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  • OlliOlli2 skates onto PlayStation 4, Vita next week

  • markypants 25/02/2015

    I'm in. Take my money now. Reply +1
  • That Hunger game: LittleBigPlanet Vita dev's latest sure looks impressive

  • markypants 25/02/2015

    Stunning! Very 'City Of Lost Children' in its aesthetic. Love the small details and the sound design is exquisite too. Bring on a release date. Reply +11
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • markypants 23/02/2015

    Heart breaking. I'm sure things like this happen all the time but are rarely filmed/captured like this. It made me angry anyway. Horrible thing to do to anyone, let alone an obviously young kid.


    Also. Having now read all of these comments. I think everybody needs to separate the argument "He was too young to be playing anyway" from what happened. Whether he is too young or not, it's still a horrible thing to do to anybody. There isn't any excuse really. The kid was naive? Still not an excuse. The kid was cheating? Still not an excuse to delete his data. You can't just excuse away bad social behaviour based on your preconceived ideas around the kids right to have it happen to him due to other circumstances.

    If I walked into an 18 certificate movie in the cinema, and somehow an 11 year old kid was sat in there. It wouldn't give me the right to mug him. And if I did mug him, only complete idiots would excuse it due to him not being old enough to be there anyway. The act, in itself, is just plain wrong. Made worse by the fact that the kid is obviously a kid and so the prick that did this must have known that.
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  • Just Cause 3's new brand of chaos, and its (asynchronous) multiplayer

  • markypants 13/02/2015

    Blah blah blah words words words....But... FREAKIN' BRILLIANT TRAILER! I love it. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • markypants 10/02/2015

    Bravo Eurogamer. This is great news. Hope other sites follow suit. Reply 0
  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • markypants 22/01/2015

    Now... Now I'm excited. Reply 0
  • Distance introduces real horror to the racing genre

  • markypants 08/01/2015

    Love this. Really. REALLY. Love it. Reply 0
  • DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @A_FAN I agree with you on this... However I think the gaming public as a whole, still use review scores as a means of judging a purchase. I'm not saying that The Crew or Need For Speed Rivals are better or worse than Driveclub... But if I was less experienced with the way in which things are changing, I would still use these review scores as a metric. In the past, games released complete and finished, but whether we like it or not we are in an age of day 1 patches and post release free DLC that can radically (or not so radically) change the product. I feel like gaming sites need to be as reactive as this. Reply +2
  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @cz_hedgehog I have a feeling EG may have revised a score once? I'm probably wrong though. Reply +1
  • markypants 11/12/2014

    @Nibbles I hear you. But this feels like an old fashioned way of dealing with this new generation of hybrid games. Reviews could be dated and updated as and when giving the buying public a clearer view of the product in it's current form. Driveclub on release vs now is a very different package. And anybody purchasing today would be getting a disservice by applying the original review score to the game. I just wonder whether it's time to change reviews and be open to updating the score. I've seen it done before (I wish for the life of me I could remember for what) and I think it's a more progressive way of dealing with the review/games journalism industry. Games these days are evolving beyond their release and so should the review scores? No?

    PS - Thanks for the reply.
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  • markypants 11/12/2014

    I honestly think it's only fair for Eurogamer to review Driveclub again, obviously acknowledging that it was broken at launch (which is still inexcusable).

    To see a game that, in my eyes is way more problematic than Driveclub, receive an 8 (The Crew) and Driveclub to still sit with it's 6... Just doesn't seem right. It also doesn't seem a fair representation of the work. It just isn't a 6.

    I usually agree that there is always going to be a differing of opinion on games reviews, but I strongly disagree when the logic isn't there.

    Looking at Driveclub in its current state, I'd like to know whether EG would still give it a 6?
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • markypants 10/12/2014

    I approve this message. Reply +6
  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • markypants 03/12/2014

    I'm sorry (and I sound like a broken record) but if the handling hasn't been fixed since beta, this is a non starter for me. The world can be as big and as pretty as it wants, but if the car handling model is borked, then how can this be an enjoyable experience? Reply +10
  • "The reality is we're not really interesting"

  • markypants 25/11/2014

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that GTA games have been what has kept me clinging on to my love of computer gaming. I sink more hours into Rockstar games (RDR, GTA specifically) than any other. Their games are 'events' when they are released and they always exceed my expectations. The balance of strong and compelling narrative, with excellent gaming mechanics and multiple ways in which to express myself within a game are what keeps me hooked. I also think the depth of their artwork and the nuanced detail within every inch of their worlds just makes it easy to become lost in the games they produce.

