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  • 1.34GB Battlefield 4 Winter Patch rolls out

  • glo 03/03/2015

    @Emth - I picked it up the recent sale and there is still plenty of players. Conquest and rush seem well populated. Haven't tried the other game modes Reply +3
  • Creator of original Xbox slams Microsoft's current Xbox strategy

  • glo 13/02/2013

    @knightmt - Though I largely agree in terms of high end equipment I do not think this is true for the compact camera market and retail (e.g. jessops) Reply +2
  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • glo 30/10/2012

    Tom, thanks for responding on this issue. I was beginning to worry that EG was just ignoring it in the hope it would all go away.

    To all those in the industry who have been screaming, complaining, sulking, mocking and generally pretending that this is a non-issue. You are wrong. Hang your heads in shame.

    It is a pity that I won't be able to read any more of Rab's columns due to the petty-minded tantrum or a supposed 'journalist' but I enjoyed the fresh perspective they offered and think that this last column was well worth publishing despite the shitstorm that it created.

    It is unfortunate that EG were pressured into editing the article and that Rab felt he had no option but to resign in light of the edit but I do understand why both parties felt that they had no other option.
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  • Microsoft has sold 70 million Xbox 360s

  • glo 19/10/2012

    Currently on my third one. Hopefully it will keep going until the next-gen. Reply 0
  • Lords of Midnight creator Mike Singleton dies

  • glo 16/10/2012

    Like many others here, Lords of Midnight blew my mind and was one of the games that turned games from a pastime to a live long passion for me.

    I did not know that he was ill and was coincidentally only thinking that they should make an android version of Lords of Midnight for me to play on my Nexus the other week.

    RIP Mike...
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  • Lost Humanity 7: Healing

  • glo 09/08/2012

    @ZachForrest - Depression is not the same as 'having a shite life' and cannot be solved by 'getting off your arse'. It is a mental illness and cannot be easily understood unless you have experienced it to some degree.

    However I do agree that some people claim they are depressed when they are in fact just miserable and unhappy.
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  • glo 09/08/2012

    Good article, interesting way of reviewing what sounds like an interesting 'game' or interactive experience. Would give it a try if I possessed a PC that could run it.

    Had a mild bout of depression and panic attacks myself about 15 years ago. Absolutely convinced myself that I had CJD. It seems laughable now in the cold light of rationality but was absolutely terrifying at the time. It is incredible how your mental state can deeply affect your physical condition.
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  • Deadlight Review

  • glo 30/07/2012

    Sounds like a potential DOTW purchase for 600-800 points but no sale at 1200 for me. Will give the demo a try in any case. Reply +1
  • An hour of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 video footage leaks

  • glo 04/07/2012

    I still don't understand why they would have cancelled this considering the popularity of the first two games in the series. Even if there had been development issues or budget overruns you would still have thought that lucasarts would have got another developer to take over.

    Would have thought that even a mediocre version of this would still sell and certainly make a profit.
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  • Double Fine explains Iron Brigade delay

  • glo 15/11/2011

    After all this delay I think they should give the DLC pack away free to EU players as an apology.

    I would definitely buy the game if they do.
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  • Rage

  • glo 04/10/2011

    Sounds worth a purchase and If this had been released at any other time of year I would have probably picked it up on release day or soon after. But, with the huge number of potentially AAA titles about to be released and my limited free time at the moment I am afraid it will be a bargain bin pick up in the new year. Dark Souls, Batman and Skyrim will be occupying all the free time I can muster until the new year. In fact Skyrim may also have to wait until 2012 if I get heavily sucked into Dark Souls.

    Publishers should really think a bit more strategically and realistically about release dates. I worry that a game like rage is going to not get the sales it probably deserves due to being released at this time of year.

    Plus the 22GB install required to get good performance on the 360 is far too excessive for my xbox's overcrowded hard drive to cope with until I have cleared out my backlog of games
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  • Battlefield 3 beta goes live for all today

  • glo 29/09/2011

    @kirankara - I can't find it anywhere on the website either mate Reply 0
  • Sony closing The Agency dev today?

  • glo 31/03/2011

    Sad news, particularly for the employees involved, but wasn't a great surprise. It just seemed like one of those games that was never going to survive development ( to me at least). Reply +1
  • Free Monday Night Combat DLC arrives

  • glo 01/12/2010

    if they combined this DLC with a deal of the week type offer on the game I reckon they'd pick up a lot of sales. They would certainly get 800 points from me. Reply 0
  • Lionhead working 10x faster on Fable III

  • glo 20/08/2010

    I've fallen for their bullshit twice now. Not listening this time.

