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  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • sir_smooch 09/09/2014

    thoroughly enjoyed reading that. very informative and enlightening for a goodbye. All the luck and best wishes for the future of all concerned :) i enjoy this website pretty much everyday and will continue to do so as long as it is here :) Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • sir_smooch 16/08/2014

    i don't understand! why can't other platforms just get these extra bits in ce editions. Surely that would mean even more sales and money to re-invest and above all, fairness :) which = happy gamers and collectors Reply -9
  • Battlefield Hardline single-player debuts, new multiplayer modes revealed

  • sir_smooch 13/08/2014

    i think it would have sounded better if they had just called it "Hardline" Reply +1
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • sir_smooch 13/08/2014

    well i just hope the extra money ms gave them was worth it. because i won't be buying it!! simples Reply +3
  • Codemasters brings Colin McRae Rally to Steam

  • sir_smooch 31/07/2014

    Wow this is awesome news. i loved this series of games back in the day. easily one of the best rally games ever in my opinion. despite the dev tech available compared to now, they just seemed to scream authenticity and the more the dirt franchise seem to grow the less interested i think i became. shame really. i will deffo get this :) Reply 0
  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • sir_smooch 20/03/2014

    Well in no way am i a fanboy of any games machine but i can't help feeling this would have scored an 8 or more had it been reviewed on an xb1 ala titanfall which lets face it is just more of the same again but with even less varied environments and gameplay lol oh well if i had a ps4 this would deffo be on my list to play :) happy gaming all Reply +1
  • Titanfall review

  • sir_smooch 17/03/2014

    well i played the beta and tbh i found the game mediocre. i think it sounds a lot better than it actually is and though has some good ideas it excels at no "one" thing. I think anyone who has liked cod may enjoy it but for how long who knows. the action was frenetic but the maps felt small especially in a titan, lack of environmental damage ruins the experience again because of the titans and explosive weaponry. The human weapons are just generic really and there is a big difference in the amount of damage the human players (pilots) seem to take compared to the ai controlled ones! i think the 80 odd awards the review mentions somewhat contribute to the over hype this game has received. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught review

  • sir_smooch 29/01/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25 lol ain't it mad. everywhere has been hit by recessions but the prices over the yrs have gone up. i remember when it was only a few quid for some extra content. Reply +2
  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering 63 from PlayStation Store

  • sir_smooch 25/11/2013

    the only thing with cancelling is your pre order is you are hurting sony and if there not the people setting the prices then it isn't really fair. Its not like sony can really turn around and refuse to sell them on there website is it!! Either way i can't understand why either publisher would have such a difference in prices anyway unless they wanted to be accused of any kind of favoritism! Reply 0
  • PS4: what you get for Plus - and what you get without it

  • sir_smooch 13/11/2013

    does anyone know if ps+ subs are required per user on the console like xbox live gold was or just per console allowing all users tied to the console to play online?? Reply 0
  • closing retail business in March

  • sir_smooch 09/01/2013

    well i have to say. back in the day when they just sold games,books and dvds i thought there prices were pretty good and never had a problem with the service then they started selling games,gadgets and all sorts of other shite and it went tits up. A shame really i think there are too many online marketplaces and with so many different peeps selling through them the service is rather inconsistent too :( Reply 0
  • Black Ops 2's pre-order bonus map Nuketown 2025 pulled from most multiplayer modes

  • sir_smooch 20/11/2012

    bring out the lawsuits i its not like they can't afford it.

    in all seriousness it would have at least been nice if they had stated that it was only gonna be used for a short time and during special events just like they did with the double xp.
    Reply -1
  • Borderlands 2: Collector's Editions detailed

  • sir_smooch 18/05/2012

    "omg it's like christmas over here" Reply 0
  • Why the Magic of Independent Stores Should Never Be Lost

  • sir_smooch 14/04/2012

    I hate the fact the indie stores are getting driven out and though i work for a supermarket i hate the fact that they seem to be monopolising on so many different businesses. The thing about indie stores unlike all the other generic ones is nine times out of ten the people in there know what they are talking about because they've bought themselves or at least tried it out and can offer advice without blaggin yuour head off. long live the indie stores!! Reply +2
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay trailer

  • sir_smooch 12/04/2012

    well i dont think this should be compared anywhere near to cod. i prefered the style of gameplay over the first one to last couple of versions of cod. love the trailer too. this is deffo a pre order for me Reply 0
  • GAME administrators close 277 stores, make over 2000 redundant

  • sir_smooch 26/03/2012

    yep i hope all the peeps now out of work find something soon. and i feel sorry for all those that showed loyalty to the company but will lose all their points saved!! As we have now realised....what a bad way to run a business... Reply 0
  • Rumoured GAME rescue package outlined

  • sir_smooch 21/03/2012

    i agree with most peeps here. i'm for gamestation too.... we should all start a petition.... to me i find more actual gamers tend to work in game as opposed to just sales assistants. so its nice to get someones opinion on a title who is telling the truth rather than someone trying to sell you the title from reading the back cover and blagging.....badly. Reply +1
  • 5 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

