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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • tnomad 25/10/2011

    So not as good as Halo 3 then? Reply -35
  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • tnomad 21/02/2011

    No hyperbole, that's probably the best thing I've ever read on Eurogamer. More investigative journalism please! Reply +42
  • Activision splats World of StarCraft mod

  • tnomad 19/01/2011

    Thing is there's a bunch of limitations on what you can do with the mod tools that would stop him making a full product out of it. So he must have figured he'd get their attention and hoped they'd give him the extra support he needed to make it. It was was naive and never going to happen.

    Blizzard shut down Warcraft Adventures and Starcraft Ghost after pumping millions into them because they didn't think they were of high enough quality. So it's clear they're never going to trust the community to make their own fan MMO.

    That said the story posted here is misleading because at the time of writing all they seem to have done is shut down his youtube video. Eurogamer's steady decline towards the realms of Kotaku and Joystiq continues. :(
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  • Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

  • tnomad 02/07/2010

    Actually I think anytime a game on EG recieves less than the a Bramwell 7 out of 10 the developer should get a chance to say "NO, IT'S GOOD! HONEST! I SPENT YEARS ON IT SO IT MUST BE GOOD! YOU'RE PLAYING IT WRONG! I HATE YOU AND YOU'RE MEAN!" Reply +31
  • tnomad 02/07/2010

    I think his point is people are going into it expecting a game they'll like and that's not what they're getting. They need to get used to it and settle for what RTW has made instead. Seems fair, all games that get criticism should claim the same. If you stop expecting it be anything like good games, you can probably just accept this is all there is. Reply +20
  • Milo & Kate tech isn't in Kinectimals

  • tnomad 02/07/2010

    @makeamazing ;) i saw you winking at me, i know you want some ;) ;) ;) oooh yeah Reply +1
  • Cursed Mountain

  • tnomad 02/10/2009

    Picked this up on a whim. Bit of a disappointment tbh so far. Review is pretty indicative of content. Reply 0
  • Aion: The Tower of Eternity

  • tnomad 21/09/2009

    I must say this was quite a poor review. A lot of criticism seemed to be reminders that you're playing an MMO. Rather than playing an FPS and complaining repeatedly you'll mainly be shooting lots of enemies games should be reviewed in the context of their genre. Reply +2
  • Flash in the pan

  • tnomad 01/08/2009

    @Bloodkult I don't think he said they aren't selling. I think he said they're a bag of shite and people aren't going to enjoy playing games on them. Which I think is a fair point. Everyone I know who's bought a netbook has soon found it gathering dust. Reply -1
  • Depeche Mode sneak into L4D2

  • tnomad 28/07/2009

    I hope the multiplayer features a "depeche" mode. Reply +9
  • GDC: Why OnLive Can't Possibly Work

  • tnomad 26/03/2009

    Troll king is troll. Reply 0
  • Capcom rejects Versus mode complaints

  • tnomad 17/03/2009

    "God there is always one isn't there "it's only ?4, are you poor or something?". I'm a gamer. I buy LOTS of games those ?4 pounds here there and everywhere add up you know!"

    "1600 points was expensive but I think Rockstar need to educate Capcom and many others on DLC.... "

    Strangely enough there's always at least 10 who use points rather than actual pound prices to make their arguments sound less ludicrous.
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  • Rise of the Argonauts

  • tnomad 02/02/2009

    3/10 with ads across the top of the screen? Where are all the EG conspiracy theorists when it goes this way? Reply 0
  • Blaming the Crunch

  • tnomad 01/02/2009

    It's quite amusing to see all the sofa economists sitting complaining that another sofa economist isn't as well informed as they think they are.

    I think it's a sad state of affairs that a lot of gamers, well certainly those vocal on the net, sit around commenting on share prices and sales figures as if it makes them more intellectual gamers, or using it as ammo in their playground "my console is better than yours" arguments.

