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  • Rez Infinite gets surprise - and very welcome - PC release today

  • sunjumper 09/08/2017

    It does. There is an option in the menu that allows other connected controllers that aren't in active use to vibrate in synch with the main one.

    Rez ist still as crazy as it's every been.
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  • Bandai Namco launches a Dark Souls clothing line, but...

  • sunjumper 08/04/2016

    Having seen those designs, I have moved very close to going hollow.

    So in a way they succeded.
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  • Rust dev angers fans by announcing new prototype Riftlight

  • sunjumper 28/07/2014

    While I do understand people worrying about this I think that in this instance it does not seem like the developer is running away with their customers’ money.

    If it is raining money on them and they have a goo productive team already established working on Rust, which seems to be the case, it makes sense to work on other prototypes and games as the money keeps moving in. After a certain point when money reserves are high enough it makes more sense to expand their number of games.

    There are several reasons for this:

    The first one is that one can’t just put more people into a running project and expect it to go faster all of a sudden. People working on a project are not equivalent to horse power in an engine (and even there the more horse power you put into it the less its effects become) as new people need to be trained, work their way into the project and find a role where they can productively contribute to the project at hand without causing new problems.
    Just training the new people will take time which won’t be spent on the game slowing down development in case of making things go faster.
    With more people at hand managing the project itself will become more difficult, again wasting efficiency.
    In the end a good team that is working very efficiently is not necessarily helped at all by adding more people.

    Another reason is that if you have a project that has tons of scope and potential, it will take a long time for it to gestate and to turn into a finished game and even then could still grow further from there. Some examples for this would be Dwarf Fortress, Project Zomboid and Prison Architect among others which are playable already and might still grow after they are ‘done’.
    Developing new games on the side especially ones with a more limited scope like a shooter are a clever investment. Money earned is taken, put in a project that may very well be released before the larger project is released and then starts to fund the big project back. In the long term the more clever choice.

    And the example with phones etc… is also apt because when buying a phone that is finished, one is also paying the phones that are in development, the prototypes that will never make it, the marketing campaign of the entire company, the legal department of said company (i.e. you buy and iPhone or a Galaxy you are also funding the ridiculous patent wars being fought by Apple and Samsung). The difference here being that companies usually do not present you with a fat book explaining their accounting telling you how they break down their internal expenses into the price of every single product you buy.

    In the end while I empathise with the people getting nervous about Rust being abandoned for other things after it made tons of money, there does not seem to be a reason to be so worried about it in this case. The developer seems to be very open about its process and documents the development of the main game.
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  • Nintendo Europe closing Großostheim headquarters, 130 jobs lost

  • sunjumper 06/06/2014

    Whenever you want to increase your flexibility and add to your potential to react to a changing enviornment the best strategy is always to reduce your options, get rid of well trained staff and specialists and add their workload to the people that are left after the process.

    A sad state of afairs but it is obviously the most logical step to make...

    I feel sorry for the 130 employees who have worked at that place for who knows how many years who now have to look for new jobs.

    At least Nintendo had the decency of not doing this shortly before christmas like most other companies. :-/
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  • Watch Dogs PC unplayable for many due to Uplay errors

  • sunjumper 28/05/2014

    I love it how these companies, Ubisoft are not alone in this, will hold on to their crippling systems to protecet themselves against these horrible creatures that are the consumer no matter how often and how spectacularly these systems fail.

    On the other hand the costumers keep comming back for more apparently never learning from the past asking for more punishment and humiliation.

    Sometimes I do wonder how the human race ever made it to the moon...
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution short film looks good enough for Hollywood

  • sunjumper 26/03/2014

    While nice to look at it was very much style over substance and pretty much free of character or story. Also how high was the budget of this 'fan' film? Reply -6
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made

  • sunjumper 05/03/2014

    @Rhaegyr I do agree with you.

    Not only did they drop him but they did so in an incredibly disrespectful way.

