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  • id Software explains divisive Quake Live gameplay changes

  • photoboy 28/08/2014

    Could be worse, they could have added regenerating health too... Reply +14
  • Mario Kart 8 getting Zelda and Animal Crossing DLC

  • photoboy 27/08/2014

    Sounds great, I've always thought Nintendo should do what Smash Bros does and basically make "Super Nintendo Kart" and have tracks and characters from all their biggest games.

    I wouldn't mind some Metroid DLC for Mario Kart either...
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  • Routine ditches Oculus Rift support due to motion sickness

  • photoboy 21/08/2014

    This doesn't surprise me at all if they're using the first version of the dev kit. I've got that one too and just a few minutes at the station at the start of Half Life 2 is enough to leave me feeling very sick for almost an hour afterwards. Even the Rift tech demo of a small garden and cottage which is very slow paced triggers it.

    Supposedly the new dev kit that tracks head movement in 3D space with a camera is better, but I've not tried one of those yet. Hopefully it will solve the problem as my v1 dev kit is just sat in it's case these days...
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  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is now on iOS

  • photoboy 15/08/2014

    Love this game, I've already finished it on the 3DS but I had so much fun I've bought the iOS version to play it again. It supports iCloud saving so I can switch between my iPhone at work and my iPad at home when playing which is very handy. I'm particularly looking forward to defending the killer whale again in the bonus mission... Reply 0
  • The Power Glove documentary launches a Kickstarter

  • photoboy 06/08/2014

    I've still got my imported Power Glove (modified to work with my PAL NES) and it really was that bad. In fairness I think it's a concept that could work if done right, but particularly for the NES where it was mapping analogue arm and finger movements to digital button presses it really didn't work well. Reply 0
  • Wing Commander 3 is free right now on Origin

  • photoboy 05/08/2014

    @TheChieftian Same for me. I refuse to use it. Reply -2
  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • photoboy 05/08/2014

    Pretty gutted not to get a Wii U version considering this was originally a GC exclusive. At the least it would be nice to have a GameCube Virtual Console release...

    The backgrounds in the screenshots look a bit edge enhanced and the option to play in 4:3 makes me wonder if they've not re-rendered the backgrounds for 1080p.
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  • BioShock 1 announced for iPhone and iPad

  • photoboy 04/08/2014

    Man, it's so depressing to see such hatred for touch screen controls. Sure there are some terrible games out there, particularly from the early days of iOS when people were still learning what worked, but these days the on-screen controls in games are getting pretty good.

    I've 100%'d Vice City, got all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 1 & 2, collected all the Shinies in VVVVVV, got all the Graffiti Souls in Jet Set Radio and completed Castle of Illusion. Heck, there are some games where the accuracy and sensitivity of the touch screen is better than the analogue settings on some console controllers (I'm looking at you DualShock 2 dead zone)!

    I'm really keen to give this a chance, especially as it supports Bluetooth controllers.
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  • The making of RoboCod

  • photoboy 04/08/2014

    I had the ST version of Robocod but I do have fond memories of playing it, even if it was the "inferior" version. I always remember on level 1 you could just walk left a bit and there was an exit to the level was right there! You could skip playing the whole first level with that and I'm sure loads of people missed it because they'd been trained to always run left to right in platformers.

    I remember watching a challenge on Gamesmaster to see who could finish level 1 the fastest and none of them used the shortcut. It always made me wonder if they'd been told they couldn't use it or they just didn't know about it...
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  • BioWare trailer teases new project, possibly named Shadow Realms

  • photoboy 25/07/2014

    I got the email, sadly it went to a dead website (presumably it was overloaded). Not sure what I did to deserve the link, I hated ME3! ;) Reply 0
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the best of classic Tomb Raider

  • photoboy 25/07/2014

    Sounds good, I've been in a retro-Tomb Raider mood ever since TR1 was released on iOS over Christmas (it's still a great game, especially with a Bluetooth controller). Some more classic Tomb Raiding will be right up my alley... Reply +1
  • Google Play removing "free" label for F2P games with in-app purchases

  • photoboy 21/07/2014

    They should replace "Free" by calculating the mode (rather than the average) spent by users on IAPs. Seeing apps listed for ~100 should start to put people off... Reply +3
  • Doom 4 is an oldschool reboot, just called Doom

