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  • The Elder Scrolls Online renounces the grind

  • maktah 08/02/2014

    The problem is, there's too many F2P and B2P MMO's out there. ESO has absolutely nothing new in it. Not worth £9 a month. Unless you want to start another quest grind from lvl 1 yet again.

    As expected, this is reskinned "your generic fantasy MMO" and not "Skyrim With Friends". But we all knew this when ESO was first announced.
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  • Is 2014 the year of virtual reality?

  • maktah 06/01/2014

    I have zero interest in PS4 or Xbone. But Oculus Rift + Star Citizen... oh yes. That's the future, right there. Reply +2
  • First playable Star Citizen module out next week

  • maktah 25/08/2013

    This is the only upcoming game I'm really looking forward to playing.
    Getting Oculus Rift (when it's ready) and a good flight sim rig (joysticks, pedals and the lot) just to play Star Citizen.
    Oh and looks like I might need a new PC too. Better start saving up!
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online dev explains decision to charge £9 monthly subscription

  • maktah 24/08/2013

    Yes, but, unfortunately there are too many amazing F2P and B2P MMO titles out there I really can't justify paying $15 a month for yet another generic fantasy MMO. Does ESO really bring anything new to the table? Looking at what we know about the game, no it doesn't.

    ESO will be F2P or B2P inside of 6 months, that's just how it goes.
    I'm not saying F2P is bad. I'm just saying a sub for yet another fantasy MMO in this day and age, it's not going to work.
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  • New Warhammer 40K MMO announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • maktah 12/06/2013

    I'm only interested if we have to meticulously paint our character with tiny virtual brushes before we can play the game. DLC for more paints of course.
    98% of characters would be just undercoated black.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • maktah 08/06/2013

    Here's the deal: When I buy a brand new game for X360 or PS3, I can always sell it quickly if it turns out to be rubbish, and recoup most of my money I spent on it. I can't do that with Xbone, which means I will never buy a full-priced game for it.
    And no, testing a demo version doesn't help at all. Many times awful demos have put me off of great games and well made demos have sold me absolute garbage. Also game reviews are worse than useless.

    If I buy a game online that I cannot sell, let's say from Steam or GOG, I wait for the ridiculous 75% off sales. If I end up not liking the game, well $2-3 is nothing.

    Now if new Xbone games cost around $5, I could see this working. But no, I won't pay $60 for a game rental.

    And you know they will use Kinect for DRM.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • maktah 30/05/2013

    So if you sell a game, it is wiped from your account. The store you trade it in, has to pay a hefty fee to Microsoft, and this is tracked how? Why would the store report to MS which used discs it has on the shelves?
    How bout if I sell the game on ebay or sell it to my friend with no middlemen at all? The friend has to pay an activation fee which is (Xbox Live Store price) -10% or £35? Games in discount bins would cost about half that, probably even less (eg. Halo Reach costs €39 in Xbox Live, and €12 in any decent store).
    And what did Microsoft say last week. This is "customer-oriented, simple and understandable". Yeah right, it's not and never will be.

    EDIT: Also, if they succeed in destroying the 2nd hand market, game prices will definitely go UP, not down.
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  • Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

  • maktah 25/05/2013

    "Our goal is to make it really customer-centric, really simple and really understandable"
    Obviously that's already failed. Having to explain the same thing over and over is not simple. Having to work on an announcement on how things work means it's not simple.
    If it was simple and understandable we'd already know how it works. Buy disc, play, sell disc. That's simple.

    And absolutely nothing about Xbox One says "customer-centric". It is absolutely company-centric. Brought to you by the letter G for greed.

    To be honest, I'm not goint to buy the new Xbox. I hope all this "customer-centric, simple and really understandable" stuff doesn't find its way to Windows. Which it will.
    I just wish we'll get a Linux that runs all games natively before that happens.
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  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • maktah 08/04/2013

    Even present generation of consoles get less and less games I'd be interested in. Pretty graphics, monstrous DRM, dumbed-down game mechanics made for the lowest common denominator and cost of $60 for a game that lasts maybe 4-10 hours?

