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  • Rare's Kameo slips yet again

  • sheepfish 04/11/2004

    Kristan: "Rare for art thou?"

    An amusing play on words, but the literal translation is 'why' are you Romeo, not 'where' are you Romeo. As in, Juliet musing on the fact her love for Romeo is doomed because of the family feud.

    I'm sure you needed to know that.
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  • Nintendo to launch Classic NES Series in the States this June

  • sheepfish 29/03/2004

    $20 works out at exactly £11 at the moment.

    For £11 I would be tempted to pick up a couple of games, but at £20, no chance. Nintendo have the right idea and in Japan and the US they have the right price point, hopefully we'll get an £11.99 price point, but I'm not holding my breath.
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  • sheepfish 29/03/2004

    $20 works out at exactly £11 at the moment.

    For £11 I would be tempted to pick up a couple of games, but at £20, no chance. Nintendo have the right idea and in Japan and the US they have the right price point, hopefully we'll get an £11.99 price point, but I'm not holding my breath.
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  • UK Charts: EA Bonded to the top

  • sheepfish 02/03/2004

    Agree with Spanky, Dalton has been the best Bond so far. Reply 0
  • Nintendo to debut N5 at E3 2005

  • sheepfish 13/02/2004

    Jasmine, I don't often get annoyed at what I see written here, but you're a dumb bitch. (Although almost certainly male)

    The only thing 'ruining the internet' as you put it, are the legion of ignorant wankers who do stupid things like accuse people of befriending them for perverted means. It might actually happen very rarely, but for you to draw the connection between the word 'fuck' and someone being a pervert shows more about your immature little mind than anything else.

    Also, the whole theme of your thread has been a complaint against a 'smear campaign' in the original article. You dumb bitch (or sad little boy), there was no such thing.

    Also, you said that 'then video gaming could end up a specialist hobby', you dumb bitch, that's like saying 'going to the cinema could become a specialist persuit'. What industry is going to intentionally reduce their user base by making it inaccessible? You dumb bitch.

    edit: spelling detracted from 'dumb bitch' emphasis
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  • Analysts speculate on DS price point

  • sheepfish 23/01/2004

    wow - the shares for ARM holdings have been all over the place. They touched 1000 a couple of years ago but then dropped to 45!! They have risen from 45 to 130 in the last 12 months, so I think any good money has already been made. Reply 0
  • Play the Killer 7 mini-game

  • sheepfish 05/01/2004

    not much at all Reply 0
  • Take-Two agrees to edit Vice City

  • sheepfish 11/12/2003

    Thisis just silly. Does it mean that no mention of nationality can be made when referring to the bad guys in games or movies?

    No more British baddies for Hollywood then, it'll cause 'hurt and anger' to us Brits.
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  • Climax Brighton working on PS3/Xbox 2 title

  • sheepfish 11/12/2003

    Avalon. Hmmmm, maybe something to do with King Arthur? Moto-jousting? I have a THIRST to know more. Reply 0
  • 2006 for Xbox 2, says Ballmer

  • sheepfish 02/12/2003

    I heard it was £4.50 Inc. VAT Reply 0
  • Acclaim claims a new Legend of Wrestling

  • sheepfish 20/11/2003

    Jake the Snake is a wrestling legend.

    His DDT was a move that NO-ONE recovered from. Until the Undertaker (in his orginal incarnation before they switched to the less scary ginger version) sat up after receiving it.

    He used to get his snake out of the bag and drape it over his beaten opponent. Until some fat bast (Hurricane or Typhoon maybe) suplexed the bag and squashed the snake (no they didn't show the end result). Ahhhh, a legend from the era of lax health and safety.
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  • What's New?

  • sheepfish 31/10/2003

    There was me thinking I'll be loyal and purchase my first game through the EG shop, F-Zero! Reply 0
  • Less Is More

  • sheepfish 23/10/2003

    'If I seek the ways of Zen, will my pile of unfinished games get smaller?'


    At some point, the addictive desire to move onto the 'next big thing' must be turned into a desire to focus on the present. Our society makes this hard through, we have no tradition of introspection.

