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  • Why the people behind crowdfunded Camelot Unchained won't sell spaceships or castles

  • jonbwfc 19/01/2018

    "It hurt my bank account a lot because I wasn't a billionaire or super-rich by any standard"

    He had $2million to hand in his bank account, that makes him super-rich by most people's standard. However surely the pertinent question is how much money he had left afterwards. If he still had $2million in his bank account, he's still made for life. If he had $200, then massive respect.

    Mind you, getting cancer in the US? That's going to get really expensive really quickly. In his shoes I'd have said 'screw the game, pay the medical bill'.

    So basically fair does. They do need to deliver something at some point though...

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  • Twitch inks deal to broadcast exclusive content from top Disney YouTubers

  • jonbwfc 19/01/2018

    I assume they'll have 'no streaming from known suicide spots' in their contracts... Reply +9
  • Nintendo Labo: the internet reacts

  • jonbwfc 18/01/2018

    @jetsetwillie "It’s amazing how you can put a joycon in a cardboard box and it becomes a piano. Very clever!"

    They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they never stopped to ask if they should

    15 quid less for an ACTUAL piano keyboard you can, you know, learn the basics of playing the piano on, rather than something someone can play chopsticks on but isn't actually going to help anyone do anything constructive, if you'll excuse the pun.

    It's a fine technical achievement agreed, but it's usefulness in the real world is questionable at best. Some of the stuff in the variety pack looks interesting but some of it comes across very much as 'this will be cool and then people will get bored of it in about five minutes'.

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  • Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo, a bizarre new interactive cardboard toy line

  • jonbwfc 18/01/2018

    there are drivable motorbikes
    Yeah. No.
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  • Unity's latest interactive demo is an impressive technical showcase

  • jonbwfc 17/01/2018

    Makes more sense than the last 'Dead Rising' trailer anyway... Reply 0
  • Third series of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV show begins February

  • jonbwfc 12/01/2018

    I read somewhere that the bits they use for filming means there’s significant (like a second) lag between the celeb pressing a button and it showing up on the big screen. If that’s true, I think it may be unfair to judge any of the player’s gaming prowess from it. Reply +1
  • Overwatch, Pokémon dominated Pornhub's most popular game characters of 2017

  • jonbwfc 11/01/2018

    Well, this might bring you a very unexpected result if you say "Alexa, play 'Play Misty For Me'" Reply +1
  • Sting to star in American folklore game Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

  • jonbwfc 11/01/2018

    I hope this rocks, Anne. Reply +2
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 50-41

  • jonbwfc 26/12/2017

    Well this can only end brilliantly. Reply +29
  • DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company is now available on EA Access

  • jonbwfc 22/12/2017

    Still one of the best video game trailers ever.

    "I though he was, you know, embedded."
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  • The truth about GodMode, the "World's First Brain Booster for Gamers"

  • jonbwfc 16/12/2017

    @_TheDarkSide_ It's actually legitimately recognised effect, would you believe. I'm a competition archer, and alcohol is a prohibited substance in our sport. There's lots of evidence to show a small amount of alcohol in your system improves performance.

    To amuse all the Mitchell & Webb fans, the best effect is apparently at just less that two pint's worth..
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  • Jelly Deals: Bayonetta 2 Special Edition up for pre-order

  • jonbwfc 13/12/2017

    @varsas According to wikipedia it was announced in 2012 and released in 2014. Admittedly that makes how 'old' it is a bit ambiguous, but it doesn't change the fact it's a previous generation game they're charging 'brand new game' price for. Reply 0
  • jonbwfc 12/12/2017

    50 quid even for the 'standard' edition of a five year old game (and a digital code for an eight year old game)? Really?

    I was quite looking forward to it, but they can sod off at that price.
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  • PUBG performs badly on Xbox One - and X

  • jonbwfc 13/12/2017

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is - without question - the biggest game in the world right now
    Yeah, I kind of DO question that frankly.
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  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • jonbwfc 12/12/2017

    Every weapon is pants.
    Only a handful of weapons in the whole game feel powerful: Nameless Midnight, Origin Story, Better Devils, Uriel's Gift and maybe the only worthy exotic, the Merciless.
    Well, that depends what you're in PVE for though doesn't it? I love Borealis because makes a massive 'boom' when you pull the trigger and something all the way across the map reacts like it's been hit by a lorry. I love Wardcliff Coil because it's mental. I love Sunshot because the way things explode when you get a headshot.