    No thank you. I'd rather spend my money supporting indie Kickstarter programs and get something innovative, fun, long-lasting, made with passion, without DRM and cheap.

    With the $500 I save for not buying X720 or PS4 I could take part in funding ~30 game projects.

    I'm not looking forward to next-gen consoles. I'm looking forward to 2014 and the release of all those major kickstarter gaming projects.
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  • Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

  • maktah 06/04/2013

    MS really wants to destroy next-gen Xbox before it's even released. Even if they allow offline play and used games, many many many people will just remember these bad PR moments and never touch the console.

    Like Elder Scrolls Online. It's HeroEngine 3rd person hotbar combat straight WoW raid clone, right? That was the first piece of news and many many many MMO players still think that's the case, completely lost interest in the game and never read another thing about it.

    And with the plans of closing Windows as an open platform are the final nails in Microsoft's coffin. Windows 9 will sell even less than 8.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 has an Xbox 360-like gaming controller with an extendable clamp that holds phone

  • maktah 15/03/2013

    My Note 2 has bigger screen than Vita, I'm definitely going to get that controller. Playing proper games on a touch screen is a real pain in the a.

    I like it. I like it a lot.
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  • System Shock 2 back from the dead and available on now

  • maktah 14/02/2013

    They really should get a Kickstarter project going, and make System Shock 3. Reply 0
  • It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

  • maktah 03/02/2013

    It is a slippery slope. At the moment it might be just for time-saving, but sooner rather than later you will have to pay money just to play the game.
    If enough people buy those time-savers, companies will get greedy and lock out more and more content from a game that already costs €65.

    A little example from City of Heroes. A few years ago the devs released a costume pack. It was just a few silly costume pieces for £8. Enough people bought it, so they stopped releasing free costumes completely. After that it was another £8 pack with 5 pieces of clothing.

    The only way to combat this trend is not to buy that kind of greedy nickel-and-dime stuff. But there are enough people with very little sense and too much money, who will end up ruining gaming for the rest of us.

    Because there will be a day when you spend more money playing single-player console games than you ever did at the arcade. Every time you want to play, you cough up some cash or just plain can't play.
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  • As Valve confirms the Steam Box, Microsoft's Phil Harrison issues a warning

  • maktah 10/01/2013

    @Jetsetwillie Yes, because a Microsoft Exec couldn't possibly be biased and just spewing MS propaganda.

    I'm not surprised Linux is raising its head as a gaming platform, and that Steam is starting to embrace it. And I think Geforce is finally releasing drivers for Linux.
    Microsoft is plotting to shut down PC as an open gaming platform. Rumours of being able to buy software from MS Store only, and thoughts of using BIOS-level DRM to control what people can and can't install on their PC and indie game devs being really worried about what MS is doing atm.
    I'm not surprised at Valve Box or comments like this from MS.

    I've been a Windows man since I bought my first PC. But I'm ready to jump onboard Linux, when they get their gaming part sorted.
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  • First beta event for sci-fi MMO Defiance

  • maktah 04/01/2013

    Not sure about the game, but I might give it a go.
    The TV series looks promising though. Finally, when was the last good scifi show on telly? Late 90's or something?
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  • The Secret World drops subscription fee but isn't free-to-play

  • maktah 12/12/2012

    Best MMO out there at the moment, really people, if you haven't tried it yet, go buy the box from xmas sales and give it a go.

    What you will find is an amazing, atmospheric living world with brilliant storyline, captivating missions and outstanding NPC's.
    Also, the investigation missions are the best, most challenging fun I've ever had in a game.
    Not to mention "no classes, no levels", which means you can create your own character and experiment with abilities and weapons.
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  • Waiting for the end of the world: City of Heroes retrospective

  • maktah 29/11/2012

    2nd best MMO at the moment. Or WAS.
    Truly a big loss for MMO community, for sure. And this has gotten me really wary of starting a new MMO any time soon. Also put NCsoft deep into my black list, never going to play another game that is even remotely connected to NCsoft (yes includes GW2).

