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  • Don't stop the music: Why Guitar Hero is making a comeback

  • xantiriad 29/09/2015

    DJ 3! DJ 3!
    ^This! DJ Hero 2 was probably my favourite of all these music games. Played and loved it now on 3 different platforms (Wii/360/PS3)

    FreeStyleGames are a really good studio, so I have high hopes for the GH return.
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  • Face-Off: Dishonored: The Definitive Edition

  • xantiriad 03/09/2015

    No mention of the reworked audio which uses the Dual Shock 4 internal speaker to good effect? Reply +3
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • xantiriad 21/08/2015

    The larger topology suggests games are delivered by server (saved to disk) or on memory cards: much like a 3DS. Reply 0
  • Super Mega Baseball review

  • xantiriad 17/04/2015

    @smelltheglove Yes. I knew very little about baseball except Moneyball and Bull Durham. It is really easy to pick up and play for a novice. In fact, it makes me want to watch Baseball now. Reply +1
  • xantiriad 17/04/2015

    I've played 2 seasons of SMB since its release a few weeks back. It is the best sports game in years in my view. Reply +1
  • Costume Quest 2 finally out in Europe on PS4/PS3 today

  • xantiriad 15/04/2015

    The distributor Majesco/Midnight City went bust. This not only delayed the game on PS but also means the other console versions have not been patched. An issue as they have a game breaking bug near the end which ruined the game for me on Xbox. Reply +1
  • Early Access games done right

  • xantiriad 27/02/2015

    @TarickStonefire I've spent 20 years in the software development industry. PA did start development the day in went into Early Access. It was no doubt underway for many months or years before that.

    There comes a point where you have to commit to your project and release it rather than endlessly change and tinker with it. That doesn't mean you can't keep adding features or taking on board player feedback.

    Who's left to buy Prison Architect now? What is the point of Early Access if it never ends?
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  • xantiriad 27/02/2015

    Surely a successful Early Access game is one that graduates to a full release version. A game that spends 2+ years in Early Access is neither a success nor "done right". Reply -1
  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • xantiriad 13/02/2015

    @mintgreen it's reviewed on EG's sister site NintendoLife (they still use scores 7/10) Reply +1
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • xantiriad 11/02/2015

    There is a point when this ceases to be "over promising" and edges closer to fraudulent activity. Particular with regard to the Kickstarter.

    As a reminder of what Fraud is: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/what-is-fraud
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  • Ex-Battlefield devs announce open-world space sim Into the Stars

  • xantiriad 06/01/2015

    $85K is barely enough for 3-6 months worth of development, so this is either a push to get it over the line to early access or a bit of sly marketing. I've been burnt a few too many times on KS with projects vastly under-estimating their costs or eventually going 'early access' at levels below the KS pledges. The game looks super interesting, just be aware of the history of video games on KS. Reply +1
  • Frontier's Roller Coaster Tycoon successor ScreamRide gets a March release date

  • xantiriad 13/11/2014

    It's like Coaster Crazy never existed? (hint: it does and was also made by Frontier for mobile and Wii U)

    Looking forward to it as I loved Coaster Crazy.

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  • Xbox 360 strategy World of Keflings heads to Wii U next month

  • xantiriad 23/10/2014

    You should add that Ninja Bee released a World of Keflings style game on the PS3, it was called Akimi Village and was a far-east take on Keflings. It is ace! http://www.ninjabee.com/games/akimivillage/ Reply +1
  • WipEout co-creator's Table Top Racing: World Tour a timed PS4 exclusive

  • xantiriad 21/10/2014

    Let's hope it is a better outing than the Vita game, which was merely serviceable at best. Reply +2
  • Minecraft PlayStation Vita release date finally announced

  • xantiriad 09/10/2014

    Released on my birthday. How did they know!? Reply +1
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • xantiriad 01/10/2014

    I live in the SE and work in London. Earl's Court was an awful venue (considerably worse than others in London). Moving it to the NEC is absolutely the right and smart thing to do. Bravo: the NEC is ridiculously easy to get to from most parts of the UK and I attend plenty of other events there (including UK Games Expo the biggest Board Gaming expo)

    Those based in the SE who moan about it moving should consider it's only 1hr on the train from London Euston -- so hardly the ends of the Earth -- and advance train tickets can be had for as little as 13.
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  • What next for Minecraft on PlayStation?