  • photoboy 18/07/2014

    I'm liking what I'm hearing. But then I was a fan of Doom 3 and I thought that felt quite old-school too (in a good way). Reply +2
  • Sega has no plans for the Wii U Virtual Console

  • photoboy 11/07/2014

    Given how many times Sega have re-re-re-released collections of MegaDrive roms for various consoles I'm amazed they've been able to resist the urge to release a few on the Wii U. I really wanted Contra Hard Corps too.... Reply +14
  • Spinning limousine arcade adventure Roundabout release date set for September

  • photoboy 10/07/2014

    I love the Kuru Kuru Kururin games, especially Kururin Squash on the GameCube so this looks like a must-have for me! Reply +1
  • Sigourney Weaver and original Alien cast to star in Alien: Isolation

  • photoboy 09/07/2014

    As a life-long fan of Alien, in some ways I'm actually more excited about this than the main game! The chance to explore the Nostromo is really cool. That said, it's a bit of a kick in the balls that some of the DLC will only be with certain retailers... Reply +4
  • Hackers under fire for Mario Kart 8 Wii U modding

  • photoboy 07/07/2014

    It would be nice to see the items rebalanced a bit to prevent this sort of thing:

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  • UK watchdog bans Dungeon Keeper ad, accuses EA of "misleading" customers

  • photoboy 02/07/2014

    @bad09 I think also a lot of these games have little grinding to begin with to help suck players in. During this time it will also keep asking the player to go rate them on the App Store while the warm and fuzzy feelings are still in effect.

    Once they've left their 5 star review the game can then start to ramp up the grind!
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  • There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for 3DS

  • photoboy 01/07/2014

    Just put Turtles in Time on the VC, it's never going to be bettered (unless that rumoured Rocksteady TMNT game comes to pass...) Reply 0
  • Shuhei Yoshida pays tribute to Phil Spencer

  • photoboy 01/07/2014

    @johndrinkwater Agreed, Harrison has talked a lot of bullshit over the years at both Sony and Microsoft.

    I still remember the E3 where the PS3 was unveiled and he congratulated Kutaragi on the design of the Sixaxis controller, telling him how original and ground breaking it was... which seemed rather disingenuous considering it was missing rumble and had a gyroscope hastily slapped in there to try and compete with the Wii.
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  • Bandai Namco to shut down F2P Ridge Racer Driftopia servers

  • photoboy 19/06/2014

    I think the thing Namco need to realise is that while Ridge Racer is a cherished franchise it's not the big seller at retail that it used to be. Their best bet is to stop trying to make RR a full retail game where the championship mode is padded out by making the player race endless mirrored versions of the same tracks over and over.

    Instead, I think a PSN/XBLA arcade game with the classic power-sliding gameplay that just gets straight to the action with the fastest cars and a bunch of exciting new tracks (plus a few classics remastered in HD) is the answer.
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  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • photoboy 10/06/2014

    Well, I'm doing a barrel roll even as I'm typing this.

    Personally I thought the old Wii was perfect for a Starfox title, the nunchuk could be used for movement and the pointer/remote for aiming and shooting, but a polished HD Starfox on Wii U is definitely a welcome prospect. I just hope it's better than the last few Starfox outings....
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight release date slips to 2015

  • photoboy 03/06/2014

    On the one hand, I'm really gutted as Arkham Knight is one of my most anticipated games. On the bright side this gives me more time to save up for a PS4 (and maybe if I'm lucky a price cut will happen too)! Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 2 retrospective

  • photoboy 01/06/2014

    I adored Mass Effect 2, I must have replayed it at least a dozen times. While the first ME was good, this one perfected the formula to an astonishing degree and was probably my favourite game of the last generation, there wasn't a single thing I didn't like about it.