    I always considered Paragon City and Rogue Isles a home, and was definitely going to return to it. It's really sad to see my beloved heroes and villains go, along with my supergroup and all the friends I had there.


    I hope some other company will pick the game up soon.

    RIP Flyman, Atomic Saviour, Ambassador from Pluto, Kelpgal, Recycling Droid et al.
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  • DirectX 11.1 exclusive to Windows 8, Microsoft confirms

  • maktah 12/11/2012

    I skipped Vista, I'll skip Win8 too.
    If Win9 is similar rubbish meant for touch screen facebookers, I'll take a look at those Linux distros.

    Can you hear that, Microsoft? It's all your bad decisions flushing you down a few pegs on the OS ladder.
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  • Wing Commander creator returns to melt your PC with new space sim Star Citizen

  • maktah 11/10/2012

    Shut up and take my money already!
    ....Oh you ARE taking my money? Well OK then, here ya go. Now that I'm basically your investor, stop procrastinating and get back to work! You can have time off when it's finished. Nope, no pee breaks either. You got a perfectly fine soda bottle there on your table.

    (Even a little teeny bit of power corrupts, it seems)
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  • The Secret World post-mortem: "No, it's not going free-to-play any time soon"

  • maktah 02/10/2012

    Best MMO out there at the moment period.
    Really great setting (modern horror adventure), amazing missions, amazing atmosphere, fun and exciting combat mechanics, no levels, no classes, no races. Best development team out there, very outspoken and really interactive on forums.
    But I guess people just want endless treadmill of gear grind raids and elves to be interested. For others that look for something a bit different, more challenging and smart, TSW is their game.

    There's a three day trial available. I urge everybody to try it out. Don't listen to the haters, try it out yourself with an open mind, and prepare to be amazed. The first investigation mission ("Kingsmouth Code" ) will definitely blow your mind. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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  • The Secret World Review

  • maktah 13/07/2012

    Umm there are elite sections of zones. In fact every zone has an area that's intended for a group of well-geared good players.

    Also if you bothered to play outside the noob area, you'd realize that playing solo is not an option. Especially after Savage Coast. You NEED a team to play.

    This is definitely not a solo game, this is a fully fledged MMO, finally, that encourages team play and socializing.

    The cinematics? Over-written and over-long they are definitely NOT. I haven't seen a cinematic yet that I'd describe as long. They're short, sweet and to the point. Best writing I've seen in a game, ever.

    Again combat gets less "lacklustre" after the starter area, where you have to start thinking about your builders, finishers, states, effects and what your teammates are picking. All that "impenetrable mess of MMO jargon" that takes a normal person few moments to figure out. It's not any more difficult to understand than any other MMO out there.

    I haven't seen those "unrefined" controls anywhere. Not even sure what it means, you're just trying to sound clever?
    Sabotage missions are great fun and a challenge. Not based on combat, they're based on stealth, avoidance and paying attention. And by stealth I don't mean "click on invisibility button". You actually have to sneak around shadows and stay out of line of sight.

    Clearly the reviewer just had no patience or time to play the game properly. And all this nonsense about players not knowing how to play, or if they are ready for a zone or a dungeon blah blah blah is just that, nonsense.

    Best MMO I've played in years, possibly ever. Ignore this review, the guy clearly has no idea whatsoever what he's blabbing about.
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  • The Secret World final beta weekend open to all

  • maktah 20/06/2012

    Amazing game. Best fun I've had in an MMO in years and looking forward to launch.
    Funcom has really learned from their past mistakes. The game is solid technically and content-wise.
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  • Why The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't and can't look like Skyrim

  • maktah 31/05/2012

    I couldn't care less about graphics.

    Just don't make it tab-target, hero engine, gear-grind, class-based, quest-based, level-based wow-clone.

    There are enough of those. In fact, every single western MMO except EVE and TSW.