    I would suggest though, at the point where the consoles are mid-cycle, with no major hardware advances imminent, now would be a good time to practice zen gaming.

    Even a Technophile such as yourself must realise that now is a good time to focus on the now and to raise your gaming intuitiveness. There are no imminent audio/visual revouloutions occurring. The technology of your Plasma screen with it's NTSC and PAL progressive scan and component video inputs will be cutting edge for the remainder of the current cycle of consoles.

    Now is the perfect time to look not to the future, but to smell the present, and complete some more games.
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  • sheepfish 22/10/2003

    Krudster you say 'Listen to everyone! We're all suffering from the same problem - a pile of uncompleted games, no matter how good they are.'

    The problem is not with the games, it is with the gamers. We now live in a soundbite society, the news on TV takes 60 seconds (it even tells us how long is left before our film starts again). Most games originate or are heavily influenced by the Far Eastern cultures, where they have more emphasis on introspection, patience and self awareness. The problem with games is not length, the problem is the cultural divide.

    Westerners do not live for the moment, they are not centered on the here and now. In our culture we are always looking at what is next, where we are going, what is the next big thing.

    The Far Eastern ethos in game design does not embrace this superficial way of life. If we were more practised in the art of zen, we would get more out of our games.
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  • Sony unveils PSX

  • sheepfish 09/10/2003

    Will it be any good though? It's a great idea at a very reasonable price but will the quality be any good. If it's a dog of a dvd player, there is just no point. Sony don't have a great track record of producing high quality dvd players.

    Also, where is the built in surround sound amp eh?
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  • Eurogamer launches anew

  • sheepfish 01/05/2003

    Fantastic - much better.

    The old site was a bit tired. This is much more zietgeisty.
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  • Mario Kart GC gets network option

  • sheepfish 28/04/2003

    I'm pissed off, and I haven't bought the dial up modem....yet.

    During my lifetime I have spent possibly £1200+ on Nintendo stuff, all I want is a bit of respect back. Crap release dates, crap online provision and a dearth of must have titles. An Xbox for £129 looks very tempting.

    Shame on Nintendo.
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  • Mario Kart Double Dash!!

  • sheepfish 23/04/2003

    The handling on Diddy Kong was terrrible. The steering was just over sensitive to the point of frustration. The weapons/powerups were uninspired and if I remember, the framerate was often poor.

    The beauty of Mario Kart 64 was that like all great games, once you became good enough you had to rely on tactics as well as playing skill. This for a racing game that hasn't been stripped of its soul to become a simulator, is very rare.
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  • Nintendo confirms March 7th online date

  • sheepfish 18/02/2003

    Good stuff!

    That makes it all better. No extra phone bills (whoo hoo) I may just get this one past the commitee.
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  • sheepfish 18/02/2003

    Having done a bit more research, Amazon say 'You must use your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) for online access'

    Does this mean that my PC needs to be switched on and already connected? Or is is just a matter of turning my GC on?
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  • sheepfish 18/02/2003

    Thanks Duc, for the (partially) good news. Although, I am stupid enough not to know what 'latency' is or what issues I should have with it. Also thanks FWB, although you seem to have under estimated my stupidity.

    Also, with my ISP, I pay a flat rate which includes paying for the phone calls. Do you know if the same thing happens with the GC system?? Or do I use my current ISP???

    Is there any way that the whole thing will cost less than my girlfriend spends on a haircut??(The only test needed for permission to be granted)
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  • sheepfish 18/02/2003

    I profess to having little idea of how online gaming works but......surely (or not) the only information that needs to be transfered during gameplay, is the input from the joypad.

    A 56k modem must be able to transfer this information at the necessary speed. (?)

    Am I anywhere near the crux of the issue?
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  • sheepfish 18/02/2003

    I don't have broadband. My street has no cable. It reinforces my view that Wales is a third world country.

    How well will the whole GC online thing work with just a modem??? Will it cost the same??? Is it a dedicated Nintendo number that will be called or is it through my existing ISP???

    Are these stupid questions? Do I sound as ignorant as my father-in-law? (He's Welsh)
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