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  • Games of 2015 no. 9: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • lasersrule 24/12/2015

    Great landscape, terrible sci-fi story. Descended into utter ham by the end.

    I would have actually preferred it to be a disembodied spirit wandering around The Archers, with extra DLC for the latest in EU farming regulation discussions.
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  • We need to talk about emulation

  • lasersrule 31/05/2015

    While I understand and respect aspects of Dan's argument, I cannot agree that emulation is a "dirty secret". Emulation is, in fact, utterly vital to preserving gaming's history.

    To underplay this point in order to champion the idea of financial recompense for game creators is dodging a far more important issue about an industry that did *fuck all* to preserve its own history. Skilled enthusiasts did the difficult work, 99% for free, in order to allow that preservation. For me, the moral balance of getting access to IP for free is offset by the free (and ongoing) work on emulators to allow that access for all.

    We are going to reach a point where playing old games on original hardware will no longer be viable, and emulators will reach a point where they're modelling every single transistor and gate on the original silicon. We need to be supporting this work just as much, and if not more, than individuals who made some games in the 80s. Especially when it comes to preserving the PS3/360 era - because Sony and Microsoft aren't going to do it the way it should be done. Sony and Microsoft might not even be around in 100 years, but an open source 360 emulator will last as long as there are computers.

    Jason Scott can be as evasive as he likes about the legality of copyrighted games on He's a rare breed of cultural hero - he does the preservation despite the current legalities surrounding it. The man organised the preservation of Geocities, capturing over a terabyte of nascent Internet culture that Yahoo was happy to simply erase from history forever. He made an astonishingly good documentary series about BBS culture and followed it up with a brilliant one-off about text adventures. He gives far more of a shit about this stuff than most of us, and he's actually doing brilliant work to preserve cultures that have all but died in the mainstream. People like Jason Scott and emulator coders should be celebrated, not harangued about legal concerns.

    The conversation for me is about a technology that vastly outstripped an industry's ability to control it and had little-to-no respect for the vast majority of its old IPs. Even if I did pay for a retrogaming Netflix, would I feel any better about Matthew Smith getting 0.000001 pence because I played Manic Miner, when he got something closer to £2 when I bought it in 1985? I'd rather send the man a tenner - and this underlines the colossal problem in trying to monetise the product rather than the creator.

    A far better scheme in my opinion is to kickstart the IP release of old games. Get enough people who give a shit to fund a nominal fee for IP release and we might have something. I'd certainly be more inclined to pay more to ensure a game becomes free for all, for the rest of time, than paying some ridiculously tiny increment to offset the capitalist guilt of getting something for nothing. Sure, some IPs will never be made free, but at least they're still preserved illegally, and short-sighted materialism rarely wins over the higher moral ground of cultural preservation in the long run.
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  • Ayrton Senna themed content coming to Gran Turismo 6 this month

  • lasersrule 01/05/2014

    HNNNNNNGHHHH. I'm going to be hammering Monza, Spa, Suzuka, Brands etc in that 97T. Reply +6
  • DoDonPachi retrospective

  • lasersrule 08/12/2013

    Great stuff, Will.

    DoDonPachi was the giant Japanese hornet to everyone else's little bees. A savage, big, beefy, magnificent bastard of a game. I'll always love stage 2's moon surface, shooting up huge bonus icons in the craters and harvesting points off the flowers.

    Someone do Armed Police Batrider next!
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  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • lasersrule 20/11/2013

    @IkariW To chip in on the R18, it's totally stealthy compared to the Toyota TS030 or the Rebellion-Lola, both of which roar with the sound of the gods. In a WEC race, you barely hear the R18's engine above the traffic. Instead, you hear the R18 coming from the air rushing into its front spoiler, get a blat of diesel revs just as it passes you, and then the whoosh of air coming out the back as it burns off. It's proper ghostly, but totally captivating. And it's exactly what you hear on the vid you posted! Reply 0
  • BMX bandits: The joy of Grand Theft Auto 5's bikes

  • lasersrule 16/10/2013

    @Jamaway Sounds like someone was taking this article too seriously. Reply -4
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist review

  • lasersrule 14/08/2013

    Shame that it sounds like the terrorist hunt co-op goodness of Conviction has been sidelined by SvM and the sidemissions.