    Loved this article and enjoyed the rare glimpse behind the curtain of Rockstar. Cheers Eurogamer.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight trailer swoops into Ace Chemicals

  • markypants 24/11/2014

    Holy testicle Tuesday!! This looks fantastic. Reply 0
  • The Crew open beta goes live next week

  • markypants 21/11/2014

    For those saying the bad handling was down to users not tweaking the settings... You're idiots. I shouldn't need to touch the settings for the cars to NOT feel like a boat made out of pudding. Reply 0
  • markypants 20/11/2014

    @Alex_Star Appreciate that... But Watchdogs isn't a driving game. Essentially, that's all The Crew is. Driving is it's key ingredient. Yes, it has a large open world - brilliant. Yes, it is full to the brim with things to do - Nice. But driving the cars is horrible and unexciting. Getting that right should be their priority. What use is an open world racer, if the racing is it's weakest area? I'm not even the harshest of critics usually, but I'm frustrated by The Crew as the potential is huge, but unless the handling is fixed, I think it's in big trouble. Watchdogs, GTA etc have handling issues, but at least you can go shoot somebody in the face or hack a laptop. The Crew feels like a weak driving element of another game. Not the core element of a driving game! Reply +9
  • markypants 20/11/2014

    There was a lot of work to be done on this game post the last beta. I honestly don't think letting even more people realise how terrible the handling model is, is really going to help them get sales. Here's hoping they have spent their time fixing the things that need fixing. No point stress testing net code when the fundamentals still aren't fixed. Reply +3
  • What's the deal with steering wheels for PS4 and Xbox One?

  • markypants 06/11/2014

    Haven't read this but wanted to thank Eurogamer for covering this. It's a real issue that doesn't seem to have been addressed very well by the gaming media. Cheers. M Reply +9
  • Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

  • markypants 13/10/2014

    Well. For a game that reviewed pretty badly, it's the most fun I've had with a game since GTA V. I'm not a FPS nerd, and dip into any game genre that takes my fancy. I think Destiny is a broadly accesible game, lots to do, joy to be found in the repetition, seamless online gameplay... For me, it's exactly what I've been waiting for. I've done more grinding than Nicki Minaj with crabs, but I've enjoyed every second of it. Still keep going back every night.

    I can already tell I'm in for the long haul with this game.
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  • DriveClub review

  • markypants 07/10/2014

    Oh shit... Regretting the PSN pre-order now :-( Reply +5
  • Sony confirms wheels that work with PS4 racer DriveClub

  • markypants 02/10/2014

    ‏I asked Logitech for a comment on what's going on and here was their Twitter response. Interesting huh. One could assume that there is definitely something going on here more than a fucking chip...

    @LogitechG 16h15 hours ago
    @m********n I can't comment on the process, but you can ask them for answers as well.
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  • markypants 01/10/2014

    I agree with @Avatargr Could EG really dig into this as it feels like a really vague situation. Sony really pushed their GT wheel on PS3 and it was a big investment as are the other wheels. They should be bending over backwards to support as many of these as possible and if not, should give us an official reason why. Not all this 'security chip' bollocks. Reply +30
  • markypants 01/10/2014

    I think what smarts a bit is that the Logitech GT wheel that I bought, was really pushed by Sony and quite an investment. I personally feel there is most likely no real reason, other than exclusivity deals, that have stopped Sony from making these old wheels work with the PS4.

    This security chip business feels like a crock of shit, or something that Sony has implemented to crack down on 3rd party peripherals. But, in this instance, this is a peripheral that Sony were pushing and now dropping like a lead weight.

    Unfortunately it's made my decision to purchase Driveclub/Project Cars a tough one as I only play with a wheel and now people know the GT doesn't work with PS4 they are selling for shit money on Ebay and the new force feedback wheel is a couple of hundred spondoolies. I also have a rig for the wheel that I don't know will fit the new wheels anyway.

