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  • There's a new Kinect game

  • jonbwfc 13/05/2016

    It seems a little bit frightening. Reply +9
  • Everything the Assassin's Creed movie trailer tells us

  • jonbwfc 12/05/2016

    Um. Isn't the first scene a pretty much direct lift from Luc Besson's 'Nikita'? Reply +3
  • Eurogamer is hiring again!

  • jonbwfc 22/04/2016

    That's possibly the worst use of 'executive' in a job title I've ever seen. Reply +2
  • Destiny's April update welcomes back lapsed players, for now

  • jonbwfc 19/04/2016

    @Killerbee I enjoyed returning, but it took me barely 3 hours to rinse through all the new content, meaning I'm back to the loot and light level grind.'

    'me too'. Went in, played the strike, mucked about with the neon colour armour thing for a while. Then realised the only 'new' thing was that PoE now has taken in it and a few items I already have now exist with better arbitrary mechanical numbers on them.

    A few new pieces of armour. That's the actual new content in this update. All of it. The infusion change is nice, but it's patently how it should have been in the first place. So basically a couple of hours and I'm done with Destiny again.

    And to make things worse, the new stuff is most easily acquired... by just paying actual cash for it.

    This new update definitely doesn't deserve the amount of press it's getting. In most games it would be a simple patch with a .1 version number increment. It's the kind of thing a few people could do in a week, yet this is all Bungie can offer for effectively a couple of month's work for the whole company??

    Destiny is done until they actually put some effort into doing something new with it.
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  • Watch the final moments of packed pirate World of Warcraft servers Nostalrius

  • jonbwfc 13/04/2016

    @Stan546 'I feel the current level of interest in vanilla WoW is sufficient to say if they offered the servers people would pay. If we say only 10% of the 150,000 pay, 15,000, that still generates 120,000 (8 subscription fee) for offering something two chaps managed to do for free for a year. '

    Your numbers are entirely hypothetical. We don't know how many people would pay for an official vanilla WoW server because that situation has never even looked vaguely like happening.

    There are any number of examples of times when loads of people said 'If you do this we'll pay you' on the internet and when the company involved said 'OK, give us the money then' all you could hear were crickets. Equally there have been times when such things have ended up massively over-funded but I wouldn't think any big company would bother with that risk for that reward, frankly.

    In the end though, this is irrelevant. It's irrelevant whether Blizzard could run a vanilla server or not because they have consistently said they have no intention of doing so.

    It's never going to happen. The people who formed the community on the server have every right to feel sad that that environment is no longer available. But they have no right to demand Blizzard provide an alternative one for them and if they had any sense they should have known they were on borrowed time.
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  • jonbwfc 13/04/2016

    @Stan546 'people preferred the old game and would pay to play the old version of the game'
    There's no conclusive evidence of that

    '(They paid originally after all)'
    The article doesn't say so either way. It's very possible a large portion of the people playing have never paid Blizzard a penny. You can download the WoW client for free after all. And in any case what they did in the past is irrelevant - according to the article, most of them aren't paying *now* and therefore Blizzard has no reason to support them.

    ' the reason they are not paying customers now is because Blizzard doesn't offer them the ability to pay.'
    No, the reason they aren't paying customers is because they don't want to play the game Blizzard is currently offering, or they'd be playing standard WoW on Blizzard's servers. Either that ro they just don't want to pay at all. And that's fine. Many other games are available. What they don't have a right to do is use Blizzard's IP for free without permission, just because they're not getting exactly what they want.

    'Surely running two classic servers would make sense? I'd definitely go back to finish off the raids I never completed.'
    I can't argue with that, but Blizzard obviously don't think so, and it's their opinion that counts.

    here is the FUNDAMENTAL point. WoW is Blizzard's property. They can do with it what they wish. They can change it how they wish. If they change it in a way you don't like, you are free to stop giving them money and walk away. You are not free to say 'well I'm going to use it as I like how I like and I'm not going to pay for it'.

    Them's the rules. if you don't like them, tough.
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  • jonbwfc 12/04/2016

    @mega-gazz 'shitting their pants over private servers allowing people to play for free.'

    Commercial entity gets upset at someone else giving away it's property for free! world shocked!

    'they are not giving fans and customers what they want'
    As the article states, the majority of them are not customers. And therefore Blizzard has no reason to give them anything.

    'In the end it's just very disappointing that I can't play the game that I had so many good times with, it having been replaced by a more modern looking but shallower version.'

    Ah, it all becomes clear....
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  • jonbwfc 12/04/2016

    @Duvetlord As the article says "It's also worth remembering that you didn't have to be a paid WOW subscriber in order to play on the Nostalrius servers although some people were."