  • xantiriad 18/09/2014

    Sony sold laptops with Microsoft operating systems on them for years. Blocking content is not in their interest nor is carrying a Microsoft owned or published game a risk to their Playstation business. Reply +3
  • EGX Rezzed heads to London for 2015

  • xantiriad 16/09/2014

    If this means EGX moves to the NEC next year then thumbs up (and I work in London) Reply +5
  • Valve is being sued by Australia's consumer rights commission over Steam's refund policy

  • xantiriad 29/08/2014

    It's about time. It's a shame our toothless Trading Standards aren't able or willing to exercise similar procedures. Our UK 'sale of goods and service act' is repeatedly ignored by digital services and vendors, including Valve. We are reliant on good will and threats to go to the small claims court. I've first hand experience of it. Reply 0
  • Godus is out now for free on iOS

  • xantiriad 07/08/2014

    Nice to know Kickstarter Backers helped them fund a free to play game. I know I'm really chuffed at that and the fact it was never made clear to backers. Lesson learned. Reply +38
  • Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers out today on PC, Xbox 360

  • xantiriad 16/07/2014

    @Silverflash possibly self publishing restrictions. ID@Xbox has that parity clause they won't discuss which means it has to be console exclusive initially. Likely they'll announce PS versions later. Reply -2
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Edition spotted

  • xantiriad 25/06/2014

    @Kami I completed it on the Wii U. I had no issues with it at all. Reply +1
  • Another World out on PS4, PS3 and Vita next week

  • xantiriad 18/06/2014

    @wyp100 No problem. Great to see it getting re-released on so many platforms. :) Reply +1
  • xantiriad 18/06/2014

    Your sister site NintendoLife already reported this on eShop this week. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/06/nintendo_download_19th_june_europe Reply +7
  • Table Top Racing confirmed for PlayStation Vita

  • xantiriad 27/03/2014

    @BBIAJ That's kinda depressing that they had to go the IAP route, which says a lot about the race-to-zero nature of the mobile platforms. Hoping this is a proper paid for game, as I'm a fan of their body of work. Reply 0
  • xantiriad 27/03/2014

    @Widge Hopefully. Frontier did a good job doing that with Coaster Crazy on the Wii U Reply +1
  • xantiriad 27/03/2014

    I was interested until I saw the vulgarity of the IAPs in the iOS original. Pass. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/table-top-racing/id575160362?mt=8 Reply +2
  • Microsoft: "no plans" to release an Xbox One without Kinect

  • xantiriad 25/02/2014

    I don't agree it's integral. I've had an XBO since launch and was forced to turn off Kinect after a week of frustration with it: whilst it works fine if you like talking to machines (I don't. I don't use Siri either) it picks up false positives - especially in a noisy family home. At one point my daughter was watching Dora the Explorer, and Boots managed to tell the Xbox to go home to the dash three times in a row whilst I was in the middle of a Forza race!

    Not having it enabled has made absolutely no difference to my gaming experience on the console, or my ability to record and share video (it's two or three button presses).
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  • Sid Meier's Civilization 5: Complete Edition available tomorrow

  • xantiriad 06/02/2014

    Most of the larger content is also available in the Sid Meier Humble Bundle at the moment.

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  • OFT finalises 'principles' to stop exploitative micro-transactions

  • xantiriad 30/01/2014

    This is long overdue, and I have little sympathy for an industry that has failed to regulate itself properly for the past few years - both in the UK and overseas.

    Hopefully this will improve the transparancy that's virtual absent on digital marketplaces and put pressure on the bigger development shops to think more carefully about their "flexible business models".

    I'll be watching to see what impact this has from April, but consumers should see this as nothing but good news.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • xantiriad 04/12/2013

    I hope the review takes the micro transactions into consideration. The most despicable trend recently has been for the media to overlook this obvious fleecing as "optional" and not part of the review (EG called out Forza to your credit). Reply +11
  • Zoo Tycoon review

  • xantiriad 27/11/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil You can hire janitors and zoo keepers, who do all the micromanagement for you. The trick is in balancing their wages with your income. The majority of the 'strategy' is in designing a flexible zoo so you can meet the specific challenges, or missions in campaign mode. Reply +2
  • xantiriad 27/11/2013

