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  • Ellie is the lead character in The Last of Us Part 2

  • sir_smooch 04/12/2016

    I have a feeling this one is gonna be dark.........very dark! Reply +2
  • Titanfall 2's first DLC drops next week with Angel City's Most Wanted

  • sir_smooch 23/11/2016

    for £20 on friday from hmv this could be a no brainer! Reply +1
  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • sir_smooch 06/09/2016

    Okay sure download speed is all good and well for getting patches but the bottom line is it isn't all about speed when you talk about online gaming, its also about quality of the line and and ping times, especially involving online games and even more so with FPS's less jitter, less ping and good speed all help the online gaming experience.

    But don't forget all those things are useless if the developer hasn't optimised the game well for the online side of things!
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  • Giveaway: get Epic's new shooter on PS4 or PC for free!

  • sir_smooch 21/06/2016

    oh my days, they went quick!!! Reply 0
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • sir_smooch 16/06/2016

    Im a ps4 only owner and the thing is after seeing Gow 4 and Forza H3 i was like wow and then saw the Xbone S and was like double wow thats a nice looking console and good looking games. I might have to invest! Then Scorpio comes along and i was like oh my!! I don't own an xbone but i sure as hell ain't gonna buy one if there is something even better waiting in the wings!

    The only way i could see Xbone S seling is if Ms do a trade in system for big money off old against new or if your current xbone breaks down, you need a replacement but can't wait for scorpio!
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  • Punch Club has been pirated over 1.6m times

  • sir_smooch 21/03/2016

    At the end of the day not everyone illegally downloads games just rip off the devs. Some people might do it to try the game before they buy. Reply -46
  • It's Fallout 4 launch day and for many GAME still hasn't delivered

  • sir_smooch 10/11/2015

    Game are rubbish and overpriced money grabbers!!! i always preferred Gamestation personally. Shame they cut out the good bit and left the crap.

    Thank god surgeons don't do that with tumours!
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  • It turns out Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Nuketown map is a GAME exclusive

  • sir_smooch 05/11/2015

    This is wrong and clearly false advertisement surely!!! bareing in mind some other retailers are selling the standard ed game for less than £40. Reply +1
  • Here's our first look at the Ghost in the Shell first-person shooter

  • sir_smooch 17/09/2015

    It looks a little glossy, with clunky movement and weapon use! A bit like a videogame alternative of a made for TV movie is to a big budget epic. I'm not saying its pants though! Reply 0
  • Video: Ian plays the Black Ops 3 beta, is rusty

  • sir_smooch 19/08/2015

    I don't think its you Ian or the way you find the game uninspired, I just think that all the matchmaking mechanics have turned to poo and the online elements unbalanced! Reply 0
  • Puma is making official Metal Gear Solid 5 sneaking boots

  • sir_smooch 27/07/2015

    omg im going against the grain here but i actually think they look pretty cool lol i wonder about pricing though? Reply 0
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • sir_smooch 20/07/2015

    Omg after reading that it makes you wonder how an earth it has managed to break to the top of the uk charts. It sounds terrble! I think the ones made in the early 2k's were my faves. Was hoping this could be a much welcomed reboot :( Reply +1
  • CoD: Black Ops 3's Juggernog Edition includes a functioning mini-fridge

  • sir_smooch 10/07/2015

    well it may translate into £127 pounds from dollars but translated into GAME's monetary value i reckon thats about £150 at the very least lol Reply 0
  • EU PlayStation Plus games now update first Tuesday of each month

  • sir_smooch 29/06/2015

    @Cheeky-Girl-Gamer I totally agree! i hate it when i hear how good some of the offers/ discounts are on the us store only to find that we don't even get the $-£ exchange rate value but rather more the same price they get in dollars but in pounds! Reply 0
  • sir_smooch 29/06/2015

    @zzkj i second that! i wouldn't mind getting that for ps4 from psn plus :D Reply 0
  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review

  • sir_smooch 25/06/2015

    Can never fault Amd for their pricepoints and vfm but i was expecting big things from talk of this new card and their hbm set-up!

    What a shame. I love the rivalry between these two companies and their products but amd really seem to be struggling to compete atm.

    I still love my 7870xt though :)
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  • Bungie: extra Destiny content for all platforms when Sony timed-exclusives launch on Xbox

  • sir_smooch 24/06/2015

    I hate to say it, but it really is times like this when gamers need to play the boycott card and make the developers realise that without the fans playing their games and buying them in the first place they wouldn't be able to do what they enjoy doing in the first place!!

