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unusualsin (aka Unusual SiN) has most recently played FIFA 14, Skyrim, LEGO® Batman™ 2, and Modern Warfare® 3 on Xbox Live.

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    Discuss the exciting world of City Of Heroes/Villains here. 3792 Members

  • Comic and Graphic novel lovers

    A group for all those that appreciate Comics and graphic novels.
    From Marvel to DC its all good. 215 Members

  • MAG (Massive Action Game)

    I just got a new metalgear solid4 bluetooth for my ps3 and i can
    hear people talking through it but i can't talk to them what can
    i do to fix this 1857 Members

  • Metal Appreciation Society

    Death Mage Rebel 89 Members

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    For fans of the brutal Mortal Kombat series. Discuss your
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    Guitars, keyboards, drum kits, midi, audio, if its music
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  • Rainbow Six: Vegas LIVE

    For all who go to Vegas for the death, maiming and slot
    machines. 35 Members

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    WWE, TNA, RoH, WCW, or the indie promotions (and maybe a little
    UFC/MMA). Be a social pariah in this group :-) 241 Members

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