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  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • javvyman 20/10/2014

    Great CV, sure she's already got something lined up.

    Never has the phrase not just a pretty face rang so true.
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  • Standalone Kinect for Xbox One release date set for October

  • javvyman 29/08/2014

    All out of stock at cex now Reply 0
  • Watch 17 minutes of MGS5: The Phantom Pain

  • javvyman 13/08/2014

    I for one have always wanted to make something defecate on my command in a video game. This is fan-service of the highest order, all in 1080p60 baby! Reply +17
  • Sniper Elite 3 review

  • javvyman 26/06/2014

    Wow that character model sure does get around doesn't it?

    Infamous 1 & 2, Fracture, Spec Ops... I thought Mario was in alot of games...
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  • Diablo 3 runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • javvyman 12/06/2014

    @Bertie I say this out of love for the site, coverage has been inconsistent.

    The Halo and Alien Isolation write-ups were brilliant, but outside of that, there have been maybe 5 light previews, and 2 opinion pieces. (OK missed the podcast, about to listen to it now, kudos!)

    Nontheless, the news coverage has been patchy, (nothing on no man's sky? game of E3 right there!) no video coverage, (get Ian on it!) would an interview with anybody hurt? there's been no focus on Nintendo's treehouse coverage, apart from an advertising banner and a footage recap 2 days old, and barely any write-ups on any of Wii U games, eventhough the Wii U, you know, actually has newly announced playable games on the show floor!

    Also, digital foundry has become respected the world over for it's unprecedented insight in game performance and capture, for what is probably the most important E3 in recent memory, i'd expect more resources put to direct feeds, having developers lined up to show off their games, trailer analysis. (still waiting for a proper GTA V, LOU comparison here)

    I'm sure it's all incoming, it must be difficult getting people across the atlantic, outside of their comfort zones, writing up articles in the madness that is E3.

    Edit: Just seen a splurge of articles brace the front page, better, but only a Treehouse video for X? first time it's been playable, and no preview?!?
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  • javvyman 12/06/2014

    I've been trying to get on EG all E3, hoping for some actual insight into the games on display. Anything will do, previews, digital foundry, podcasts etc. No urgency with content other than with which stirs the pot, courts controversy.

    I'm sure EG are working on write-ups as I type this, but they are seriously lagging behind every news website out there, focusing on the bullshit to pull hits, posting maybe 2 meaningfull articles per day.
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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • javvyman 17/04/2014

    @Rogueywon You talk too much sense for your own good sir! EG can you just stick the above comment above everything else? Reply +2
  • How Watch Dogs' multiplayer liberates Ubisoft's open world

  • javvyman 13/03/2014

    Im guessing EG was NDA'd up the arse when it came to this preview... barely a mention on the graphics, the most relevent and controversial topic regarding this game, and even then, the most developer friendly side note if i've ever seen one... like they're writing for an official UBI mag of something.

    If EG had true control over what they were saying, which they clearly don't, they'd have a few DF articles out by now, and we all know how much EG love their DF articles recently, even going as far as having previews for them and follow-ups.
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  • Ni No Kuni has now shipped 1.1m copies

  • javvyman 07/03/2014

    Hopefully this game gets people to sample some of Studio Ghibli's amazing work in animation. Reply +12
  • The new Microsoft CEO earns how much?

  • javvyman 05/02/2014

    @ziggy_played_guitar I'm not saying such things should be kept secret, just that it doesn't matter whether EG know about an artist at Naughty Dog is earning 50k or a MS CEO is earning millions. IMO opinion it has no relevance on this site other than to enfore their own clickbait agenda.

    Don't get me wrong, EG are still well above most sites on the web that exist purely for the clicks. I know gaming news is a little slow this time of year, but I believe there's way more actual gaming information out there to report on.
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  • javvyman 05/02/2014

    What is the point of this article exactly? to make us feel poor? sway our opinion of MS in some way because its head CEO is earning millions at a billion dollar company?