  • sir_smooch 20/02/2012

    i think if this is as open world as the original it would be great to experience with a buddy with some optional jump in/out co op play that doesn't effect the story in anyway. far cry 2 would have been more enjoyable with a co op partner. Reply +2
  • Activision: why Xbox 360 gets Call of Duty Elite maps first

  • sir_smooch 27/01/2012

    @DwarfyP dude. i don't think its that people don't like cod. they probably love cod and thats the problem. I think some peeps feel like they are getting a raw deal. Wether its right or wrong and even if its legal it doesn't mean its fair. And even though there was a deal they (activision) could have explained to the ps3 cod community exactly how their subs would work. lets face it its not like they have only just thought up elite is it thats why peeps are moaning because they have payed their money and are now only just findong out how they are gonna get their service! Reply 0
  • sir_smooch 27/01/2012

    well if these kind of comments doesn't show people what kind of exploitation of consumers by publishers then i dont know what will. i have both consoles (well ps3 just died...but still!) and i got elite for neither. First off i didn't like the idea of paying for something months in advance of actually recieving anything,even game pre orders only charge you for the game when it ships out! and secondly if the the exclusivity deal for cod was made before elite existed,then why is the sub constrained by it?? unless ms included all properties related to the franchise were tied to it. Either way how can you make two different people pay the same price but make one wait longer than the other to get and not see how that is unjust. Put it this way its like having 2 children of similar they say "you can't give one without giving the other" and you wouldn't favour one of your children over the other would you? Mr Amrich......surely. Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 DLC schedule for 2012 revealed

  • sir_smooch 25/01/2012

    with all these complaints about ps3 elite subs having to wait longer than xbox elite subs. its a shame there isn't a website that people can use to petition aginst such decisions and for the gaming comuntity to voice its opinions as a whole, especially as there have been so many complaints and dissapointments as far as lack support or communication from game devs or publishers is concerned and especially from some of the years biggest titles Reply +2
  • Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Points by end of the year - report

  • sir_smooch 24/01/2012

    Well i can't say i am too bothered about losing the points system. but hope that i will still be able to purchase currency externally rather than having to store any of my card details given the recent account exploit/hacking revelations due to people having their bank/credit card details linked with xbox Reply +1
  • First Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC release date revealed

  • sir_smooch 21/12/2011

    so can anyone confirm for sure wether ps3 elite consumers will have to wait the usual month before its release?? If so i probably won't bother with elite, otherwise it doesn't sound too bad a deal. my missus loves to play mw3 :) Reply 0
  • Call of Duty Elite mobile app delayed

  • sir_smooch 14/11/2011

    lol funny they don't want to over stress the servers, they didn't have any probs taking the money and they still weren't any better yesterday evening. The game still has the same off and on lag probs too :( but i guess cod is cod. good when its good and terrible when its bad, altogether.....a bit fishy Reply +2
  • Sledgehammer boss dismisses BF3 rivalry

  • sir_smooch 10/10/2011

    Well i have bf3 on pre order for pc and will no doubt get mw3 for one of the consoles whichever platform its better on although for me the first modern warfare is still my fave and had some of the best maps too. Blops was my least fave for both campaign and mp. Reply 0
  • MW3 Kotick vs. BF3 Riccitiello at E3

  • sir_smooch 13/06/2011

    lol i actually think its cool that the ea guy said what he said, i think it shows passion for his product even if it seems a little childish. And even though i contribute to it i still can't help feeling as though the cod franchise what with all this cod elite talk at the mo is just becoming some sort of cash cow for activision. the last game for me definitely lacked soul and even gameplay ran dry eventually. I guess i just prefer the whole battlefield experience as opposed to where the cod one has ended up. I will probably buy both games though.

    Reply +2
  • SOCOM: Special Forces

  • sir_smooch 13/04/2011

    I played the beta for the first socom game on ps3 and it was nigh-on unplayable, a broken mess which totally put me off buying it on release but i heard from a few people that the devs did a pretty gd job patching it up and with some decent dlc maps added made it quite playable altho the socom community was a very hardcore and serious one. I think the score is best kept as a guidline as a few of the reviews from here this year and last have been more than a little mis-leading! Reply +2
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • sir_smooch 04/03/2011

    i don't suppose anyone knows wether the 800ms points is permanent or for a ltd period only? i never played this when it was released but have heard its a must have game!! Reply 0
  • MS support led to Homefront DLC deal

  • sir_smooch 22/01/2011

    its a shame that chaos studios describes ms paying them money for an exclusive "support" while sony offered them none. Maybe thats because sony thought that as you was a third party developer you may want to actually make your own game with your own financial backing otherwise they would have just made the game inhouse. I guess like many have said here already its just a case money making business and the bragging rights that go with it!! What a shame,im guessing by the comments kaos made this means the xbox version will be superior quality which isn't too bad as im fortunate to have both consoles. Reply +2
  • Medal of Honor