    I'd say grow up but I think a lot of you need to do the opposite, become more immature and have some fun with your games.
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  • POP dev expected "pats on the back"

  • tnomad 23/12/2008

    Their intentions aside they made quite a ho-hum game and convincing themselves how brave they've been doesn't make it so. A next-gen 3rd person platformer based on a long running and succesful franchise doesn't seem that much of a risk to me. Reply 0
  • EG meets Konnie Huq

  • tnomad 11/12/2008

    This was hilarious. Better than Halo! Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia

  • tnomad 06/12/2008

    Having played it for a few hours I think Tom is spot on.

    If you think the EG guys get paid for review scores you're dreaming. It's consistenly amazing how in almost every comments thread on this site the EG guys are accused of bias or selling out but you all come back for more! ^_^

    I think EG, Edge and Consolvania are just about the only review sources I know I can trust not to have taken bribes in one way or another.
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  • Linger in Shadows

  • tnomad 12/11/2008

    I rather enjoyed this. I think the review is certainly analysing it too deeply and trying to draw too much significance from it. It's really an enjoyable experience that I got more than my Ł2 out of it. I don't think it needs much more. Reply 0
  • Developer confident about new Silent Hill

  • tnomad 11/11/2008

    I think it's really good. Definitely better the UK developed 0rigins. Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • tnomad 16/10/2008

    Would you kindly leave the game alone. It's awesome. Reply +3
  • War World on XBLA this Wednesday

  • tnomad 01/10/2008

    Might be a good game but since the demo only allows me to play for 50 second I'll never know. The most stupidly restricted demo version I've ever seen. Reply 0
  • Microsoft fires whistleblowing employee

  • tnomad 15/09/2008

    I think this guy is pretty rock and roll. He's the gamer's Rage Against the Machine! Nothing quite says FIGHTING THE POWERS THAT BE as much as exposing the failure rates of high tech luxury gadgetry for affluent young males.

    I feel safer walking the street knowing there are young attention seeking men out there willing to work against the corporate entertainment market. Now I can safely spend a few hundred quid on an iPod and be fully aware of the % likelihood that I might have to fall back on the generous warranty!

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  • The Gaming Difference

  • tnomad 07/09/2008

    lol art Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy IV

  • tnomad 05/09/2008

    "Hmmmmm.... as far as I know, FFIV-Jap is generally considered among the three best episodes FF saga has ever produced, the other two being FFVI-Jap and FFVII."

    I really don't think there's such a thing as a general opinion on Final Fantasy. Most fans I've ever known all have their own particular games they love or hate.
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  • Making Music

  • tnomad 30/06/2008

    @kangarootoo - You can get a Drum Mania compatible MIDI drum kit for around Ł150. Reply 0
  • Rock Band heading to Japan

  • tnomad 03/06/2008

    Yeah it can't help that every local arcade has a Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania setup networked together for 50p a go. When you've got that on tap why pay so much for the home game with a less impressive set of drums. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • tnomad 01/06/2008

    hmm Reply 0
  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    1000 Reply 0
  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    I feel like thanks to all the wonderful comments I've already had more fun than this 9/10 game would ever hope to provide.. Reply 0
  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    I like burgers! Reply 0
  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    @Shinji "Seriously, you wouldn't believe how many copies of Vista I have now. I've built a small house out of them for some immigrants who live in my garden. "

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  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    "Under this new system, Metal Gear Solid 4's revised score is: A SHABBY LOOKING EAGLE, A PAIR OF ESPADRILLES, A BAG FULL OF ACORNS and A NERVOUS YOGA TEACHER."

    I think I just wet myself laughing!
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  • tnomad 30/05/2008


    Yeah they changed the score but it will always be an 8 in my heart!
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  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    I played the Metal Gear Online beta and since that comes with MGS4 I've got a pretty good idea what the game will be like. I think the 8/10 is spot on. Reply 0
  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    @Confounder "MGS4 is a great game with great story telling, great design and great gameplay. No way is it supposedly on par with Eternal Sonata which also got an 8 from Microsoft, sorry.... Eurogamer. MGS4 is 20 times better."

