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  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • jonbwfc 17/10/2014

    This isn't the first mac with a 'retina' display. There's support already in the OS and most of the major apps. Reply +2
  • Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard

  • jonbwfc 14/10/2014

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat "if it makes the majority happy that most Crucible matches are going to become nothing more than a battle of who's best at hitting headshots with scout rifles"

    If someone can get lots of headshots with a scout rifle at the pace most people move around in the Crucible, they DESERVE to be winning matches.
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  • Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

  • jonbwfc 13/10/2014

    @bosseye You can improve your vanguard standing much more quickly by doing vanguard strike playlists once you hit level 20. Reply +1
  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • jonbwfc 09/10/2014

    @LittleMousy I've always assumed the special events rotate round in some way, so Iron Banner will be back again at some point (as will Queen's Wrath for example), so it's always worth accumulating points because you can add more 'next time round' and eventually get something useful from it.

    Anyone know if this is actually the case though?
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  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • jonbwfc 08/10/2014

    @Dynasty2021 Really? What would be 'almost all'? Those apart from the ones who decided not to comment on the social part of the game because it doesn't really work unless you have tons of people playing it, being, you know, SOCIAL, which they didn't have because they were reviewing it before it went 'live' to the public?

    So in other words all the reviews that were talking out their arse?
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  • Disney removes Tiny Death Star without telling the developer

  • jonbwfc 07/10/2014

    Reply +3
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • jonbwfc 01/10/2014

    Wow, someone bought EG a map at last. Reply -1
  • Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

  • jonbwfc 29/09/2014

    @BigDannyH The expansions are 20 quid each and you can buy the 'season pass' i.e. both for 35, so they're not asking for around 60-70 for them. Reply -3
  • BioWare's Shadow Realms is a pleasant surprise

  • jonbwfc 29/08/2014

    fast like Diablo but third-person, closer
    Err.. Diablo is third person, and always has been .
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  • Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

  • jonbwfc 20/08/2014

    The obvious question is this - is it a 40 game with a truck load of content being behind further paywalls again? Reply -29
  • Battlefield Hardline single-player debuts, new multiplayer modes revealed

  • jonbwfc 13/08/2014

    Payday showed how a difficult FPS genre like this could be done
    Quite so. The only thing this has over Payday is the engine. Other than that, from what I've seen so far, Payday did everything else better. And it's a what, three year old game by a small studio?
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  • Destiny's beta characters are being wiped

  • jonbwfc 11/08/2014

    @Cypher-Unknown I can see no reason to keep them, unless you particularly like listening to the opening screen music. Reply +4
  • Unsubscribe?

  • jonbwfc 02/08/2014

    Still, it's part of the new future of media we're all becoming resigned to
    Yes, because you've actually asked the consumers haven't you Martin? I mean more than the consumer who sits at the desk next to you? What? Really? Not even one?

    OK then.
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  • PlayStation 4 gets 3D Blu-Ray support next week

  • jonbwfc 29/07/2014

    Finally, you can now set your PS4 to automatically download "Featured Content" from the PlayStation Store while your console is on or in standby mode.
    Or I can keep my disk space and download limits for what I want to use them for i.e. sod off.
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  • Bungie reassures fans disappointed that Destiny only has one playable area per planet

  • jonbwfc 28/07/2014

    @General_Spiller There's a special edition with the first(?) two DLC packs included, yes. Whether that's all the DLC they make for it before 'Destiny 2', who knows... Reply +1
  • Bungie opens up Destiny beta to everyone

  • jonbwfc 25/07/2014

    @raheel9 - I didn't play it on PS3 but on PS4 there are certain missions and modes you need a PS+ sub to play but certain other bits you don't, so you can at least have a look at it if you like. Reply 0
  • You've got male

  • jonbwfc 19/07/2014

    @Moz 'let's not start that one again just because a company's staff aren't diverse doesn't make them racist or sexist unless you can provide evidence that they have hired people based on race or sex.'

    I don't see why the commentariat should give the writer a privilege - 'innocent until proven guilty' - that the writer has consistently failed to give to the commentariat in the past.
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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • jonbwfc 17/07/2014

    Tweet from Bungie suggests they're sending out all the emails for PS3 users then all the emails for PS4 users afterwards. I managed to get my codes off my profile before that website went down however PSN is completely boned, so they're not really much use as it stands. Reply 0
  • Kickstarter-funded Yogventures canned, backers given Steam key for another game instead

  • jonbwfc 17/07/2014

    @TarickStonefire You know the details, That's great. But the assumption that therefore everyone else must be equally as clued up on the details is idealistic at best. legislation has to deal with the general reality, not whatever one person thinks is the best case. It has to protect the average consumer and the average consumer patently doesn't know that or we wouldn't get things like this brewing up.