    Nothing wrong with having the sort of information that's relevant, like company financials, hardware performance, quarterly earnings etc, but honestly somebody's personal earnings don't belong on a respectable site about gaming matters, no matter how obscene. Just makes the site look like a tabloid equivalent.

    Unless of course EG are deliberately trying to stir up some sort of shitstorm dialogue, but they wouldn't want to do that would they? what could could possibly motivate such a thing?...
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  • Yoshi's New Island gets 3DS release date

  • javvyman 23/01/2014


    Only this is the 2nd game in the Yoshis Island series since the original was released almost 20 years ago... The last one was superb, and the original is a bonafide classic.

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  • Amazon goes and lists Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • javvyman 22/01/2014

    @Bertie Come on Bertie! he says

    "Do you hear that? That is the sound of inevitability"

    The actual quote is far more poignant, or am I missing something?
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  • javvyman 22/01/2014

    Probably the only next gen upgrade I would buy again at full price.

    If they can get it running at 60FPS (which shouldn't be hard considering how it ran on ancient hardware) the buzz around it would be infectious, could be the best selling next gen game of 2014.
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  • Square Enix details Tomb Raider Definitive Edition's fancy new effects

  • javvyman 22/01/2014

    Played the original and just couldn't get over the fact it was clearly designed for superior hardware.

    Still, re-releasing it at full price is a little greedy but not unprecedented in other mediums. DVD remasters for example are usually released at full price etc.
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  • Argos cuts Wii U Premium pack price to 179.99

  • javvyman 21/01/2014

    It seems, the more they drop the price, the more they're damaging the perception of the thing.

    I think 200.00 is fair with either SMW or the upcoming Mario Kart, but it's just a matter of convincing people that it's still a worthwhile investment. ie, will it be supported properly for the next 2-3 years.

    Of course, that looks unlikely now, but it has only been out for 14 months, and it has a healthy library of quality games, albeit, mainly 1st party.
    There is still time to turn things, but the coming 6 months are pivotal.

    I'd think they need the following to happen -

    - Release Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2.

    - Vastly improve the VC library, seriously, it should not be underestimated how good their back catalogue is and how many people would jump at a chance to play games from the SNES, N64 and hopefully GC era again.

    - Announce a Zelda game with actual, meaningfull second screen support.

    - Show off some freaking games!
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  • Gaming's most intriguing deleted scenes with Outside Xbox

  • javvyman 04/01/2014

    Why is the PS4 in brackets, like it's an afterthought...

    Stop fanning the fanboy flames EG!
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  • DayZ alpha review

  • javvyman 23/12/2013

    Oh, to the people that are saying this is a "pre-order" it most certainly is not.

    When I pre-order a game, I only expect to be charged for it when the game is ready.
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  • javvyman 23/12/2013

    If all it has to show for itself after a year is "a prettier landscape to ramble through and a few extra pockets to stick your gear in" can someone explain why we should be paying 20 for this? Reply -27
  • Sony giving away free PlayStation Mobile games

  • javvyman 27/11/2013

    Great that we're getting these without the PS+ paywall (though that's value enough as it is!)

    Meanwhile on Xbox Live...
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  • Sunset Overdrive confirmed for 2014

  • javvyman 22/11/2013

    Something tells me this is going to be an "on rails" type experience.
    Those sections in the Ratchet games were actually OK.

    Personally i'm hoping for something like Bizarres "The Club" mixed with "Sin & Punishment"

    Great score attack combos, mixed with eye-meltingly fast action.
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  • Need for Speed: Rivals review

  • javvyman 18/11/2013

    So glad the series has finally overcome the one good, 2 average game cycle.

    Series has become rather respectable again recently. Long may it continue.
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  • Dean Hall posts a raw 10-min video of DayZ

  • javvyman 18/11/2013

    They've well and truly missed the boat TBH.

    I mean, where did all the funding actually go? should have been released by now.
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  • Smash Bros. Wii U includes gorgeous Mario Galaxy HD level

  • javvyman 15/11/2013


    I think you may be selling Nintendo a little short when stating they only make a couple of games a year.