    I might be a bit strange but the treatment of David Hayter has put me off of the series despite having been a huge Metal Gear fan.
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  • Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

  • sunjumper 05/02/2014


    Would you like to add details to the stories from better sources?
    I'd really like to know more about it, especially if the story is more complicated than it looks right now.
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  • Speedball 2 HD is "the best version that's ever been available on PC"

  • sunjumper 19/11/2013

    I'm not a fan of the new sprites, somehow it seems to be very hard to translate the iconic style of the Bitmap Brothers into the high resolution present. This is quite a pitty because the original art style of their games oozed atmosphere and added so much to the expirience.

    That out of the way, that does look like proper Speedball though, which makes me look forward to it a lot. It will be great to introduce new people to this game as well as having something very different to play with arcade sticks.
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  • Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is £50 on eShop this week

  • sunjumper 30/09/2013

    I am like the others here also baffled at the price point of the new Wind Waker.

    I was verymuch looking forward to the re-release, waiting for the reviews and seeing that it was good went striaght on to buy it. Until I saw the price point...
    I do appriciate the notion that a games don't decline in quality just because time pases and I realize that making a decent HD port is actually work.

    Nevertheless 50 pounds / 60 Euros is incredibly expensive and hardly an offer I can't refuse. Also having the digital download at the same price point?
    Apart from having no physical copy to hug and cherish and cutting the cots for packaging, transport and middlemen to the producer of the game where is the great advantage for me to get this version for the same price again?

    I have to agree with Rack that with a lower price point many more people would feel tempted to buy the remastered version and it might push some more console sales, which the WiiU really needs right now.

    Ah, well. Now I either have to wait for a drop in price, which knowing Nintendo might take a year or thirty or for an unexpected flood of disposable income wash over me.
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  • Steam announces its own Linux-based operating system

  • sunjumper 26/09/2013

    The NVidia announcemnt is one of those plot twist that isn't really surprising at all.

    The most amusing bit of this story is watching ATI developing extraoridnary powers of fropping the ball.
    It is like the droped the ball righ onto a trap door ontop of a bottomless pit, only to press a button and let it drop even further. I sometimes wonder if they even know how this competition thing actually works.
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  • Hear more Kiefer Sutherland as Snake in Ground Zeroes video

  • sunjumper 25/09/2013

    While I could understand replacing Hayter with a voice actor with a broader range, I can't get over the incredibly shity way Kojima and his team treated this man.

    A guy who was part of the series since its inception, relinquished part of his salary to get the original team back for Twin Snakes and was genereally always ultra enthusiastic and supportive of the series and he gets shoved off the project with out a word of thanks or an apology? When he learned that he would not be Snake again Kojima productions was already two weeks into the recording session.

    I was really looking forward to MGS5 and was a great fan of the series up until now, but I can't bring my self to look forward to the new game.
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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera will be a 2015 game

  • sunjumper 03/04/2013

    @Rack Who are the dreadful writers and what have been their crimes?

    @povu I forgot to mention Dead State which will it seems will appear around the end of the year. And Shadowrun which is bound for a summer release.

    @IvorB I understand where you are coming from. For the more 'high profile' games so far none have been released. It will be very interesting to see how they will turn out and how well received they are by both the critics and the audience. So far I myself am rather optimistic as all the teams involved in these projects have proven themselves in the past to make them less of a gamble.

    I am most intrigued by the sales numbers these games are going to get as these will be more or less pure profit. If the quality is right and the success great enough this may pave the way for a few new wholly independent game studios.
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  • sunjumper 03/04/2013

    @IvorB Faster Than Light instantly springs to mind. Reply +18
  • sunjumper 03/04/2013

    How long is it till Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity?
    Those will be the rafts that will help me cross the oceans of time until the new Torment is done.

    Right now I am whiling away the time by screaming at the counter because it refuses to jump to 4.5 million. I want my 'Stronghold'!
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  • David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, waves goodbye to Metal Gear

  • sunjumper 02/04/2013

    It is damn shame to see him go.
    While I can understand that they might want someone with more range, the main problem being that the Snake voice is not really close to Hayter's real one so that as the series evolved over time Snake's voice did not evolve as fast, I still feel bad about the entire situation.