    Grrrr. Feels like a load of hassle for what could be a relatively easy fix for Sony.
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  • Destiny review

  • markypants 17/09/2014

    Thank god for this review. This is the most level headed breakdown of this game I've read and I'm really not a Destiny fan-boy, just baffled with the sub par scoring I've seen for it. 8/10... So... As good as Halo ;-) Reply +5
  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • markypants 15/09/2014

    I really, really don't understand the 6/10 scores. I'm usually able to understand where they come from, even if I've found something in a game that I seem to like more than others. But Destiny just doesn't feel or play like a 6/10. It feels like a 7 or 8 with the potential to build up to being even better. I never had any expectations in the first place and so don't feel let down by any perceived promises... I just know that compared to other 6's, this just isn't in the same ball park.

    This goes for everybody I know as well, my close friends are all playing and loving it. Feels like a bit of a witch hunt reading some of the reviews, as if everybody is kind of trying to find reasons to score it down.

    Gut instincts are that people are going to look back and realise that this was unfairly scored.

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  • Watch Dogs has shipped over 8 million units

  • markypants 13/07/2014

    Brutally. This game gets slammed for over promising - and possibly, rightly so. There must be a fine line between wanting to give gamers a heads up on an exciting future project (whilst trying to guestimate the final tech it will be played on) and teasing them with something they'll not exactly get.

    I, however, feel that Watch Dogs is going to take this success and bring us an exciting sequel that will put to bed the critisisms of this game. All the potential is there, it just needs to get rid of a lot of repetetive guff that distracts from what should be a strong narrative balanced with a thriving open world.

    There is a lot they have got right though and the fact that a newly launched franchise has been a success is great news.

    I hope Ubi do what they did with AC:2 and now give us the Watch Dogs that we all wanted since that very first glimpse.
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  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • markypants 09/06/2014

    That conference room looks like Grotbags sex dungeon. Reply 0
  • markypants 09/06/2014

    Captain Jean Luc! Reply 0
  • markypants 09/06/2014

    @Applebowl Make a wooden clock - He said. Whittle it out of wood - He said. Finger my ass and call me Daddy he said. Reply 0
  • markypants 09/06/2014

    Nothing says 'exciting, cool computer gaming console' like a guy that looks like my peadophile woodwork teacher at school. Reply 0
  • markypants 09/06/2014

    Woah Woah Woah... Where did that Red Dead news come from? Please be pulling my ding-a-ling. Reply 0
  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • markypants 27/03/2014

    Please be true. Please be true. Please be true. Reply +6
  • That Dragon, Cancer's inspiration, Joel Green, passes away

  • markypants 14/03/2014

    RIP little dude. As a father of a 2 1/2 year old little boy who is everything to me. I empathise with this story as I know I'd also want to do anything I could to make it through something like this. Really inspiring and my thoughts are with the whole family.

    "My greatest hope is pretty simple: that players might care about my son the way that I do."

    I will buy the game and look forward to meeting & caring about Ryan, but probably never in the way that you do. I doubt anybody could come close.

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  • Why Watch Dogs was delayed

  • markypants 07/03/2014

    A lot of pressure for this game to not be broken when it releases... Squeaky bum time. Reply +1
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind review

  • markypants 14/02/2014

    I wonder how many people, like myself, have sold their PS3's to get a PS4. Gutted that there is no way to play this on the new hardware. Hopefully it'll get a make over one day or end up on Playstation Now... Glad it's continued the quality of the main game. By far the most rewarding game I've experienced. Reply +2
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind is a two-hour triumph

  • markypants 07/02/2014

    Shit... This isn't stand alone is it :-( Sold my PS3 already... Bought a PS4.... Reply -3
  • The case of the disappearing video games

  • markypants 28/01/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77 It just seems a shame. Surely there could even be some arrangement that would act like a secure locker, only unlocked on the approval of the publisher/dev, but held in a safe secure place for future generations.

    Like the history of art has taught us, we rarely understand the value of things until much later and so with this knowledge we should all try and safeguard this history.

    Regardless, as you said, unfortunately this won't happen without the buy-in from everybody. It's just such a shame as I truly believe we are witnessing the birth of a new art form that is still in its infancy. One day in the not too distant future we will all be desperate for information and details about how it all came to be, and what a shame for there to be gaps in this story due to lack of foresight.

