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  • magreviewdraft1.doc

  • gylo 27/09/2012

    not commented in a year.... but this made my brain want to cry Reply +2
  • Carmack offers his next-gen wishlist

  • gylo 23/08/2011

    Eurogamer - the copy/paste specialists! Reply +3
  • Official PlayStation app available now

  • gylo 11/01/2011

    Too bad the freshly hacked PS3 will potentially mean that trophies become worthless as hackers release software containing copies of legitimate trophies to simply load and unlock. Reply -12
  • Hackers leave PS3 security in tatters

  • gylo 06/01/2011

    This potentially means that the system can be exploited to completely de-value the trophy system which completely sucks. This could be done by releasing some dodgy game which unlocks a shit load of trophies from all sorts of games.

    I'd rather pay for my games instead of dick around with hacks, many of us are now adults with disposable income, games are also cheaper today than 10 years ago.

    There will probably also be issues taking your PS3 on-line after Sony have sorted themselves out so I'll wait and see to see the how this one plays out!
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  • Eurogamer Asks: Is Your Home Kinect-Ready?

  • gylo 29/11/2010

    Great video, that angry neighbour gave me vivid flashbacks of my flat last year. An angry neighbour below thought that I was doing DIY all night above him upstairs. In reality I was playing drums on Rock Band... tippy tap tap! Reply +2
  • The Future of PlayStation Move

  • gylo 24/07/2010


    Long time since I've actually said "WOW" looking at game tech, but when he made the windows and started bending them in augmented reality that was brilliant.
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  • E3 2010: First Annual Eurogamer Fanboy Debate

  • gylo 19/06/2010

    Great feature. Liking the E3 coverage approach of the serious (Digital Foundry) and fun (this stuff) and everything between. I assume that (hopefully) anything vaguely meaningful said by those guys was deliberately cut out! Otherwise they are the lamest fanboys ever. Reply +1
  • Microsoft shows off Kinect at E3 event

  • gylo 14/06/2010

    JUMP MOM!..... JUMP! Reply +3
  • Sony's Ray Maguire

  • gylo 10/06/2010

    Reality check Ray, a 3D TV in the UK costs way over £1500 making the barriers to enjoy 3D content way too high. With no content available, and probably very little content by autumn it will be years before 3D is common place.

    Dont get me wrong, I love the innovation that Sony are tying to spearhead but we still aren't even close to having plain old HD television as standard let alone 3D. Until 3D becomes a bundled-in and affordable capability in all HD TV sets this will be a slow burner.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • gylo 12/05/2010


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  • Being Michael Pachter

  • gylo 12/05/2010

    Great read! I love this man, I don't care if he's not right all the time, very very few people have as much industry insight as him and I've probably gotten more interesting industry knowledge reading this than all the other amateur journalistic attempts at industry analysis. Reply +1
  • Alan Wake

  • gylo 05/05/2010

    Some of you guys are so bloody protective and petty, propogating the stereotype of over opinionated and to be honest guys, a bit sexist nerd types.

    Ellie has more balls than most of you bedroom masturbators, giving a score that she believes it deserves. And to be honest it is probably a review better written than most of us could muster
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  • gylo 05/05/2010

    I will probably rent or get this when the price drops

    I absolutely love the 2005 hoodie/jacket combo comment, I'll never look at the character in the same light again. Then again Alan Wake could be getting some tips from Andrew Stone from Starman.
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  • Super Street Fighter IV

  • gylo 26/04/2010

    I'm crap at this game and many many people I know aren't great at SF either. This forum appears over populated with the handful of hardcore players who have plunged in the time to master this game.

    This is the first game to get 10/10 which I feel completely alientated from.
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  • The Last Guy - 'Special' interview

  • gylo 05/08/2008

    This promo video is brilliant. It is a total joke, however i think people take it too seriously. Reply 0
  • Rockstar gives GTA PS3 advice

  • gylo 29/04/2008

    My PS3 version has been freezing all night!!!.... not impressed. Reply 0
  • GTA IV trailer on EGTV now!

  • gylo 30/03/2007

    Unimpressive trailer, as things stand it looks like I'll get the same experience I got 7 years ago. Reply 0
  • Rumble planned for SIXAXIS

  • gylo 02/03/2007

    THANK GOD! Reply 0
  • PS3 games 40 quid

  • gylo 26/02/2007

    Is hoping a £29.99 or £34.99 online retail standard price too much? Good move. Reply 0
  • Sony confirms 23rd March, £425 PlayStation 3

  • gylo 26/01/2007

    It just seems a shame that we are so competitive about new console launches, lose focus and forget the potential benefits of a new console.