    I don't hate DLC and i don't mind paying for it to extend an already enjoyable experience but the price has to be reasonable. What bungie is doing is just wrong and i think all this season pass stuff is pretty much the same thing (far cry 4's was a total disappointment for instance!
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • sir_smooch 23/06/2015

    @mouseymouse "F me" i would love to be able to afford just one titan X let alone 4. Im still rolling with my Sapphire 7870xt Reply +1
  • sir_smooch 23/06/2015

    @bigfriendlygamer Agreed i think having played the first two this is a must buy but doesn't create an impulse buy feeling. Seems like so many games are jumping on the pre launch season pass and extra extra cr@p bandwagon now too. Still it can't be as bad as the destiny p1ss take. Think i'll wait too :) Reply +1
  • Sony E3 2015 conference live report

  • sir_smooch 16/06/2015

    1 hrs powernap then ready to go :) Reply 0
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • sir_smooch 19/02/2015

    so hold on a minute! what is the the so called point of the review?? are you recommending it or not?? surely this would have had some sort of a score before!! It kind of reads to me like "old school 3rd person action shooter with updated graphics" ala a kind of Gears of war style! I guess that could be appealing to some peeps plus not everyone wants to be playing every game they own for years lol Reply -51
  • David Jaffe reveals arena shooter Drawn to Death

  • sir_smooch 06/12/2014

    Whats up with people!! I think this looks like a cool and innovative take on the online 3rd person shooter genre, with an original art style to boot. I am deffo interested and its nice to see a studio take some risks instead of trying to follow the same old tired footsteps that everyone seems to be moaning about being bored with ie: cod and bf4. And as a plus it reminds me of the sort of doodles i loved to doodle in my textbooks at school as a teen :D

    P.s As a general fan of gaming i don't hate the likes of bf4 or cod as reference, i play both lol :)

    Oh and generally loved the whole ps experience show. As a ps fan i think they showed a strong lineup for the future months/year :)
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  • The Crew open beta goes live next week

  • sir_smooch 20/11/2014

    I didn't think it was that bad of a game from what i played. steering was a little heavy for my liking but other than that not overly bad. haven't played driveclub yet so can't compare with that as im waiting for the ps plus edition but i have seen comments ranging from "its really good" to "its the worst handling ever!" lol Reply +3
  • Far Cry 4 review

  • sir_smooch 14/11/2014

    I have to agree, no talk of atmosphere, mood or any kind of ambience ie: the sounds in the game. If the animal filled landscapes feel and sound full of life or empty and lifeless. Do the animals act as if they have their own food chains like in fc3, which was one of the features i liked. Its almost like this review os more of someone's personal opinion rather than a well balanced review that covers all aspects of the game! not even any talk of any of the mp or co op features as such or how well they work!! Reply +4
  • Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

  • sir_smooch 05/11/2014

    its quite mad really because considering they said they gave destiny a 10 year lifespan its very early on to announce work on a sequel, what with such plans for this game in the so called pipeline! i loved the standard edition of the game i had but didn't want to pump so much expected cash into it in order to get beyond the same replayed gameplay i had accumulated in reaching level 28. Reply 0
  • Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"

  • sir_smooch 30/10/2014

    Exactly dude. I don't mind that they got problems sh!t happens to the best of us, a "why" it has happened would be nice and to know they have learned something from it. A little acknowledgement that ps plus edition peeps are still a meaningful part of there fan-base. Again a reason why its so impossible to release the ps plus version for offline play would also be appreciated. I still can't help feeling like there is more going on than what we are being told. Its a shame EG can't get in there and stick some of the questions people are asking here to the devs. Surely it couldn't do any more damage to their rep!
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  • sir_smooch 30/10/2014

    but why can't the ps plus edition be played offline??? thats what all the people people who had the full retail and digital versions were told to do!! No one has even explained why this can't happen! And now there is all this divide in the same community cr@p of "well i paid for the full version, i deserve to be fixed first and ps plus people are free loaders and should wait". Bottom line is we are all gamers and we all pay in some way. An in-depth explanation to all of this and why it has happened would deffo be nice :) Reply +6
  • Far Cry 4 Season Pass brings PvP and yetis

