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  • The limits for FIFA on Nintendo Switch

  • markypants 01/09/2017

    It will be interesting to see how 2K's NBA2K18 fares as it is reportedly 'Feature complete' in comparison to it's PS4/Xbone cousins. This includes the story mode, management and online elements. Not much detail has been released about how the Switch will run and how they are managing to get it play on it's hardware. But it'll be a good sign of things to come if they manage to pull it off with some success. Reply +3
  • Super Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game

  • markypants 14/06/2017

    Nintendo are absolutely nailing it at the moment. In a landscape of games that seem to deliver exactly what we would expect them to deliver, Nintendo are bringing us things we didn't even know we wanted. Reply +1
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Nintendo's first UK chart topper in six years

  • markypants 02/05/2017

    @JoelStinty Bloody hell... Actually got a tear in my eye reading about the stroke victim daughter playing Mario Kart. Reply +2
  • markypants 02/05/2017

    I'm such a Switch convert. It's a real example of the right console at the right time, in that I have a 6 year old son who I have been holding back from introducing to gaming. The arrival of the switch has been perfect for him (and me) and having never been sold on a portable games system before, I've found myself truly using this console as it was designed to be used. The quality of the experiences on Zelda and Mario Kart have already made the price of entry worth it. And watching my son immediately pick up and play Mario (it really has great kid-friendly assists) and have such a positive experience with the console, has made me so positive about Nintendo. The funny thing is, I really haven't been a life-long Nintendo fan. I started out with Sega systems, then PS, and over the years have dabbled with Nintendo machines always as secondary systems. The Switch is by far the best integrated system into our house, with the lovely bonus of un-docking it and popping it in my work bag for sessions on the train, before popping it back in for my Son to continue on his Mario Kart Odyssey.

    The major, MAJOR downside to the system for me is that everything isn't on it. As once you've realised how great it is having something this portable without any of the usual compromises (battery life excluded) - you wish you could be playing everything on it. Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost Recon (for all it's ills) etc etc are games I wish I could be playing on the Switch. Luckily I have Zelda to keep me occupied for now, and all I hope is that the success of the system translates into better 3rd party support. Regardless, I'm 100% onboard what Nintendo have done here. It really fits with my gaming life right now, and it's great to see that I'm not alone.
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  • Titanfall 2, Gears 4 price plunge at HMV on Black Friday

  • markypants 25/11/2016

    It's only £28 on Amazon (PS4) Reply 0
  • I'm still searching for the SSX in Steep, but there's one thing it absolutely nails

  • markypants 22/11/2016

    I was gutted by Steep. So so dull. It is all so flat and clean and lacks any real sense of 'fun'. It's great that there's a huge great environment to play around in... It's just so lifeless and devoid of anything that exciting. I'm hoping they add some more atmospheric effects, blustering snow storms etc. At the moment, I just found it beautifully boring. Reply 0
  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • markypants 17/08/2016

    James Harding is a tit of the highest order. I dry wretched when I saw this whole article dedicated to him. Reply +5
  • How the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign actually works

  • markypants 15/06/2016

    Now we've got Battlefield 1 to itch that retro war gameplay, I'm actually really getting interested and excited by this game. I actually think that if this wasn't a COD game, everybody would be losing their shit over it. I think the COD branding is actually the thing that is damaging this games reaction from the gaming community, which is a shame. I think the more they show what they have planned, the more people are going to come round. These gameplay videos are definitely helping that. Reply 0
  • The open world of Mirror's Edge Catalyst is barebones in a good way

  • markypants 15/04/2016

    Whenever somebody reminds me about Red Dead Redemption, it desperately makes me want a sequel. Still my favourite game ever. I get plenty of feels when I imagine GTA V's online mixed we a new Read Dead world... Please make it so Rockstar!

    PS - This looks refreshingly different in a crowded genre. Mirrors edge had potential, and this sequel looks set to deliver something interesting.
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  • PlayStation Plus' April Instant Game Collection includes Zombi

  • markypants 31/03/2016

    Feel like I'm a bit in the minority here, but I absolutely LOVE PSPlus. I'm glad that it's giving us Indie games as opposed to tired old games that I can pick up on eBay for a few notes. So many games I have enjoyed on the service I would never have found nor have invested my time in if it hadn't been for the curated offerings. It has also led to me buying digital games now, and rediscovering my old tastes all over again.