    Ultimately, it sounds like Ubi's stuck its head in the sand by sticking to a ridiculous narrative and keeping Sam at the centre of things. Surely he could (or should, at his age) step back from doing the dirty stuff so us players can have our own customisable characters? I've always wanted to play Splinter Cell as the lady from Stolen. :(
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  • The next-generation will be open-world

  • lasersrule 21/06/2013

    Open worlds are a natural step for gaming as a whole, really. Probably because we actually exist in one. I personally care little for story and care a lot more about the complexities and richness that open worlds offer. They can support any game, any interactive design, any kind of storytelling. Ever since 8-bit sprawlers like Ultima or Mercenary, open worlds and the freedom to roam have inspired me far more than any closed, linear system.

    The thing is, if you must have "good" stories then surely open worlds offer an incredibly wide canvas for telling them? Both in traditional narrative structures, and methods unique to open worlds. The problem is working out how to do all that well - which will only come by making *more* open world games.

    It's time to get out of the corridors and go outside.
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  • Aroooo! The inside story on Call of Duty dog motion capture

  • lasersrule 24/05/2013

  • Plague Inc. review

  • lasersrule 04/03/2013

    All I want to know is have they nerfed Madagascar? Pandemic FTW etc. Reply +2
  • Splinter Cell returns to the shadows with Blacklist

  • lasersrule 31/01/2013

    Genuinely cannot wait for this. Also cannot wait for more co-op details - hope it's an expanded Deniable Ops, as Hunter was pure split-screen bliss! Reply 0
  • Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers

  • lasersrule 31/01/2013

    I'm not sure the associations and brand awareness that real-world weapons get from games have anything to do with gun-mediated violence. It strikes me that the issue is one of mental health and how certain males deal with societal pressures on an individual basis. With this in mind, blaming the glorification and celebration of guns is as much a scapegoat avoidance measure as the demonisation and censorship of games.

    I think a much bigger issue is how violent games tend to trivialise violence and its consequences. Take Far Cry 3 - nuff guns, but when you shoot the baddies, they just lie there like shop dummies with some token blood splatter. They may occasionally make some gritty death rattle or wailing scream, but essentially the effects of shooting another human being are massively sanitised.

    For the player, getting shot in the leg with a 7.62 is the cue for a ridiculous magical healing animation, rather than the real-world consequences: risk of dying right there from blood loss within minutes or suffering horrific bone injuries that might need amputation and so on. Even from the start, the player can magically absorb loads of lethal wounds with barely a twitch. Likewise for COD and it's jam-and-hiding mechanic, which is even worse in some ways.

    So for me, the issue with guns in games is the concept of super-soldier protagonists with trivialised and sanitised consequences for gunplay. I'd say that's far worse than a gun model bearing the name of a real-world manufacturer.

    But, y'know, the majority of players seem to want gunplay to be fun and not realistic, so who's to blame really? Thing is, who has the power to change the dynamic?
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  • Blaster retrospective

  • lasersrule 14/01/2013

    Eugene Jarvis is a true legend. Such a shame he got sucked into doing endless Cruisin' USA games. :( Reply 0
  • Far Cry retrospective

  • lasersrule 03/12/2012

    I remember getting a "headshots kill trigens in one bullet" mod for Far Cry that changed EVERYTHING. Reply 0
  • Sony ad compares PlayStation Vita to a woman with four breasts

  • lasersrule 01/11/2012

    It's totally weird to see a French ad upsetting so many UK people that EverydaySexism is asking them to direct their anger at the US PlayStation account. Reply +1
  • Crippled by Nostalgia: The Fraud of Retro Gaming

  • lasersrule 12/09/2012

    I collect for two reasons. One, I want to preserve things. I want to build a collection thatíll show the development of games over time thatíll be an heirloom in the future. I never sell on anything I pick up because of this (and Iím not a massive completionist either) and I donít think thereís any huge financial value in my collection, but there is huge cultural value (cos I have plenty of old magazines as well, my collection pretty much tells the complete history of the last 30 years in gaming).

    The other is that I just love seeing the machines do their thing. Emulation is fantastic and totally necessary, but thereís nothing like slotting a real HuCard into a real PC Engine and seeing it boot and play after 20-odd years, or loading a tape in a real C64 and knowing that those old chips and storage media can still work, and that the games are still fun, bright, vibrant things. Seeing a real Vectrex playing a game often stuns people whoíve never seen it before.

    Nostalgia is a tiny aspect of the whole thing for me.
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  • Real-life Formula One car at Eurogamer Expo

  • lasersrule 11/09/2012

    All I want to know is: will they start it up or what? Reply 0
  • Hitman Absolution introduces online mode Contracts

  • lasersrule 14/08/2012

    This is fabulous news. Pumped for infinite Hitmanning. Reply +2
  • Explosive Hitman: Absolution trailer has killer nuns

  • lasersrule 30/05/2012

    If I was the sort to bother pre-ordering, I'd be cancelling my Hitman: Absolution one after that garbage. Reply +13
  • F1 2012 Preview: Staying on Track

  • lasersrule 19/04/2012

    Will it beat GT5's sublime combo of Ferrari F10 at Spa? Reply 0
  • Much-loved indie video game shop Game Focus shuts down

  • lasersrule 12/04/2012

    To be honest, while Game Focus was a good place to shop for preowned new releases and promo copies, its retro stuff was pretty overpriced and pretty shabby.