    And we want to traverse huge mountain ranges to get to places. That's what Elder Scrolls is about. Travelling, exploring, finding cool things. Wandering in huge caverns, looking for treasure and a good fight.

    We don't want to teleport to a quest hub, pick up 100 chores to do, do them like a shopping list, rinse repeart until level cap. And then teleport to a dungeon, kill boss, rinse repeat until next expansion.

    That to me is not a game. It's a definition of insanity.
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  • The Secret World delayed by two weeks

  • maktah 27/05/2012

    Played two beta weekends. Had best fun I've had in MMO's in years.
    Amazing atmosphere & environments, wonderful story, captivating gameplay, exceptional music and graphics, fun combat. Only minor bugs, queues lasted only a few minutes for open beta.
    And the investigation missions were the bees knees. You actually have to use your brain to play this game.

    I don't get all the moaning about animations. I thought they were completely typical for an MMO. And even if you are twelve and care about such things, devs have already stated animations and "impact of combat" is something they're focusing on before launch (and this was said over a month ago).

    The postponement was due to marketing reasons. The penny-counters figured early July would sell better than mid June. Nothing to do with game not being ready for launch.

    Best MMO I've played in years. Blows every generic fantasy tripe out of the water.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

  • maktah 19/05/2012

    Then why make it online if it's a solo game?
    I have never understood why MMO's cater so much to the single player. They're meant to be multiplayer games.

    The more I hear about ESO, the less I like it.
    Well, the fact it's another carbon copy WoW clone with bad game engine actually already killed my interest completely.
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  • Definitive Years in Gaming History: 1991

  • maktah 08/05/2012

    I had Atari Lynx. And two games for it. Rampage was fun. Sold it after one summer tho.
    A friend of mine had C64GS. Under his bed, never saw it hooked up to the telly.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online preview leaked, detailed

  • maktah 04/05/2012

    Read until "real-time combat is out, and classes, levels, hot bars and a third-person viewpoint are in."

    Basically worst case scenario. My interest level dropped straight to zero. I don't want yet another boooooooring wow clone set in generic fantasy world. There's already dozens of those, most of them F2P already.

    Just remake Morrowind with bigger world and multiplayer elements. Maybe some crafting and other mmo elements added. There's the ultimate fantasy MMO ever.
    Not this WoW clone tripe, please.
    3rd person class-based tab-target level-capping gear grinding hotbar-clicking run-of-the-mill borefest.
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  • CCP: players' attempt to destroy Eve Online economy is "f***ing brilliant"

  • maktah 29/04/2012

    Thanks to all who did a little bit extra explaining. That article was completely incomprehensible to a non-eve'er.

    I have lots of respect for the game and I like reading stories about it. But as others have said, I don't want a second job. I tried Eve trial for a couple of days. When just learning the vendor system felt like a course in accounting, I left the game. It wasn't the only reason, but a clear indication of what is considered "fun" in the game.
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  • ArenaNet details micro-transactions in Guild Wars 2

  • maktah 21/03/2012

    Sounds good to me. Peeps with more money than sense will feed the development process for the rest of us.
    Also I wouldn't worry about the economy. The gold those rich folk spend in game goes to the sellers. Those who don't participate in micro-transactions still get the benefit of selling stuff with higher prices.
    Or ArenaNet can put a cap of how much money you can spend in a day.
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  • Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase deals, Collector's and Digital Deluxe Editions

  • maktah 13/03/2012

    Phew luckily the CE was full of rubbish, so I'll just get the standard edition tyvm. €55 is normal price for a new game. Also for an MMO that's cheap as chips, because there's no €15/month for the rest of your life. Reply -1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Review

  • maktah 05/02/2012

    If I hadn't just bought a Galaxy S2, I would've bought Note.
    I can't see the point of tablets like iPad. It's a big phone without the phone part, with phone apps. What's the point? Who would ever want such a thing?
    Also, they're too big to carry in your pocket, so if you need a bag to carry your tablet, shouldn't you just get a netbook for half the money and ten times the functionality?