    For one Hayter's voice is pretty much the voice of Snake for the English version, rough as it may be. And what I find even worse is the 'big business' way his replacement was handled.
    When I first heard the rumor that he was not going to reprise his role I felt for him and the poor guy who had to deliver the bad news. I know that it is an age old tradition with large companies to show no respect whatsoever to its human resources, but that man was an integral part of that game in the west for 15 years.

    For fucks sake, is showing at least some decency and some form of appreciation really that hard?
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  • Teleglitch review

  • sunjumper 21/01/2013

    This is a brilliant, brilliant game that despite (actually because of) its minimalist graphics and its incredibly tight mechanics manages to dish out enormous amounts of atmosphere and tension.

    The game is a great survival horror game.
    It is a great rouge like that channels doom.

    And it is totally worth its 10 €.

    Some additional information.
    For me at last moving through one level takes about 20 minutes.
    When you die you have to start the game again from level one, which is OK because of the random nature of the game.
    Once you reach level 5 you can start at level three. (which will be welcome because by then level 1 and 2 can become slightly tedious depending on how obsessive one plays the game.) And then every further two levels I believe give you the ability to start at even later levels.

    Oh and I strongly recommend playing the game either with headphones or over a the best amp you can hijack in your house as the sound in this game is phenomenal.
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  • Brian Fargo talks about inXile's new Torment RPG

  • sunjumper 10/01/2013

    They are still are still decided about the combat system, in an interview with RPS it was said that turn based is at least being considered.
    Real time with pause is probably the favorite as that was the system used in original and its Baldur's Gate cousin games.
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  • Sony hires Hanna writer for Shadow of the Colossus film

  • sunjumper 08/01/2013

    Shadow of the Colossus is one of the games that seem least suited to be made into a movie. Most of the atmosphere and the way the narrative works are grounded in its video game roots. Back when it was released I was most impressed how this was a game that used its medium to it own great advantage and would not have worked on any other medium.

    And that is skepticism born out of the idea that the movie would be done with a deep understanding and respect for the original. Something which is absent from the majority of all movie adaptations of pretty much everything.
    Let alone the almost endless string of abominable disasters that result from trying to translate games onto the silver screen.
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  • EA lacks "business drive" to put Crysis 3 on Wii U

  • sunjumper 07/01/2013

    In the end these things tend to turn into self fulfilling prophecies. IF the publishers decide that there market isn't there (or become convinced that that is the situation after a couple of titles do not meet their expectations) they will not bother putting games on it which in turn will keep away the audience from investing into the new hardware etc...

    Right now nothing is set in stone just yet. Ubisoft has made a surprisingly bold step supporting he Wii U with a launch title that has the quality and the setting to attract more classic gamers. It remains to be seen if they and other third parties can build on this momentum.
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  • Nintendo on Wii U hopes, fears and why hardcore fans are its secret weapon

  • sunjumper 30/11/2012

    These interviews with PR people always read the same somehow.

    Questions are asked which are then either answered in case that doing so pushes the official line, or evaded to move the subject back on track (i.e. the official line).

    This is not specific to Nintendo or even the gaming industry. (Almost) all PR representatives sound the same, which makes me wonder why the media even bother talking to them in the first place.
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  • First Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U screenshots show improved graphics

  • sunjumper 04/10/2012


    You are welcome.

    A few points I should add for clarification.
    The way Monster Hunter works is that you are a human hunting dinosaurs and dragons, your chances to succeed are pretty much what you think they'd be.
    You work your way slowly up the monster ranks and in contrast to Dark Souls Monster Hunter guides you more, you will always be confronted with a challenge that will at first hit you so hard that you will have to leave the house to pick up your soul from the gutter again.

    But you watch the monsters, the way the behave, their little idiosyncrasies and then you hope that your technique is good enough.
    You do use what the monsters drop to build better armour and weapons though and there is/can be a grinding element to the game, but I would say that they are rather mild.
    I HATE grinding yet was perfectly happy to play Monster Hunter Tri for days on end. The amount of grinding here feels less than that of Dark Souls.

    Also the atmosphere in the game is far more light than in the Souls games. Here you have a spirit of adventure, taking on overwhelming odds, with a rogueish grin on your face. And when you get totally flattened by a dinosaur you get up again and run straight back to it asking for more.

