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  • Nintendo: you've seen all our 2008 games

  • eurisko2k 23/07/2008

    stop your moaning and let's look at how fantastic the 3rd party is doing... Reply 0
  • Nintendo denies ignoring core gamers

  • eurisko2k 23/07/2008

    Have people stopped to think that these games arn't in a posistion to demo yet?
    Yes teasers build hype but not as much hype as when you see a game running properly and is playable!

    Most companies only have a few IPs and it's rare when a new one is born. How many Resi, FF, Halo, GTA, Banjo, R&C, Crash, Spyro, MGS, GT and on and on. This is not only a nintendo thing
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  • eurisko2k 23/07/2008

    Stop your bitching please... A decent Zelda and Mario cart plus a very good Metroid and Mario... shit I think I waited a lot longer in the consoles life cycle for with the GC for the same games...

    E3 was shite "yes" but then again microsoft and sony didn't set the world on fire...

    Wait for TGS or Leipzig and let nintendo develop a show for your needs... A casual show and a more dedicated gamer show...

    They care about all types of gamer but I think nintendo are being wary about mixing the Casual and Gamer market together so one show is casual and the next is gamer based...

    remember they could be saving more for the more consumer based shows
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  • Wii an "expensive niche" says Sony boss

  • eurisko2k 14/07/2008

    End of the day nintendo are making vast sums of money on every machine sold, have microsoft or sony managed to get this yet during this gen?

    Sony want to pump their chests out and say we are still the be all and end all of console gaming...

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  • Todd Hollenshead defends Doom III

  • eurisko2k 08/07/2008

    I was disapointed by it... Then again I've not been a Id fan for years. Reply 0
  • New International Track & Field

  • eurisko2k 01/07/2008

    This is a fantastic game, yes it's track and field but it has make fine work of the touch screen...

    my forearms were aching after 30mins play, alot better than my stress fractured finger with the original
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  • Only PS3 offers "true generation quality", says Sony's Kaz Hirai

  • eurisko2k 27/06/2008

    Come one peoples, did you expect anything else from Sony? They do it to get you guys talking and get website headlines (which they seem to do). The fact is the majority of people buy a games console to play game, looking at the pretty graphics is secondary. The fact is there is still very few titles which are worth buying on the machine. The Xbox 360's software library right now is far ahead of what sony has to offer and so is the Wii's in my opinion.

    To think these type of comments will stop anytime soon is just stupid.
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  • Sony making "break apart" PS3 pad

  • eurisko2k 15/06/2008

    wow, sony see what nintendo do and copy it... hummm analog stick, rumble, motion control.... Is anyone that surprised Reply 0
  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • eurisko2k 02/04/2008

    I forgot there's no violence, sex in Romeo and Juliet.. or was Mary shelly righting about puppets..

    I think he hates games cause he doesn't understand them, and refuses to see some of the documented advantages of playing games (problem solving, hand eye cordination)
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  • Itagaki doesn't feel censored

  • eurisko2k 26/10/2007

    At least someone who's speaking at least a bit of sense on the issue.

    I was intrested to see his point on violence being viewed differently depending on the culture.
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  • Games are not stories - Wright

  • eurisko2k 26/10/2007

    Games are a form of digital entertainment, the forms of this entertainment can be varied, games can have a narative and be enjoyed. For the past decade Wright has made simulation titles (sim city, the sims, spore ect)
    I feel he is falling into this trap of believing he has the right to define what games are and what they can be (see PM, Chris Crawford). The fact is films started out as moving photographs with no narrative placed over them (see pong, breakout), but as time past and the medium evoloved different types of films were made. Games are no different from this people will make different games and furthermore people will enjoy different games. Maybe it's my extensive studies in film over the years, but I enjoy narrative games, I enjoy being told a story and taking part in the action like HL2, PW, MGS have these, over non-liner, sandbox type game which bore the crap out of me.

    Will Wright needs to get off his high horse, he makes games he wants to make. That doesn't mean we all will enjoy the experience he offers us in them. As soon as he takes note of this he might start to apriciate there's more than just him in the world of games..
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  • Killzone 2

  • eurisko2k 11/07/2007

    wow it looks pretty but well I found the first killzone horrible and well I'm not expecting it to be anything more in the second, it might look nice but well that doesn't make the game Reply 0
  • EA boss slates yearly updates

  • eurisko2k 09/07/2007

    I love the irony of the comment, but well he's right in many respects...

