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  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • hutchdbl 12/07/2015

    @wyp100 thanks for this article. This is the one I can now pick out to confirm that sinking feeling I have been getting more and more when checking out the headlines in the site over the last 18 months.

    What has happened to the eurogamer I used to visit? The one that used to capture the essence of gaming and the enthusiasm generated throughout its community, this piece is moronic at best and a massive disregard to the kind of readership this site (at least) *used* to attract.

    This has been my go to place for about a decade for gaming news and information, based on that I can tell you more about the number of patches and hard drive space requirements than I can about the games they are actually for. And now this trash that is actually no news or information at all.

    Consider me successfully trolled, luckily it looks like I don't need to use this bridge anymore.
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  • Badland is getting remastered for consoles and PC

  • hutchdbl 05/02/2015

    Was dubious about this game before I picked it up in a sale on the iPad, as I was expecting a limbo auto runner - Great style and sound create a cool atmosphere and a surprising amount of variety and techniques required for a single button game.

    Interested in how this turns out.
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  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy gets a release date on 3DS

  • hutchdbl 10/10/2014

    @JeroenZM I believe there is a fan translated version kicking about somewhere, although I've not tried it out myself. Reply +1
  • Asymmetrical mutliplayer horrorshow The Flock reveals its first gameplay footage

  • hutchdbl 17/04/2014

    Sounds like it could be a cross between luigis ghost mansion and fatal frame. Trailer doesn't give too much away but will be keeping an eye on this. Reply 0
  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • hutchdbl 26/10/2013

    @hybridial - i disagree with the new gameplay experience not amounting to anything on the wii, the problem it had (along with the wii u game pad) is that people seem to expect a lot more from it than it can provide.

    A couple of good examples of experiences the wii made possible and worthwhile: wii sports series, the boom blox games, the trauma centre games.

    Granted, not an exhaustive list but there was enough to the concept to kick sony and Microsoft into action to bring their own versions of motion gaming to the table.

    Aside from the wii being underpowered for the time there are some brilliant games for it, if you get over your disappointment for the system it might be worth going back and taking another look at it
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  • hutchdbl 26/10/2013

    I've had and loved this console since launch, this site has easily been as bad as the much less informed to give the console a negative press so this article is too little too late for me.

    Thing is nobody has really seen what this console is actually capable of yet - 3rd party ports have been ok but because of the currently low customer base there is no incentive (ie no justifiable reason to set a high budget) to push the envelope, rather than reproduce a functional port.

    The true next gen consoles will never affect the success of the Wii U because for all it's marketing faults it was only ever going to be picked up by real gamers because ruling Nintendo out is completely idiotic.

    Finally, if everybody insists on throwing wii u in the next gen bracket all I will say is this: looking across the three consoles it's the only one offering anything unique in gameplay terms. The other two at launch - woo cross generation ports with nicer textures - I still remember getting my 360 at launch and paying 50 for perfect dark zero so I can wait a good year or so until proper games arrive
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  • Nintendo records quarterly profit despite abysmal Wii U sales

  • hutchdbl 31/07/2013

    There's a long way to go in this story yet & it would be very foolish to write Nintendo off......

    I'm still happy with my day 1 purchase and with nintendo's resources I doubt they will be panicking for a while just yet
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  • That difficult second screen

  • hutchdbl 15/06/2013

    The wii u pad has shown me some genuinely interesting potential so far:

    - zombiu asynchronous multiplayer in king of the zombies felt genuinely new and interesting to me
    - cod multiplayer giving a second player their own screen - I think this also works when taking it online.
    - taking away some steps to accessing inventory management in RPGs eg darksiders 2 can seem unspectacular but it can be a godsend at times.

    Whilst we are waiting to see what the defining moment of the second screen will be (as a gameplay tool rather than the brilliant off screen play mode), I'm happy to see the useful subtleties like larger maps, inventories etc being done right. There's nothing worse than people shoehorning awful concepts and cheap gimmicks that don't fit for the sake of ticking a box
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  • Madden NFL 25 the latest EA game to skip Wii U - what now for FIFA 14?

  • hutchdbl 17/05/2013

    "Six months ago FIFA 13 was a launch title on Wii U," an EA spokesperson told Eurogamer. "Although the game featured FIFA's award-winning HD gameplay and innovative new ways to play, the commercial results were disappointing. We have decided not to develop FIFA 14 on Wii U."
    PROBABLY BECAUSE IT WASN'T FIFA 13 IT WAS FIFA FUCKING 12. If you can't be bothered to make the effort why the fuck should we?

    Fuck off.
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  • Nexuiz Xbox 360 servers turned off as THQ asset sale looms

  • hutchdbl 28/02/2013

    I'm on the fence about Xbox live subscriptions vs psn as live always appeared to me at the forefront and took the risks and the vision. Voice chat, friend lists, matchmaking, etc are all ideas that are taken for granted these days plus I always felt a lot more confident that a game would work online without any messing and tweaking under the live brand.