    And as for every page having the risk and issues listed, well, have a look at this for example, (the first thing on the kickstarter home page when I looked) then see how far down you have to scroll to get to that section and tell me whether that section covers possible risks with the project in a level of detail sufficient to be a legally valid contract.

    It's bunk, I'm sorry. The idea your average kickstarter page looks anything like an investment prospectus rather than a product description page on a retail web site is bordering on wilfully disingenuous. It just doesn't.
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  • jonbwfc 17/07/2014

    @TarickStonefire 'Kickstarter is not a shop. It's not a pre-order service. If a project gets funded but fails, that's the risk you took.'

    That's all very well, but it doesn't present itself like that. It presents itself as a list of products or services (even though in fact they're all potential products or services). It (IMO intentionally) de-emphasises the risks involved by emphasising supply of the results. The vast majority of kickstarters are 'give me money, get thing', not 'give me money to develop my company'. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can't really then just say to people 'what, you didn't know it was a dog?'

    And as has been pointed out, the kickstarter met it's target. It's creators are therefore contractually obliged to provide the stated benefits or provide a refund. That sounds to me an awful lot more like a purchase transaction than an investment.
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  • If Star Citizen hits $50m its developers will create alien languages

  • jonbwfc 16/07/2014

    @blarty "Hmm. how about, 'if we hit $50m we'll hire more developers so we can get it finished quicker'.....;"
    While I appreciate the sentiment, it actually doesn't work that way. Have you ever read 'The Mythical Man-Month?'
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  • MSI Nightblade review

  • jonbwfc 22/06/2014

    If that 'invaded' my living room, my other half would invade it right out again the first time I left the house. Until 'living room PCs' actually look like they fit in a living room rather than a workshop - seriously, that thing looks just like a UPS - they're not going to invade the living room of anyone who isn't a single bloke.

    How can you describe anything that's got a massive red light on the front of it as 'discrete'???
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  • Watch Dogs is the biggest new IP launch in the UK ever

  • jonbwfc 02/06/2014

    I think that says something about the games industry. It, to me, says it launches BIG new IPs much less often than it used to. Look at what else was there - Wolfenstein and Mario Kart; two great games but two franchises that are as old as the hills. There are still great games, but there's precious little genuinely new stuff at the top end. Reply +13
  • Why PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 was delayed to early 2015

  • jonbwfc 27/05/2014

    Just thinking about the 'who has the best exclusives left for this year' question; might it not be best to wait until after E3, which is only like the week after next after all, to consider that? I think it's pretty reasonable to assume we'll know all parties full Christmas lineups by the end of that. Or if we don't, we can assume there's trouble at t' mill. Reply +1
  • Richard Garfield: King of the cards

  • jonbwfc 25/05/2014

    Sod M:TG, he's the man who designed Netrunner. That's the greatest CCG ever invented, by a country mile. Reply +5
  • Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, Vita editions due in August

  • jonbwfc 22/05/2014

    @Limeylicious I assume they're thinking if you buy Minecraft PS4, you can just use remote play on the Vita to play it anyway... Reply -1
  • Evolution addresses DriveClub micro-transactions concern

  • jonbwfc 22/05/2014

    @kraigmorgasm heh. Fair enough :) Reply 0
  • jonbwfc 22/05/2014

    @kraigmorgasm " Sacrificing the frame rate in a driving game so you can have pretty looking spectators is fucking idiotic"

    No, it isn't. It depends on what you want to achieve. If you're going for the most frames per second, yes. If you're going for the most photo-realistic presentation possible to maximise your player's sense of immersion, no. It all depends exactly what your design goals are.

    The thing I first noticed in the last DriveClub trailer wasn't the framerate, it was the fact that when driving through a set of forested mountains the parallax effect was accurate down to individual trees. That kind of stuff matters if immersion is what you're after.
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  • Amazon Fire TV review

  • jonbwfc 04/05/2014

    @StooMonster 'One of the interesting outcomes of Amazon Fire TV is that it appears to have forced Apple to delay the release of their updated Apple TV.'