    I have never played the hand held versions so take my opinion with my pinch of salt, but I'd rather go with the console versions because of the better camara controls.

    Bizarrely this would be the console remake, of the handheld remake of Monster Hunter Tri which was a console game to begin with.
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  • sunjumper 04/10/2012

    It isn't all that stat heavy and it certainly is not heavy on the text side.

    This is a game mostly about skill and knowing when to do what.
    It can be a fucking chore and an infuriating monster at time, but much like Dark Souls you work your way to victory and once you have reach that point you feel like a super-hero. And you earned that feeling because you pretty much are at that point.

    So if you like a skill based, hard game where every victory is achieved because of your skill, cleverness and tenacity.

    Oh and judging from the Wii version the community around the game is very nice.
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  • WiiWare sales now "almost non-existent"

  • sunjumper 01/05/2012

    The main problem is less moving on then running completely out of space.
    I used to buy quite a few WiiWare games and there are soem real gems to be found there. But there came the point when the internal storage was completely full and Nintendo decided that that wasn't really a problem. . .

    It is.

    I did shuffle around games a couple of times between internal memory and my SD card (which many people don't even have) but it is a pain in the ass so a long time ago I stoped doing that and now I don't look for new games on WiiWare anymore.
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  • Anno 2070 Deep Ocean expansion announced

  • sunjumper 24/04/2012

    Ah Ubisoft.

    I'd love to give you my money. But you still insist on treating me like a thief.
    The day you stop that I will throw bundles of money in your face, fore there are now quite I few games I'd love to have.
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  • Frozen Synapse

  • sunjumper 28/05/2011

    Miths it is all about the range.
    A shotgunners range is very limited. What you have to do is use cover and run like the wind (ignoring potential targets) until you are close to the machine gunners. The it is time to unleash you shotguns who will turn everyone into mince meat in close quarters.
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  • Witcher 2 1.1 patch details, date

  • sunjumper 25/05/2011

    How can you die more than once during the dragon bit in the prologue?

    And I'd really, really love a patch to add support for other aspect ratios.
    I have my trusty old 19" CRT (which is lovely) but to play the Witcher 2 I have to break out my lorgnette.
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  • Frozen Synapse launch trailer

  • sunjumper 23/05/2011

    This game is brilliant (and has been so from early beta) my most pleasant surprise is the single player mode.The campaign is homungous boasting 55 missions and even the early ones while relatively simple require some carefull thought. Some single player levels are static others change every time you replay them and others have key places locked but the rest happily mutates.The story is the most cyberpunk yarn I have the pleasure to expirience this side of the year two thousand and the music is awesome. And when you buy your copy you get an extra license that you can gift to a friend so you always have someone you know and like (to kill with heavy weapons) at hand.The wole game package is so ridiculously good that I am actually surprised that it does not come with an addition of six free steak knifes. Reply +2
  • "PC gaming's profile growing" at Capcom

  • sunjumper 12/05/2011

    No shit, Sherlock?

    Well at least Capcom is moving in the right direction even though they do seem to mantain their almost adorable naivité.
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  • EA planned Dead Space 2 Wii port?

  • sunjumper 05/04/2011

    A pity.
    I liked Dead Space: Extraction a lot more than the original. Another game set in that universe would have been quite welcome.
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  • What Makes Horror Games Scary?

  • sunjumper 29/10/2010

    Another motivation to subject oneself to scary situations using all kinds of media and in this case especially games is that while being scared is not a nice feeling, survival feels awesome.
    As Kangarootoo wrote, safe environemts in which the player can relax are very important to mantain a scary atmosphere as it prevents getting used to what ever causes the fear. But they allso allow the player the rush of having survived and beaten what ever horror he was trying to escape.
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  • 2K backtrack on PC BioShock DLC

  • sunjumper 27/10/2010

    While I am still not impressd by their strange lack of respect for the PC market (does our money smell funny?) at least that have reacted to the general negative reaction and changed their mind. A step in the right direction. Reply +1
  • How the Wii Vitality Sensor works

  • sunjumper 11/10/2010

    Oh come on VeggieWokker, the vitality sensor does have some rather exciting uses if you think about it.
    Not that I believe that it will happen as Nintendo's strange anti-hype seems to have convinced developers that there is no market for 'normal' titles on the Wii and the more traditional players that this is an inmovable fact ignoring all the games that have tried to establish one.