    Now that other services are catching/caught up maybe a subscription review is overdue?

    It's hard to say as for all the talk on comments threads is generally outrage, but never actually backed up by financial figures to show Live subscriptions up as the supposed scam that it is. Maybe a "being paid from both sides" is necessary to a degree , I honestly don't know- any useful links that might inform on the subject would be appreciated.
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  • EA putting micro-transactions "into all of our games"

  • hutchdbl 27/02/2013

    What a bunch of horrible horrible cunts. I've never seen such a disgusting view towards customer service as this company is currently presenting. buy an EA game, you pay extra for additional content, you have to jump through hoops to get online (pass, Gamertag recovery if you want to take to friends house and then play online). You persevere and maybe, just maybe you love the game so much that you just really want to spend more on it with these micro transactions (which according to EA is everyone).

    And theeeen - "EA announces that servers are closing servers this week for the following games" or "thanks for the money and that, but we're bored of our old product so we've decided that you should fuck off a new version of the same game is now available NB previously unused purchases will not be compatible with this release."
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  • EA to switch off FIFA 11 servers this month

  • hutchdbl 02/01/2013

    A boycott on this company is well overdue. As others have said here it should be an either/or situation. If you are charging for online passes you keep the servers open. If you want to save money by making half of all your releases inaccessible to your customers then don't make them jump through hoops to use your "service" to start with.

    EA - you won't be seeing my money until you buck your ideas up. If you do manage something mindblowingly good I'll still be going 2nd hand. Your online pass requirements should lower the pre owned values quite nicely for me....
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  • Games of 2012: ZombiU

  • hutchdbl 29/12/2012

    I'm still scratching the surface of this game in single player and really enjoying it, but both this and the review seem to completely overlook the multiplayer mode entirely. Am I the only person who digs it? Reply +13
  • ZombiU review

  • hutchdbl 05/12/2012

    Here EG, when are you going to get round to reviewing the multiplayer element of this game?

    Spent a few hours on assault mode last night and I think there is probably enough in it to merit some actual details - I only played the survivor side but from what I see from the zombie side there could be scope for some interesting strategy. While each element of the mode has been done in other games, bringing them both together in a vs mode has made it one of the most unique gaming experiences I have had in a long time.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: It just worked?

  • hutchdbl 25/11/2012

    @Daeltaja - as somebody who saved up lunch money to pay 65 for mortal kombat 2 on the snes I completely disagree with the ios devaluing games statement. I would rather say that it's price points have actually given a reality check as to how much people are prepared to pay vs entertainment value. Reply +2
  • hutchdbl 24/11/2012

    @Faramis - IOS might not be for everybody but The only conclusion I can come to from your statement is that you genuinely don't know what you are talking about. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U

  • hutchdbl 25/11/2012

    Interesting read. Don't agree with the "doesn't bode well for the platform" summary though. From my experience as a gamer through 8-bit to current I think it's safe too say that it's never ever fair to judge a systems abilities on its launch titles - even the good ones! From what I have read to date I think a fairer assessment would be along the lines of "may be a while before developers effectively make use of the systems architecture"? Reply +4
  • Ten Unsung Gaming Heroes

  • hutchdbl 30/11/2011

    Some interesting stuff here. Thanks EG. Reply +5
  • Lovefilm on Super Monkey Ball 3D rentals

  • hutchdbl 11/07/2011

    Does Mercenaries have high score tables? If so, I would like to think that this would actually make it perfect for a rental....with everybodies previous scores saved onto cartridge you have some targets to beat.....I used to love renting SNES games from our local video shop back in the day that had scores/times backed up (good example being Mario Kart) Reply 0
  • hutchdbl 11/07/2011

    Does Mercenaries have high score tables? If so, I would like to think that this would actually make it perfect for a rental....with everybodies previous scores saved onto cartridge you have some targets to beat.....I used to love renting SNES games from our local video shop back in the day that had scores/times backed up (good example being Mario Kart) Reply 0
  • Alien Breed Evolution dated on XBLA

  • hutchdbl 05/12/2009

    anyone ever play Alien Breed 3D on the Amiga? always wondered how well that turned out.... Reply 0
  • Nintendo reducing Wii production?

  • hutchdbl 02/12/2009

    It's possible that Nintendo are predicting a downturn in demand for wiis next year after Shigsy turned up to the last new game ideas brainstorming session holding a prototype tape measure peripheral with a twinkle in his eye...

    EDIT - I promise I will attempt to add some punctuation next time I add a comment.
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  • Robbie Williams Racing on App Store

  • hutchdbl 28/11/2009

    are you trying to tell me that Robbie Williams is involved in something that could be in some way described as generic??....He should be ashamed of himself.

    The twat.
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