    Another reality for me, and I'm sure others, is the limited size of my HDD in the PS4. The bigger these games are size wise, the less likely I am to even get around to making the space and downloading them. The smaller indie games don't suffer this problem, and so I'm more likely to download them immediately and play them through.

    It feels to me that PS+ will never be able to make everybody happy. Some people want 'Knack' and other bigger older releases, but I wouldn't play those if they were available anyway. Some people love Indie, some people only want AAA games. I think we need to remember that PS4 is still only 2 years old, I mean the PS3 only got decent plus games years after release. I'm sure as time goes on, more games will appear. But until them, I want them to keep bringing us these Indie games. They're great.
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  • Shuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation VR

  • markypants 17/03/2016

    He gives a great interview. Very clear that there is a concerted effort across all the players in VR to support each other to grow this area of the industry. I'm in absolutely no doubt whatsoever that VR is the way forward, it's a no-brainer really, but I think it needs this entry level locked platform for the general public to get excited about and to understand. The fact that Sony are in the arena means that the owners of Oculus and VIVE etc are going to benefit in the long run as it makes it a more viable business decision for developers to jump on board and create content.

    I for one am really really excited by all of this. I remember as a kid going to the Trocadero centre in London and they had these massive VR gaming rigs downstairs. I paid my £5 or £10 to have a go, and put on this massive helmet and played a pretty vomit inducing mech game... The fact I'll be able to strap on a more advanced version of this in the comfort of my own home and disappear into a gaming world... Surely it's what we've all dreamed of since we first started playing games?
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  • Strange, slow and spectacular, No Man's Sky is proper sci-fi

  • markypants 03/03/2016

    I see a lot of people around the internet unexcited by this game, but I have to say, it still feels, to me at least, like a breath of fresh air. The whole, '2nd star on the right and straight on till morning' potential makes we want to get my hands on this game and get lost in it. Hurry up June, I want to start exploring!! Reply +1
  • Star Wars: Battlefront's Outer Rim DLC detailed

  • markypants 03/03/2016

    I get the feeling that DICE & EA have already moved on to the next instalment of this franchise and will trickle out this mediocre DLC whilst behind the scenes getting Battlefront 2 ready to meet the next films roll out. I think it's obvious by the games lack of longevity that it could have done with more development time, but I'm sure the game had to meet the deadline of the films release and so we got a 'good' game, but one which I'm sure even they'd admit, had a limited amount of depth in comparison to the feature rich experience gamers are used to with other DICE franchises. The upswing is that I think the next game will rectify all of this as hopefully they'll be building on this platform and most likely bringing the game more in line with it's battlefield games. Also, the more casual gamers attracted to the first game, will be ready for something with more depth the next time around and able to grow with the franchise and the skills needed to enjoy a deeper experience. Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry vs Fast Racing Neo

  • markypants 13/12/2015

    This makes me want a WiiU. Reply +13
  • Star Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era

  • markypants 16/11/2015

    @fabio78 I think you've pretty much nailed it here. I'm the same, 38, consistently put off the other big FPS's because I can't invest the amount of time needed to be competitive or at least enjoy the game to it's fullest. Hard too find something that is easy to pick up, quick to grasp, and appeals to a childhood fantasy of playing within the Star Wars universe. And I know I'm not alone. This game just isn't going to appeal to the hardcore, and that's fine, there are plenty of games that do. However, there is a small amount of accessible MP shooters out there of a high quality, and I think this game is going to fill that gap nicely. Reply +6
  • Fallout 4's fancy pants live-action trailer

  • markypants 16/10/2015

    F**k me, that's a great teaser. Mucho, mucho impressed. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront won't have dedicated voice chat

  • markypants 14/10/2015

    This makes sense as I can see a lot of excited kids wanting to play this and VC in game just opens the door to some potential issues for EA. I can't remember the last time I used in-game chat vs Party chat anyway, and I assume most of the 'hardcore' that are going to be angry about this, also do the same. Reply +2
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 review

  • markypants 05/10/2015

    Dear EA... Please swoop in and announce SKATE 4. Or a SKATE HD release of all three previous games remastered for current consoles/PC. Thanks. Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 fails to make impression in UK chart

