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  • Rich Stanton on: Cheesing Destiny

  • suicida 17/01/2015

    6 hours to beat Crota? You can do the whole raid legit (no cheese) in 40 minutes if you have a 32 on sword-duty for the final boss.It's more difficult and takes a bit longer with all 31s but the EG clan did it in just over an hour the other night. Reply +5
  • Elite: Dangerous release date announced

  • suicida 07/11/2014

    PS4 version. Please take my money Reply +4
  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • suicida 10/11/2013

    BaronSqwelch wrote:Only thing I don't like is there is no 'Do Not Disturb' that I can find. Being woken at 4am by the vibration of a spam mail arriving is terrible hahaTry Timeriffic I've been using it on my Android phones for years. Set your phone to automatically mute and turn vibration off at a certain time every night during the week Reply +1
  • Games of the Generation: Dark Souls

  • suicida 31/10/2013

    Not just one of the games of this generation, but the best game of all time IMO. I love the strange melancholic atmosphere that most areas of the game have. A hint of sadness. A dying world trapped in the past. This game also has the best online community of any game I've ever played. The multiplayer mechanics reinforce the feeling of a shared experience.I have a big "Welcome to Lordran" framed Solaire print on the wall in my living room. Praise the sun! Reply +2
  • Square Enix life president Ian Livingstone exits company

  • suicida 01/10/2013

    Legend. I've spent rather a lot of time over the years playing with products he's had a hand in - FF books, tabletop RPGs, Warhammer, videogames. I feel like I owe him a pint just to say thanks :) Reply +10
  • You are the hero: A history of Fighting Fantasy

  • suicida 16/08/2013

    Great article EG, am misty eyed now. I played a hell of a lot of these books and then Warhammer etc when I was younger. Nearly shat myself earlier this year when Ian Livingstone started following me on Twitter, I am not worthy Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut info leaks - report

  • suicida 11/06/2012

    For me, it wasn't that I found the ending unsatisfactory and that I didn't get to find out what happened to this race of aliens or that race of aliens after the destruction if the mass relays, it was that the whole reason given by magic space child for the reapers to be doing what they were doing made absolutely no sense at all and contradicts several things established in earlier games and stated by Saren etc.Synthetics will always war with organics so to stop it the reapers (also a race of synthetics) were created to wipe out all organic life? Eh? For a generally well written (I thought) series the last fifteen minutes seemed to me like they were written by a twelve year old for an English lesson. Terrible terrible writing.This article explains it better than I can. I don't think an extended cut scene can make it better. Reply +6
  • Game of the Week: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

  • suicida 27/05/2012

    What everyone else said. Dragons Dogma is aces. How on earth can yet another COD clone get GotW? Tish and pish I say! Reply +1
  • UK broadband is among the slowest in Europe - report

  • suicida 09/05/2012

    PlugMonkey wrote:@NikatorI had to cancel my Virgin Media fibre optic broadband for exactly the same reason. I often got 0.01mb.This was due to an ongoing issue that they kept pushing the fix date back for every 2 months.It was affecting everyone in my area, and no, they weren't warning new subscribers about it when they signed up. Absolute shysters. To my knowledge, they spent over 6 months signing up new customers to a service they not only knew full well they couldn't provide, but didn't even know when they would be able to provide.It was brilliant, on the rare occasions it worked. The rest of the time, think mid 90s AOL dial up.This is my current experience of Virgin Media in Reading and it has been going on for months. Latest "fix" date is May 16th but I'll believe it when I see it. They are massively over subscribed in this area yet still advertise for more customers. My trouble is I don't even have a BT line in my flat and it will cost 130+ just to get one put in.I hate Virgin Media with every fibre of my being. Reply 0
  • Zynga selling sponsored Draw Something terms

  • suicida 04/05/2012

    Like someone above me said, this is better than banner ads. I don't mind drawing brands in this game, but if they stick banner ads in my paid-for ad free version of the game I'll be uninstalling.

    I had to draw the word 'whopper' the other day for someone and drew a burger. I did wonder at the time if they'd done a deal with Burger King...
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  • Dark Souls PC release date announced, Games For Windows Live support confirmed

  • suicida 11/04/2012

    Please please please release the extra content as DLC for the Xbox and PS3. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssse. Reply +6
  • RBS "leading a plan" to buy a stake in GAME

  • suicida 26/03/2012

    Huh? I thought RBS were forcing GAME into administration by refusing to renegotiate their credit etc? Now they are looking to buy them at a knockdown price BECAUSE they are in administration? Reply +35
  • Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet Reviews

  • suicida 13/02/2012

    You can get an original 32gb wifi Xoom for 250 now from Carphone Warehouse. As the hardware on the wifi only model is identical all over the world you can flash it with the US firmware and upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich straight away. This is the 'Nexus' class of the OS and has no crappy manufacturer skin either. I'm posting from mine now and it's awesome.All the accessories are massively reduced now too, I picked up the official dock for 17 the other day. I really can't imagine getting a better tablet for the money. Reply +1
  • Best Android Gaming Smartphones

  • suicida 17/01/2012

    The Galaxy Nexus is the best phone I've ever owned. I love the huge screen and every other phone seems tiny now (apart from the Galaxy Note of course) Absolutely great for games as well, GTA runs really well but the controls let it down as they are far too fiddly. Space Invaders Infinity Gene is amazing. Reply 0
  • What Went Wrong With The 360 Dashboard?

