge coming?

"You'll see that combination, I'm sure."

Nintendo shares fall after Wii U reveal

Analysts disappointed by conference.

Wii U price "fantastic value" - Reggie

Set to be "competitive" with PS3 and 360.

Nintendo conference videos were PS3, 360

Wii U games will look as good, says Reggie.

Darksiders II confirmed for Wii U

It's due to arrive next year.

No PS Vita for Europe this year?

Plus: Agent may not be PS3 exclusive.

PixelJunk SideScroller coming to PS3

It's down for a release this summer.

Wireless steering wheel for Xbox 360

Haptic feedback! Rumble! Green bits!

Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 coming

Limited edition bundle unveiled.

Fruit Ninja Kinect coming this summer

Plus: From Dust, new Toy Soldiers and more.

Xbox 360 cloud storage plans revealed

"Gone are the days of gamertag recovery."

Battlefield 3 release date announced

It's coming our way in October.

Microsoft unveils Halo 4 at E3

With a shiny but short teaser trailer.

Four EA Sports titles to support Kinect

FIFA! Tiger! Madden! Something else!

Lulzsec publishes PSN dev source code

Hackers crack open secret website.

Adidas reveals miCoach for Move, Kinect

THQ to publish athletic training offering.

Hackers attack Nintendo servers

No harm done though, says company.

Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

Project Cafe not Wii 2 but "Nintendo"?

Word is they're keeping it simple.

Sony UK boss says cheerio after 17 years

Maguire's been soul searching.

PS Home gets real-time multiplayer

And better graphics, thanks to new dev tools.

PlayStation Home downloaded 19m times

But Sony quiet on figure for active users.

Miyazaki up for doing Dark Souls NGP

"It won't be a straight port if we do it."

Kotick makes list of most influential men

He's 16th, behind Kanye but before Obama.

Booting up Kinect games early blocks Live

You'll just have to wait, says Microsoft.

Scribblenauts dev unveils new shooter

Hybrid coming to XBLA next year.

Battlefield 3 will be just as good on PC

"I won't 'dumb it down'," says designer.

Boxleitner to star in TRON videogame

Olivia Wilde has signed up too.

SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

Duke Nukem pre-orders to be honoured

Gearbox working with retailers to sort it.

Charge cradle confirmed for 3DS

Iwata explains Nintendo's thinking.

UK release date revealed for Nail'd

Arcade racer to reach finish line in Feb.

New Shenmue game coming to mobiles

It's due to launch in Japan this winter.

Nintendo unveils Mario Red Wii

Comes with SMB pre-installed.

Rock Band library to top 2000 tracks

Harmonix hits milestone this month.

Buy Borderlands, try out Duke Nukem

US gamers get first go on Forever demo.

Castlevania Facebook game unveiled

Unlock extra items, screenshots and so on.

Spooky DLC due for Sports Champions

Pack to cost four-nine-nine US dollars.

Driver game coming to 3DS next year

Plus: Ubi confirms Japanese line-up.

Rock Band 3 Pro tracks to cost extra

Only the ones for the guitar, mind.

Auditorium gets November date

Puzzler coming to PSN and XBLA.

Nintendogs blamed for attack on child

By the Daily Mail, shockingly.

Ex-RTW execs buying MyWorld?

PC game could be rising from ashes.

GAME to shut another 85 shops

It's all about cost efficiency, apparently.

PC version of WRC demo released

Find out how good the game rally is.

No more region lock for ModNation

Now you can race the whole world.

Respawn title will be cross-platform

Ex-COD chaps seeking new staff.

H.A.W.X. 2 for PC delayed till Nov?

September 30 date looking unlikely.

Inaba joins East vs. West debate

Says Japan's never heard of Call of Duty.

"Gay space marines" man apologises

2K producer says he was being jocular.

The Bible Online gets European date

Combines RTS and RPG elements.

Cammie Dunaway leaves Nintendo

Who will wear the white trousers now?

New cars, tracks unveiled for GT5

Drive a VW van round Laguna Seca.

ICO, SOTC Collection due spring 2011

US to get ending they missed out on.

Last Guardian coming holiday 2011

"It's time for us to go into crunch mode."

EA reveals Shadows of the Damned

Suda51 and Mikami's game out next summer.

Super Mario celebrates 25th birthday

Miyamoto gives him the bumps.

Acti officially unveils Blood Drive

Vehicular combat, zombies, etc.

Dead Rising: Case Zero proves popular

It's been downloaded over 300,000 times.

New Dissidia Final Fantasy coming

PSP game due to arrive next year.

Braid creator shows off new game

The Witness was on display at PAX.

Exporting confirmed for Rock Band 3

Plus: Pro Mode songs could cost more.

New Uncharted 2 DLC on the way

Voices being recorded right now.

Red 5 Studios unveils Firefall

It's a free-to-play online shooter.

Crackdown 2 DLC problem fixed

New version of add-on available now.

Dead Space 2 multiplayer details emerge

Necromorphs vs. soldiers, apparently.

Squenix working with US studio

On a new, unannounced game.

Conduit 2 delayed until 2011

Plus: new control systems promised.

PSN to get cloud-based music service

It's called Qriocity. Yep.

PS3 to get 3D Blu-ray update soon

As soon as next month, in fact.

Metal Gear: Rising to go on show at TGS

Along with Castlevania and many more.

Nelson reveals XBL release schedule

Crackdown DLC! Hydrophobia! And so on.

Sony unveils Tokyo Jungle for PS3

Make elephants fight cheetahs, etc.

Far Cry 3 appears on retailer sites

Collector's Edition on offer too.

Blizzard wants Cameron for StarCraft film

James, not Diaz. Or David.

Nintendo cuts price of DSi in US

Handheld now available for $150.

Shank issues "not the 360's fault"

Klei Entertainment clarifies earlier statement.

Enslaved Collector's Edition unveiled

It's exclusive to Europe, so far.

Staff laid off from Tom Clancy studio

Game dev not affected, says Ubi.

Brad Pitt to star in Red Dead movie?

He's the "hot favourite", apparently.

New Nintendo downloads revealed

Elastic Boy, Where's Wally? etc.

PopCap trademarks Vacation Quest

Coming this holiday season?

PlayStation designer explains all

Reveals thinking behind the buttons.

Yamauchi responds to GT5 controversy

Removing flags possible, but "regrettable".

New BioShock enemy's name revealed

Say hello to the Handyman.

Capcom learned from RE5 racism row

Took steps to stop it happening again.

Angry Birds creator hawking movie rights

Toys, comics and TV shows planned too.

New Doctor Who games for DS and Wii

He'll return to Earth this winter.

R.U.S.E. PC demo due this week

In fact it's out tomorrow, strat fans.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the way?

SEGA's registered the domain name.

Plants vs. Zombies coming to the DS

It's due in January next year, apparently.

Resistance 3 unveiled at gamescom

It's out next year, says Insomniac.

Nintendo had Game Boy phone plans

Was in discussions with Nokia.

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