    Are any of these things absolutely the optimal weapons to use in any given situation? Probably not no - as you say, Nameless Midnight or Merciless will probably get a slightly to somewhat higher DPS in any situation. But you only care about that if that's what you care about, if you see what I mean. If 'am I using the absolute best combination of things to complete this activity as quickly and efficiently as possible' is what you're primarly interested in then yes, your logic is correct. If you're in it for 'that guy's head just exploded and it set off a red barrel chain reaction that wiped out those eight other guys and MY GOD aren't I a badass!', then frankly the fact you're doing 10 DPS less than you might have been doesn't matter beans.

    Neither is the 'right' way to view a game, any game is best played how you want to play it. But the idea no gun other than the ones you mention serve a function simply because those specific guns represent the crosspoint on a multidimensional graph of data is a very single minded view of the world.

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  • Well, the good news is, Death Stranding is playable

  • jonbwfc 09/12/2017

    No-one's really sure what the trailer's about. Well, that's not true. Kojima, you presume, understands what it's all about.
    I think that’s an assumption we can’t necessarily make at this point. There seems to be quite a lot of ‘throwing mud at the wall’ about the trailers so far.
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  • Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

  • jonbwfc 07/12/2017

    @The_shlaaaag_returns "This is where Eurogamer should step in, hammer these greedy fuckpigs and hold them to account for their actions."

    Yeah, you really think they're going to give a crap? They shove Deej out, he fails to answer a few awkward questions - which is like his actual job - and in the background someone is seen carrying on shovelling money down a chute.

    I'm of the camp that thinks a lot of this stuff is massive 'storm in a teacup' material, but either way the idea they're going to care about a bit of unflattering press when they already have people's money is naive beyond the point of laughable.
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  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • jonbwfc 04/12/2017

    @GADG3Tx87 "And yes, I'm from the UK and consider our goverment to be about as useful as a candle in a solar eclipse."

    I share your opinion of our government, however a candle would actually be quite useful during a solar eclipse...
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  • Apple iPhone X review

  • jonbwfc 27/11/2017

    @ecco Because it was effing woeful, although possibly that's with a degree of hindsight. I had one, and compared to even the first iPhone it was tortuous to use.

    The new paradigm the iphone established wasn't 'a phone that was also a computer' it was 'a phone that was also a computer that didn't make you want to poke out your own eyeballs in frustration'.

    Now we have those by the bucketload, you have a wide choice of excellent smart smartphones to suit your needs

    But we don't put phones like that in the timeline of evolution of the smartphone for the same reason we don't put the Reliant Robin in the timeline of evolution of formula one cars.
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  • Destiny 2 may not be giving you as much XP as you think it is

  • jonbwfc 25/11/2017

    @ajent - that would work if you could use Bright dust to buy any item you might get in a bright engram. As it is Tess only has a subset for sale each week. If they changed that over that would be better. Reply -1
  • jonbwfc 25/11/2017

    @iucidium there is nothing you get in a bright engram that you actually need. You could play every game mode perfectly happily if you never even saw one. Reply -1
  • jonbwfc 24/11/2017

    @Feralsapien 'and being p2w'

    There is nothing about this that is P2W. Gear from bright engrams won't make you better/more powerful than anyone else. It may make you a bit shinier.

    The issue with 'throttling' of XP is interesting, but it has nothing to do with microtransactions. It maybe might bother people because it means their time spent is less valuable than they thought it was, which is fair enough, but if the logic really is 'I'm getting fewer bright engrams therefore I'm getting ripped off', then that's a bloody idiotic argument. Because bright engrams are actually worth nothing, either in game terms or in reality.
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  • A brief history of 2000AD's 8-bit games

  • jonbwfc 20/11/2017

    @Cordite "calling Halo Jones “relatively light-hearted and whimsical“ is surprising to say the least"

    Agreed. Wasn't one series of it basically a Vietnam war allegory set on a planet where the extreme gravity caused time distortion?

    yeah, "light-hearted and whimsical"
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  • Disney says free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes is shutting down

  • jonbwfc 16/11/2017

    'Have you ever ran a business? Or been so invested in the survival of a company?'
    Yes, I have, although recently, I've gone down another path. And in my case, it was the survival of myself as much as the company - if it had failed I'd have been on the streets. However when I ran that business I made sure the staff were treated fairly and not exploited. If you think doing 80 hour weeks and damaging your health for pay check ISN'T being exploited, whether they volunteered to d so or not, we have little to talk about.