    Fable 1 and 2 are fairly good action adventure games with some style and humour. Both are also far too easy. Not bad but not great. This time I will pick them up cheap 6-8 months down the line not pay full price for an overhyped but decidedly average game yet again.

    To quote Chuck D - Don't believe the hype
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  • Microsoft cans 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live

  • glo 15/07/2010

    a real shame as it was the only xbox 360 game that my better half enjoyed. It was a good time waster and quite fun if you played in a group with a few mates too.

    IMHO MS need things like this to keep up the value for their gold subscribers. They don't want to kill the cash cow that is Xbox Live. If it wasn't for my mates and EG folk that I play online with I would cancel my subscription in a heartbeat. Playing games with randoms is less fun than a colonoscopy (with a few exceptions)
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  • Sledgehammer hiring for Call of Duty FPS

  • glo 27/05/2010

    call of duty : space warfare?

    oh dear, this does not bode well i fear.
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  • Trials HD hits 1m sales across game/DLC

  • glo 19/03/2010

    I wonder if darwinia's poor sales are partly due to many of those who would be interested in it already having played it on PC?

    Shame because it is a great game and well worth the 1200 points.
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  • Blur

  • glo 03/03/2010

    from reading the article the multiplayer in this game sounds very similar to the multiplayer in the recent midnight club games except without the open world environment. there are obviously some extensions (with the mods and twitter stuff) but many of the weapons described sound exactly the same.

    Can't think of any reason to pick this up at the moment. reviews and word of mouth will have to be stellar for me to consider it. Reading between the lines of many of the previews it seems that it is going to be very average at best.
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  • Section 8 gets map pack DLC

  • glo 20/01/2010

    enjoyed the demo and was going to pick this up cheap at some point but the lack of players for such a multiplayer focussed title makes it a bit pointless. of course, if others are thinking the same way means that the game has no chance of a revival if people like me won't grab it for a tenner...

    more to the point, my ratio of 'unplayed or unfinished titles sitting on my shelf'/'free time for game playing' is so high at the moment that I will probably have to hold off on picking up AAA titles like Mass Effect 2 never mind this one.
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  • Borderlands zombie DLC announced

  • glo 16/10/2009

    A new low... Paid DLC announced before the game is even released. Even though I am interested in the game this really depresses me and almost puts me off giving gearbox my money. Reply +4
  • More free Batman DLC tomorrow

  • glo 23/09/2009

    I take my hat off to eidos and rocksteady

    good to see a developer and publisher rewarding their customer rather than milking them for a change.
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  • Section 8

  • glo 07/09/2009

    sounds interesting though I doubt it can sustain a decent multiplayer community on xbl with halo odst about to drop.

    will download the demo and have a look at it.
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  • Publishers schtum on UK price increase

  • glo 21/07/2009

    how greedy. looks like I won't be picking up this game at launch then. Reply +36
  • Halo Wars balancing patch soon

  • glo 10/07/2009

    seems that they are nerfing UNSC but not Convenant? Seems strange considering the rather overpowered nature of the convenant leaders and especially the arbiter.. If they had toned down the arbiter, I would have been happy to try some online games again Reply +2
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

  • glo 22/01/2009

    1600 points for a few missions, three new weapons and a few more bikes?

    Sounds steep to me. The missions will have to be something special to be worth nearly £15...

    Will need very good reviews and good word of mouth before I even think about forking out 1600 points on DLC.
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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play

  • glo 17/09/2008

    8/10 is a good score but the review sounds overly harsh in my opinion. Perhaps the reviewer needs to play the game a bit more as I have not found any serious problems with either the putting or golf swing. It is not perfect but is far better than I was expecting and quite impressive considering the limited 1:1 accuracy of the wiimote.

    I am really enjoying the game and the thought of going back to flicking a tiny joystick to simulate the golf swing seems strange and laughable now.
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  • Microsoft shutting down Ensemble Studios

  • glo 10/09/2008

    doesn't bode well for halo wars... Reply 0
  • Far Cry 2 map editor: video, shots

  • glo 19/08/2008

    Looks quite impressive. This game is moving onto my "interested" list Reply 0
  • Dodgy Ninja Gaiden 2 content back on Live

  • glo 31/07/2008

    So I have to clear my cache, reload all my patches, sorry 'updates', because MS and tecmo are incapable of testing their products?