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  • markypants 26/01/2014

    I don't get why games developers wouldn't want to have their work archived by a museum? Is it costly for the developers to provide the information needed?

    I do think it's going to be a mistake to have lost all of these evolutions in gaming as I also agree that we must be in a very early stage of what this medium will turn into over the next few decades.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • markypants 31/12/2013

    To be fair, I think this list is a lot better than Eurogamers. I respect Eurogamer for sharing this list with us, but it really flags to me the feeling of 'actual' gamers (on the whole). Reply +2
  • Shooting cars: The art of Gran Turismo 6's photography

  • markypants 19/12/2013

    I love what's going on with Forza, GT, Need For Speed, The Club etc etc But has there been a racing game that has brought to the table the same kind of community and ease of play as PGR4 (or really any of its predecessors)? Sincere question as to be honest, ever since I stopped playing that, I have never found a similar experience with the same kind of community feel. I made the best friends playing that as it really was good at offering a less intense multiplayer experience where you could banter with people playing with you and end up burning through hours and hours of races. The balance between arcade and sim was just right and I wish there was something that filled its gap. Does this exist? Reply +1
  • Fighter Within review

  • markypants 29/11/2013

    "Flailing about like a pair of camp kittens trying to climb a wall of butter."

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  • Rockstar working on a fix for GTA Online lost progress issues

  • markypants 08/10/2013

    I've enjoyed GTAO the few times I've played. But I do get the distinct impression that the reason they staggered the release of the online component was that they knew it was going to be a bit of a car crash and could have tarnished the great reviews GTAV deservedly got. Reply +2
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 was the UK's biggest video game launch ever

  • markypants 22/09/2013

    Christ, with this sort of installed user base, if they can create some strong and varied DLC for this game and grow the online in the way they are suggesting, this could nail bringing MMO type gaming to the masses. It has the broad appeal that sits somewhere between The Sims and WOW. Reality based fantasy role playing. I'm really interested to see what they do in regards to a pricing model for the online world and it's continuing chapters.

    Exciting times. It's very telling that myself and a lot of my gaming friends who have drifted away from investing huge amounts of time into games (due to family and work) have all had a reinvigorating experience with this game. Whether it's because we all remember the surprising discovery of the life-sucking GTA III or the event-like-nature of GTA IV, I don't know. But It's definitely reminded me how far we've come in a relatively short amount of time in regards to computer games in general. GTA V really is incredible. The people involved in making it must be so proud of what they've achieved and the number of people who are enjoying their work.

    ... I have no idea what the point of this post was.
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • markypants 17/09/2013

    Great write up as always DF and thanks for getting it out so quickly on release day. Reply -2
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 live streaming is back at 5pm today

  • markypants 17/09/2013

    @Oli Thanks Oli! Reply 0
  • markypants 17/09/2013

    Sorry to be one of those commenters to chase... But does anybody know when we might see a DF breakdown on platform performance? Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • markypants 16/09/2013

    Great review EG (as always). It does go to show though, to all the gamers that get angry at what is essentially an individuals 'opinion', that what to one reviewer is a weakness (Trevor in EG's review) is a strength to another (Trevor in EDGE's review) - EDGE's GTA:V review.

    I think there's a lot more to talk about this game though, and most couldn't be covered in a brief review. I'm looking forward to seeing what 'Online' adds to the package as it doesn't sound like it's just a bolt-on and surely needs to be considered as part of the whole (you wouldn't judge COD just on it's single player when scoring it).

    All in all, it sounds like it's this generations San Andreas, which was the last GTA I really obsessed over.

    What a year for gamers though?! Truly spoilt for choice.
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  • Xbox One will function without Kinect plugged in

  • markypants 13/08/2013

    Man up Xbox!

    You've become like a psycho girlfriend who's just been dumped, but is desperately trying to tell me you'll do anything to change. It's getting awkward.

    I mean, I'll miss the sex (well the times when you were up for it and didn't have a red ring). But you're just all over the place at the moment.

    I'm moving on. I've found a hot new girlfriend, with better tits and will suck my plums for 100 less. Not only that, but she's Asian, so win-win.
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • markypants 21/02/2013

    Crystal Maze game... Bring it. Reply 0