    Between my wife and I, we've clocked up more than 40 hours on Zoo Tycoon and it's by far our most played game of the XBO launch titles. In fact, it was the one I was most looking forward too since I played it at GamesCom and EGX. Frontier have carved out a niche in these lighter but enjoyable and challenging sim games - Thrilleville, Coaster Crazy - and it's great that a new console launch is blessed with something that doesn't involve the usual gaming tropes of projectile weapons, zombies or mutilation. Reply +17
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Origins

  • xantiriad 17/11/2013

    @ACCH I get that. I've read DF since its inception. However the editorial tone has shifted from technical analysis to consumer advice, and once you do that it then needs to encompass the whole picture. People are putting more stock by these articles than they are the review. You only have to see the whole storm over XBO and PS4 versions of COD:G to see that: a mediocre and rushed game suddenly became the defacto benchmark for unreleased hardware. Reply +10
  • xantiriad 17/11/2013

    I'm playing the Wii U version and throughly enjoying it. I've found no performance issues that have detracted from the experience at all. You also forgot to mention that the Wii U version also comes with all the DLC.

    I do agree that the GamePad use is limited compared to how other games have successfully employed it - particularly Splinter Cell and Deus Ex. However the uses it does have are sill advantages over a base controller and no second screen.

    I own all three consoles and I'm more than happy with my decision to play the Wii U version. I found City Armoured Edition to be more enjoyable (I played PS3 originally) and this was a major factor in opting for Nintendo's console this time around.

    I sometimes wonder whether these DF analysis do more harm than good, and over prioritise minor differences in graphical performance over the actual things that matter: like gameplay and enjoyment. It certainly fuels endless and pointless debates over resolution, framerate, and hardware.
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  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy review

  • xantiriad 06/11/2013

    Played all five up to this point and both excited and sad to play this final instalment. My imported Layton figurines have pride of place on the "epic shelf", whilst the Professor's games remain some of my favourite gaming experiences. Reply +4
  • Nintendo sells more Wii Us, but admits it's still hurting profits

  • xantiriad 30/10/2013

    I have 34 games on my Wii U (17 retail boxes). At least 4 of those are must-play titles for any enthusiast and are either exclusive or the best gameplay version. This myth that there are no games for the Wii U is getting ridiculous now. The games in 2013: Lego City, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD ... you could chuck in Wonderful 101, DeusEx HR-DC and Splinter Cell to that mix too.

    [EDIT] I'm not trying to sell these games, merely pointing out the 'no games' argument is flawed. It also occurs to me the last 3 console launches and early sales reports have all been plagued 'urban myths' about lacking software or being 'dead on arrival'. We've had the same for the 3DS and Vita as well: one of those has clearly turned the corner after around 12-18 months, and the other is improving. We've just began to crawl out of the biggest recession in a lifetime and expectations should be conservative. I don't think Nintendo or Sony helped themselves with their forecasts, but it is still to early to write these things off.
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  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • xantiriad 26/10/2013

    @Mr.Spo Well said. I agree completely on the 3DS point. I'd add that four of my favourite games I played this year were on the Wii U. It would have been a duller and less colourful gaming year without them: Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends (the best version), and Lego City were all superb. Reply 0
  • Sonic Lost World review

  • xantiriad 18/10/2013

    My copy arrived yesterday and all I can say is that I enjoyed playing it. Reading a few reviews today and many of them seem to take issue with the controls changing from previous games. Personally having not played a Sonic game since Adventure 2 I've no such baggage and so that might explain why I enjoyed it a bit more. Reply +3
  • Device 6 review

  • xantiriad 17/10/2013

    I've been playing it for about 20 minutes and it has blown my mind. It's essentially interactive fiction - like the Fighting Fantasy books but more dynamic. Being a huge fan of The Prisoner the 60s surreal spy thriller vibe is pushing the right buttons. Very clever indeed. Reply +7
  • PlayStation 3 update 4.45 bricking some consoles

  • xantiriad 19/06/2013

    @MisterPGibson Good to hear Reply 0
  • xantiriad 19/06/2013

    @MisterPGibson I am in exactly the same boat. PS+, 0400 updates and 1TB. Very scared to turn the thing on... Reply +1
  • Little Inferno launches on Mac today

  • xantiriad 16/04/2013

    Little Inferno is a wonderful playful game. Given the current Free2Play controversy; it's a clever, satirical and witty dig at that business model. "Burn baby burn!" Reply +1
  • Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar review

  • xantiriad 06/02/2013

    Played this at my local group at the weekend. I didn't enjoy it that much but still won the game. Seems like other games do the main mechanics better, but the cogs do make the game flow better. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Hard times are here again

  • xantiriad 27/10/2012

    "...era of soft handholding experiences..."