    Since I pay a subscription for xbox live I had assumed it was a professionally run service. apparently not.
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  • 1080 Snowboarding on PAL VC

  • glo 18/01/2008

    Agree with Darren on the pricing on VC Games. There is a few that I would be inetrested in including 1080, Sin and Punishment and Super Metroid but the prices are way too high considering the price I can pick up old GC and Xbox games. Reply 0
  • Ass Creed fights off ProStreet

  • glo 27/11/2007

    My god, will people ever stop buying Brain Training?

    It's been in the chart forever. It must have one of the highest Returns on Investment of all games ever made since it cost about £25 to make.
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  • SEGA Rally

  • glo 23/09/2007

    @Everyone who is accusing the site of corruption, have you noticed that a number of other sites/reviewers have also scored the game highly (IGN, GamerTV) and there are a large number of people who love the demo and are picking up the full game (myself included).

    Maybe the game is just not you're sort of thing but other people might love it and think it is worth 8/9 out of 10?

    @Those who have had one go at the demo and immediately hated the game. Tried using the bonnetCam or bumperCam viewpoint? I found the game must easier to control and gave a much better sense of speed this way. Transformed it from an average experience to a real entertaining reinvention of the original game.
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  • Gears maps free

  • glo 03/09/2007

    yes. multiplayer maps only Reply 0
  • Train your face with DS digicam

  • glo 04/07/2007

    Will this be repackaged as some sort of Gurning game in the UK? Reply 0
  • Forza 2 leads UK charts

  • glo 12/06/2007

    Wii Play will remain in the top twenty for a very long time as everyone buys it for the extra wiimote. It should really be in the accessories chart rather than the software chart. Reply 0
  • Lylatwars hits European VC

  • glo 20/04/2007

    Is this playable using a wavebird?

    If so, how well mapped are the controls? I know they are some issues with the wavebird controller on certain VC games such as Super Mario World.
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  • Spider-Man 3: The Game

  • glo 20/04/2007


    I believe that although Sony owns the film rights, Activision owns the game rights for the IP. Therefore Activision just want to maximise their return by producing for all the consoles.
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  • SEGA Rally

  • glo 16/04/2007

    @Peej - I know what you mean, the surface deformation idea sounds FAR too good to be true. I will be interested in seeing the results though.

    I had heard (don't know how true it is) that SEGA had poached some of the best UK racing game developers for its studio. If true, it must be worth keeping a closer eye on the game.
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  • glo 16/04/2007

    Sounds good. Didn't have this one on my radar but the preview has made me take some notice. I played Sega Rally to death on the saturn to the point where the tracks were burned onto my retina when I tried to go to bed after playing it.

    Any idea when it's due out?
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  • Battlestations DLC tomorrow

  • glo 28/02/2007

    This DLC has now been postponed until later in the month apparently... Reply 0
  • Assault Heroes goes Live

  • glo 13/12/2006

    well worth 800 points in my opinion and the best game on XBLA in a long while Reply 0
  • Wii Play

  • glo 04/12/2006

    Just looked on Gameplay/Play/Amazon, remotes cost £29.99 so you are only playing £5 extra to get WiiPlay. Seems more of a bargain at that price surely? Reply 0
  • Gears of War

  • glo 17/11/2006

    @bavelb - I know about joining a match half way through problem. However this problem continued once we moved onto new matches and continued until I got sick of it (after about 6 matches) and quit out for the last time to try FEAR online and see if there was a problem with my headset/connection. There wasn't.

    The problem also affected other players in the game so it wasn't just down to me. Anyone else found this?
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  • glo 17/11/2006

    Didn't see any mention of voice comms problems. I (and others) have had problems with this in multiplayer games. Nothing to do with my NAT settings (which are open) and nothing to do with my headset or broadband connection. Tried resetting the console, logging in and out of live, unplugging and reconnecting the headset, all to no avail whatsoever.

    Anybody else had issues with this?
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  • Sopranos game nothing to do with TV show - David Chase

  • glo 05/10/2006

    My prediction:

    This is going to be awful...
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  • X06: Assassin's Creed - Onstage Demo

  • glo 28/09/2006

    Looks very impressive. Like the climbing/platforming etc. You can definitely see some influences from Sands of Time in the climbing and the combat. I would be very interested in knowing how big the world you inhabity is and what structure the game follows (e.g. linear or free roam)

    Has moved up to 9.6 on my interestometer.
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  • Cars galore for TDU 360

  • glo 13/09/2006

    It is good that they not only purchase the game for a mere £21 but they also get the chance for some free extras... Reply 0
  • Outpost Kaloki X

  • glo 21/08/2006

    and pacman... Reply 0
  • Texas Hold 'Em won't be free

  • glo 24/07/2006

    and now they are raising us 400 points? Reply 0