    Blizzard have no stake in being nice to those people at all. They're going to (continue to be) ignored.
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  • Overwatch's Tracer has a new pose

  • jonbwfc 06/04/2016

    @Brave27heart I'm not entirely sure a brand new franchise from one of the biggest and most well-regarded developers in the world NEEDS to drum up attention frankly. Overwatch had a massive media presence well before buttgate. Reply +5
  • PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

  • jonbwfc 29/03/2016

    Hmm.. aside from the value or not of the Ps4.5 as a product...

    PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

    The rumoured PlayStation 4.5 - or PS4K as it's been codenamed - will allegedly be revealed before the PlayStation VR's launch in October
    That's a pretty big difference between the headline and the article there Jeff. From definitive to 'alleged' in two sentences. And no saying 'well it's a quote from somewhere else' - the headline is all EG's doing.

    You don't have to be The Daily Mail of gaming, y'know.
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  • Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit is the UK's next video game TV show

  • jonbwfc 21/03/2016

    @abeeken '(Aleks Krotoski, Emily Booth and... the other one...)'

    Emily Newton-Dunn. Works for EA these days IIRC.
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  • PlayStation TV has been phased out in Japan

  • jonbwfc 29/02/2016

    'The report also noted that Sony won't be promoting the PlayStation TV brand outside of the country.'

    Did they ever?
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  • Watch: The Division's loot is cool and boring all at once

  • jonbwfc 23/02/2016

    I think your distinction about which drops are interesting and which are boring seem pretty arbitrary. A drop that adds 3% to your primary gun's damage is boring, whereas a drop that adds 3% to the damage of an optional sticky grenade is interesting? I'm not sure I see the difference. Reply +5
  • Alexis Kennedy on: Redemption

  • jonbwfc 13/02/2016

    I have to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what point the writer is trying to make here. If any. Reply +1
  • The Eurogamer Podcast

  • jonbwfc 02/02/2016

    Was that a stealthy 'The Matrix' quote from Aoife?

    Also the whole 'Division extraction point mexican standoff' thing may be interesting and exciting the first time but the 50th time someone dumps an hour of your game time down the bog it's going to be a massive pain in the arse. The problem with making a system where people are allowed to be dicks is... a lot of people actually are dicks. I still remember one of EG's more bizarre articles where they interviewed a bunch of self-proclaimed griefers and tried to sell them as being somehow harmless and amusing. The comment thread there was on the vociferously critical side, even for EG.
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  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • jonbwfc 23/01/2016

    Given the effect of the SSD looks quite variable, how about a further article where you do less in depth tests but with a much larger selection of games? Reply +2
  • Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann on why Uncharted has to end

  • jonbwfc 20/01/2016

    I hope they do properly finish it. All great stories need a great ending. Nathan Drake's story may not have been the most original one ever told but it remains one of gaming's great adventures. It would be such a shame to close on a sour note of some sort. Reply +2
  • jonbwfc 20/01/2016

    @MrPomeroy 'Just look at her. Feelers are off the charts!'

    I'm not sure that means what you intended it to mean :D
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  • The Witness costs 29.99, pre-orders now live

  • jonbwfc 20/01/2016

    Not available on the playstation shop to order yet. I am surprise. Reply +1
  • Is your PC really VR-ready?

  • jonbwfc 15/01/2016

    Betteridge's Law Reply 0
  • Finally, tide turns in war with PC game crackers

  • jonbwfc 08/01/2016

    @Tuco No, No no.. One at a time..

    - Piracy keeps indirectly prices in check.
    No. Pirates aren't paying anyway, so they have no influence on price. The logic 'if we make it cheaper they'll pay rather than get it for free' is so patently absurd as to not be worth talking about.

    - Piracy discourages abusive anti-customer practices.
    No. Pirates aren't consumers. The industry doesn't give a flying fig what they think because they aren't giving it any money anyway. What discourages anti-consumer practices? Consumers complaining. People getting refunds (*cough*batman*cough*). peopel going elsewhere for their stuff.

    The notion 'if we treat them badly they'll pirate it' is childish at best. If a company treats a consumer badly in a industry where pirating is physically impossible, the consumer either stops buying the thing or goes to an alternative supplier and then the company will have to pay attention. That can happen in games if piracy is zero just as easily as if it isn't.

    - Piracy allows people who could never afford to purchase legit stuff anyway to be at least marginally part of the cultural impact of media in many forms (literacy, music, movies and tv, games, etc)
    No. You have no way to measure what the 'cultural impact' of anything is and therefore no idea whether not having access to it has any cultural effect at all. Aside from the fact there is plenty of free stuff in each of the categories you mention anyway. And call me weird, but I'm not sure FIFA 16 is changing our culture to any degree at all.