    They have around 20 1st and 2nd party studios and have published around 20 games this year, around 15 coming directly from their own studios.

    I can't really think of another developer with that kind of steady, quailty output. Can you?
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  • Sony's wider problems heap pressure on PS4

  • javvyman 31/10/2013

    @MrTomFTW Perhaps.

    Or maybe i'm making the point that it shouldn't take a company on the brink of another yearly loss to start appreciating their consumers...
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  • javvyman 31/10/2013

    Kinda puts things into perspective that the company that's not making any money is offering a greater value propsition to the consumer than the one making over 5billion in profit... Reply +116
  • Vita TV interest stronger than expected in West, Sony admits

  • javvyman 20/09/2013

    Vita TV would allow me to play my PS+ freebies and stream PS4 games to the bedroom... Instabuy for me. Reply +10
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day dev Chris Seavor returns to Nintendo with eShop game Rusty Pup

  • javvyman 21/06/2013

    I Shall be watching your progress with GREAT interest Reply +3
  • The big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

  • javvyman 13/06/2013

    Oh Phil, bless, already thinking 10 years ahead...

    At this rate, your console won't last 10 months.
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  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Wii U later this year

  • javvyman 11/06/2013

    No complaints from me... though seriously! this is what Retro Studios have been developing!?!

    F*** You Nintendo!
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  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • javvyman 11/06/2013

    It's 15:03! where's the stream EG?? WHERE'S THE STREAM! Reply 0
  • javvyman 11/06/2013

    Think people have got unrealistic expectations, we'll see Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros... maybe a a couple of new titles... wait a sec! that's a freaking awesome line-up! Reply 0
  • War never changes

  • javvyman 11/06/2013

    To all the people saying this article is pro-Sony, you need some new reading glasses.

    There is barely a mention of what Sony are doing, and the conclusions some people are coming to is simply a consequence of Sony going the opposite route to the Xbox One's train of negativity.

    This article was a mixture of cold hard fact and astute opinion. If you MS faboys are so delusional that you believe the Xbox One is catering to your interests? then, as the article states you're clearly a 15 year old boy playing 18 rated games.
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  • Journey: Collector's Edition gets UK physical release tomorrow

  • javvyman 06/06/2013

    @DreadedWalrus thanks, just ordered from ShopTo :) Reply 0
  • Respawn's Titanfall leaked, set for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • javvyman 06/06/2013

    Just waiting for the inevitable EA MS sex tape to leak now. Reply +41
  • Dishonored dev now making Prey 2, new report claims

  • javvyman 31/05/2013


    Indeed, Dead Island, probably the best example of the lot, no doubt the press will continue to foam at the mouth after seeing CG trailers at E3.

    They're games not movies, they need to be judged on GAMEPLAY!

    All lies!
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  • javvyman 31/05/2013

    The last time Prey 2 was visible was in 2011 when it looked enormously encouraging. Will it be the same game when it surfaces again? Unlikely at this stage
    I personally don't understand why the gaming press ever get excited over game announcements via CGI trailers, they're almost always BS and never indicative of final gameplay nor graphical capability, how can you say the game looked "incredibly encouraging" from an externally sourced CGI trailer?

    Examples of CG "gameplay" trailers that were incredibly well received.

    Fuse - Looked to be the most charismatic, original shooter in a while.
    Aliens CM - Possibly best Aliens game, nay FPS game this gen.
    I Am Alive - Original and promising post-apocalyptic concept
    Prey 2 - Blade Runner-esque, Mass Effect style potential universe.

    Every single one of those games have failed to deliver gameplay that is remotely reminiscent of the quality that is depicted in the trailers, yet were hyped beyond belief when announced.

    Of course there are games on the other end of the spectrum, like Bioshock Infinite, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

    All I'm saying is, i'm sick of the gaming press getting a hard on for the latest CGI game announcements, when they have a clear track record of not delivering.
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  • PS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games

  • javvyman 29/05/2013

    So remote play on the Vita or Kinect functionality.... oooo that's a tough one! Reply +33
  • Gran Turismo 6 is official, boasts 1200 cars

  • javvyman 15/05/2013

    3 things.

