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  • Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures

  • rivuzu 01/10/2014

    Fucking love nerdfights in comments. The way people get so angry because one number is higher than another.

    Would love to see a census of these people and how many are still sweaty thirty year old virgins wanking in their mums knickers when she's not around.
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  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • rivuzu 17/09/2014

    As an Xperia owner, and fanatic, this makes me sad. Honestly, I've had iPhones, Samsung, HTC and yet the Xperia just stood head and shoulders above them all.

    So much so, I'm getting the Z3 when it's out (provided I don't bankrupt myself at EGX with merch).
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  • Destiny review

  • rivuzu 17/09/2014

    @MrTomFTW Shut up Brammers, we know the truth*. Reply -3
  • rivuzu 17/09/2014

    What a long w8, I think it's gr8, m8. Reply +5
  • Bungie details Destiny 1.0.1 patch

  • rivuzu 09/09/2014

    Why are people complaining about the Spider Tank? I wanted it to be harder ): Way too easy in the beta. Reply 0
  • PewDiePie no longer allows comments on his videos

  • rivuzu 03/09/2014

    @INSERT-COIN Pretty bad. Per every 10 comments, only 1 would be genuine about what was being played. At least 3 would be people trying to make their own channel and getting people to sub them, 3 would be hate filled/racist comments and the rest would just be trolls.

    Frankly, YouTube made it a bit too easy to troll people in the comments section. I can see only genuine fans going to a different site/twitter to respond now, which is a good thing.
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  • rivuzu 03/09/2014

    @INSERT-COIN If you ever read the comments page on one of his videos, you'd see how that was not what was going on. Reply +1
  • rivuzu 03/09/2014

    I watch the odd PDP video. His playthrough of Season 2 of TWD was actually pretty good, especially the final episodes "decision" (MANLY TEARS).

    He's just a guy with an eccentric personality and plays up to it to a camera to earn money.

    Really don't understand how that's any fucking worse than what TV presenters do ultimately.
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  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • rivuzu 02/09/2014

    Woo! Next Gen Tits! Reply -2
  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • rivuzu 28/08/2014

    Here's a clue as to the kind of thing you might see Ellie doing in the future.
    Bush diving with wild beasts?
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  • Gamescom 2014 guide - conference times and games from Sony, EA, Microsoft and more

  • rivuzu 11/08/2014

    I thought with the recent Sexism in the games industry articles, EG would be against a Sausagefest? Reply +2
  • Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth launches open beta this winter

  • rivuzu 06/08/2014

    When I play, I make people regret having the volume loud by yelling VAE VICTUS every time I score a vamp kill.

    Yeah, I'm that guy.

    Still a cracking game though. Despite even numbers, it's as asymetrical and wonky as you like, which seems to be the flavour of the month right now (see: Evolve).
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  • Dead or Alive 5's Bath and Bedtime DLC could be its creepiest yet

  • rivuzu 04/08/2014

    @landlock It was my understanding that debacle came after he left, because it was money he was due for previous work? Could be wrong. All I know is Team Ninjas output has been poor since his departure (DOA4 vs DOA5, NG3 vs NG1-2, etc). Reply 0
  • rivuzu 04/08/2014

    It's good to see Itagaki's legacy living on strongly (even if he was sacked after DOA4 for sexual harrassment.

    Who'd of thunk it possible?)
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  • Video: Releasing the Kraken in Evolve

  • rivuzu 04/08/2014

    I don't think it'll be as skewed as many make out when it is launched. If you look at all of the videos right now, they're not really taking out an objective but just stomping around.

    I think the winning formulae for the monster player will be in the target acquisition - take out the support first, the trapper if they get pesky, medic and then assault. Don't go for the big damage dealer first because the support/trapper will slow you down and the medic will just revive. Take out the support to limit their shielding, take out the trapper if they're getting in the way - if not, the medic, then the trapper, then the assault.