    - Related to the last point, piracy create future customers in people who can't afford media but will be able to someday.
    No, because never in the history of humanity have people gone from getting something for free to paying for it willingly. People who grow up pirating games will just carry on pirating games.

    You can use those arguments to justify piracy to yourself if you like, but please don't try and convince the rest of us they're at all valid.
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  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • jonbwfc 08/01/2016

    @Big-Swiss That was my immediate thought too. Question to the peopel saying 'He's made a business, fair enough' - is there any evidence in the article he has? As far as I can tell, he's giving away pretty much everything he's producing? There doesn't seem to be anything in the article saying he's making a living doing it. So far he seems to be marketing a 'brand' in the hope of making money from it in the future, but nothing that suggests he actually is.

    And of course, EG have just given him advertising for free... assuming it was free.
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • jonbwfc 23/12/2015

    @MattEvansC3 well you'd struggle because Game won't be open on Christmas day, hardly any shops are. You could go to Game on Boxing day, or you could order from Amazon on christmas day with next day delivery, probably still for less money (definitely less if you have Amazon prime). The one caveat may be whether Amazon have stock in house or not.

    Or you could go to a supermarket on Boxing day and, again, get it cheaper.

    There really is no good reason to use Game these days. No good reason at all.
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  • jonbwfc 23/12/2015

    @Sildur 'GAME continue to rely on the ignorance of parents who will go straight to their store and pay a premium rather than look around for better deals.

    Well maybe that's finally changed and kids are informing their parents of better places to buy games.'

    Maybe the parents are now the gamers who were the first generation of kids to figure out that Game was a ripoff. You'd only have t be in your late 20's... Game's business model maybe had a limited lifespan anyway...
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  • Elder Scrolls Online Irish customer service office closed and 300 jobs lost - report

  • jonbwfc 19/12/2015

    @Bowzer43 That statement does nothing to prove or disprove the paper's report. It says they laid 50 people off in August but doesn't mention recent changes at all.

    So it's rather like me asking you if you posted on Eurogamer this morning and you reply 'I posted on Eurogamer last week'. It may well be a true and accurate answer, but it's irrelevant.

    You have to point out that if there had been no recent changes they could simply have said so but they didn't. It doesn't prove there have been, but it's somewhat suspicious.
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  • PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote live report

  • jonbwfc 05/12/2015

    Hob looks kind of interesting. Reply 0
  • jonbwfc 05/12/2015

    Destiny Wipeout. Just makes the fact we don't get actual wipeout that much harder. Reply 0
  • jonbwfc 05/12/2015

    VR crazy taxi with zombies??? Reply 0
  • jonbwfc 05/12/2015

    REZ! REZ! REZ! Reply 0
  • Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

  • jonbwfc 05/12/2015

    @Cyber6 'Well if it can start a controversy then I think that sort of proves it's interesting enough to publish.'

    No, it really isn't. You can start a controversy over things that are entirely trivial, as in fact this is a perfect example of.

    An article about the portrayal cultural diversity in gaming would in fact be interesting. But that would require research, thought, time, effort and money. An article that is basically 'Look, this minor character's skin colour has changed in a retooled version of this game. I hope that's not RACISM' is about as interesting as a blank sheet of paper.
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  • Watch: Chris teaches Aoife how to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • jonbwfc 01/12/2015

    I didn't realise Aoife was so sweary :D Reply +3
  • Rainbow Six: Siege open beta delayed

  • jonbwfc 25/11/2015

    @Blackmarsh63 "Better late than "oh we'll release it anyway and maybe patch it at some point""
    Er. They haven't delayed the release. At least not yet. I think the chances of it launching in a state that's actually not fully fit for a public beta is roughly 50/50.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • jonbwfc 21/11/2015

    I find Aoife's claim 'remakes are OK because right now there's nothing to play' utterly bizarre. We've just had two of the biggest releases of the year in the last fortnight. Maybe as a games journalist you get bored of a game inside a week, but the idea people are sat around in such a fug of boredom they should be happy with by-the-numbers rereleases is just.. bonkers. Reply +27
  • Street Fighter 5 sparks "censorship" debate

  • jonbwfc 10/11/2015

    You know how we're trying to get rid of the whole 'hardcore gamers are misogynist 13 year old boys' thing? How we keep having to say that it's an unrealistic stereotype? This isn't helping. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is the UK's number one game

  • jonbwfc 26/10/2015

    Impressed with Lego Dimensions being at no. 6 with the ludicrous pricetag it's got.

    (That is to say I'm entirely unimpressed. You idiots).
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  • Watch: When should we review games?