    No delays.
    No massive installs and updates that take up half my day.
    Clean menu system.

    I will never play GT5 again because of these issues... I seriously believe i'll have nightmares tonight if I think about it too much, which is a shame, because when it comes to the actual racing part, it's sheer beauty.
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  • UK chart: Dead Island: Riptide top for third week

  • javvyman 15/05/2013

    weren't we all supposed to be tired of zombies? Reply 0
  • 10 minutes of A Link to the Past 3DS revealed

  • javvyman 19/04/2013

    Call me old fashioned, but having a giant elaborate boss door is kind of irrelevant if the boss key is right next to it... Reply 0
  • Link to the Past sequel coming to 3DS

  • javvyman 17/04/2013

    The 3DS has a ridiculous line-up for this year, over 15 titles of potential AAA quality.

    Now if only they could provide this kind of support for the Wii U...
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  • Test Drive Unlimited dev Eden Games closed, company in liquidation

  • javvyman 12/04/2013

    Hudson Soft, 38 Studios, THQ, Sony Liverpool, Bizarre Creations, Black Rock Studios, All closed in the past couple of years.

    These studios, I was genuinly sad about being shut down... I don't feel as bad with the makers of Alone in the Dark and TDU being shut down for some reason... Does this make me a bad person??
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  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist finally confirmed for Wii U

  • javvyman 10/04/2013

    Can't really fault the port (yet) or Ubisoft, nice to have a multiplatform title actually confirmed.

    Nontheless, i'm growing increasingly worried for the Wii U. Not that it won't start selling, that will happen once the Nintendo exclusives hit later this year. No i'm worried that with developers using the sit and wait approach, or working on next-gen systems, the software draught, apart from first-party titles, is going to extend to the considerable future.

    Case in point, the 3DS, only now, after 2 years is it getting true third party support, when in the first year it was, apart from the excellent first party support, in dire need of a sustained release schedule.
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins announced for PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360

  • javvyman 09/04/2013

    Blackgate, a 2.5D Metroid-style game, takes place after the events of Arkham Origins and is in development at Armature Studio, the company founded by several of the people behind the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
    This should be a story in itself!
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  • Deadly Premonition developer making Drakengard 3

  • javvyman 14/03/2013

    Looks more like a HD remake than a new game... Reply +1
  • Starbreeze's latest looks like it could be this year's Journey

  • javvyman 12/03/2013

    Is genuinely one of my most anticipated of the year. So glad it's getting the exposure it deserves. Reply 0
  • US retail giant GameStop reminds Microsoft and Sony why it thinks always-online consoles are a bad idea

  • javvyman 07/03/2013

    @Cjail Maybe come out with something yourself? or if you are going to quote, try to quote something that's not bloody obvious.

    Will brick and mortar shops suffer from digital only or prohibiting used game sales? of course

    Will it be easier for the consumer? no shit

    Will publishers or console makers implement a fair pricing structure that takes into account a non-existent sell-on-value and lack of competition?

    One can only hope, but it doesn't look good considering what they're charging now...
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  • javvyman 07/03/2013

    The only way digital sales will be embraced by console buyers if they radically reform the pricing structure. see Steam for an example of sensible, healthy pricing.
    If MS go ahead and block used game sales, shops will not be encouraged to drive down prices for their new products as that will be their only source of revenue.

    People will no longer be able to trade in old games, which will just discourage them from buying new ones. If either Sony of MS keep prices at the 40 mark, most people will not see value and just abondon ship.

    Blocking used games would be a disaster to the industry, UNLESS they price games much much lower than 50.
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  • Remember Me dated for June

  • javvyman 27/02/2013

    The game was only shown for the first time last August, so out in less than a year after announcement... Could be a bad omen, but on the flip-side, it's a new studio, new IP and I love cyberpunk so gotta give it a decent chance... Reply +14