    Though I don't see EA changing the sims, fifa, madden model of game production anytime soon...
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  • PS3 has become "whipping boy" for press, says Ted Price

  • eurisko2k 02/07/2007

    "an iphone cost a freaking 565 US dollars, 25 dollars less than an PS3. No press complain that the price is too high except Steven Ballmer.. It is just a fone with Apple logo on it. NO bluRay/DVD player, No Cellchip, No harddisc.. PS3 price on people's mind because there is a serious dis-Info campaign on it. "

    Yeah and if you buy an Iphone at that price, your still a friggin idiot
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  • eurisko2k 02/07/2007

    This type of PR bores me "they hate us cause they want to be us", "they never want the top dog to succeed" BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..

    The truth is your launch titles were shit, your machines over priced, and your screwed europe by releasing the machine 6 months late and taking away alot of the backward compatibility.

    it's your own mistakes Phil, this is why people are bad mouthing the PS3... In 12 months the PS3 has gone from being the second comming to being second fiddle, blaming your previous success for this is just double speak "bad is good, and good is bad"
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  • Custom Robo Arena

  • eurisko2k 29/05/2007

    I think 5 is a fair score this game could have been so much more.... Reply 0
  • Valve comments on Episode Three progress

  • eurisko2k 17/05/2007

    I think they are moving on to half life 3, as I remember reading ages ago that hl2 eps were part of the hl2 story not the 3rd part, but well this was shen they annouced ep1 so this was some time ago now... Reply 0
  • Baseball man hurts arm with Guitar Hero

  • eurisko2k 15/12/2006

    humm it's not even baseball season why are they moaning again Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii launches in Europe

  • eurisko2k 08/12/2006

    played one for the first time to day wii sports and wii play we've had soo much fun and it's just brilliant.. Go Wii Reply 0
  • Squenix doesn't want PS3 to dominate

  • eurisko2k 27/09/2006

    I'll be intrested when SE make a game I actually want to play :-S Reply 0
  • TGS: Project Heroes

  • eurisko2k 27/09/2006

    looks like a new game goes to the top of me listio Reply 0
  • Ridge Racer 7

  • eurisko2k 26/09/2006

    who cares it's a shiney new body on old gameplay which is now quite boring after 20 mins, yaaaawn Reply 0
  • Sony has a pop at 360 HD-DVD

  • eurisko2k 21/09/2006

    who are they trying to impress, it's just pathetic... Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii European press conference

  • eurisko2k 15/09/2006

    not been this excited since england won the world cup (rugby that is) Reply 0
  • eurisko2k 15/09/2006

    here wii go :-) Reply 0
  • eurisko2k 15/09/2006

    all I want for xmas is my pal wii is my pal wii is my pal wii Reply 0
  • Wii is region-locked after all

  • eurisko2k 15/09/2006

    who cares, I have my xbox, dvd player, and well a 360 (when I see it being worth buying) so it's not like I'm short of a dvd player, even my mom has two Reply 0
  • Wii Euro details tomorrow

  • eurisko2k 14/09/2006

    coojam it was mcv and well once you read the artical it seems far less than offical and more just spewing out what people have been thinking for months Reply 0
  • eurisko2k 14/09/2006

    if it is march I can expect the following actions in the following order

    1. shock yet I wouldn't be surprised
    2. anger that we're being fucked again
    3. think about not buying one out of protest
    4. look to pre-order one via lik-sang/playasia
    5. then bitch for months as dumb yanks get shit before US
    6. realise this is why nintendo abuse us cause they can treat us like a prison bitch, but we still come back for more.

    so I'm hoping that we will be treated with the respect we deserve, but well I know we won't but I hope
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  • Uwe Boll pounds critic

  • eurisko2k 08/09/2006

    I'll fight him let me at him, grrr boll stew for dinner rawwww Reply 0
  • Portal teaser site

  • eurisko2k 07/09/2006

    well it helped me waste some time at work :-) Reply 0
  • Sony shuns GC

  • eurisko2k 26/08/2006

    the thing is the average consumer will find out, as it's from these shows where newspaper/tv hacks get there info from, so it does filter down to the average joe on ther street.