  • suicida 07/01/2012

    @nickthegun: totally agree, the new dashboard is a massive step backwards. I haven't bought a single piece of content since it came out because browsing the market is now such a chore. All that wasted space around the edge of the screen makes me cringe, and what space is used is full of ads now. What a mess. Reply +28
  • Metro Politics: What Xbox's New Dash Means

  • suicida 08/12/2011

    @tinners were you donwloading something at the time? That's what happens if you power off in the middle of a download - it goes into a low power state to finish the download then powers off properly. It's done it for ages. Reply +1
  • Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

  • suicida 08/12/2011

    I loved Dark Souls, played for 120+ hours, but I honestly couldn't tell you what the story was about. Somethihng about fire, and you had to ring some bells and capture 4 lots of boss souls to put in some dish because a giant talking snake said so. Didn't make much sense to me.

    The combat was fucking amazing though. Give me Skyrim's world with Dark Souls combat and progression system and it would probably be the best game ever.
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  • Turning Your Android Phone into a Retro Gaming Powerhouse

  • suicida 05/12/2011

    Excellent article, more of this please EG Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

  • suicida 03/12/2011

    "But we do have to wonder how 360 owners with a 65 hour-plus save are coping, and whether the same issue manifests for them - just further along in the gameplay. If any 360 owner has a similarly mammoth save, please get in touch."

    168 hours in on 360, save file is 13mb, no issues.

    I had no idea the PS3 version was that bad. Feel sorry for people that only have one system. If it was me I'd be taking the game back and demanding a refund.
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  • Game of the Week: Skyrim

  • suicida 12/11/2011

    If Skyrim had Dark Souls' combat system it would be the perfect videogame and I would never leave the house again. The slightly shonky combat is it's only flaw IMO. It's like one of those Persian rugs that have a deliberate mistake so as not to offend the gods or something... Reply +13
  • "Major" Assassin's Creed title confirmed for 2012

  • suicida 08/11/2011

    The first one was good, the second great, got bored half way through the third, and gonna leave number four until the new year. Number five has to be really special for me to get excited about it. They did too many games with Ezio IMO... Reply +10
  • Dark Souls worldwide sales: 1.5 million shipped

  • suicida 03/11/2011

    "@Nevflinn " In Dark Souls, at New Londo Ruins, there are ghosts that you can only harm after consuming a "Transient Curse" item. It lasts only for a limited time, and once it's gone, you can't attack or block against their attacks. While I was fighting at least five of them at once, the time expired, and I was just confused as to why I couldn't block any more. That death didn't feel like something I deserved: it felt like something I couldn't have known or prepared for. That's not a challenge.

    What would have made it fair? If, in the item description that players can read if they choose, it said something like "Be cautious still, for this curse does not last forever." That would have made such a difference. I could have not run into any groups of the ghosts so quickly if I knew time was running short, I'd have measured the time and set my stopwatch to sound when time was nearly up if I had to - but at least I'd have control over something again.

    LOL You do know what "transient" means, yes?

    Adjective: Lasting only for a short time; impermanent.
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  • suicida 02/11/2011

    120 hours and still not finished my first playthrough, am pretty near the end though I think. Probably gonna start a new character straight away and play until Skyrim comes out.My personal GOTY easily, Skyrim has it's work cut out to be better than Dark Souls. Gonna pick up Demons Souls to play in the new year Reply +2
  • Dragon's Dogma Preview

  • suicida 01/11/2011

    This sounds quite good. Dark Souls, then Skyrim, then this. I love RPGs Reply +1
  • The new Eurogamer - four days on

  • suicida 27/10/2011

    @rauper That's fantastic news, FB has done a really good job with the Android app and it's great that you're supporting it. Reply +1
  • suicida 27/10/2011

    Edited forum posts don't show up in the Android app made by Freakybun, apparently the API just sends a blank post to the app. It's really annoying as the forum is the only bit still working after the site update.

    I assume the imminent fix for the iPhone app will fix the Android one also?
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  • Molyneux hasn't seen new Syndicate

  • suicida 15/10/2011

    @Marblepuke "I'm with you on this. Could it be that the guys at Starbreeze just haven't really played anything other than FPS games in their lives and would not know to make any other kind of game properly? I mean they did do that 3rd person crusader game once for example which was shit.."