  • markypants 05/10/2015

    Glad to see the NBA 2K16 love... Regardless of your opinion of the sport, as a representation of a sport in a video game... It's phenomenal. The Spike Lee addition this year actually gets in the way, but get beyond that and this game sets the bar in regards to sport in video games. Reply +4
  • No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront

  • markypants 02/09/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 Thanks for the reply. Surely none of us know what the final game is going to be like yet? And from all accounts of journo friends of mine that have played it, it's very good with a large focus on it all being very solid upon release. I agree that BF games are good initially to pick up and play, but very quickly the difficulty ramps up, putting off a lot of gamers that don't have hours upon hours to put into the game. I'm in a clan and play BF4 heavily, and I can understand how the game can quickly become difficult for many people and off putting. There is no system that allows you to level up and yet still play people at your own ability level unless you are in private servers and so I can see a matchmaking system that lets you play against players of your skill level not your XP level is a good thing. Reply -1
  • markypants 02/09/2015

    This right here is the reason why computer games companies shouldn't always listen to the vocal minority online. I mean, this game, is going to be the most popular game of the year so far. It just will. I know so many 'non-gamers' that are aware of this game, and lots of part time gamers that are already excited about getting to play an action game in the Star wars universe and will be pushed into buying a console just because of this game.

    And yet, here we are, with a bunch of whiney gamers, once again getting angry over something that just isn't worth getting angry about. This game needs to be ultra accessible, really broad to appeal to the films PG (I'm guessing) audience. Barriers to entry really need to take a back seat to easy and inviting access to young and old gamers. The IP is linked to a franchise that really has not a lot in common with the Battlefield series that everybody seems desperate to compare it to.

    If this game was just a re-skin of a battlefield game, with the same gameplay albeit set in the Star Wars universe, it just wouldn't appeal to the same audience. Because of the way XP progression works, you'd inevitably end up playing against FPS boffins that would make the game un fun for a large portion of the game playing public. I'm hoping that this skill matched system means that it won't be linked to XP and so if you're struggling, then you can maintain a constant rank and play against comparable players. This will keep the broad gaming public happy as they are not being repeatedly lasered in the face by some FPS Nazi sat at home in their Boba Fet pyjamas.

    This is NOT Battlefield. This is NOT Call Of Duty. This is NOT counterstrike. It was NEVER going to be. EVER. It would be mad and stupid business sense to do that with one of the biggest franchises in the world.

    Most likely, Battlefront will just build on this first game and probably push the complexity as it evolves, bringing the broader gaming public along with it.

    Sorry for the essay. I'm looking forward to all the negs.
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  • Madden NFL 16's new trailer is bats*** insane

  • markypants 21/08/2015

    Wayne Mcclammy kicks it out of the ball park again. Love his work. Reply +1
  • Video: Ian plays the Black Ops 3 beta, is rusty

  • markypants 20/08/2015

    It's all a bit Yawn really. It's not that I blame the makers of COD for this, it's just getting to the point where it's the same s**t different day really. It'll sell like hot cakes though, but I'm really not into the setting (personally). When things get too futuristic with weaponry and perks, I just get less interested. I've hit a bit of a FPS wall and waiting for something to come along that will bring me back into the fold. Reply +2
  • Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans

  • markypants 14/08/2015

    I think everybody reenforcing that what he did was wrong is kind of a pointless exercise. I'm pretty sure he knows what he did was wrong. What's more worrying here, to me, having been in the place it sounds like he's in. That his world is unravelling in front of him. On a very human level, I feel for this guy and hope he gets the support he needs from friends and family. He sounds broken and having been there, especially as a result of losing a job, everything feels pretty desperate. I found reading his post a really sad experience and I hope he's ok. Reply +4
  • Video: Journey - PS3 vs. PS4 gameplay and graphics comparison

  • markypants 21/07/2015

    I need to play this first... But my eyes viewing it on this Youtube video prefers the PS3? The sand sparkles and there's something that seems to look better on that platform.

    However the 1080p 60FPS may make a huge difference with controller in hand.

    An amazing game.
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  • Outer space is wild in Galak-Z

  • markypants 15/07/2015

    This looks fantastic, but I already know I'll be terrible at it! Love the design and the action seems to really flow beautifully.