    Obviously no Mass Effect discussion can go without mentioning the controversial ME3, which I was bitterly disappointed by. It abandoned everything that made ME2 so perfect in favour of shooting, shooting and more shooting. The controversy over the crap endings completely drowned out any discussion about the game's many other shortcomings and it still stands for me as the biggest ever disappointment in gaming. ME4 will need to do everything right like ME2 to have a chance of bringing me back to the franchise...
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  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons has been cancelled

  • photoboy 23/05/2014

    They've probably been tasked with making a tie-in game for Episode VII, if they start now they should be done in time to launch alongside the film. Reply +4
  • Total Chaos is a beautiful open-world horror mod for Doom 2

  • photoboy 23/05/2014

    Love the found footage aesthetic, I'll definitely need to keep an eye on this! Reply +3
  • Ridge Racer retrospective

  • photoboy 21/05/2014

    @StahlWurst Yeah I was thinking you might have encountered a prototype/test version too. Is that version of Daytona you mentioned the one that came out a year early and was only in deluxe cabinets? I think someone has managed to dump that version and it's playable on the Model 2 emulator.

    I know the RR bonus you mentioned, it came with R4. Sadly it's not as good as the arcade version, while it did run at 60fps and used gouraud shading and looked really fab they were only able to have one other opponent vehicle on the track rather than the usual 12. I still pop the disc into the PS1 every so often as it really does look great! :)

    I really miss arcade racers too. I'm hoping
    The '90s Arcade Racer turns out to be a big success and maybe spawns a mini-renaissance of old school arcade racers!
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  • photoboy 19/05/2014

    @StahlWurst As far as I'm aware all versions of RR were 60fps, but you never know! Maybe the version you saw was malfunctioning or even a hacked version of the PS1 Ridge Racer running in a Pocket Racers cabinet.

    You're right about the colours being theoretical, I've no idea how accurate the poly counts are either really, as they're probably the usual peak throughput with no texturing/lighting taken into consideration!

    It's weird how long Sega held out on doing alpha/transparencies. The Megadrive, Saturn and Model 1/2 all couldn't do it, using that stippling effect instead. Still, Model 3 and Dreamcast soon fixed that... :)
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  • photoboy 18/05/2014

    @StahlWurst I think you've got your boards mixed up, System 11 and System 12 were PS1 based boards, System 22 and Super System 22 were entirely different hardware, with both Ridge and Rave running at 60fps. That said, you're correct that they didn't do texture filtering, but the insanely high-res textures it used very effectively hid that shortcoming.

    While Daytona is definitely the better looking game, it's fair to note that it ran in 496x384 with 65536 colours versus System 22's 640x480 with 16 million colours. Model 2 though could throw more polygons around which is why Daytona could have up to 38 cars visible at once compared to RR's 5!

    We really need a Digital Foundry Model 2/System 22 face-off! ;)
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  • Tech Analysis: Half-Life 2 and Portal on Android

  • photoboy 18/05/2014

    Benchmarks suggest a 2x performance boost compared to Apple's A8
    The A8 isn't out yet, presumably you meant the A7? Still 2x the power of the A7 is impressive if true, although I'll wait for independent benchmarks instead of slides from the manufacturer...
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  • How Road Redemption is reviving a lost genre

  • photoboy 16/05/2014

    Both this and '90s Arcade Racer are my most anticipated games at the moment. Can't wait to get my hands on them! Reply +2
  • There was a canned third-person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam

  • photoboy 15/05/2014

    I'll probably be downvoted for saying anything positive about touch-screen games, but last year's COD on iOS and Android was pretty original. You could zoom out from the action at will and command the squad like in X-COM and then jump back into the first-person action again. The only real drawback was that it was quite short... Reply +1
  • 3D Realms reveals PC and PS4 action-RPG Bombshell

  • photoboy 15/05/2014

    When I saw the robotic hand clutching a glass of whisky I was expecting a voice over saying "I never asked for this..." Reply +8
  • Midnight Resistance retrospective

  • photoboy 12/05/2014

    @Pandy If he's using anything like the crappy joysticks I had back in my C64 and Atari ST days he's doing quite well! ;)

    I still remember the day I first used a NES controller and being amazed at how much easier games were to control with a d-pad.
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  • photoboy 11/05/2014

    This is a pretty comprehensive comparison of the various Midnight Resistance ports. The Megadrive version seems like it was the one to own back in the days before you could just play the original in MAME...

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  • Solitaire retrospective

  • photoboy 04/05/2014

    @sealofmadness I prefer Freecell too, I switched after getting tired of Solitaire having so many unwinnable games.