    "There are a lot of c*nt executives in the world and in business especially, but there's nothing this exec said that isn't disingenuous. "
    I don't think you intended that to mean what it actually does mean, did you?
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  • jonbwfc 15/11/2017

    Marvel Heroes' former creative director, Jeff Donais, said that the layoffs "would definitely not be the fault of the internal men and women who actually worked on the game itself or served the customers [...] It was a real thing that people didn't see their families as much as they should, or sacrificed their health to work an 80-hour week when an important patch deadline was looming [...] The patch release schedule, especially when PC was the main focus, was aggressively insane."
    So, basically, “thanks for chucking your work/life balance in the bin, possibly making yourself ill or causing long term health issues, and for doing loads of voluntary overtime, here’s your P45.”

    Christ almighty. Even when video game executives are trying to be nice, they still come across like twats.
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  • LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

  • jonbwfc 02/11/2017

    Having played LA Noire when it first came out, I honestly don't think it's

    a) Worth the expense of buying MicroSD card (or a bigger one if you already have one)
    b) Downloading 14GB of stuff over wifi and using up half your internal storage space for it

    It's really, really not that good. Especially compared to some of the other stuff available on Switch. Buy Stardew Valley! It's a massively better game, takes up a fraction of the resources and costs a third of the money. Or spend an extra tenner on Mario Odyssey. Jeez.
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  • It took Nintendo Switch just six months to hit half the Wii U's lifetime sales

  • jonbwfc 30/10/2017

    'A few people have explained to me that the XBox and Playstation infrastructures provide certain QOL things that Nintendo don't have like party chat and the like, but I don't see these as deal breakers?'

    Simply put, I think quite a few people DO see those as deal breakers. There's a big difference between using a third party app for voice chat by choice and being forced to do so. Plus things like cloud saves are something people have come to rely on - although IIRC doesn't the latest switch firmware have something like that?

    I'm not sure they're deal breakers enough to stop people buying Switch entirely but they're certainly something people can legitimately point out as a shortcoming of Nintendo's online service, especially if they're still there once they start charging for it.
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  • Destiny 2 gets private matches early next year

  • jonbwfc 27/10/2017

    Dear God, just give me a way to manage the stuff in my vault, PLEASE. Reply +2
  • Ex-NeoGAF members band together to create new forum, ResetEra

  • jonbwfc 26/10/2017

    well-known faces such as Shinobi, Nibel, ZhugeEX and Emily Rogers.
    For a very specific definition of ‘well known’, anyway...
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

  • jonbwfc 22/10/2017

    @secombe pretty sure EG used to do this if somewhat infrequently. Reply +3
  • jonbwfc 22/10/2017

    Sadly, a few exploding units forced Samsung to issue a recall
    Yeah, I mean, it was only a few phones that exploded. Dunno why everyone made such a big deal of it frankly...
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  • The sad, slow death of Lego Dimensions

  • jonbwfc 18/10/2017

    Overpriced 'game to life' franchise based more around adult nostalgia than anything else fails to make long term impression? Shocked I am, shocked.

    Disney Infinity died a while ago and they had the Marvel and Star Wars licences for pity's sake. People actually thought this wouldn't go the same way pretty soon?
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  • A schism tears unofficial legacy World of Warcraft service Elysium apart

  • jonbwfc 18/10/2017

    @Rovient 'end up... partly tarnishing Blizzard's work and brand'

    I don't see how that holds in any way to be honest.
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  • Destiny 2's Monty Python emote pulled from sale

  • jonbwfc 16/10/2017

    Stop this emoting please. It is becoming silly.
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  • Shadow of War players are using tricks and cheats to combat loot boxes

  • jonbwfc 13/10/2017

    -5 points for not using a 'Here's a neat trick Orcs hate people knowing about...' headline. Reply +28
  • Officially licensed PS4 mini gamepad looks a bit like a Joy-Con

  • jonbwfc 12/10/2017

    Err.. so literally the only things that pad and the joycon have in common is they're quite small and one of the colour options is pink. Well done. Reply +25
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War review

  • jonbwfc 05/10/2017

    An aside : Can we please stop using the word 'sophomore' when referring to anything other than American college students? 'First' is a perfectly fine word that conveys the same meaning more than adequately and doesn't come across as a baffling piece of Americanisation and/or unnecessary pseudo-intellectualism. Reply +13
  • PlayStation VR getting updated headset

