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  • Mass Effect 2 launch trailer

  • thinktank 21/01/2010

    This looks to be epic in every way.

    I just hope this isn't computer games bugatti veyron moment.
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  • Forza 3, FIFA 10 make Japan chart

  • thinktank 03/11/2009


    Got a CTR and never heard a squeak, and the service is minimal compared to zee germans. Barking up the wrong tree there mate.

    Also MS are hitting a cultural brick wall in Japan, can't see them ever cathing up to sony or ninty there, well not with a MS badge anyway...
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  • Aliens vs. Predator (working title)

  • thinktank 20/05/2009

    They mostly come at night, mostly. Reply 0
  • Jumpgate Evolution will run on anything

  • thinktank 03/04/2009

    Turrican - Relic may have something to bring to the party before too long...... Reply 0
  • Microsoft no longer repairing Xbox 1

  • thinktank 02/03/2009

    bigbadbeasty - I like your name................. (someone had to say something nice) Reply 0
  • Dawn Of War II - Rhino viral

  • thinktank 19/02/2009

    The love child of too much time and money... Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet

  • thinktank 13/10/2008


    Your post is well intentioned but utterly pointless, most of these idiots don’t read past the first sentence. As for the concept of reasoning that is way beyond them.
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  • Haze - Launch trailer

  • thinktank 23/05/2008

    ^ ^

    Never polish a turd mate
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  • Haze not in HD, has 4GB install

  • thinktank 19/05/2008

    "The rejection of the HD consoles all over the world means they'll be lucky to even survive this generation, have you seen the Japanese charts lately?
    If your fancy console with a new GTA game can't outsell a console bundled with a non-game about balancing on cheap plastic board in the good ol USA you know you're fucked."

    But the only one making any money from the Wii's success is ninty, all the major devs make their money on PS2/3/x360
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  • thinktank 19/05/2008


    MGS4 is only one game still not enough to make me take the plunge.

    Thats one game in my opinion! before you all 'list' me to death.
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  • thinktank 19/05/2008

    I was reaching one leg off the PS3 fence for HAZE and MGS4, unfortuneatley the demo has put me right back up there.

    /swings legs
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  • Gears of War 2

  • thinktank 14/05/2008

    Sorry Miiiguel,

    Please insert "upon their release",

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  • thinktank 14/05/2008

    I think GoW2 looks promising, I was waiting to fight a Bumak all the way through GoW1,

    As for the usual dribble on these boards, what exactly is stopping me going to the shops and buying a PS3 with KZ2 or RFoM2 if i decide i want to?

    How the fuck to any of you win anything? How the fuck does gears loose? What the fuck are you morons talking bout?
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  • Gears 2 gameplay video on Live

  • thinktank 10/05/2008


    " is your problem"

    Yeah Malik whats your problem!!!

    /Looks up irony in dictionary
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  • Sony unveils GTA IV PS3 bundle

  • thinktank 23/04/2008

    "Go and play your £40 a year XBOX Live and leave us PS3 owners alone."

    For fucks sake, you missed my point completely at what stage is anything I've said an 'attack ' on PS3 owners, my attack is squarely aimed at narrow minded pillocks (another classic) like yourself. I'll shorten the whole the whole thing down to match your intellect and phrase it in such a way you can understand.

    YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICE, ok still with me? This is the hard bit, LET OTHER PEOPLE MAKE THEIR CHOICE. Right let it sink in.... IF THEIR CHOICE IS DIFFERENT TO YOURS, ok really pay attention now!! IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY ARE WRONG, winding up now nearly finished! THIS IS CALLED A PERSONNEL OPINION.

    Now if any of that went over your head see me after class and we can see about getting you some extra lessons.

    By the way when you start defining yourself by what console you own that’s really fucking sad, 'us PS3 owners'…………. sort it out swam.
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  • thinktank 23/04/2008

    Swam I have no one blocked, I am not really troubled by words on my screen that much.

    If I'm singling you out swam I'm sorry but you appear to be by far the most prevalent poster on this matter. It just baffles me why you construe some one else's opinion that one console is better suited to there needs as an attack on your purchasing decision. Why you further feel the need to 'set them straight' only clarifies the fact that you have no have grasp on the concept of a personnel opinion.