    An unboxed, slightly battered Neo Geo AES for £300, lots of showcase stuff left in the window so long they were really badly bleached by the sun etc, and generally the prices all had a £5-£10 markup over the general Ebay rates.
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  • Virtua Fighter 5 dev diary goes behind the scenes of series

  • lasersrule 09/02/2012

    The. Best. Reply +2
  • Forza 4 February American Le Mans Series Pack detailed

  • lasersrule 01/02/2012

    @Bealsy So true. This should be called "Two Le Mans cars, a cool old Audi, A Bentley some other shit and another fucking muscle car, but it's OK because it's owned by an MMA dude DLC Pack" Reply -3
  • Warriors Orochi 3 European release date announced

  • lasersrule 24/01/2012

    THIS IS GOOD NEWS. Reply 0
  • Games of 2011: Portal 2

  • lasersrule 05/01/2012

    I never finished Portal 2. It just got too annoying, I was fatigued by doing puzzle after puzzle and the more the onion skins were peeled back, the more ridiculous and implausible the world became - until it was just this massive, stupid place that made no sense. Too thick with the jokes, too thin on plausibility, and too much of a shark-jumpy exageration of the original.

    It has some decent stuff, but it's nowhere near a GOTY.
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  • Naughty Dog wants to "change the f***ing industry" with The Last of Us

  • lasersrule 13/12/2011

    Games shouldn't be concerned with telling stories. They should be concerned with letting players tell their own within them. Reply +3
  • Gran Turismo 5 DLC cars listed

  • lasersrule 11/10/2011

    Colossal disappointment. Colossal. Reply +1
  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown unveiled

  • lasersrule 23/08/2011

    The best fighting game there is. Three-button joy. Reply +4
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

  • lasersrule 05/07/2011

    Yay - a decent score for a Musou title again. Reply +2
  • TDU2 developers form Blossom Minds

  • lasersrule 05/07/2011

    TDU2 was fucked by trying to cram two whole islands onto one DVD, and the totally ludicrous storyline, two errors that left fuck all space on the disc for much else. I wonder who insisted on that? Atari or Eden? Reply +1
  • PSN Roundup: Comeback Special

  • lasersrule 14/06/2011

    Rotating Octopus Character should have its own review! Reply +1
  • European Saints Row 3 release date

  • lasersrule 09/06/2011

    Oh wow. That's my birthday! Reply +1
  • Hitman: Absolution

  • lasersrule 07/06/2011

    Erk. Sounds like IO's fucked it in the name of being cinematic. :( Reply +4
  • New Hitman: Absolution details

  • lasersrule 12/05/2011

    None of this tells me if I'll get a special rank for doing all missions with a nailgun.

    I could not *give a fuck* which real actors are in the game, or where the fucking mocap was done, and "seven actors in a scene" screams MORE BUDGET ON THE CUTSCENES THAN THE GAMEPLAY.

    I'd better be able to still do people in with carving knives while wearing a Santa Claus costume.
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  • PSN: The PR Disaster

  • lasersrule 27/04/2011

    To be fair, Sony is ultimately a Japanese company and this whole affair strikes me as having a Japanese flavour in terms of fessing up and having to lose face. Reply +3
  • David Braben slams PS3 hackers

  • lasersrule 25/02/2011

    The only people at fault are the security team at Sony and whoever approved the security implementation as fine for manufacure - and this is where the blame should lie for pubs and devs. If the machine's security hadn't been so poorly implemented, the hack wouldn't have happened, whatever the situation with Other OS's removal. It's likely Other OS was removed because Sony already knew how fucked the security was and were hoping no-one would find out.

    Consumers are basically raging at hackers for discovering how vulnerable the machine is and then telling everyone, instead of keeping it secret. For all we know, darker hackers could have compromised credit card details or developed a bricking utility they could deliver to any PS3 that's online, format the machine's HDD, make PSN purchases without user consent and so on.

    This is why the only reasonable way forward when a machine is cracked open is to make the entire info public - it shifts the emphasis onto the manufacturer to be held accountable for what is, ultimately, negligence on the manufacturer's part. It's only when information like this is made public that anyone can objectively assess risk, as was the case with the chip and pin hack.