  • sir_smooch 20/10/2014

    I second what everyone else says. This season pass business really is becoming a farce. I think destiny was the first title this year to really highlight it for me, hence trading the game after thoroughly enjoying what i played of the game in the time i had it. Don't get me wrong, im all for extended the lifespan of a game once its released and if its good meaningful content which builds on what you have enjoyed already. But its almost like they are making the games and extra content all at the same time, usually resulting in watered-down rubbish or weapon packs which could have been released in the full version!! Its almost like game devs/publishers are really starting to take their consumer base for granted :( not a good time for gaming in some ways lately!! Reply +9
  • "Majority" of DriveClub owners can now connect online

  • sir_smooch 20/10/2014

    @SonicUk I agree dude, i can't understand why sony never stepped in and explained why the ps plus version couldn't be released for offline play like the disc released version. Why was it pulled? no one has explained why it could't be downloaded in the first place, either sony or evolution. And it should'nt matter if you payed full price or a ps plus subscriber either. We all pay in some way and we are all gamers, therefore we all deserve an explanation. But it does seem like there is a little more to all this than meets the eye. i wonder if maybe evolution has had financial troubles maybe, sony almost seems very quiet and distanced on this fiasco also. It could explain why the so called full game experience of the ps plus edition has shrunk and why the upgrade to full digital edition seems so high!! Its just a thought :S Reply +5
  • sir_smooch 20/10/2014

    @Murton Bang on the nail here mate. You said exactly what i have been thinking the whole time through. This game launch has been damaging in so many ways, even leading to arguments on driveclubs facebook page amongst gaming fans. I can't believe sony hasn't stepped in at some point now considering this title was deemed important enough to them that they used it to sell pre-orders of the console for launch day. It wouldn't surprise me if they realised how many driveclub bundles were pre-ordered and then decided to splice the game allowing for the ps plus edition which is probably what caused the year delay along with the dynamic weather effects application. Its so so disappointing and is ever so slightly damaging to sony's and psn's rep the longer it goes on. Reply +5
  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • sir_smooch 09/10/2014

    i have to say i really enjoyed this game while i played it. there is loads to like about it i think, graphics, sound and atmosphere, i don't even mind the levelling system. I'm a lvl 28 hunter right ive maxed both sub classes i haven't done the vault of glass raid and am struggling to do the exotic bounty quests even though they are lvl 26. In all honesty these events are pointless because apart from the aesthetic differences the items i can earn from the iron banner just like the queens wrath missions aren't as good as the legendary gear i already have. Bottom line is if i want to get any more fresh/new content out of my standard version of this game now, i will have to spend another £34.99 on the season pass. And the amount of hours put in levelling my character i could have easily finished 4 or 5 other decent sp games. Either way im gonna trade it now and maybe get it back a little further down the line maybe! I don't hate this game though :) Reply +1
  • Destiny 1.0.2 patch changes how Engrams work

  • sir_smooch 27/09/2014

    I personally enjoy so many things about this game and it does have some addictive qualities.

    Apart from some of the things other peeps have mentioned here about changing in the game, more variety in guns and gear would have been better.

    I think gearbox was onto a winner with their randomised gun parts and base stats along with various buffs for certain special weapons making them feel more unique ie: you could have several smg's but they would not only look very different but also react different.

    I can't count how many mangala 1.3 or so armours i have picked up for my armour!! lol i have got rather good at dismantling stuff :) ,i think if you blended the looks of this with some of the gameplay and loot mechanics with borderlands you would have an overall almost perfect fps mmo rpg.
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  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • sir_smooch 09/09/2014

    thoroughly enjoyed reading that. very informative and enlightening for a goodbye. All the luck and best wishes for the future of all concerned :) i enjoy this website pretty much everyday and will continue to do so as long as it is here :) Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • sir_smooch 16/08/2014

    i don't understand! why can't other platforms just get these extra bits in ce editions. Surely that would mean even more sales and money to re-invest and above all, fairness :) which = happy gamers and collectors Reply -9
  • Battlefield Hardline single-player debuts, new multiplayer modes revealed

  • sir_smooch 13/08/2014

    i think it would have sounded better if they had just called it "Hardline" Reply +1
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • sir_smooch 13/08/2014

    well i just hope the extra money ms gave them was worth it. because i won't be buying it!! simples Reply +3
  • Codemasters brings Colin McRae Rally to Steam