    Oh, and don't wait for the big fight of 4 v 1. Try and go for pickoffs and get downs!
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  • Destiny has a soft level cap of 20, but you can go beyond it

  • rivuzu 01/08/2014

    Pretty much guarenteed then that completing all of the Story based content = lvl 1-20, after which it's a grind on the "additional" content that'll be dripfed to us. Reply +13
  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • rivuzu 31/07/2014

    Sounds shit. I only really play with 2 other people on PS4, and am happy to play with strangers. Walling this off because of "time" commitment just shows how little they know about people who have dedicated time to REACH endgame in MMO's (aka they don't give a fuck) Reply +6
  • Platinum Games reveals Legend of Korra gameplay

  • rivuzu 29/07/2014

    Bayonetta was completeable sub 4 hours. I should know. I played that to death so much that I could speedrun through most sections.

    So yes, completeable in sub 4 hours - but easily about 40 hours worth of enjoyment had from learning combos, effectiveness and creativity.

    Vanquish itself awarded you for smashing through it stupidly quickly remember? I think the quickest I clocked in at was about 4.5 hours for that, which was SLOW!
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  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris release date set

  • rivuzu 23/07/2014

    Step 1: Isis reference
    Step 2: Confusion amongst the masses of those searching for news of Isis and Iraq
    Step 3: ???

    Best advertisement strategy EU 2014 MLG420 #noscope
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  • Frozen Endzone re-named to Frozen Cortex, rejigged in large update

  • rivuzu 23/07/2014


    How else would you describe 2 people, taking turns to plot out their actions (turn being a segment of 5 seconds or so) which when finalised both act at the exact same time?
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  • rivuzu 23/07/2014

    @Cjail The way it worked in Frozen Synapse was exactly as they've described. Turn based, simultaneous combat. There is a lot more strategy than you'd think required.

    For example, say you wanted to make your guy run around the corner and shoot at someone. You program him to do so. But then you have to remember the other guy is also programming his guys to do things. So which would react faster? What if they both ran around the corner at the same time? What if you got there later? Would you still go ahead with it?

    It's a game of second guessing tactics and infuriatingly funny moments.
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  • rivuzu 23/07/2014

    Damnit, still need to get this. Need to convince someone to go halves with me (seeing as the Early Access purchase is for two copies!) Reply 0
  • Five Chinese Dota 2 players win $5m

  • rivuzu 22/07/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil "A team (VG in this case in game 2) giving up after 15 minutes is also unusual."

    No. No, it isn't. Not in this patch.
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  • Bungie forced to pay $95k to ex-Halo, Destiny composer

  • rivuzu 22/07/2014

    Without O'Donnells music, Halo wouldn't have been anywhere near as popular.

    That riff (you know the one) whenever things in Halo start to pick up just gets to you.

    Dun-dun-dun-duuuuuun. Dun-dun-dun-DUUUUUN. Dun-dun-dun-DUUUUUUUUUUUN. Dun-dun-dun dun, DUN-DUN-DUN.
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  • Five talking points from the weekend's Destiny beta

  • rivuzu 21/07/2014

    To be honest Destiny just makes me miss Phantasy Star Universe all over again.

    CAST Acrotechger ftw
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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • rivuzu 17/07/2014

    No mention of the level cap? I wanna see how far on the unlock tree we can go Reply 0
  • Video: Why do Japanese games tell you characters' blood types?

  • rivuzu 17/07/2014

    Iirc there's a Japanese dating site specific to blood type and matching you with someone of equal type. Something to do with believing certain blood types are just better people. Reply 0
  • Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay designer reveals MOBA Gigantic

  • rivuzu 16/07/2014

    @Physically_Insane You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Each "MOBA" has it's entirely unique mechanics. Compare Smite to Dota. Or League to Dead Island Epidemic.

    They are different in the sense that Call of Duty and Battlefield are different. Same genre, sure, but their own game in their own right.

    You have a very jaded opinion on this, and I'm almost certain from your comments that you're just bandwagoning because hating on MOBA's is the cool thing kids do these days.

    I'd accept your opinion if you could tell me why we need so many FPS such as Halo, Destiny, Cod and Battlefield this Q4? Or yet another Fifa, seeing as we have last years Fifa still which can be played.

