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  • GAME's GOWIII bundle costs Ł110

  • spunkymunkey 12/01/2010


    Import it is then.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • spunkymunkey 30/12/2008

    No Raving Rabbids TV Party?! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! ? Reply 0
  • Atari dates bundle of games

  • spunkymunkey 15/09/2008

    Atari should forget about making shit games and stick to extortion. 'Tis what they excel at ;p Reply 0
  • Capcom to focus on multi-platform games

  • spunkymunkey 12/09/2008

    Much as i love my Wii, i also acknowledge that it is a very, very different machine - with vastly different capabilties to the PS3 and 360. Graphically, I hope this doesnt have a detrimental effect on PS3 and 360 development (yes, graphics aren't everything, yawwwn) Anyhoo, I think Wii games benefit from their own seperate, specialised devlopment; as they are so different, and i wouldn't want to see any version comprimised by skimping on dev costs. Although, Capcom are pretty awesome :) Reply 0
  • Kaz Hirai demos 'Life with PlayStation'

  • spunkymunkey 26/06/2008

    I'm not knocking it. I just think there is a mountain of other issues more important to "gamers" that would benefit from the resources. Reply 0
  • spunkymunkey 26/06/2008

    Firstly, what the f*ck is this shit! How about something usefull for gaming. Playstation used to mean games console >:(Secondly, what a big fat rip off :D Reply 0
  • Saints Row 2

  • spunkymunkey 05/03/2008

    I really wanted to like the first game. It looked like a lot of effort had been put into the graphics, especially the water effects, character models and vehicles. However, it tore like a mother and had slowdown all over the place - even cut-scenes. Cheapened the game for me. Also, the story was a bit meh. Nowhere near as immersive as a GTA game (tall order though). If they address a few issues then it could be worth a punt. Reply 0
  • Maguire explains PS3 BC loss

  • spunkymunkey 09/10/2007

    Sony seem to be making all the wrong moves recently. The console itself is relatively sound, but all the marketing and support has been laughable. First they want to market it as a games machine, then its a media-centre, then the media capabiltilies are stripped down and its a games machine again. There are a lot of folks that know; there arent many decent PS3 games at the moment, but would still buy a PS3 as a media-centre/blu-rayplayer, and would like to play the decent back catologue of PS2 titles. The PS3, as a blu-ray/media centre, has been getting a lot good exposure recently as a quality peice of AV equipment. And people buying it were more concerned about features, rather than a Ł65 price cut (hmmm... isn't this what Sony wanted for the PS3?). It was just getting some momentum and consumer good will. Now, Sony are allienating this corner of the market. Getting rid of all the SD card readers and backwards compatability. Reducing the amount of USBs. And 40Gig HD?? The real laugh is that this is the only model that will be available after the 60Gig SKUs run out. No doubt they will bring out a version (at some point), with larger HD for the TV thing they have been busy pimping, but will they reintroduce BC and the missing connectivity for Europe? ....Im guessing no. Europe will roll over and moan for a bit, life will go on. These fucking dicks at Sony should have waited for the "games" to arrive. Games sell consoles - simple as. Instead, in a knee-jerk reaction (OMG-we're not meeting projected sales!!), they have lost sight of the bigger picture, gimped their console(again) and alienated the people that were actually buying the PS3 at the moment, When the PS3 launched here, i thought that Sony would be in it for the long haul - sittiing back and waiting for the decent titles to arrive, and then a marginal price cut, then reaping the reward. Now something seems to have ruffled their feathers. Something that breaks a lot, and has a Master Chief thingy. Reply 0
  • No Stranglehold demo for EU

  • spunkymunkey 08/09/2007

    bend over - its another euro PSN Store update :) Reply 0
  • Govt. to consult industry

  • spunkymunkey 07/09/2007

    In a society in which to discipline a child is illegal and punishments NEVER fit the crimes? ITS T3H ViDŁoG@M3s!!!111! Reply 0
  • Boll plans Alone in the Dark 2

  • spunkymunkey 23/05/2007

    Not content with cinematically murdering our favourite games franchises, Uwe Boll returns to fuck the bones....bravo. Reply 0
  • Crysis - Engine demo

  • spunkymunkey 21/04/2007

    uh.. muh.. eh.. fuu../is speechless Reply 0
  • Microsoft confirms 120GB Xbox 360 revision

  • spunkymunkey 28/03/2007

    BUT is it gonna burn out? thats all i give a f*ck about! and wheres the built in HDDVD drive? HDMI is wishfull thinking if they haven't addressed the hideous failiure rate of the original issue (which they still even refuse to acknowledge). TWATS! Reply 0