    But Note makes sense. Bigger than a smartphone but still small enough to carry in your pocket?
    If I just hadn't bought my Galaxy...
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  • Blizzard's Street defends WOW talents revamp

  • maktah 11/12/2011

    Yeah the talent trees felt a bit meh previously. I don't read guides so I just took whatever felt fun. And there were very few fun/cool choices for some classes.

    While we don't want outdoor levelling to be brutally difficult, that doesn't mean that every situation needs to be solved with 3 Sinister Strikes...
    I just wish they'd make outdoor levelling at least challenging. I returned to WoW after Cataclysm (previously played vanilla), and liked all the changes. And the new Horde quests were amazing fun (Alliance less so).

    But it was all meant for solo play. And even then for some classes everything was ridicilously easy. I don't think my Paladin died once in 50 levels.
    In a team with friends - well it was literally as fun as watching paint dry.

    One easy fix would be to allow players to tackle quests 10+ levels ahead of them.

    As it is now - too easy to bother playing. The few hours a week I have time to play, I want a fun challenge. Not 1 2 3 win.

    And I know raids are more challenging blah blah blah, but I think it's a big waste to create a whole amazing world that's meaningless and just a grind to get to the "end game", and then get stuck in a closed cave beating the same stupid boss 24-7.
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  • 2 million volunteer for The Old Republic beta

  • maktah 08/12/2011

    Played it for an hour or two. Got bored with the endless barrage of cinematics, boring quests and rubbish character creator. Only human races?! Where are the rodians, wookiees, mon calamari or ithorians?

    Technically it was very polished. No lag or crashes. It was just the most boring MMO experience I've ever had. Also, not a single second did I feel star wars-y. It was just a generic sci-fi mmo with some famous terms thrown in.

    But I guess it will appeal to those MMO players who don't want anything different. Have fun killing 10 rats and watching talking heads in an infinite loop, and paying for the privilege.
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  • Star Trek Online free-to-play this year

  • maktah 04/09/2011

    I still play STO from time to time. The new ground combat mode is possibly the best shooter/MMO hybrid I've ever played. After that you can't go back to tab targetting without dying a little inside. Every MMO developer should look into it, and every player should try it. It's just the best fun I've had in MMO's in years.

    And I love the space combat on highest difficulty setting. Very challenging and it feels like a proper space battle.
    Also the player generated content thingie looks like great fun, but I'm sure that won't be open to free players. I haven't had time to try it yet but it looks amazing and detailed.

    Sure STO devs made lots of mistakes, but they're constantly working on them. The amount of updates they've done to the game is staggering.
    But no, the game will never be a WoW clone. It's always going to be a more arcade action-adventure style MMO. Sorry.

    @Bravestinsane: Obviously you haven't played AoC or Lotro F2P. There's no "pay to win" there, all you can get is novelty items and some potions or XP boost. Nothing that would get you an advatage in anything. Maybe next time actually check things out yourself and not go by hearsay rants?
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  • The Secret World to follow subs model

  • maktah 27/08/2011

    @uknorth: how exactly is GW2 going to bury this game? Completely different genres, completely different style of games. The only connecting factor is that both are online games. You might as well say CoD 7 is going to bury GW2.
    Also, all MMO's don't need 12 million subscribers to be successful.

    I'll probably try out GW2 when it's in the discount bin. Another boring generic fantasy world just does not appeal to me.

    Different strokes and all that. TSW caters to a completely different type of player than GW2 or any other upcoming MMO. No levels, no classes, "the whole game is end game" and a contemporary real world setting.

    About MT's, I sorta agree with Gmmonkey. People, stop buying them.
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  • EA to constrain Old Republic supply

  • maktah 19/08/2011

    Uh oh. Bad, bad move on EA's part. The only time EA is going to make real money out of the game is before the players have realized how empty and boring TOR is.
    So they should sell all the boxes they can now, because the subscriptions will fall sharply and never return.