  • jonbwfc 24/10/2015

    The most obvious answer to the question is surely 'before they're on the shop self'. Anything after that is secondary. Reply +32
  • Watch: Hands-on with the Steam controller

  • jonbwfc 17/10/2015

    I have a games PC and a Mac for everything else. Bought both the controller and the Steam link streaming box. Both PC & Mac have Steam installed - there are some games the Mac will do and that are cross-buy so why not? Had an email from Vale this morning which said effectively

    "We're really sorry, the steam link and steam controller don't work with Macs yet. We're working on it. If you want to send the kit back for a refund email this address, we'll arrange to pick it up and refund your purchase. Whether you send back or not, here's a free licence for every game Valve have published and also a free licence for any game we may publish in the future."

    As it happens I don't plan to send it back as it'd still work with my games PC but well done for the way they've dealt with it, basically. Compare and contrast with some other publishers who ship out products that don't work properly day one..
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  • Uncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

  • jonbwfc 09/10/2015

    Fantasic piece @Oli.

    I wish more classic games had this kind of longer term considered analysis of their influence on the medium. We've had games for 40 years now, it's big enough and mature enough for a journalist to trace & present interesting progressions like this. Have the HALO games humanised their hero, or the reverse? Are the COD games becoming more desensitised to their own and the real world's violence over time?

    There are 'several 'bodies of work' that could stand that.
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  • PS1 at 20: The making of WipEout

  • jonbwfc 29/09/2015

    @StooMonster I've still got one of those flyers. And the one they had to withdraw that implied WipEout gave you a nosebleed :D Reply 0
  • Bungie stamps out Destiny's Three of Coins exotic engram exploit

  • jonbwfc 25/09/2015

    @FuzzyDuck No, not usually. But there's always a lot around the time a new expansion comes out. I think outside that it's about one patch every couple of months.

    Of course that could still be every time someone boots the thing up :D.
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  • Video: The highs and lows of Tokyo Game Show 2015

  • jonbwfc 21/09/2015

    Look, OK, I know video is a thing now. But really? This would have been perfectly fine as a text article those of us who at the time don't want to stream a video could still read. Knock yourselves out, have BOTH. Reply +29
  • UK chart: Super Mario Maker 2nd, Tearaway Unfolded 33rd

  • jonbwfc 14/09/2015

    Obvious (and possibly stupid) question : Do these charts include sales on PSN & XBL? Tearaway Unfolded looks like the kind of game people would buy digitally rather than via a physical release. Reply +4
  • Alexis Kennedy on: The Labyrinth

  • jonbwfc 12/09/2015

    @gooner77 do what? Reply +3
  • Video: Metal Gear's storyline explained just in time for Metal Gear Solid 5

  • jonbwfc 22/08/2015

    Well done for even attempting to rationalise something they patently pretty much made up as they went along. Reply +1
  • Chinese console crowdfunding project manages to rip off PS4 and Xbox One

  • jonbwfc 17/08/2015

    Reply +1
  • Video: Where's the hype for these huge games?

  • jonbwfc 13/08/2015

    People not being engaged by the hype must be somewhat worrying for a website that pretty much relies on the advertising revenue generated from people clicking on articles designed to feed that hype. So I can imagine this is something that's bothering you guys.

    Sadly, I see no particular reason why the consumer should join you.

    People seem to have figured out that you don't need to buy a game on release day, in fact doing so often leaves you open to all sorts of inconvenience due to the industry's patent lack of interest in shipping fully functional products. Therefore previews and etc are entirely superfluous - there'll be plenty of footage and opinion online when the game hits the streets, and it will be accurate to the game we can actually buy and play. No punches pulled, no stone unturned.

    If you want to continue to get the clicks and views you need to survive, maybe in the long term it's as much in your interests for the industry to produce products that justify the anticipation and early purchase as it is in the consumer's interest.

    Maybe you should consider who your friends really are?
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  • There's a new Warhammer 40K game coming this autumn

  • jonbwfc 13/08/2015

    There's a new Warhammer 40K game ...
    Well that's the least surprising headline this year so far.
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  • 450 Halo 5 Pink Mist Edition has an actual Needler gun

  • jonbwfc 04/08/2015

    a Halo 5 special edition that includes an actual Needler gun
    It kind of doesn't though, does it?
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  • Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

  • jonbwfc 04/08/2015

    The crazy bit isn't that they hired Dinklage and that they're now replacing him with North, it's that they hired Claudia Black - Claudia Freaking Black - and got her to voice a character that has about four lines and who you never, ever actually need to talk to. What the heck was that about? Reply +2
  • PS4 keyboard / mouse controller replicates PC FPS-style gaming

  • jonbwfc 27/07/2015

    87? For a cheap mouse and half a keyboard? I sincerely hope each one ships with a complementary slap round the face. Reply +1