    The 3rd person game Starbreeze did was called Enclave and was one of my favourite games on the original Xbox. It had a separate good and evil campaign. Bloody difficult in places. Actually thinking about it, Dark Souls reminds me a little of it. I really wish it was backwards compatible on the 360...
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  • Tech pioneer Steve Jobs dies aged 56

  • suicida 06/10/2011

    He was brilliant at taking already existing products, putting them in a shiny case, and marketing them to people who didn't even realise they wanted them. He was very very good at this. Though at the rate at which history is now being rewritten, by Sunday he will have invented sunlight, fire, oxygen, and the car. Reply +7
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • suicida 22/08/2011

    Bought Apparatus and Reckless Getaway for Android at the weekend, both fantastic games. Reply 0
  • EA: "very poor returns" on 3D gaming

  • suicida 29/07/2011

    @spacedellete "We dont see in 3d so why would you want to watch tv in it or play games."

    Eh? Of course human beings see in 3 dimensions, you would not be able to perceive depth otherwise. Unless you only have one eye of course.
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  • DiRT 3

  • suicida 26/05/2011

    Been playing this since yesterday, handling is great, good graphics and sound. But WTF is this gymkhana bullshit and why can't I progress to the second year in career mode without doing it? I wanted a rally game not some "rad" X-Games bollox. Put this in a separate mode where I can completely ignore it please.

    Seriously pissed off. I was really enjoying it until now.
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  • How to Build Your Own Gaming PC

  • suicida 20/05/2011


    This is a comments section, I am commenting on the article. What has a BBC programme got to do with anything?
    Reply -2
  • suicida 20/05/2011

    "This is fucking awful.

    Who hired somebody completely unfunny to write a 'comedy' article about building PCs"


    I saw the article title and thought 'this could be an interesting read, I might learn something about current gaming PC tech.'
    Instead I got a "wacky comedy" article written by someone trying so hard to be funny it was painful to read.
    Reply -12
  • suicida 20/05/2011

    What a shit article Reply -145
  • Brink dev: games market is top heavy

  • suicida 14/05/2011

    A multiplayer only shooter with 8 maps for 40? No chance. Halo Reach had a big SP campaign, co-op, Firefight, AND multiplayer (with more than 8 maps) for the same price at launch, much less now.

    As others have said, if Brink was 20-30 then it might have found an audience. It's like Shadowrun all over again.
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  • Beginner's Guide: Survival Horror

  • suicida 12/05/2011

    Good article. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth on the original Xbox is probably the best horror game I've played. Wonder if it's backwards compatible on the 360? Reply +14
  • "No concern" at Xperia PS1 game sales

  • suicida 12/05/2011

    Not one game over 1000 installs in over a month on sale, worldwide? That's unbelievably poor. I'm sure even the N-gage did better than that in it's first month... Reply +7
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations announced

  • suicida 05/05/2011

    Loved AC 1 & 2 but got bored of Brotherhood before the end as it was too similar to 2 and piss-easy with the one-button summon help insta-kills. Will wait and see with this one... Reply 0
  • Into the Breach

  • suicida 30/04/2011

    @metallicol ahh yes, just checked full site and you are right, shoddy coding on the mobile site then! Reply +5
  • suicida 30/04/2011

    Yet again, another one of these articles with repeated sentences spread throughout the text, does anyone proof read article submissions at EG before they are published? Reply -11
  • Sony: your card data was encrypted

  • suicida 28/04/2011

    Well I am reassured. We all know how good Sony's encryption is... I mean no-one discovered the PS3 master key did they?Oh wait Reply +13
  • Retrospective: Mirror's Edge

  • suicida 10/04/2011

    Loved this game, hope the recent rumours aren't true and they are in fact going to do a sequel Reply +25
  • Minecraft earns 20 million in revenue

  • suicida 06/04/2011

    If I had that much cash I would sit on a throne made of money, laughing to myself... Pleased for him, Minecraft is obviously ace Reply +3
  • Angry Birds dev lays into Xbox Live

  • suicida 29/03/2011

    Frequent updates = putting different coloured hats on the pigs in Angry Birds. Reply +26
  • Ubisoft feels "guilty" for BG&E flop

  • suicida 25/02/2011

    Buying this, didn't play the original but heard lots of good things. 800 points is good value too Reply +5
  • LA Noire pre-order bonuses

  • suicida 25/02/2011

    "Or here's a novel idea: How about these greedy publisher cunts provide us with a full fucking game they're charging us full price for? Crazy, I know. "

    This. I fucking hate this preorder bonus content bullshit.
    Reply +2
  • Bulletstorm DLC announced

  • suicida 22/02/2011

    ^^^ what metalangel said. This is getting ridiculous now Reply +13
  • Dead Rising 2: Case West dated

  • suicida 13/12/2010

    Hmm, I loved Case Zero but thought DR2 was a bit rubbish. It just didn't grab me for some reason and I still haven't finished it... Might have to give this a miss Reply -1
  • Retrospective: Skool Daze and Back to Skool

  • suicida 31/10/2010

    My two favourite Spectrum games, this article brought a tear to my eye Reply +1
  • How PS3 Facebook integration may work

  • suicida 07/10/2010

    All it ever seemed to do was spam trophy announcements into my account that nobody else would give a damn about.

    This. I hate all the news feed spam that this 'integration' forces on people and block the lot. Why anyone thinks this is a good idea is beyond me.
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