    Really? Where? What? A generalised statement without citing any particular evidence. The player has never had more gaming variety and multilayered levels of challenge. If this is another thinly veiled dig at so called "casual games" then shame on you.

    A poorly reasoned and argued article.
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  • App of the Day: Small World

  • xantiriad 25/06/2012

    The game is a much better experience on the iPad IMHO. The physical game has too much downtime, especially with 4 players. Reply 0
  • Introducing the Digital Foundry PC

  • xantiriad 25/06/2012

    An interesting and well written article, if a little misleading. I've read budget builds like this for many years - leaf through a copy of Computer Shopper and there's one most months. There is always a slightly myopic view of the total cost.

    Having built gaming rigs myself in the past, and having debates with many friends who are PC hobbyists, it always reminds me of Trigger's Broom in Only Fools & Horses - he had it for 20 years and it was as good as new, but it had 14 new handles and 17 brush heads in that time. As alluded to in the article, to keep pace and prevent bottle necks you are looking at replacing/upgrading the modest parts every 12-18 months; so the total cost of ownership is going to be higher than the initial outlay.

    Obsolesce has a cost. It is measured in the rate at which the current components devalue - this brings the initial outlay price up by a factor of 2. That's also not including the power consumption difference between laptops, consoles and the DFPC, which could cost as much as 30 a year more to feed.

    Others have also pointed out that the price comparison is a little imbalanced: the laptop cost for example includes the additional engineering and manufacturing costs of the integrated unit, screen, and encasement - as opposed to a 40 aluminium box and an existing LCD/HDTV.

    That said, if you're a PC hobbyist (or want to be) you'll get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from building something yourself from component parts, and the frequent upgrade/obsolesce/modding cycle is enjoyable: doing research, looking at benchmarks, swapping out the components, and seeing how games run that little bit better, overcoming problems/issues, can be highly rewarding. But don't kid yourself it will be as cheap as 300, ...that's just buying the broom.
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  • FIFA Street Review

  • xantiriad 16/03/2012

    Having spent a few hours playing it this evening I have to say I'm disappointed. The whole purpose of the 'Street' series was to create something different - move away from simulation toward a more immediate arcade style experience. The FIFA 12 engine just saps the life out of the game, and makes it feel clumsy and sluggish. The defensive system results in stalemates that can last for minutes as you try to get possession back. I can't help feeling the charm and immediacy of FIFA Street 3 was more successful in creating a unique fun & tricks style football game. Reply +5
  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • xantiriad 29/02/2012

    GAME have the exclusive rights to the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors Edition. What the hell happens to that now!? Reply +26
  • GAME agrees new deal with lenders

  • xantiriad 03/02/2012

    Woolworth disappeared only to be replaced by Range, Wilkinsons and Dunn Elm. The company went but the shoppers carried on spending.

    I'm old enough to remember there being no specialist games retailer, with WHSmith being the main point of sale for video games. Things change.

    In GAMEs case it's important to remember they are more than just a bricks and mortar retailer. They have 20% off all UK online sales, which includes their Gameplay brand as well. They are one of Europe's biggest games retailer, so the loss of the company could have massive impact.

    From GAMEs own figures the problem has been the failing value of games (losing 30% in 30 days : source MCV) which affects all retailers: online and offline. I think you can point the finger at GAME and CEX and say that epidemic of trading in games has contributed to the falling prices, but it's also a symptom of low confidence in the market and over-supply.

    There is a place for a high street retailer but that might be concession areas in other retailers (like Dept Stores) as GAME used to do. GAME need to join-up their online and store businesses so they can accommodate both family/casual shoppers and the enthusiast gamer. I agree with the posts that critise the quality of their stock - that has been an issue. As has their property portfolio. A GAME with 1/3 of the current stores in bigger high streets and shopping centres with more focus on matching consumer demand will be successful.

    And for all those who feel the high street is dead, you might like to look at Apple and John Lewis who are making money and opening new stores. They are the new wave of joined up retailers who are having big success. John Lewis in particular have brilliant web-order & collect facilities.
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