    TOR will be the fastest falling MMO ever. And you thought WAR and AoC lost players fast. Just wait.
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  • Carbine's NCsoft MMO is WildStar

  • maktah 17/08/2011

    Ugh.. anime bunny ladies. I'm not twelve.

    Another generic fantasy MMO. Can't they come up with anything original?
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  • The Secret World to launch in April

  • maktah 16/08/2011

    It's the only upcoming MMO I'm looking forward to playing.
    Well, maybe I'll try out Guild Wars 2 just to see if the innovations are actually innovative.
    But TSW is my most anticipated game of 2011. And 2012.
    I mean, come on! Contemporary horror/adventure setting with heavy H.P. Lovecraft influences?? No generic fantasy game can ever compete with that. No matter how cleverly they re-name their orcs, elves and anime gnomes.

    @Adofessex: It's not coming to X360 period. The devs have stated that if TSW is a big success on PC, then maybe sometime down the line they might make a Secret World -themed game for X360. But it wouldn't be THE Secret World MMORPG.
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  • BioWare: SW:TOR to last for "decades"

  • maktah 25/07/2011

    BW/EA is betting on 12 million players wanting to watch badly animated cartoon heads having a conversation, and pay a subscription fee for the privilege.
    I think 95% of the players will skip those parts so they can get quicky to the combat -- which feels like and afterthought, something like a cheap WoW clone.

    Sure the game will have a population of rabid fanboys, but that's going to be about the same as Star Trek Online I'm afraid. And because the game cost so much to make, it's going to go bust soon. Over 1 million players during the first month, less than 100k after that, levelling out to around 20-30k after a year.
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  • City of Heroes goes free-to-play

  • maktah 22/06/2011

    @bravearse: Surprisingly it doesn't feel clunky at all. They recently updated the graphics engine which makes the game look absolutely brilliant. The animations are smooth, ragdoll effects nice and the action looks amazing.
    I've been playing CoH for over 3 years, and only stopped when the game started crashing my previous PC. But now I got a new PC, and I'm going to pick up the game again after the summer.

    Hybrid F2P was not unexpected. It actually came later than I thought it would have.
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  • Old Republic "very different" to WOW

  • maktah 20/05/2011

    That's pathetic. From the 1,5 hour leaked gameplay video I saw there was nothing special in TOR to make it any different from current MMO's. Instead of killing bats in a forest you killed bots in a forest. Typical MMO combat mechanics. To be honest, it looked very boring, and that's what the game testers are saying (I think it was this very site that called the game boring after playing it for 2 days).

    I think it's the voice acting and cutscenes that they're talking about when they say "heroic" and "never before seen". And 90% of players will end up skipping them anyway. Also makes replaying content very annoying.

    @jimr9999us: Yes you get a personal spaceship. It's basically what player housing is, just a box on the ground with some rooms in it. You can't fly with your ship. There is no space combat in the game, just 3-4 minute minigames a'la Gradius.
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  • Turbine takes control of LOTRO Europe

  • maktah 26/04/2011

    Good riddance. I've been waiting for this. No more treating us like 2nd class citizens. No more getting shafted with prices and accessories in every way possible. Finally access to MyLotro. Finally access to decent pre-order packs. Finally access to in-game events. Finally we don't have to wait for weeks/months for expansions.

    And I'm not worried about getting more lag. City of Heroes moved its EU servers physically to US, and the game has noticeably less lag now.
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  • New APB dev on Realtime's mistakes

  • maktah 11/03/2011

    I tested the beta. It was riddled with bugs, kept crashing and worked veeeeery slowly on my modest PC. So I couldn't really beta test anything, I was struggling just to do basic stuff like walking and driving.

    And before release we kept hearing "the game will be free-to-play". And suddenly it was "nah we're going to charge you by the hour to play. Or you can pay a monthly fee".
    I think that was the final nail in the coffin. As a F2P game it could have worked. But it wasn't (and still isn't) worth a monthly sub.
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