    People get defensive about what they either don't understand or seem threatened by, even if you were not to buy a PS3 there's no reason to go on a tirade.
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  • gylo 26/01/2007

    Half the people in this forum are probably complaining about the price because their parents pay for all their games. Not wanting to feel like they're missing out a group mentality forms to slate the PS3 in order to feel secure and believe that the console will fail so they feel happier.

    Most others, including those with a Job, will complain so they they don't feel bad about what they have already spent in the last year on x360/Wii stuff and the prospect of something possibly better coming out. PS3 might not be better, it is a bit early but.... I sold my 360 because I was sick of playing a ton of western generic "man with gun" games in the 360. PlayStation game libraries are inherently more varied for my taste.

    I have an alright good job, knew how much this would be long ago, so saving £10 extra a month to sort of subsidise the cost was no problem and I imagine wouldn't be for the working members of the forum. I'm not saying £425 is cheap! I just feel like it's worth it.

    Long story short, stop complaining and trying to feel better about having bought a 360 when the ps3 is coming out!
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  • gylo 25/01/2007

    Yes, it is expensive but I think it's an investment in the future. The machine is practically future proof and will be around for a long long time. If you think about it in terms of £ per year, it's only £60 a year for a 7 year life cycle. I bought my PS2 at launch and it is one of the best investments I've ever made! Focus on the long term, especially when the difference between 360 premium and the PS3 is only the cost of three games. Try look at the bigger picture. Reply 0
  • LocoRoco European demo

  • gylo 06/06/2006

    hmm, site doesn't seem to let you download it.... Reply 0
  • MS details E3 demos, trailers to be offered through Live

  • gylo 02/05/2006

    ( . ) ( . ) kehehe Reply 0
  • Tekken 6 for PS3

  • gylo 27/04/2006

    That's great news to my ears, you guys have become too way synical! Reply 0
  • Alan Wake

  • gylo 18/04/2006

    I'm realy looking forward to this, here's hoping it can break away from its Silent Hill image. e.g searching for lost love, manifestation of nightmares, old American town, darkness/light of different worlds. Reply 0
  • Black

  • gylo 23/02/2006

    no Reply 0
  • gylo 22/02/2006

    You can devote a weekend to this game and finish it. There's little inscentive offered for doing every single secondary objective which would take longer. Reply 0
  • gylo 22/02/2006

    I'm really disappointed with this game. The pacing is terrible, where checkpoints are very far and few in number. I get the feeling this was done to try and make the game appear longer than it actually is (no multiplayer) through continuous death. The whole thing about destructible environments is trash, what is breakable is pre-defined and no more than you would expect from any other FPS.

    Hats off to Alex Ward though for making us believe the hype!
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  • Dead or Alive 4

  • gylo 29/01/2006

    gaystation3 makes me laugh :@) Reply 0
  • Nintendo UK keeps evolving

  • gylo 25/01/2006

    kehehe Reply 0
  • gylo 25/01/2006

    I think this calls for a UN peace celebration :p Reply 0
  • gylo 25/01/2006

    So Furbs you feel allowing racism upon a nation of people for the actions of their ancestors and opinion of a government is right?????!!!!!??? "I personally dont give two shits until they go someway to acknowledging their past". Jesus!

    'there are people still alive suffering the effects of "their" brutality' anymore fuel to the fire?
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  • gylo 25/01/2006

    "JAP" is an abbreviation for Japan the country O_0, and not the japanese people when you look at import sites (e.g as opposed to UK). I'm not even Japanese, I don't even care anymore. I'm tired of typing about this, people can just go educate themselves.

    P.S So Furbs you feel allowing racism upon a nation of people for the actions of their ancestors and opinion of a government is right?????!!!!!??? "I personally dont give two shits until they go someway to acknowledging their past". Jesus!
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  • gylo 25/01/2006

    Furbs I know what you mean, "Yanks" and "Brit" are fine and stem from wartime comradery. The term Jap is offensive to those of Japanese origin (and also stems from the war) and felt it is only used in a derogatory context.

    Back on the topic though, I agree the Nintendo guy sounds like he hasn't held a controller in his life!
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  • gylo 25/01/2006

    Rambaldi, you have to be one of the most feeble minded individuals I've seen on a forum post in a very long time. Just because you say that your wife is from Pakistani origin doesn't mean you're not racist towards certain ethnic divisions. I personally find your generalisation of the Japanese development community as essentially a bunch of "Japs in a hello kitty sicky bubble" childish, racist and myopic in viewpoint.