    Yes of course it has. Because of all the journalists, bloggers, analysts and whatever else, the one person outside Apple who knows exactly what they were planning to do, is you.
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  • Looks like Google is planning an Android TV

  • jonbwfc 07/04/2014

    what, AGAIN? Reply +15
  • The numbers game

  • jonbwfc 05/04/2014

    Spoiler alert: that's all scores are. Unconnected data. There's no great objective truth behind the number at the end of a review
    So why not stop using them then?
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • jonbwfc 26/03/2014

    @TheTick - they took exactly the same risk any 'investor' does - that their money would disappear up in smoke in one way or another. What they haven't got in the rewards a 'normal' investor would get. Hypothetical case; the money they put in had actually been 'normal' capital. If we say each OR headset was $300 and that effectively represents a 0.1% share of the 'value' of OR at initial funding, each 'investor' would be worth $30m at this point. Even if their Kickstarter 'investment' was a total of 10% of OR's initial capital, they'd all be millionaires. As it is they've got a $300 VR headset and a company that you can assume is going to pretty much change what it promised to do when it took their money.

    TL;DR version - Kickstarter backers are not 'investors' because they get no stake. They (in almost all cases) get a product in a box. They are customers, it's just that Kickstarter describes them as investors to get round it's obligations under consumer rights legislation.
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' launch "will be fine"

  • jonbwfc 24/03/2014

    I wonder if Blizzard would actually be willing to make a bet that everything goes smoothly. I think we'd see the end of this bluster fairly quickly. Reply 0
  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • jonbwfc 24/03/2014

    @beroscoe Apple's EU headquarters is in Ireland, so this sounds feasible. Reply +3
  • jonbwfc 24/03/2014

    @edhe Has there been anything to say that an independent Scotland wouldn't keep the given change? Reply +9
  • Reality Crumbles: Whatever happened to VR?

  • jonbwfc 23/03/2014

    With all due respect, on the updated top line, we don't actually know if VR has come 'roaring back' yet or not. Pretty much all we've got is hype. Some developers have bought Oculus Rift work-in-progress models and nobody outside Sony has had much hands on Morpheus yet. And, crucially, neither has been available in the shops for the public at large to express an opinion on by, you know, handing over money for them. We still don't know if either device actually has the widespread appeal to approach anything like mainstream use.

    Until/Unless one of them breaks out of the slightly niche arena of enthusiasts and developers, we can't really call this generation of VR a success. There were a heck of a lot of people inside the industry who were quite enthusiastic about 3D after all, and look where that got us.

    They may be a success, they may not. I have to be honest, I genuinely have no 'feel' as to whether people en masse will buy into VR or not. But if Damien turned out be a bit premature in lamenting it's demise two years ago, you're being a equally premature trumpeting it's resurgence now.
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  • How does Project Morpheus compare to Oculus Rift?

  • jonbwfc 20/03/2014

    @phAge I'd like an explanation for this too. One of the problems with Move (and it seems to me Morpheus uses very similar mechanics for it's motion tracking, hence the blue lights) is if you put the controller behind your back, the PS3 lost track of it. Reply +2
  • jonbwfc 20/03/2014

    @spessu_sb Neither product is 'revolutionary'. we've had VR goggles that do what both products do for the best part of half a century. What they've done is use recent other actual technological breakthroughs - small high resolution LCD screens, ultra-cheap motion sensing switches - to bring the cost of such devices down from several thousand pounds to several hundred pounds.

    The fans of the OR seem intent on depicting it (and tbf, Sony will probably try the same thing at some point) as some never-before-seen technological leap. It really, really isn't. Neither of them are.
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  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • jonbwfc 19/03/2014

    @freethinker101 Err.. Despite what some people might have you believe, it's Eurogamer that write the reviews, not Sony. Reply +4
  • jonbwfc 19/03/2014

    @furious_george So Oculus have a product which they let developers have but isn't on sale yet and that's a 'working product', whereas Sony have a product that they they let developers have but isn't on sale yet and that's a 'prototype'. Right.

    As of right now, I can't buy either. That makes the pretty much the same to me. Until one or other of them ships, neither is better than the other.
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  • Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • jonbwfc 07/03/2014

    @GavinUK86 "the "hey" sounded like it was ripped right out of firestarter."
    which in turn was ripped right out of 'Close (to the Edit)' by The Art Of Noise..