    The car analogy is only correct if the car manufacturer sold a car it claimed was secure, but had locks you could open with a paperclip once you knew how to jiggle it. Who's at fault in that case? The paperclip jiggler or the lying/deluded manufacturer?
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  • Eden working to eliminate TDU2 bugs

  • lasersrule 14/02/2011

    There's a big difference between having testers/QA finding bugs and actually having the resource to fix them. Reply +6
  • Nintendo 3DS anti-piracy tech strong

  • lasersrule 26/01/2011

    Rev. Stu will no doubt use his comments in this thread to add yet another "contributor to Eurogamer" entry on his CV.

    He's a ridiculously irrelevant buffoon. Don't feed the troll, as he's in colossal denial.
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  • Half-Life fan film premiered online

  • lasersrule 24/01/2011

    The one thing the Half Life universe absolutely needed was a Jason Statham wannabe. Reply +3
  • Plastic surgeon snatches back DK record

  • lasersrule 11/01/2011

    Donkey Kong is such weak sauce compared to the Williams and Atari machines. Like Pac Man, the maximum game only lasts a few hours before the machine ends the game for you.

    Defender, Robotron, Asteroids and Missile Command records take *days* to break.
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  • Why I Love… Doom III

  • lasersrule 04/01/2011

    I hated Doom 3. It was like some lumbering, over-glossy, over-cinematic upgrade of Doom that lost 90% of the original's joy and mayhem in the process.

    Painkiller beat the living shit out of it for raw fun and killing and kept the speedrun/carnage fire burning (and yeah, I did think it was better than Serious Sam too).
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  • Forza 3 goes Back to the Eighties

  • lasersrule 10/12/2010

    Any news on what the in-game credit cost for each car is? And the average grind time for each one?

    :( :( :( :(
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  • Jeff Minter has made a new game!

  • lasersrule 08/12/2010

    Minter has been a pro-level ranter since the 80s. PRO-LEVEL. Reply +10
  • NFS Shift 2: We won't add 1000 irrelevant cars

  • lasersrule 01/12/2010

    All that matters to me is redefining the singleplayer career path. GT5 and Forza are both awesome sims, but their game structures are terrible (especially Forza 3).

    And the limited car roster worked great for PGR3, I thought.
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  • David Cage: Horizon was a ruse

  • lasersrule 22/10/2010

    Maybe it's more a case of no investors actually liking Horizon at all when it was pitched, so it became a marvelous sleight-of-hand by a leading mind on the forefront of digital entertainment.

    And it probably didn't have enough tits and pissing.
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  • del Toro disses games-as-art deniers

  • lasersrule 06/10/2010


    Yah, of course, but that's just taking a viewer-centric view of traditional audio/visual art forms and saying games have just as much of that kind of art in them as anything else. It's an inclusive view when what games need is pointing out where it has forms of artistic expression that are exclusive to the medium.

    I've got nothing against that inclusive viewpoint, but my point is that the unique interactive art of games is always overlooked in these debates - and that this needs championing (what's more, it places David Cage in the 'charlatan' category and elevates Miyamoto to 'god' status).
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  • lasersrule 06/10/2010

    What everyone misses about the games-as-art debate is that it's not in the characters, the story, the visuals, the sound or the setting that the art of games lie. This is why so many comparisons to other art forms end in meaningless debates and slanging matches. It's completely and utterly missing the entire point.

    The art of games is in their interactive design - how and why the player interacts with the game and how the game interacts with the player.

    It's abstract as fuck, unique to video games and every single figure who voices a public opinion about this debate completely misses that point.

    With this in mind, any interactive system in any game is valid. All that's left is to determine if it's good or bad art.
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  • Hydrophobia dev defends game

  • lasersrule 30/09/2010

    From DED's wiki page: Blade Interactive was formally Mirage Multimedia, the studio behind *Rise of the Robots 1 & 2* and the ps1/pc title Bedlam. Reply +7
  • Molyneux, mo' problems

  • lasersrule 23/09/2010

    Time travel is very far from being mathematically proven, Peter. It's vaguely possible for very tiny things in some very speculative theories in a tiny number of cases. Reply +1
  • Cammie Dunaway leaves Nintendo

  • lasersrule 21/09/2010

    "We appreciate Cammie's contributions to Nintendo"

    Seems a bit cold. Mind you, seems a lot of NOA's top tier has moved on over the last three years. The marketing team, the president and vice president of corporate affairs and now the sales and marketing vice-president.

    Reggie Fils-Amie became president and COO in 2006.
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