    "Same but different" does not equate to bad.
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  • rivuzu 16/07/2014

    To those moaning "Not another MOBA!", I want you to come back in Q3/Q4 and say "Not another FIFA!" and "Not another FPS Shooter!" and "Not another driving sim!"

    It's a genre. Just get over it people. Some find it entertaining to just smash face into each other in an arena setting.
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  • The International Dota 2 tournament down to final eight teams

  • rivuzu 15/07/2014

    @wyp100 Cheers!

    Could go on to mention that Na'Vi were also runners up in 2012 and 2013, and Team Orange (who used to have Mushi, who now plays on DK) were 3rd in 2013 despite coming completely from the outside and beating the chinese muscle, and...

    I could prattle for days.

    Anyway, my money is on DK! Mushi, please deliver!
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  • rivuzu 15/07/2014

    @wyp100 No mention of iG being the 2012 champions? Let alone odds on favorite to win so far! Reply 0
  • Tekken 7 announced with teaser trailer

  • rivuzu 14/07/2014


    Addendum: And seriously? Bruce? 2ez4me
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  • rivuzu 14/07/2014

    Actually can't wait. It's been a while since I busted some fools up with Miguel.

    Keep your Jin's and Kazuya's and god knows what else. When you're a big as shit mexican, open handedly clubbing people around the chops, you give no regards.
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  • Valve announces Newcomers' Broadcast for Dota 2 The International tournament

  • rivuzu 07/07/2014

    @MrTomFTW I've hyped this so much, even the missus is going to watch this with me.
    Newb friendly stream will help that a LOT. It's rumoured Pyrion Flax and Purge will be doing the Newb stream too, which is fabulous
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  • rivuzu 07/07/2014


    Might be worth checking/adding a link to the prize pool tracker so people can see how quickly it shot up!
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  • Standalone Half-Life 2 mod NeoTokyo released on Steam

  • rivuzu 07/07/2014

    From the "About the Game";

    NEOTOKYO takes place about 30-40 years from now in a Japan that has drifted into social/political strife due to the inevitable stresses that come from changing times. The Japanese government is grappling with intensified external (Asia geopolitics) and internal (economic/social) problems, and there is mounting pressure from within Japan to return to the days when it exerted influence through military power and strength. A failed legislative push to alter the Japanese Constitution (allowing the Japanese military to engage in offensive actions outside of the country) leads to an attempted military coup by members of Japan's armed forces (GSDF).
    Slightly worrying that up until the last 10 or so words, that's an accurate reflection of what's happening in Japan right now? :D
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  • Divinity: Original Sin Larian Studios' fastest-selling game ever

  • rivuzu 04/07/2014

    @Volkama How legit are they? I've used other key-resellers in the past, but never G2A! Reply 0
  • rivuzu 03/07/2014

    Annoyed at myself for not getting this in the summer sale now.

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  • Visceral outlines changes sparked by Battlefield Hardline beta

  • rivuzu 03/07/2014

    I genuinely enjoyed the beta. Don't understand the hate frankly.

    It felt as different for me from Battlefield 4, as Battlefield 4 did from Battlefield 3. The game modes were great fun, the new gadgets were pretty cool (if a bit underwhelming - wanted to freely shoot grapple hooks everywhere :() and the gunplay felt tighter than BF4's did.

    Not quite day one material, but still a good laugh.
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  • Inside Sniper Elite 3's Rebellion, Britain's best guilty pleasure developer

  • rivuzu 03/07/2014

    If you're going to argue about AvP, just get it straight that nothing can, or will, beat what was AvP2, especially online. That game was pure gold (I loved playing as the Predalien and leaping half the map onto a silly marine with a Smartgun!).

    Rebellion put out what the market needs. Filler titles. If all games were done by the Unholy Trinity (Ubi/Acti/EA) then frankly we'd see some very bland games. Rebellion have done quite a number of fun titles despite scores - NeverDead was great fun for a game for the daft dismemberment, and the shooting was just as adequate as any other 3rd person.
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  • How to use a DualShock 4 wirelessly with a PS3

  • rivuzu 02/07/2014

    Any chance of getting a DS3 working with a PS4 now, so I don't have to pay 50 for another bloody pad? :D Reply +2
  • Riot shuts down League of Legends public chat rooms

  • rivuzu 02/07/2014

    @MrTomFTW I find LoL's community a lot more toxic than other MOBA communities. Oddly I think the nicest one I've come across is Nosgoths, because everyones all #yolovampires.