    For example I prefer live to psn but that doesn't mean I think every one who elected to use psn is ‘wrong’ because they don't agree with me, why the fuck do I care? If there having a blast using psn and I’m enjoying live where is the fucking problem??? I’ll tell where it is, its right here with wazzacks (love that word!!) like you who would rather aimlessly pontificate about how there opinion is the decisive conclusion on things gaming than do some thing enjoyable, like uhh I dunno play your fucking PS3.

    Also to all those people justifying the price of live, why you feel the compulsion to defend MS for charging you play online on system you already bought, with a game you already bought, on a service the has massive profit margin’s selling digital media, which on top of everything now has advertising!!! Your loyalty is as miss guided as poor swam here, personally my relationship with MS ends when I get the product/service and they get my money.

    Think you guys could do me a favour and take a long hard look for your individuality.
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  • thinktank 23/04/2008

    Swam if the PS3 does every thing you say it does then why have you spent the last few hours defending it / attacking the 360?

    This article is about the price of a new PS3 bundle, you clearly already have a PS3 so why do you even give a fuck???

    Do you think your the second coming of Christ brought to earth to steer us ill informed gamers from making the 'wrong choice', thanks for the kind though but I’d much rather you piss off.

    If you believe in the electronic box sat under your TV (or in your bed??) so much then why aren’t you playing it instead pebble dashing your verbal diarrhoea all over this forum?
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  • PlayStation 3 sells one million in UK

  • thinktank 13/02/2008


    I don't for one minute think you are biased, just that that you hold a dislike for MS as you say. I too agree i would be terrible if MS was to gain a manopoly or any of the big three for that matter.

    Good debate! Off to footy now though so catch you later.
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008


    I don't want to argue indeffinately about MS impact on Japanese games, i think we can agree to dissagree.

    What i think even you will admit is that Japanese games would have become less popular with or without MS invlovement, primarily due to dwindling demand for such games and the increasing demand for western games.
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008

    I have unfortunately sunk to the gutter with headbog.

    Apparently i am an XBOT, who knew?
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008

    headbog = biggest disappointment of his parents lives Reply 0
  • thinktank 13/02/2008

    Oh fuck off headbog you lonely social reject. Don't you have something better to do like work on your virginity dilemma?

    /waits for the ‘actually I have a hot girlfriend’ line
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008


    I still don't agree, in what way does MS nature anyone? They buy developers and acquire publishing rights to mainly western style games but I don’t see how they are hurting Japanese devs?

    I think the lack of Japanese style games is a direct result of a shift in market trends in Japan and a year on year increase of the games market in the US/Europe. Like I said before supply and demand, there is more demand for western style games so majority of games produced are therefore of a western style.

    At this point not even Japanese gamers are buying traditional Japanese style games, there all buying casual games on handheld devices. That’s your reason for the decline in Japanese style games not MS or any other western company for that mater.

    I think you have a bit of grudge against MS, its not as bad as some on here.

    P.s. nice to have civil discussion on here for once!!
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008


    I don't see how MS has any influence over what genres the industry focuses on. Surely it’s a question of supply and demand.

    As for your argument that a console developer should only make games that’s as much a personnel preference as you preferring red to blue. Thus an irrelevant point.

    You may have a debateable point about shelling out for multiple systems, but the disadvantages of having only one platform would far out way the initial financial benefits.

    Sorry if I come across as argumentative, its how I write at work
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  • thinktank 13/02/2008

    You fanboys, can any of you give me a plausible benefit you or any gamer would gain from either the 360 or the PS3 failing?