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  • Billy Goats Gruff! Goat Simulator has a release date

  • jonbwfc 04/03/2014

    I do hope there'll be a trailer with lots of dubstep. Reply +5
  • How World of Warcraft plans to welcome you back

  • jonbwfc 26/02/2014

    But the cumulative effect for the person who perhaps hasn't played in a few years or for a few expansions, then comes back and no longer recognises fundamental elements of the game - such as the class they played as
    This. I was out of WoW for about... two years maybe? then played a bit of Hearthstone and decided it was worth a few quid to pop back in and see where things were at. I play as a warlock, and when I logged in I had no clue at all as to what was going on. My config had gone, the skill tree had split in three, I couldn't do a lot of the things I used to, there were different mechanisms behind managing half the skills... In the interim they'd pretty much changed the way the warlock worked from the ground up. I was utterly befuddled.
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  • Capcom addresses concern over lack of female characters in Deep Down

  • jonbwfc 19/02/2014

    Well, they're all wearing full armour so it's hard to be sure but I guess for some reason a dungeon-crawler has a story that justifies all these guys going for a wander to kill dragons. Maybe it's a stag or they're doing some male bonding after difficult break-ups?
    Or maybe, if you're going into a dungeon to kill a dragon, the person you want next to you is the person who is strongest, fastest, can do the most damage with a sword and is most likely to be able to take a hit and keep fighting by your side? Because all of those things increase the chances of you coming back alive? That's very, very much more likely to be a man. Biology says hi. To say otherwise is to deny the obvious. You're allowed to do that in a story, but it's your choice if you do, not some journalist's.

    If you're making a game set in modern reality or the future I think having a choice of gender in your protagonist is valid and in fact preferable. If you want a choice of protagonist gender, tell a story where a choice of protagonist gender makes sense. Don't try to cram a choice into a story where it doesn't.
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  • Flight of the Kondor: Sky Rogue's dogfighting glory

  • jonbwfc 17/02/2014

    @octo There's one on the guy's website at Reply 0
  • The Heavenly Sword movie is out soon - and here's a new trailer

  • jonbwfc 10/02/2014

    I assume the film will be without the signature groin bisecting finishing move? Reply +2
  • PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 review

  • jonbwfc 07/02/2014

    Can't believe we've got someone asking for Vita game recommendations and nobody's mentioned Tearaway. It's one of the best games on the thing and it was only out a couple of months ago.

    *shakes head ruefully*.
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  • Battlefield 4: disaster report

  • jonbwfc 03/02/2014

    @PlugMonkey It becomes lame and apologist when the writer is ascribing blame to the community as a whole, thus apparently removing any responsibility from the people whose fault it actually is, i.e. those people making and releasing obviously defective unfinished products to meet a sales deadline hoping they'll get away with it.

    They get away with it only because of the attitude Jon Denton is espousing. 'Oh, we do it to ourselves by buying this stuff'. No we bloody well don't. They do it to us, and the very fact this article has been posted suggests there's a groundswell of opinion that simply won't take the games industry doing it to them any more. Look at the amount of sheer grief EA are getting over BF4 and SimCity. If 'we' were a homogenous mass of gamers who all act the same way, would this be happening? No.

    Jon's attitude is his own, although it does seem to be frighteningly common within the professional gaming press. 'Take what you're given, if you don't like it it's your own fault, if you trusted our review well we did the best we could..' He apparently thinks that but by using the 'we' pronoun he ascribes that attitude to me and every other reader of the article. I never gave him permission to do that, he doesn't speak for me. He says exactly the opposite of what I think.
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  • jonbwfc 03/02/2014

    @PlugMonkey I don't disagree with your argument about 'gamers in general', but I simply refuse to be part of that collective group. Therefore 'we' in my case is 'they'. I simply don't buy buggy, unfinished software. I didn't buy BF4 or SimCity and I haven't bought the two games you reference. So I can safely disavow myself from the lame apologist tone of the statement in the article. Reply 0
  • Controversy over Bluetooth ZX Spectrum keyboard

  • jonbwfc 03/02/2014

    @photoboy You might struggle. Under the Kickstarter T&C, you haven't 'purchased' anything, you've 'invested' in something. So you don't have the same guarantees. If the whole thing turns out to be scam maybe you have some redress with Kickstarter but you CC company probably won't think much of it. Reply +1