  • sir_smooch 13/10/2010

    ive had this pre ordered for a while along with the new cod after being a little let down by mw2. That said though i love the look of the mp maps. my problem with the cod games (especially mw2) were that the maps felt just like maps in a game rather than a recreation of a small part of a real life battlefield plus the more you seemed to play them the smaller they seemed to feel whereby you was constantly bumping into the person you just killed or vice versa. All i can say is i can't wait for friday! Reply +3
  • Analysts criticise EA's MOH Taliban cut

  • sir_smooch 02/10/2010

    I agree that there should be an option in the menu to toggle the name on or off. People should always have a choice. I thought that was the one good thing about cod mw2. at least people had a choice to play the controversial parts of the game or not. Reply +1
  • Bungie bans 15,000 Halo: Reach cheaters

  • sir_smooch 02/10/2010

    Awesome news. All cheaters should be banned Especially online cheats and glitchers. Although sometimes offline sp cheats to make the game more fun are sometimes cool e.g like the old button sequence ones altering ingame objects or loss of gravity were fun :) Reply +1
  • Medal of Honor Multiplayer

  • sir_smooch 25/09/2010

    I don't understand why there is some kind of devide for gamers between either cod games or the dice ones? I have and like both games for different reasons and generally just love fps games. The most important thing for me is that they are fun to play and solid in delivering on the gameplay. For instance I think mw2 looks awesome and love some of the features but gameplay is a little shoddy and and very run and gun whereas bfbc2 doesn't look quite as sharp or have as much variation in game modes but is much more fun to play and is so much more open allowing for different approaches and styles of play. If moh falls somewhere inbetween these two games i think it could be awesome and i have pre ordered though i will w8 till launch for cod for pricing reasons :p Reply +6
  • Mafia II

  • sir_smooch 24/08/2010

    I'm Really shocked at this score! Along with K&L2 this is the 2nd full game review which has been rated poorly and totally opposite of what i thought were enjoyable demo's. I just can't believe that eurogamer actually thought this was only the equivalent of the godfather 2 game released last year!!!! I'll deffo still get this i think though. OPM magazine gave this 7/10 for that platform anyone got any idea what OXM gave it for that platform? Reply -2
  • Resistance 3 trailer reveal at gamescom?

  • sir_smooch 02/08/2010

    Awsome. Hope this 100% Official. I loved the first 2 games and would deffo buy the 3rd as i thought R2 was an improvement over the first. This can only be better still surely. Reply +1
  • Blur demo and DeathSpank on PSN

  • sir_smooch 15/07/2010

    well another poor european update to the psn from scee. even the playstation plus stuff is inferior to the us psn :( come on sony surely our money is just as good as americas. Reply 0
  • BlackLight: Tango Down out tomorrow

  • sir_smooch 06/07/2010

    Well i would take substance over style any day. which is like choosing cod4 mw over mw2 which i have. i think this could lack the graphical edge, but if the gamelpay is smooth and responsive unlike mw2 and more like mw1. i think this could be a steal for a tenner. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. MOH beta

  • sir_smooch 27/06/2010

    Well taking into consideration this is only in beta stage, crashing and some lag aside i actually like this title and enjoyed what i saw and played. baring in mind hopefully the finished game won't have all the screen tear and runs a lot smoother i think i will be inclined to keep my pre order. The helmand map ive played already had a nice feel of authenticity that i don't think you get with moh's biggest competitor mw2 where the maps just feel like maps in a game rather than some geography lifted from an actual location which is a nice touch. I like that vehicles play a part too. I think more customisation would be nice (without over complicating) where the soldier is concerned would be good too. But overall i like it Reply 0
  • No cross-game chat with PS Plus

  • sir_smooch 24/06/2010

    Im not still entirely sold on the whole playstation plus package but i deffo think sony should have had the cross game chat sorted by now. As for value for money though i think the playstation service is better. For instance with xb360 you pay for access to play online and then you have to pay for everything else apart from game demos and trials or game trailers. Its not even like you can save your progress or earn achievements from the demos so that if your decide to get the full game you can continue on from then. The eu store does deffo need some new stuff too. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • sir_smooch 29/05/2010

    I don't think this title should be put down just based on infinity wards last effort. I think mw2 mp looks gr8 graphically and the weapons are cool but they are unbalanced and so is the gameplay. Inconsistant is the best way to describe it for me as well as mp being spoilt by peeps exploiting the glitches and things. I loved w@w's sp but weren't so keen on mp. That said though the black ops trailer looks awesome but then so does the new MOH title. Reply 0
  • First Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer

  • sir_smooch 01/05/2010

    Have to say it looks really interesting, a lot more than i thought it would. Will hold judgement till i see more and get to play some demo code though. Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 2 double-XP weekend

  • sir_smooch 22/03/2010

    Yep im with the majority here. i wanted to love this game so much after prematurely trading in the 1st modern warfare for WaW and well first there was all the cheating and exploits and still that "im sure i was behind the solid object" but the killcam shows im not senario along with the way to strong constant aim assist. And now they are charging a fortune for a few new maps. It just makes me love battleifeld bc2 even more than i do, apart from the odd server disconnection that is :( Reply +3