    I currently have a 99% win rate on the Windows 7 version of Freecell. It would have been 100% but I accidentally rebooted mid-game once and it decided that meant I was forfeiting and destroyed my unblemished record! ;)
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  • Super Mario Land retrospective

  • photoboy 27/04/2014

    The size of the sprites in SML is an interesting design choice. I think they went in that direction to try and recreate the amount of on-screen space you would get in a NES Mario game, with plenty of space in front of Mario to see upcoming obstacles.

    With SML2 and most games after that, they changed direction and went for larger more detailed sprites essentially creating a "zoomed in" viewport, with the trade-off being not able to see as much of the level ahead. They did the same thing when they ported SMB1 to the GBC as SMB Deluxe and I found that really difficult to play. It makes me wonder of the reason SML2 was so easy was because they were over-compensating for the restricted view ahead...

    I've got a real soft spot for the first three Mario Land games on the GameBoy. I know technically SML3 is a Wario game, but I still really enjoyed ferreting out all the secret items. I've got the ending music to SML1 playing on my phone right now... Do do do doo, na na na na naa...
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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • photoboy 17/04/2014

    Movie tie-in games tend to have a very short shelf life so if one of the versions is behind or having problems it will be a very simple choice from Activision's point of view on whether they can finish it in time to make money from it.

    Activision probably crunched the numbers and decided that the time and money needed to finish and certify the X1 version wouldn't be recouped by the time it hit the shelves.

    As to why they're picking on the X1 version, there are rumblings about the X1 GPU drivers being a problem but plenty of other devs are able to get X1 games on the shelves so this is more likely to be an issue of time or resources rather than a problem with the X1 itself.
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  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • photoboy 14/04/2014

    We're not evil villains building an empire, now where have you hidden those Death Star plans? Reply +7
  • Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff headed to iOS, Android

  • photoboy 04/04/2014

    @SuperSoupy Amen! Reply +3
  • Gorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals

  • photoboy 03/04/2014

    Oh no, not Donut Plains 3! I've been replaying Super Mario Kart on the VC and Donut Plains 3 on 150cc is really, really difficult to beat! Reply 0
  • Pink Nintendo 2DS headed to Europe next month

  • photoboy 02/04/2014

    @Psi I've got those too, they're fantastic looking handhelds. I do wish Ninty would do a Super Famicom/PAL SNES themed 3DS... Reply +1
  • Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate delayed

  • photoboy 01/04/2014

    Maybe it's because Metroid Fusion is out on the Wii U this week? ;) Reply +9
  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • photoboy 26/03/2014

    Grrr, no Metroid Zero Mission, my personal favourite after Super Metroid. Not sure about them releasing the GBA version of Yoshi's Island either, I prefer the SNES one. Still at least NOE can't release a 50Hz PAL version of a GBA game...

    Also, I've already got all these thanks to the Ambassador program. It would have been nice if they had picked some games not already out there...
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  • photoboy 25/03/2014

    @Daryoon I've got the Ambassador GBA games on my 3DS, I've not come across any bugs but you're right about them not being properly integrated with the OS.

    I've often wondered if the strange way they work is because it's not actually emulating the games but using some sort of backwards compatibility mode. The 3DS uses a different generation of ARM CPU but it's possible it's compatible with GBA code. It might explain why simple things like closing the lid to sleep the system or save states aren't implemented.

    That said, it could just be that Nintendo rushed out a GBA emulator for the Ambassador program and it used so much RAM that they had to kick the main OS out of memory.
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  • Rampage review

  • photoboy 26/03/2014

    They should make Monopoly Rampage. It would be a lot of fun demolishing all those hotels on Park Lane after they've bankrupted you... Reply +4
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • photoboy 25/03/2014

    Ugh. I regret Kickstarting this now. Reply +15
  • Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review

  • photoboy 18/03/2014

    Well I'm sold. Time to make some room on my 3DS XL's SD card I think!

    I like the idea of being able to use hint coins in the court sections to narrow down which bit of evidence to present too. There have been quite a few times where I've just given up and presented everything until I happen across the right one!
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  • The future of Rare

  • photoboy 17/03/2014

    Show don't tell, Rare. Reply +1
  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • photoboy 14/03/2014

    Are the horses in honour of the Cheltenham Gold Cup today or are you just calling Xbox One owners old nags? ;) Reply +8