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On Dragon Age 2, Star Wars and DS MMOs.

Eurogamer: Is the 3DS something you're thinking of making a game for?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: We could because we've done a DS game before. So imagining it, it's pretty similar. It will depend. The thing I'm curious about on 3DS is, what else does it bring to the table? Is it going to be wireless? What kind of backend connectivity are they going to do? That is what excites me.

I loved it. I saw it at E3 and I was blown away. I'm not sure if it'll bring that much more to the table. But that's going to be enough to reinvigorate the DS market. For us to want to jump in, you largely have to have a lot more online stuff going on there. You're clearly limited in how flexible you can be on the backend.

We always joked about a DS MMO at some point.

Eurogamer: That would be brilliant.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: It would be brilliant. But the problem is it's not patchable. That's the thing I've learned working on MMO stuff. You have to be able to update. But it would be a pretty cool concept.

Eurogamer: Nintendo is talking about the 3DS being more integrated in terms of online.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: Yeah. And that opens up those kinds of windows. And suddenly, even just imagine that.

Eurogamer: You revealed Dragon Age 2 recently. The art style has changed and you now play a pre-determined hero. Why have you decided to make those changes?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: It's a weird way to say it, but part of it's the passion of the team. The art style example is an interesting one. We changed art directors. The art director on Dragon Age 2 is the same guy who was the art director on Jade Empire. He worked somewhere else for a while then he came back. He's a fan of our stuff, but he also has his own ideas on how to take it.

There was some commentary that Dragon Age could have been more visually unique. We said, 'Okay! You want visually unique? Here's visually unique.' It's usually a combination of things that drives our decision-making. It's not like we're designed by committee. Nor are we beholden to fan and press feedback. But we really do look at all that stuff.

We like changing it up. We like challenging the players. We're not the kind of group that wants to deliver the same thing over and over. What tends to happen on that is you get two or three iterations and then you're dead. The interest is lost. In some ways it's keeping it fresh and challenging the player.

We had a lot of commentary on Mass 1 to Mass 2. Mass 1 to Mass 2 is a radical shift. We just felt it would make a better game. That's largely what we're thinking in terms of the Dragon Age 2 stuff. And then we'll see what people think of it and then do something different again probably.

It's almost like a twist on what Square does. Square keeps the gameplay largely the same but everything else changes. We, in a sense, are going to keep the world the same, but we'll change the gameplay around. But in a smart, careful way. People will be pretty happy with what we're doing with gameplay, largely.

You can't please everyone. But we're largely trying to make sure we've got something that stands out and is competitive. The team is really excited about it. They're the biggest fans of the game that there are. Some of the fans out there are pretty huge, but they're big fans as well.

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