    But having a device that can measure how relaxed or how agitated you are can be used to great effect in all horror games, as well as in more action oriented games. Imagine a game about... I don't know hunting really big monsters where you have a blade that has a spirit gauge or something. Now if that gauge is full the weapon does loads of damage, but to charge and mantain that power you have to stay relaxed.
    At first you would probably panic and it would end in a hillarious disaster but as time passes and you get to know both your weapon and your enemy you becaome a calm killing machine and can both feel like a total Samurai as well as impress newbies with your awesome cold blooded powers.

    I am prepared to be underwhelmed, but I won't give up hope just yet.
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  • No Minerva's Den for PC BioShock 2

  • sunjumper 08/10/2010

    Those filthy pirates, now they even stole 2ks greed, so that they refuse to take PC owners money! Reply +15
  • TrackMania

  • sunjumper 05/10/2010

    Ah, OK.
    Thanks for the info.

    It does sound quite tempting...
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  • sunjumper 05/10/2010

    How does this compare to (the absolutely fabulous) Excite Truck?
    And what are the control options?
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  • Critics "validated" Wii Dead Space

  • sunjumper 28/09/2010

    Less then twelve quid?

    It would be criminal not buying it.

    Is your Wii one of those dust collectors?
    Do you think there is not enough 'real' games on the console?
    Would you like to expirience a well told SF horror story?

    Buy the game.
    And feel bad about not having done so much earlier afterwards.
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  • sunjumper 28/09/2010

    The game was brilliant.
    It took the rail shooter which has very strong arcade genes and changed it in such a way that it works perfectly on a console. It had a good, well paced story and very soild equally well paced action.
    It took full advantage of the Wiis strengths and circumnavigated most of its weakneses. Yes the textures and models were not always that great but usually I was much to busy staying alive or follwing the surprisingly well told story to care.

    In my opinion this is the best non-arcade style rail shooter to date.

    It was fun playing it alone and it was great playing it coop. I had several friends who did try it among them several who you would not class as gamers, who got hooked and played it to the end. (Because it was a fun game and because they wanted to know what happened next)

    Seeing it tank at retail fills me to this day with fury.
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  • Bobby Kotick slags off Tim Schafer

  • sunjumper 27/09/2010

    He is turning into quite the James Bond villain, isn't he? Reply +1
  • Alien Breed 2 spawns this week

  • sunjumper 20/09/2010

    My main problem Evolution was that while certainly decent enough it lacked the atmosphere of the old games.
    This is made even more bitter that (at least for me) Alien Swarm nailed the feeling of playing Alien Breed far better then the official new version.

    I am still loking forward to it, hoping that it gets it right this time.
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  • BioWare's Zeschuk defends paid DLC

  • sunjumper 15/07/2010

    I don't mind DLC in principle.

    As a digital distribution form of expansions packs they are fine. You get them convinently over the net, more of your money goes to the actual developers and you get a bit more life from your favourite game.

    I just find the way that it is marketed distasteful and I also do not like the form of most DLC.
    Having to pay for new clothes for your character? Even if it is only two dollars I can't really see why people should pay for that. To me it looks like an easy way to make cash. And while I don't mind people earning money through their hard work (I want more lovely games after all and I think the creators of those games deserve fame and fortune) it still reeks of cynical greed to me.

    Contrast that with the other news stories today.
    Game done?
    "Thanks for your hard work on your badly paid job and for all the unpaid extra hours you put in during crunch time. Now go away and steal some one elses time! Oh and also soon there will be DLC for this game! Don't forgett to buy it children!"

    No I can see how that is a fair system.

    The Dragon Age DLC that is actually an additional chapter that takes place after the the original game.
    I can see who that is actually a worthwhile expansion.

    But appart from that what I see is companies trying to milk their product dry.

