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  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • kngbn79 12/05/2016

    Fantastic piece of work, left me feeling so many different emotions towards all parties involved. I was a fable fan from the very beginning so I found it fascinating and saddening but most all of thank you for writing this and to everyone at Lionhead throughout its existence for creating games I genuinely loved and still love now Reply +1
  • The next Xbox: everything we know so far

  • kngbn79 20/05/2013

    so here we are at the point i saw coming 3 years ago, to put it simply kinect was the death of the 360 as a hardcore gamers machine for me, the releases were dry even then as i owned a 360 for the exclusives and once they started drying uo there was no point for me keeping the machine and ever since then microsoft have done nothing but prove me right. so many things put me off this machine but none moreso than the focus on media and their seeming reliance on big money AAA franchises, every single game ive heard rumoured for this reveal seems to be a fucking sequel to an older 360 game, i just want to see something new from microsoft and quite honestly if what they are bringing to the table is mostly what ive seen then they are shit out of luck in trying to get me to buy this console, especially if it comes in at £500. oh and when i say the releases were drying up i mean exclusives as im ps3 all the way for multiplatform Reply 0
  • Plants vs Zombies sequel due next year, PopCap confirms

  • kngbn79 20/08/2012

    been waiting for a sequel to this since i played it 1st time and cant wait for this :D. anybody else wanting this on PSM/vita? im definetly hoping it to be cross buy and appear on the ps3 as well Reply 0
  • Sony announces Crossbuy: Buy a PS3 game, get the Vita version free

  • kngbn79 14/08/2012

    i actually couldnt care less what any of the trolls in this thread think, i dont think its a desperate move by sony, its a fantastic and clever move from them as it saves me spending £100+ on vita copies of games which i was going to buy for both vita and ps3 and shows a realisation and willingness from sony that they have to move with the times and are doing so. anyway trolls keep it up ill be too busy enjoying the games to care :) Reply +14
  • Kinect 2 image outed by "genuine" Durango devkit source

  • kngbn79 10/08/2012

    im sick of hearing about kinect already and this generation isnt even officially over yet, for me personally its been a gigantic letdown and was the start of microsoft shifting away from pushing games as the main selling point for the 360 and i could count on 1 hand how many essential games have been released for it since its been around, personally i couldnt care less if its in the box when the 720 arrives as if the games arent there to support it then it wont get touched Reply -1
  • Grid 2 teased by Codies

  • kngbn79 03/08/2012

    so glad to see this is finally coming, been 4 long years since the 1st game and i loved it, may just pick GRID up again cheap if i can find it somewhere. now to convince criterion to make a sequel to burnout paradise and ill be happy Reply 0
  • Dead Space 2 free for PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • kngbn79 01/08/2012

    cant believe how good plus has been since e3, just utterly astonishingly good value, i hardly need to buy from the psn nowadays, its paid for its self 10x over in the couple of years ive been a member Reply +5
  • The Curious Case of the Durango Devkit Leak

  • kngbn79 29/07/2012

    Cant really say im that interested in this at the moment, im hoping that microsoft dont push it to death as a media center/settop box over the gaming side of things like they have with the 360 since kinect, dont get me wrong im all for the media center thing but not at the expense of good platform exclusives which sony have way outnumbered microsoft on since the arrival of kinect so im just haoping they have something more than prettier,shinier halo,gears and forza and some new franchises as if not im not touching it at launch Reply +22
  • Xbox Live TV streaming coming soon?

  • kngbn79 10/03/2011

    ive just traded my 360 because of the lack of 1st party games announced for this year, i might have kept it if microsoft actually spent their time and money on more 1st party exclusives rather than this crap. Reply 0
  • MotorStorm: Apocalypse

  • kngbn79 09/03/2011

    by the way theres a demo on the ps store today : Reply +2
  • UK shops begin taking 3DS pre-orders

  • kngbn79 12/01/2011

    that has to be a placeholder price, nintendo would be stupid to price it any higher than £200 at launch. having said that as long as it comes in at £200 or under i will be preordering 1 but just hope the launch line up has better games than the jap 1 Reply +1
  • Three massive PSN demos today

  • kngbn79 22/12/2010

    @markitron dont know why the ME3 demo took so long to install mate, ive just installed it and took me 5-10 mins, oh and am loving the LBP2 demo, cant wait for that Reply +2