    Responding to someone who had the balls to call you out for you racially tainted comment with verbal abuse only undermines your argument. My friend, you are the one who needs to "smoke a pipe" and hopefully develop some sort of intelligence.
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  • Fatal Inertia

  • gylo 16/09/2005

    bollocks Reply 0
  • HD-DVD launch delayed?

  • gylo 02/09/2005

    Feanor said

    Not to mention the advantages for gaming there are in using super fast DVD drives.

    .....The same way people loved music and video on today's super fast cassettes and VHS tapes?
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  • Xbox 360: Full console and accessory pricing

  • gylo 18/08/2005

    1:4 seems like a a pretty significant ratio to me Reply 0
  • gylo 18/08/2005

    I think the fact that MS advertised all these functions and that they will not be accessible without the hard drive is pretty damn cheeky. The 360 was touted as being a complete media system. However essentialy the big problem is that now MS have segregated their user base.

    In terms of media (downloading video and music as well as connecting devices and copying music) and the games (patches, new levels, demos) the XBOX260 execs have sold themselves short. Not every machine will be able to do such things effectively out of the box.

    Also people without the premium package wont get backward compatability (if it will be completely backward compatible at all). In addition to this there will be a major disparity when developers devlop their games. Having to code again for user without the hard drive.

    No HDD as standard = Divided user base

    Lets not forget the limited life span of the DVD drive included. Just how will the High-Def era thrive on DVD.... not very well!
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  • gylo 18/08/2005 Reply 0
  • Xbox 360: £279 with hard disk and more, £209 without

  • gylo 17/08/2005

    This has nothing to do with the PS3 even though it is related, what's going to happen when Microsoft upgrade the optical media device (be it blu-ray or HD-DVD). Forget about the HDD cost! Reply 0
  • FIFA 06

  • gylo 10/06/2005

    hmmm, slightly dissappointing Reply 0
  • New Perfect Dark 0 details

  • gylo 03/06/2005

    Hmmmmmmmm is all I can say to those images. I reckon you could have printed them two years ago and called them XBOX1 shots and no one would bat an eyelid. It's so true guys the creative and magic genius that was Rare looks a bit lacking these days. Ofcoarse there's the potential "game play" but a game is only as good as the sum of its parts. Reply 0
  • Next-gen bigwigs trade blows

  • gylo 02/06/2005

    one step closer to that golden 300 Reply 0
  • New DOA4 details

  • gylo 02/06/2005

    Tomonobu Itagaki is one crazy freak! He talks so much trash! have you seen his other interviews!!!! Not to mention his dress sense!!!! What the hell was he wearing at E3 this year...... metal studded leather-ette jackets are so not cool.

    In the past he's said....

    "I'm a graphics programmer so if I started so if you'd let me programe something I'd probably create something so crazy I'd crash the machine"

    and in another interview

    "Yeah I've already managed to break 5 dev units (X360), i pushed the machines too hard (starts grinning like a fool)"

    He sounds like those guys who keeps on boasting about how many women they've slept with. This interview just exemplifies his bloated ego.
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  • Kojima doubts over PS3

  • gylo 31/05/2005

    Sorry to be a killjoy but when will Eurogamer find some original news. Kotaku reported this ages ago. Reply 0
  • DOAX returns

  • gylo 23/05/2005


    sorry, had to get that outa the system and is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this game. Wonder if we'll ever see a PS3 release? ............... probably not :o(
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  • Global PS3 launch in spring?

  • gylo 19/05/2005

    As if Sony would treat Europe as an equal. I agree with Statix!!! I reckon it's all just fight talk (in a very respectful japanese manner ofcoarse) to keep us quiet and eager for the PS3. It's true that Sony must be one of the slowest manufacturers out there, they're even having trouble making enough dev kits.

    Where the PS3 has the power theres a technological time trade off in manufacturing time. I wouldnt be putting it past m$ getting the 360 manufacturing process rolling already.

    Sony and Microsoft are like girls. Microsft is the easy one who you know you could have anytime (world wide launch), and they're not shy about it. Sony is the classy one with the assets everyone wants to get a hold of but they know it and no one can have them!
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  • PlayStation 3 - The Real Next Generation

  • gylo 17/05/2005

    Apart from the boomerang pad, the PS3 looks so damn cool. Nice to see Sony capitalising on their franchises. I'm just realy peaved about the wait till 2006, however even now the PS3 is way ahead of it's time.

    I wonder what slaphead J Allard can say now?
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