    And this can't be simply be put at the consumers doorstep either.
    The PR, the hype and the price point are there to make people want the DLC above and byond rational thought.
    People giving in to those instincts are not idiots they are just following an emotional urge. Who here has not ignored a game for ages until he saw it in a bargain bin and bought it out of an impulse? Who has not smiled at a Steam sale and came out of it confused ladden with shiny new games having spent a small but still surprising amount of money?
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  • sunjumper 15/07/2010

    I really love the logic behind this.
    People get a game.
    The game happens to be really good and most people have tons of fun with it.
    Then they get a fresh piece of game dangled in front of their noses.
    They are still hyped up by the game they just played or are remebering it fondly.

    The the developer appears and dangles a juice new bit of the game in front of his nose.
    "Oh! What's this?" he asks.
    "Why a brand new piece of that favourite game of yours. With all these great new things you have NO idea about!
    If you only knew what happened to [insert character name here] in the secret government lab. Where he also met a cyber Samurai from the future! (Who can now also join your party) And it is only, just 10 $! That's like two beers. Right?"

    I can see many people standing in front of the temptation remaining calm and utterly rational, doing the sensible thing and voting with their wallet.

    Most if not all of the DLC backs are close to selling someone a novel and then a month later publishing an additional paper back (or a downloadable pdf file) that contains parts of the novel that were missing in the original book.

    But right. People want that.
    They are in no way manipulated on a base emotional level to create a carving for the product to override their more rational side in favour for more compulsive behaviour. (Which also is the reason why 'Stop eating so much.' is the best working advice for people on a diet known to man)
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  • Videogames linked to ADHD

  • sunjumper 08/07/2010

    Children with ADHD or tendency to an attention defficit disorder are more likely to play video games for a prolonged time as it feeds them with constant new stimuly which leads to a higher than avarage number of them ending up in front of the TV playing games. Especially as simply watching TV is not associated with the problem which would suggest that games with their constant need for active participation might keep the attention of an ADHD patient for longer.

    A follow up study would have to diagnose the children before they had any significant exposre to TV and videogames and then follow them up to see how they develop.
    Another point that has to be watched by such a study is the social enviornment that the children come from to see whether or not the playing hours stem from a special style of parenting.

    hmmm... now I have to go to pubmed and look for that paper...
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  • Defending APB

  • sunjumper 05/07/2010

    I'm not a fan at all of how the game plays at the moment but I have to agree with ShineDog.
    The sports car, while hard to get under control at first, can be driven just fine.

    Which reminds me. If you go hunting VIPs and have at least three people in your team use one as bnavigator on the map to direct the other players. One in hot pursuit and the other to cut the VIPs way off.
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  • sunjumper 05/07/2010

    The interview amuses me.

    The game is potentially tons of fun.
    Of course it is great when played with a group of friends. But so is watching a shit movie, where the fun does not come from the quality of the film but from hanging around with your friends being silly.

    When the game works, it works fine. If you are in a group of friends matched against people that are about your skill level it is brilliant. It is also brilliant When you face of one or two super playaers with your group and a bunch of reinforcements and it is equaly hillarious to be fighting of a swarm of weaker players.

    But the game is not realistc.
    Calling it a tactical shooter is a bit of a misnomer. This is not ArmA nor Rainbow Six (of the Raven Shield bent)
    You have hit points, just one hit zone and rock paper sccisors weapons with partially counter intuitive properties. (the light machine gun for example is useless against people and will get you killed in almost all duels)
    But yes. It is open to tactics. the buildings, the cars the open spaces are all open to some clever tactics. And if you accept and understand the very 'gamey' combat system you can do some very neat things.

    Calling the driving realistic is hillarious.
    It is not bad in my expirience but again it is very arcadey. I personaly don't have any problems with it. It takes some skill to drive well and the bars all drive quite differently. Car chases are often brilliant and often there are spectacualr crashes.

    But the weapons are still unequal.
    A three sloted weapon that does a bit more damage, hase a bit more range and is a bit more accurate on a character that takes a bit less damge is going to slaughter you.
    The situation has improved as the starting weapon is actually pretty decent but a group of people with 'normal' weapons faces off against one with superior weapons the team is probably dead.