  • sir_smooch 31/07/2014

    Wow this is awesome news. i loved this series of games back in the day. easily one of the best rally games ever in my opinion. despite the dev tech available compared to now, they just seemed to scream authenticity and the more the dirt franchise seem to grow the less interested i think i became. shame really. i will deffo get this :) Reply 0
  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • sir_smooch 20/03/2014

    Well in no way am i a fanboy of any games machine but i can't help feeling this would have scored an 8 or more had it been reviewed on an xb1 ala titanfall which lets face it is just more of the same again but with even less varied environments and gameplay lol oh well if i had a ps4 this would deffo be on my list to play :) happy gaming all Reply +1
  • Titanfall review

  • sir_smooch 17/03/2014

    well i played the beta and tbh i found the game mediocre. i think it sounds a lot better than it actually is and though has some good ideas it excels at no "one" thing. I think anyone who has liked cod may enjoy it but for how long who knows. the action was frenetic but the maps felt small especially in a titan, lack of environmental damage ruins the experience again because of the titans and explosive weaponry. The human weapons are just generic really and there is a big difference in the amount of damage the human players (pilots) seem to take compared to the ai controlled ones! i think the 80 odd awards the review mentions somewhat contribute to the over hype this game has received. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught review

  • sir_smooch 29/01/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25 lol ain't it mad. everywhere has been hit by recessions but the prices over the yrs have gone up. i remember when it was only a few quid for some extra content. Reply +2
  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering £63 from PlayStation Store

  • sir_smooch 25/11/2013

    the only thing with cancelling is your pre order is you are hurting sony and if there not the people setting the prices then it isn't really fair. Its not like sony can really turn around and refuse to sell them on there website is it!! Either way i can't understand why either publisher would have such a difference in prices anyway unless they wanted to be accused of any kind of favoritism! Reply 0
  • PS4: what you get for Plus - and what you get without it

  • sir_smooch 13/11/2013

    does anyone know if ps+ subs are required per user on the console like xbox live gold was or just per console allowing all users tied to the console to play online?? Reply 0
  • closing retail business in March

  • sir_smooch 09/01/2013

    well i have to say. back in the day when they just sold games,books and dvds i thought there prices were pretty good and never had a problem with the service then they started selling games,gadgets and all sorts of other shite and it went tits up. A shame really i think there are too many online marketplaces and with so many different peeps selling through them the service is rather inconsistent too :( Reply 0
  • Black Ops 2's pre-order bonus map Nuketown 2025 pulled from most multiplayer modes

  • sir_smooch 20/11/2012

    bring out the lawsuits i its not like they can't afford it.

    in all seriousness it would have at least been nice if they had stated that it was only gonna be used for a short time and during special events just like they did with the double xp.
    Reply -1
  • Borderlands 2: Collector's Editions detailed

  • sir_smooch 18/05/2012

    "omg it's like christmas over here" Reply 0
  • Why the Magic of Independent Stores Should Never Be Lost

  • sir_smooch 14/04/2012

    I hate the fact the indie stores are getting driven out and though i work for a supermarket i hate the fact that they seem to be monopolising on so many different businesses. The thing about indie stores unlike all the other generic ones is nine times out of ten the people in there know what they are talking about because they've bought themselves or at least tried it out and can offer advice without blaggin yuour head off. long live the indie stores!! Reply +3
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay trailer

  • sir_smooch 12/04/2012

    well i dont think this should be compared anywhere near to cod. i prefered the style of gameplay over the first one to last couple of versions of cod. love the trailer too. this is deffo a pre order for me Reply +1
  • GAME administrators close 277 stores, make over 2000 redundant

  • sir_smooch 26/03/2012

    yep i hope all the peeps now out of work find something soon. and i feel sorry for all those that showed loyalty to the company but will lose all their points saved!! As we have now realised....what a bad way to run a business... Reply 0
  • Rumoured GAME rescue package outlined

  • sir_smooch 21/03/2012

    i agree with most peeps here. i'm for gamestation too.... we should all start a petition.... to me i find more actual gamers tend to work in game as opposed to just sales assistants. so its nice to get someones opinion on a title who is telling the truth rather than someone trying to sell you the title from reading the back cover and blagging.....badly. Reply +1
  • 5 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

  • sir_smooch 20/02/2012

    i think if this is as open world as the original it would be great to experience with a buddy with some optional jump in/out co op play that doesn't effect the story in anyway. far cry 2 would have been more enjoyable with a co op partner. Reply +2