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  • BioShock

  • superrobot 29/08/2007


    It's never as much of an issue with the PC as I can usually control which
    side the mouse is on (except after Mrs robot has been playing The Sims).

    I'll have to muddle on and hopefully it will click eventually, but too often
    I end up staring at a wall instead of strafing left while getting bludgeoned
    by splicers.
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  • superrobot 29/08/2007

    "I think the question you gotta ask is could they have made it any better. "

    As a left-handed player I'm finding it a real problem
    to survive in this game (on the 360).
    Sadly they have not allowed the user to swap the control sticks
    which makes life a lot harder for those who prefer to aim with the left stick.
    (think of how hard it would be to use your other hand to control the mouse
    on a FPS on a PC)
    So yes they could have made it better.
    It also ignores the preferences in the 360 options.
    I've enjoyed the game in all other respects so far....but I'm not sure
    how much of it I'll get to see :(
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