    What with that advance copy of the game you've got you'd know.
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  • tnomad 30/05/2008

    9/10 on my screen Reply 0
  • Try out the Penny Arcade PC game

  • tnomad 22/05/2008

    Why no review yet? I bought the 360 version it's kind of fun and has some of their humour, but man is it a bit repetitive. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

  • tnomad 22/05/2008

    I'm a 360 owner with the 360 version of GTAIV but these troll fest articles are always the same. Any slight issue on the PS3 is blown out of all proportion and any slight issue on the 360 is claimed to be insignificant. To call Richard a little biased I think would be an understatement. The difference is always so minor it comes down to personal opinion of which strangely he always sides on the 360.

    I like the 360 but these articles are SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!
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  • Boll rages as US cinemas block Postal

  • tnomad 19/05/2008

    It's a flawed but generally very funny movie. And his other movie Seed is quite good, nicely dark and brutal.

    I know most of you won't believe it because I hate all of his other stuff too and was really expecting them both to be absolutely dire.
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  • Haze

  • tnomad 03/04/2008

    I think the most important thing about Haze is that everyone in the comments thread should argue about BioShock as much as possible. Reply 0
  • tnomad 03/04/2008

    Spent 3 hours playing this co-op yesterday. Dull dull dull. Lots more boring corridors full of the same 2 types of enemy than Rob's initial preview hinted at. Awful reuse of the same 5-6 stock phrases from soldiers around you. Average gameplay and none of the impressive and dramatic set piece goodness we've been spoiled with in recent shooters like Halo, CoD and BioShock. Really DULL DULL DULL! Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark pushed back to June

  • tnomad 03/04/2008

    Awww, really looking forward to this. Though I'm happy for them to polish it up more because it's already looking all kinds of aces. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Nine

  • tnomad 16/03/2008

  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Eight

  • tnomad 08/02/2008

    God I hate these articles. They're rubbish and well below the quality I expect from this site. It's just fuelling playground arguments about whose console is best.

    But what's even better is now even the troll king writing the articles can't tell the difference between the two platforms he spends most of the article re-reviewing the games.

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  • Silent Hill Origins

  • tnomad 23/11/2007

    I finally picked up a PSP to play this and so far I agree with Kristan's review. You could say it's a homage to classic Hill but it's almost like fanfic made by fans for fans. No attempt to do anything new, just to get in all the ingredients to make other fans happy.

    I love Silent Hill especially 2 but this series really needs the kind of rejuvenation that Resi 4 gave to that series. I wasn't massively impressed by the story of Hill 4 but I was impressed that it was trying different things. I don't really agree it was Hill name because despite it's development history Yamaoka really brought the Hill feel to it.

    But right now the series doesn't need more games revolving around people getting caught up in the Silent Hill cult, carrying around a radio and a flashlight constantly checking maps to mark one one of hundreds of locked doors. It's just not as scary anymore after the 5th time.

    I'm going to finish Origins because it seems to be really well made, and playing it with headphones in the dark is quite a spooky and intimate experience. However we really need something new to stop this amazing franchise slipping into mediocrity.
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  • Grim Fandango

  • tnomad 02/11/2007

    I loved LucasArts adventure games growing up, they were my absolute favourite games, and I still have a complete collection of their boxed games and it sits with pride at the top of my gaming shelf.

    That said they seem to have taken on a life of their own now amongst retro fans wearing rose tinted glasses. These games were not all 10 out of 10 masterpieces, they were often filled with some terrible illogical puzzles.

    Ultimately they were all charming and great in their time but looking back I think nostalgia is bending people's memory of how good they were to actually play. Overrated? HELL YEAH!
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  • Halo 3 gives Halloween treats

  • tnomad 31/10/2007

    yeah, what did he say? *confused* Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • tnomad 24/09/2007

    I find the 10/10 is perfect discussion really interesting. Because those of you who think 10 should never be awarded because that is perfection, what does that make 9? I mean you're talking nine tenths of the absolute perfect game, what game is even that good.

    If 10/10 represented perfection, rather than a top game in it's field, all the very top games at the moment would be down at 7 at best, because even the best games have flaws.

    Game scores are basically rubbish and you all know it. Yet loads of you skip through the review and read that first. Mentalists the lot of you! ^_^
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  • Mario Party 8

  • tnomad 09/07/2007

    "Seemed ok to me."

    Oh okay, I'll buy it then.
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