  • jonbwfc 02/10/2017

    @Mr_V on the version 1 PSVR, you plug your headphones into the inline remote which is about two foot along the cable from the headset. This makes cable tangle a bit of an issue. If with the version 2 you can plug your headphones directly into the headset that might reduce tangling somewhat. Reply 0
  • Blizzard launches mobile app for Android and iOS

  • jonbwfc 28/09/2017

    @hennagoinmad Er... don't you have to 'drag your corpse to the computer' (forsaken?) to actually PLAY the coop stuff with your pals anyway? I mean, I@m not saying it provides no information, it just doesn't seem on initial read that the information it provides is that useful... Reply 0
  • Destiny 2's factions arrive next week for a new in-game event

  • jonbwfc 22/09/2017

    @JiveHound Really? I've maxed out my Glimmer store (99.9K I think) and I've barely reached the endgame yet. What are you spending it on? Reply +1
  • iPhone X: Apple bets the future of smartphones on Kinect's failed tech

  • jonbwfc 14/09/2017

    @gorf 'Kidney for a phone'
    To be fair, I'm sure we all know people who would be more upset about losing their phone than losing a kidney.
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  • jonbwfc 14/09/2017

    @Robot_5 'um you can, are you daft, I do the pattern with one hand you fool.
    It's my thumb, I'm not standing on my head opening the phone with my nose.'

    Well obviously not, but then you're limited then by how far your thumb can move. So if you've got one of the larger phones your pattern would need to avoid the top third of the phone entirely, which makes it inherently less secure than it might be. I have roughly normal sized hands and I can't even reach the top third of a standard iPhone with my thumb, let alone an iPhone S or a Galaxy S.

    The idea swiping a pattern on a big phone using your thumb is, in terms of convenience or usability, equivalent to just putting your thumb on a certain place at the bottom the phone is, to put it bluntly, silly.

    This isn't about the iPhone specifcally though, I mean don't get me started on phones with fingerprint sensors on the back..
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  • jonbwfc 13/09/2017

    @reggy72 'In the early 90's I use to gawk at spending 1K on a car for gods sake.'
    OK, how much would spend on one in 2017? I don't think they had iPhones in the early 90's...
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  • jonbwfc 13/09/2017

    @Robot_5 Fair enough, but I can unlock an iPhone with a fingerprint reader while holding a coffee in the other hand. Can't do that with a pattern/PIN. Reply +1
  • jonbwfc 13/09/2017

    @furrykitty Presentation seems to suggest not. 'Identical' is a whole bag of rats though, even identical twins have differences that say their parents can spot even if no one else can. I suspect it's more exactly a case of 'if two people are identical enough, and identical twins are usually a whole lot more identical than people who aren't.'

    But then they wouldn't have had space to use the photo of evil twin Spock, which was frankly the best thing int he whole presentation.
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  • jonbwfc 13/09/2017

    @mrpon Interesting idea, but I suspect not. First of all Most of their waxworks aren't really that good likenesses :D and secondly in the presentation they banged on about 'attention' being required. I suspect they're looking for eye movement saccades or similar.

    In the presentation they had a quick image of a bunch of very realistic looking masks they'd made with a hollywood prosthetics artists that they claimed the system could tell from the actual person that had been modelled.

    (NOTE: Nobody outside Apple has seen this system in the real world yet, so it's actual accuracy and reliability is yet to be confirmed)
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  • Bungie removes "hate symbol" from Destiny 2

  • jonbwfc 13/09/2017

    @mrjoker129 I like the idea of an 'escape goat'. Like an escape capsule but more... goatey. Reply +7
  • How games often live in memory

  • jonbwfc 09/09/2017

    The one for me : I'd been playing a lot of Mirror's Edge, and as I was driving home from work one day I happened to look out across the city (Manchester in this case) and saw that all the massive cranes sticking out into the sky were exactly the shade of red used in the game to denote things you could run along. A very odd moment indeed. Reply +4
  • Absolver review

  • jonbwfc 30/08/2017

    @spamdangled @JiveHound It's not currently out for XBO. I don't know if it will be or not. Anyone? Reply 0
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is sixth PlayStation exclusive to top UK charts this year

  • jonbwfc 29/08/2017

    @Bertie No, Hellblade (at least so far) is digital only. IIRC Ninja Theory said that allowed them to get it out at a lower price point, which they thought was a good idea. Reply +2