    I'm going to be crap... But I'm going to be buying it.
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  • Warcraft movie footage leaks from Comic-Con

  • markypants 15/07/2015

    I have faith in Duncan Jones. This may not have been the most exciting of 'trailers' but it feels more like a selection of scenes to let it breath more than a traditional trailer, to show more of the world.

    I have no experience with the Warcraft world, never played a Warcraft game, so hopefully am able to judge this purely on a cinematic level. And again, I have real faith in Duncan Jones as a filmmaker.

    It looks good to me.
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 reveals first gameplay trailer

  • markypants 13/07/2015

    Looks bad. Makes me miss the EA SKATE franchise. What's with skateboards on fire and s**t like that?

    I'm not as bothered about graphics it it didn't also look so close to a last gen title.

    Come on EA, I know we are all horrible about you, but how about you kick this game in the dick and give us SKATE 4. You know you want to.
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  • Two Witcher 3 expansions combine to equal roughly The Witcher 2 in length

  • markypants 10/07/2015

    Honestly, this game has reignited my passion for computer gaming. I never played games like this before, never been into the setting or genre, but somehow, it has completely sucked me in and had me living in the world daily since the day I put it in my PS4.

    On top of that, it feels like the developer has continued to support and build on this game and their attention to detail and craftsmanship shine through.

    It's the game I find myself recommending to people who tend to react saying "It's not my 'kind' of game"... It really wasn't "My kind of game" until I played it... And now, it is totally my kind of game. The kind of game that gets me excited for the first time in ages.

    Brilliant game, brilliant developers. Take note industry, this is how it should be done.
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  • The Last Guardian lives! Still directed by Fumito Ueda

  • markypants 16/06/2015

    Wow. Those that have played Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus know the reason for the anticipation for this game. This looks like it will be worth the wait. Gave me goosebumps. Reply +5
  • Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

  • markypants 15/06/2015

    Very very happy with this. Gameplay looks great, ticks all the boxes as far as fantasy fulfilment in it's environment. I guess none of us will know how it 'plays' until it's in our hands, but I have faith in DICE and they know what they are doing. Reply 0
  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • markypants 10/06/2015

    I'm going to put this here as I just want to put it somewhere... The Witcher 3 has massively rekindled my love and excitement for computer gaming. I am so deeply within it's grips and genuinely look forward to getting home from work and continuing on my quests. It's everything I could ever want a game to be and more.

    And that's about all I got to say about that.
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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • markypants 09/06/2015

    Still feel a bit burnt by the lack of support for my GT set-up (which I have now sold at a massive loss) so the thought of paying for it all again just doesn't sit right with me. Going to go with Thurstmaster purely out of principle (and because it's had strong reviews). Reply +5
  • The £33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass

  • markypants 28/04/2015

    Pass thanks. If you want £60+ for your game, just ask for it. Stopping stripping shit out and charging for it. Reply +3
  • The Crew time-limited trial launches for PS4, Xbox One

  • markypants 25/03/2015

    I think this is a smart move. I HATED the Beta and was very vocal about how horrendous the cars handled etc etc. Then I got given a free copy of the game and so gave it a go. Next thing I know, I've sunk hours and hours into it, and 100% the game. The thing is, you can't really get a feel for this game in a short play, the cars and handling level up like an RPG and in the end, it is nowhere near the clusterf**k it felt in the beta. Hopefully, by offering up and extended play, people will get that same experience and I think that after two hours, it will all click and people will see what I saw.

    It's not really designed to compete with DriveClub or any of the other racing games as there is so much to do besides racing. I think this 2 hour trial might just be the smartest move I've seen to give people a free taste of what the game is really like and I'd love to know stats as to how successful a move it was for Ubisoft. Feels like it could be a way forward for these kind of games.
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  • Titanfall: One year on

  • markypants 19/03/2015

    Looking forward to it coming to PS4 with the sequel. Reply +6
  • OlliOlli2 skates onto PlayStation 4, Vita next week

  • markypants 25/02/2015

    I'm in. Take my money now. Reply +1
  • That Hunger game: LittleBigPlanet Vita dev's latest sure looks impressive

  • markypants 25/02/2015

    Stunning! Very 'City Of Lost Children' in its aesthetic. Love the small details and the sound design is exquisite too. Bring on a release date. Reply +11
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • markypants 23/02/2015

    Heart breaking. I'm sure things like this happen all the time but are rarely filmed/captured like this. It made me angry anyway. Horrible thing to do to anyone, let alone an obviously young kid.


