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Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

SingStar Popworld track listing

Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and the female Bedingfield all set to make an appearance.

Soul Calibur III PS2 exclusive?

You'll be able to create and customise your own character. Apparently.

LMA 2006 to kick off in October

Altogether now: "Football's just a branch of science..."

Gunstar Heroes set to return?

Ooh look, Sega's been down the US patent office again.

Guild Wars gets Collectors Edition

NCsoft gilds the lily for MMORPG's European release.

Beyond Blitzkrieg blankets Europe

Wartime MMORPG to come over here and steal our women with its fancy yankee ways this June.

New Final Fantasy concert planned

Uematsu brings his band on board for LA performance 'More Friends'.

Pac-Man World 3 announced

Time for more classic ghostbusting with the little yellow fellow.

Boktai 2 prepares to rise and shine

It's another bright sunshiny day for Django the vampire slayer.

Disney announces Narnia developers

Griptonite and Traveller's Tales to produce the games of the movie of the book.

Vietcong add-ons for PC, Xbox

Time for more jungle warfare with Charlie and chums, courtesy of developer Pterodon.

Starbreeze's next-gen Darkness

We believe in a thing called non-linear gameplay. Oh wait, they mean the other one...

Xboxes still at risk of frying

Experts say replacement cables won't save consoles from death by power supply.

Stolen developer closes doors

Blue Monday for studio, but stealth sim still on course for April release.

Phantasy Star Universe for PC, consoles

Devotees of the Dreamcast classic to get their phantasies phulphilled. Phinally.

X2 is dead, long live X3

Expansion pack morphs into fully-fledged sequel, complete with Xbox conversion. Probably.

GTR to get free expansion pack

Download new add-on soon and prove you're king of the ring. Well, oval.

Matrix Online hires actors for key roles

Real live people to take on major character roles.

DAOC Catacombs launch day looms

Expansion pack to be in the shops by the end of this month.

WoW - lots of subscribers!

More than 1.5 million, actually.

Liquid spills 4 PC titles

Bargain basement.

Atari announces military shooter

Enemy in Sight prepares to declare war on your PC.

City of Heroes legal battle continues

Both sides quickly claim victory as the first round of judgements is announced.

Colosseum due this summer

Togas at the ready as KOEI's new historical epic heads for PS2.

Quantic Dream considers Omikron II

Developer struggles to make up its mind over sequel to The Nomad Soul.

SCi reveals Total Overdose

Sort of like Samba de Amigo, only with less maracas and more drug-fuelled gun rampages.

Datel reveals first PSP peripheral

Tool for managing MP3, photo, video and save files between PC and PSP due out at launch.

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