    Dota 2's has improved a lot too.

    This won't fix anything though. The boosters/sellers will just move to forums or other such places. It's probably more advantageous to keep it in client where it's tracked and recorded so the accounts can be banned out.
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  • The Witcher: Battle Arena is a F2P MOBA for mobile

  • rivuzu 01/07/2014

    Is nothing sacred? Reply +7
  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • rivuzu 01/07/2014

    David Gaider was criticised on Twitter for his use of the phrase "fully gay". "I meant 'legitimately', sorry," he clarified.
    Love the update, but feel sorry for all of those illegitimate gays now being marginalised. FOR SHAME. A WRITER SHOULD HAVE BETTER CHOICE OF WORDING.

    I mean, it's not like he's human and can slip up with phrasing, right?
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  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion pushes on despite trademark battle

  • rivuzu 01/07/2014

    I think Nintendo can sue anyone using the word "and" in a title due to their original Game&Watch.

    Not that I can now think of any games with the word "and" in the title mind you. Oo-er.
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  • Compendium sales boost Dota 2 International prize pool over $10m

  • rivuzu 27/06/2014

    @magicpanda DIGITAL SPORTS Reply +3
  • rivuzu 27/06/2014

    @vast You're underestimating the power of sponsorships mate.

    Look at Alliance, an eSports team who won TI last year. From memory their sponsors are Monster Energy, Kingston Hyper-X, Razer, DesignByHumans and AXE Bodyspray (Lynx in the UK). There's probably a couple I'm forgetting. The sponsorship money they're earning is enough for them to do what they do full time.

    The prize pools are just the big win items.

    Even some of the smaller teams have sponsors - LGD, and asian team, are sponsored by a chinese porridge company.

    Besides, anything Tencent does comes with a catch - usually a big one. I've not looked into LCS myself but I'm guessing one is there.
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  • rivuzu 27/06/2014

    Think I dumped about 18 towards the compendium in the end.

    There were stretch goals at loads of different incriments, and further donations "levelled up" your compendium which also had FURTHER rewards.

    It might just be because I'm a dotahead, but the value I've had from it is cracking. 500% xp boost for the entirety of The International season (from compendium launch to end of TI4), "Immortal" cosmetic items (which included new skill animations and graphics), new game modes incoming, base customisation incoming, a voice/model rework vote and an Arcana item vote, two new couriers (one to be added), custom sound packs (HEAVY METAL DOTA! DOTASTEP!) and seriously, way too much more content.

    Check out http://dota2.cyborgmatt.com/prizetracker/international2014 for a graph showing points where the money went up. 31/05/14 was the day the Immortal items come out (and the higher your comp. level, the more items you got). Look at that jump ;)
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  • The World Ends with You: Solo Remix finally lands on Android

  • rivuzu 27/06/2014

    @ireality According to what I can find online;

    The owner of Coco's Secret Reaper Shop, she offers 3 items to aid Players in the Reapers' Game and a total of 9 BGM tracks available to play in the menu! However, they do come at a cost. These items actually require real world money to obtain! Well, with the world (or at least Shibuya) in your hands, sacrifices must be made for the greater good!
    So, it sounds as though you only need to use IAP's for either Pay2Win items (which are unneccessary) or music tracks - that said, I still havn't found what is sold at "Coco"'s shop.
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  • rivuzu 27/06/2014

    Crikey. Six years old. I remember playing this back in college and a bunch of us being obsessed with the game (till we realised you can just speed up time by setting the internal clock forwards a year, powering up your pins stupidly).

    I am very much going to look forwards to playing this on Android now. Totally forgot there was an iOS release, but using an iPad/iPhone annoys me with its limitations.

    On that note, anyone have a list of the best game ports onto Android/iOS so I can grab them on my Transformer/get jealous?
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