    Also. Having now read all of these comments. I think everybody needs to separate the argument "He was too young to be playing anyway" from what happened. Whether he is too young or not, it's still a horrible thing to do to anybody. There isn't any excuse really. The kid was naive? Still not an excuse. The kid was cheating? Still not an excuse to delete his data. You can't just excuse away bad social behaviour based on your preconceived ideas around the kids right to have it happen to him due to other circumstances.

    If I walked into an 18 certificate movie in the cinema, and somehow an 11 year old kid was sat in there. It wouldn't give me the right to mug him. And if I did mug him, only complete idiots would excuse it due to him not being old enough to be there anyway. The act, in itself, is just plain wrong. Made worse by the fact that the kid is obviously a kid and so the prick that did this must have known that.
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  • Just Cause 3's new brand of chaos, and its (asynchronous) multiplayer

  • markypants 13/02/2015

    Blah blah blah words words words....But... FREAKIN' BRILLIANT TRAILER! I love it. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • markypants 10/02/2015

    Bravo Eurogamer. This is great news. Hope other sites follow suit. Reply 0
  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • markypants 22/01/2015

    Now... Now I'm excited. Reply 0
  • Distance introduces real horror to the racing genre

  • markypants 08/01/2015

    Love this. Really. REALLY. Love it. Reply 0
  • DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @A_FAN I agree with you on this... However I think the gaming public as a whole, still use review scores as a means of judging a purchase. I'm not saying that The Crew or Need For Speed Rivals are better or worse than Driveclub... But if I was less experienced with the way in which things are changing, I would still use these review scores as a metric. In the past, games released complete and finished, but whether we like it or not we are in an age of day 1 patches and post release free DLC that can radically (or not so radically) change the product. I feel like gaming sites need to be as reactive as this. Reply +2
  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @cz_hedgehog I have a feeling EG may have revised a score once? I'm probably wrong though. Reply +1
  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @Nibbles I hear you. But this feels like an old fashioned way of dealing with this new generation of hybrid games. Reviews could be dated and updated as and when giving the buying public a clearer view of the product in it's current form. Driveclub on release vs now is a very different package. And anybody purchasing today would be getting a disservice by applying the original review score to the game. I just wonder whether it's time to change reviews and be open to updating the score. I've seen it done before (I wish for the life of me I could remember for what) and I think it's a more progressive way of dealing with the review/games journalism industry. Games these days are evolving beyond their release and so should the review scores? No?

    PS - Thanks for the reply.
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  • markypants 11/12/2014

    I honestly think it's only fair for Eurogamer to review Driveclub again, obviously acknowledging that it was broken at launch (which is still inexcusable).

    To see a game that, in my eyes is way more problematic than Driveclub, receive an 8 (The Crew) and Driveclub to still sit with it's 6... Just doesn't seem right. It also doesn't seem a fair representation of the work. It just isn't a 6.

    I usually agree that there is always going to be a differing of opinion on games reviews, but I strongly disagree when the logic isn't there.

    Looking at Driveclub in its current state, I'd like to know whether EG would still give it a 6?
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • markypants 10/12/2014

    I approve this message. Reply +6
  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • markypants 03/12/2014

    I'm sorry (and I sound like a broken record) but if the handling hasn't been fixed since beta, this is a non starter for me. The world can be as big and as pretty as it wants, but if the car handling model is borked, then how can this be an enjoyable experience? Reply +10
  • "The reality is we're not really interesting"

  • markypants 25/11/2014

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that GTA games have been what has kept me clinging on to my love of computer gaming. I sink more hours into Rockstar games (RDR, GTA specifically) than any other. Their games are 'events' when they are released and they always exceed my expectations. The balance of strong and compelling narrative, with excellent gaming mechanics and multiple ways in which to express myself within a game are what keeps me hooked. I also think the depth of their artwork and the nuanced detail within every inch of their worlds just makes it easy to become lost in the games they produce.

    Loved this article and enjoyed the rare glimpse behind the curtain of Rockstar. Cheers Eurogamer.
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