    You have just spent 200+ posts on the subject so I would love to hear the fruits of your labours.
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  • PS3 will beat 360 by summer - Reeves

  • thinktank 28/01/2008

    Headbog, calgon, you do realise you will never get this time back? Reply 0
  • thinktank 26/01/2008

    On the second comments page headbog 'speaks' to apologie.

    hmmm, fight club anyone?
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  • Worldwide 360 sales hit 17.7m

  • thinktank 06/01/2008


    And your point is?'

    ahhh, ignorance is bliss.
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  • thinktank 05/01/2008

    headbog wow. Your commitment is amazing, are you by any chance related to any of the brass band players who were on the Titanic? Reply 0
  • E3: COD4 beta 360 exclusive

  • thinktank 11/07/2007

    People complaining about fanboys and flamers on forums are like people complaining about piss heads in pubs. It's gona fucking happen, just sit back and laugh at their very very small brains.

    /laughs and points

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  • Microsoft extends 360 warranty

  • thinktank 06/07/2007

    what about all of us who have had failures other than the three red rings? will we get our £85 back? Reply 0
  • Hitman - Movie Trailer

  • thinktank 05/07/2007

    irrelevant sex scene, why??

    kinda distracts from the cold hearted killer thing
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  • Ubi apologises for R6 Vegas DLC

  • thinktank 02/07/2007

    Apparently patients is a virtue. Reply 0
  • THQ unveils Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

  • thinktank 28/06/2007

    THQ is not a dev matey Reply 0
  • Project Sylpheed demo on Live

  • thinktank 15/06/2007

    "sorry if my Australian bullish-ness offends your gentle pommy sensibilities"

    Your posting a comment on a video game website and offending people across the other side of the world who you are very unlikely to ever meet.

    Very "bullish", im impressed.

    (did you spot my pommy sacrasm there?)
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  • America's Army: True Soldiers - Trailer

  • thinktank 13/06/2007

    yes but are you 'army strong' dizzy?

    well are you son.
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  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • thinktank 13/06/2007

    colour me impressed Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 - Summer blockbusters

  • thinktank 12/06/2007

    good advert, poor games.

    Like putting shit in suit.
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  • Halo 2

  • thinktank 09/06/2007


    I think people are more pissed off about how bad the review is rather than the actual result,

    I mean the author makes the asumption that the reader has played H2 and reviews it as a port instead of as a stand alone game. He doesn't even so much as link back to the original H2 review on xbox.

    I wont list all the things wrong with this review, it would take too long.
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  • thinktank 09/06/2007

    In contrast to what is out now on pc and across all platforms in general id say H2 on vista does deserve a 6. But the reasons given in this review are poor,

    9 time out of 10 EG get it wright but just as 1up and ign are subject to scoreing games too highly due to hype EG tend to overcompensate. This just seems like the reviewer has been given a chance to "have a shot at a halo game".

    If it wasn't for the text this review would be spot on.
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  • Tenchu Z demo Live

  • thinktank 08/06/2007

    doesnt derseve the space its takes up on hdd,

    Very poor.
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  • World in Conflict - Survivors

  • thinktank 07/06/2007

    I was one of the few how played the original GC,

    +1 to every thing varsity said,
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  • Colin McRae: DIRT - Gameplay

  • thinktank 01/06/2007

    This trailer does not do the game justice, try the demo.

    I agree with most of what you say Papa, but the yank voice over is shocking. If the EG review doesn't pick up on that i will be shocked and if you can't turn it off i'm not buying.
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  • Exclusive: Need For Speed ProStreet

  • thinktank 31/05/2007

    Erm, why do the cars have stitches? Last time i checked body parts were replacable.

    Cars with scars........sigh

    EA u bunch of tossers.
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  • EndWar will have MMO element

  • thinktank 24/05/2007

    Oh i love the TW series,

    Hope returns.
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  • thinktank 23/05/2007

    So its a strategy game with MMO aspects on consoles with voice control from ubisoft, who normaly do fps and third person games.

    colour me worried.
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  • Starcraft II - Developer gameplay

  • thinktank 22/05/2007

    Well the fact that i had no clue what GG means speeks wonders for xbox live, where i normaly reside.

    You PC lot seem so much more sophisticated.
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  • thinktank 22/05/2007

    Im not a massive blizzard fan, what does GG stand for? Reply 0
  • Need for Speed 2007 - Teaser

  • thinktank 22/05/2007

    adds damage, "revolution" indeed. Reply 0
  • VF5 as good on 360

  • thinktank 16/05/2007


    troll off
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