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  • Xbox One to launch with FIFA 14 in Europe - rumour

  • toye 19/08/2013

    @Hutchie-ace But if it comes bundled with every xbone, who would take it as a trade in if every xb1owner allready got it? Reply +2
  • Space Channel 5 Pt 2 Dated for XBLA

  • toye 22/09/2011

    Let's dust off the old Trance Vibrator. Reply +1
  • Insomniac working on two new games

  • toye 04/03/2010

    Beyond good and evil 2 was a good suggestion. I was thinking and hoping for a Demon's Souls 2 :)

    -> Kremlik,
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 has already been anounced with the name Versus...
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  • Heavy Rain

  • toye 11/02/2010

    I really looked forward to this game, hoping they learned from their misstakes in Fahrenheit/indigo prophecy. Now it seems like they have delievered. The demo was impressive, the trailer disturbing. I have the Special Edition on pre-order and I can't wait... Reply +3
  • Demon's Souls trailer

  • toye 10/09/2009

    Easy and rather cheap to import from HK (read eBay). This game is soooo good. Reply +1
  • Activision "might stop supporting Sony"

  • toye 20/06/2009

    PS3 isnt the best selling console, but with a bigger install base then dreamcast or gamecube had. Didnt companies want to develop for them? Sure, games are more expensive to develop today, but still 20+ million PS3 units isnt that bad and could turn a nice profit. Lowering the price of a new PS3 would sell a couple of more units and put Sony in a tough spot where they have to make it up somewhere else.
    Remember when the first Xbox was released and MS went on about having the lowest license and still had to back out from their promise, otherwise the loss would be even larger. The same with Sony, they could reduce the PS3 base unit price but in the other end it could lead to higher royalties for the publishers and even higher pricepoints for the small guitars and other peripherals to make up for the loss.
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  • Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

  • toye 18/08/2008

    When shadow hearts came out it got around 6-7 in review scores, so I didn't buy it, something I later regretted. SH1-3 are great games. Especially the second.
    Bombastic is nothing compared to the prequel devil dice on playstation one. Devil dice is still one of my favorite original puzzler.
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