    Sony are making statements about TGS being there big show, which is intresting as it'll have to combat nintendo who will with more than likely have the wii playable which in my opinion has a more intresting line up of launch games. Lipzig could have been good for sony, as playstation is god here but they have shunned it for a more prestigious event where they have to deal with japans love of ninty...

    it's a gamble maybe sony overestermated how much nintendo would show at lipzig
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  • America's Army won't hit UK

  • eurisko2k 26/08/2006

    do you think muslim groups and other groups might have some legal actions against ubisoft if it was released in the uk Reply 0
  • Sony cutting PS2 price to £95

  • eurisko2k 21/08/2006

    same shit different price Reply 0
  • Halo film due in 2008

  • eurisko2k 10/08/2006

    some might remember also that david fincher directed aliens3 (though he hated the experience) on the back of music video's... Reply 0
  • MS, Nintendo sued over patents

  • eurisko2k 07/08/2006

    you can do a google search for the company involved and it'll bring up the patents in question, it's bull shit it looks like they were looking to sue anyone who made a wireless joy pad (which the wavebird and the 360 pads are) I can see sony getting sued when they release the ps3...

    bullshit idiots taking advantage of the the patent laws
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  • UK likely to get both PS3s - Sony

  • eurisko2k 21/07/2006

    they are still doing a euro to pound conversion to estimate the cost of the machine, I still see a £450 price point for the 60gb model at launch with the 20gb at easter after all the dumb parents have brought the kids the 60gb one for xmas, plus welcome to the wonderful world of Low margins on consoles and GAME only selling the machine in bundles :-) Reply 0
  • 150k PS3 rumour is not true

  • eurisko2k 06/07/2006

    the £500 number is a pie in the sky, due to the low margins stores will be making on the machine on launch, they will hike up bundle prices, much like they do for all console lanuches I've ever seen..

    I think you'll see the average game store sell to be more around the £600 mark 2 games and an extra 3rd party controller with some other useless shit you don't need.

    with regards to allocation I think the 150k number is a good estimate, even though we are an important market place, the US and JAP markets are far bigger, plus sony knows that in the UK, consumer spending has been falling steady for a few years now.

    I think that the PS3 is filled with a sony arrogance about the market but will there arrogance pay off, well have to see
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  • Nintendo Revolution Controller photos

  • eurisko2k 16/09/2005

    ooh white on white, very sexy....

    now the revolution will be truly televised ***thanks herron***
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  • Revolution controller - not remotely what we expected

  • eurisko2k 16/09/2005

    it's crazy just crazy, but it works for me on some basic level. they have stuck with the bose/ipod minimalist design... I think the demo pods for the rev will be the only way to judge....

    but f**K yeah ninti
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  • Killzone PS3 mail 'a hoax'

  • eurisko2k 13/09/2005

    may I ask who cares.... about a follow up to a over hyped crap game anyway Reply 0
  • ESRB takes hard line

  • eurisko2k 13/09/2005

    lol your aload to shoot, mame, partake in drugs, but noooooo sex america is one messed up nation Reply 0
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

  • eurisko2k 10/09/2005

    O-Fox I hear that... Reply 0
  • Super Nintendos and new old Game Boys for sale

  • eurisko2k 07/09/2005

    I picked up a classic white gameboy off it :-) I wanted one for my collection, I'll never take it out the box, it's an investment... Reply 0
  • GAME sells out PSP allocation

  • eurisko2k 11/08/2005

    that's funny the shops have been saying it for over a week now... Reply 0
  • More Pro Evo 5 shots

  • eurisko2k 01/07/2005

    I allways knew stewards where slime Reply 0
  • Sony Europe unapologetic over PSP hardware delay

  • eurisko2k 21/06/2005

    2% cause most blow up just out of warrenty strange that, the only company that seems to give a damn about europe is microsoft cause we are second not third like most manafactures Reply 0
  • PSP pixel fixer?

  • eurisko2k 16/06/2005

    it only fixes stuck pixels those that are green, blue, red, it doesn't touch dead pixles those that are white.. Reply 0
  • No Alien Hominid for Euro Cube

  • eurisko2k 24/05/2005

    yet another sorry state of affairs you can't blame ubi, cause well everyone is struggling at the moment to even turn a profit, though alien hominid would be at home on the GC, it's a shame but well hello Mr Import Reply 0
  • Nintendo unveils Revolution

  • eurisko2k 17/05/2005

    I think they added the revolution cause they had to for the audiences sake, it seemed it was like yes it's like this and these are a few function which is might do "watch this space, it's not ready yet" Reply 0