    Once two friends and me confronted one lone gunman with super equipment.
    We: flanked him, covered each others backs, used supressive fire and grenades. He destroyed us. Tiime and time again.
    He was obviously the better player but the battle soon became farcical.

    It is a strange system that makes the strong players stronger while reducing the chances of the weaker and new players.
    Without the weapons slots it would work fine. The wide range of weapons suited for different 'roles' opens up some interesting tactics (hampered a bit by the random nature of the missions but there are ways around that problem) Or with weapon upgrades that bring their own drawbacks to balance out the advantages.

    And the match making system does not work. Mayybe bacuase of a lack of players to chose from.
    But again this is something that consistently happened during the beta. A team of low threat level people would be pitted against groups of mass murdering one man armies whose threat levels are much much higher than theirs.
    Bonus points when the super group successfully calls in for reinforcements who also happen to have very high threat levels.

    The EG review was spot on.
    The game could be improved a lot by some tweaks.
    But judging from the interview RTW does not aknowledge any of these problems.
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  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • sunjumper 05/07/2010

    It does sound indeed a little bit like Shattered Memories which is a good thing.
    I'm keeping an eye on this one.
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  • Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

  • sunjumper 02/07/2010


    But APB is not a tactical shooter. It is an arcadey shooter that benefits from sound tactics.
    While tactics do help, flanking being a sensible option as is using supressive fire,players with better equipment still win. Also the regenerating health makes it very hard to use 'proper' tactics, although it can be of course used to ones advantage.

    Example: criminal is supressed by two enforcers taking pot shots. Third enforcer flanks the criminal and opens fire with automatic weapon. The criminla noticing that he is being hit turns around and shoots the enforcer with his buffed up machine pistol. He then hides behind a crate to regenerate his energy and goes on to slaughter the other two.

    Oh and another favourtive is getting respawned in the same place as the enemy players so that one has the incredible pleasure of being shot in the back while trying to get back to the conflicted area.
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  • sunjumper 02/07/2010

    Despite its falings the game has a lot of potential.

    I wonder if the developers are willing to introduce some radical changes that the game needs to work better.

    Getting rid of the 'leveling' weapons would be a great start. It is far less jarring getting owned by a skilled player and also much more satisfying to win through skill instead of wondering whether one only did well because of superior equipment...
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  • sunjumper 02/07/2010

    I too have to disagree with the statement that there are no 'better' weapons.

    Having played the beta for quite a while it was painfully obvious that there were a couple of weapons that weere simply better. The allround wonder N-Tec 5 springs to mind.
    And the many many times I got my arse handed to me I also had a look at what I was killed with and usually they were a permutation of one of the good weapons with added enhancements. Which increased thiongs like: range, accuracy and damage. Often at the same time.
    Thzese weapons were of course int he hand of the most expirienced players. So while mediocre once in a while players (like me and my friends) and newbies got to survive with unaugmented (and unaugmentable) weapons the people who put tons of time into the game honing their skills got these monsters into their arsenals.
    This leads to an horrible lack of balance that becomes more and more pronounced as the game goes on.
    This looks to me like a bad disgn decicion and also like bad business because two weaks from now every newbie will get slaughtered by the more expirienced players. Hardly something that makes you want to come back.

    Thislack of balance was pointed out in the forums time and again.
    The only thing that has changed is that the higher level weapons can now be bought if one grinds sufficiently.

    It is really tragic because the game is great fun when played with a couple of friends. It can be played for a short 10 to 20 minute bout or for a prolonged multi hour session driving around the city in a silly car listening to silly music.
    Also in the begining when everyone was still using the same weapons the fights were more fun and tactics did actually help.

    Later a team of five could be destroyed by one single campre on a rooftop with a enhanced rifle with which he could simply snipe everyone while being out of reange for everyone else.
    Or the fun of losing a long range sniper duel to someone with a ridiculously modded assault rifle.
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  • Shogun 2: Total War

  • sunjumper 11/06/2010

    I feel tempted to dust off the original Shogun.
    The atmosphere of it was certainly unique and was markedly different from all the sequels.

    What I'd love to see is Three Kingdoms: Total War which is another historical setting that just screams to be used for a TW game.
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