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  • Lego Marvel's Avengers covers six Marvel films

  • etyek 12/10/2015

    I'm a little surprised that TT have been able to keep the Lego Marvel license, given publisher Warner's close association with DC, and how Marvel/Disney are the one glaring omission from Lego Dimensions (obviously due to the Disney Infinity franchise). Reply 0
  • Don Bradman Cricket 14 announced

  • etyek 06/08/2013

    Nitpicking, but couldn't they have released a publicity shot without sponsored stumps and a floodlight in the background if they're trying for the authentic retro look? Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 entertainment apps unlocked this weekend

  • etyek 18/04/2012

    When they say "free weekend", does that mean everyone will be able to freely access those services that normally require an extra subscription on top of a Gold account (e.g. Sky, Netflix, etc), or merely that Silver accounts will be able to launch the app in the first place (and be taken straight to the "please sign up for Sky Go at" login page, or equivalent)? Reply +1
  • Buy two XBLA games, get 400 Points

  • etyek 02/12/2010

    Hang on - MS points have an expiry date now? That's a new one... Reply 0
  • HD Remix dev's fighting card game outed

  • etyek 24/11/2010

    You know you've been playing too much Game Dev Story when you read the headline of this article and think that a Fighting Card game sounds like a good combo. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 launch a "watershed moment"

  • etyek 23/11/2010

    Pedantry time: European launch day was 2nd December '05, not the 10th (that was Japanese launch day): Reply 0
  • Tesco has no PS3 Red Dead stock

  • etyek 21/05/2010

    Has anyone's copy from Tesco Entertainment been delivered yet? Rumour has it they post from Jersey, which doesn't bode well for turning up today since it was only dispatched yesterday... Reply 0
  • Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks

  • etyek 22/04/2010

    Actually, I believe this guy claims rights to the Kieron Gillen joke:

    (Edit: Gah, sort-of beaten to it by KG himself in the time it took me to find the Twitpic)
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  • Xbox 360 summer dashboard update

  • etyek 03/08/2009

    I'm not keen on the idea of spending real money on virtual clothing, but I do wonder whether Microsoft could do a deal with various clothing companies whereby if you buy a real-life shirt, you get a code to download the virtual version of that same shirt? MS could even launch a "Clothing Marketplace" on the dashboard and let you order online and pay with Microsoft Points? Reply +4
  • E3: New Telltale series is Monkey Island

  • etyek 01/06/2009

    The behind-the-scenes video on Lucasarts' site allays all fears. Ron Gilbert back on board, Dom Armato confirmed as the voice of Guybrush... How can this not be game of the year? Reply 0
  • King says no to Sonic name change

  • etyek 27/04/2009

    And in yet more completely unrelated news, Sega's Scandinavian office were seen lighting big cigars and patting each other on the back for coming up with a silly Max Clifford-esque story to rival the "Name Your Baby 'Turok'" PR stunt of a few years ago. Which marketing agency do his "reluctant" parents work for, I wonder? Reply 0
  • GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

  • etyek 17/03/2009

    Actually, Action Man was a UK 1960s version of the original 12-inch GI Joe figure, licensed to British company Palitoy from Hasbro. Palitoy then launched the smaller Action Force figures in the 80s about the same time that the US GI Joe range were shrunk down to "He-Man" size figures; then got bought out by Hasbro who soon merged everything into one range in a Snickers/Starburst style. Reply 0
  • Microsoft may sell Avatar clothing

  • etyek 01/08/2008

    There's certainly more money to be made in Avatar microtransactions than Gamerpics.

    For example, if a sports fan bought a gamerpic of his team's logo two years ago when FIFA/Madden/NBA 2006 came out, he wouldn't need to upgrade that picture unless his team changed the logo design (which is a pretty rare event).
    However, as most parents bemoan, sports kits change almost every year and no self-respecting young fan would want to be seen wearing last year's design. And don't forget the away kits, goalkeeper kits, historical kits...
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  • PS3 video store goes live tonight

  • etyek 15/07/2008

    I'd be interested to know from any PS3 owners whether Europeans can download stuff from the US video store once it opens. It took about 3 months after the Xbox's video service launched in America for them to introduce IP blocking, during which time the favourable exchange rate permitted me to buy entire seasons of some shows for less than the price of the boxset... Reply 0
  • DiCaprio to star in Atari biopic

  • etyek 09/06/2008

    Will there be a tie-in game? Reply 0
  • PlayTV - How it works

  • etyek 22/01/2008

    I don't think there are any PVRs out there that accept an external input, which is annoying if you want to record Sky or Cable rather than Freeview. However, since this is also acting as a remote server to the PSP, the lack of external input is going to be particularly annoying, considering competitors such as the Slingbox let you hook up pretty much anything. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 map pack released

  • etyek 11/12/2007

    Anyone know if the map packs are region locked? I'm thinking of downloading them via an American account with some cheap American MS Points bought on Ebay, but I don't know if a PAL disc will work with NTSC downloaded content. Reply 0
  • Colin McRae DIRT

  • etyek 03/10/2007

    Your link to the original review seems to be via the admin.eurogamer sub-domain. What's your password, Kristan? :) Reply 0
  • Marathon and Spyglass on Weds

  • etyek 01/08/2007

    Sorry Rev, there are six different control settings, but all of them have Move and Strafe on the same stick. Reply 0
  • New official PSP battery pack for Japan, Euro release dates

  • etyek 04/10/2005

    "Aretak> I already got a 3600mAh replacement from Play-Asia for about Ł8..."

    Hmm. Just had mine turn up yesterday and I'm not too impressed. Granted, almost all third-party peripherals are doomed to inherent design flaws (especially those that are supposed to fit onto first-party products), but I've been particularly disappointed with several power cut-outs mid-game already - possibly due to a weak connection of the battery pack (it's come loose in my hand a couple of times already, and I've played nothing more frenetic than Lumines so far...)
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