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  • Spelunky mod turns cave explorer into Metroid

  • elhozzo 20/02/2014

    love Spelunky, definite a 'game of a generation', can imagine playing it in years to come... and always thought, Nintendo must be kicking themselves they didn't create it, its 'Nintendo quality' ...
    nice fun mod
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  • Vita Indie Game Mega Pack bundles 10 games for €24.99

  • elhozzo 30/01/2014

    @Dismiss yes, and if you are just interested in that, its on offer on PSN at the moment, less than 1.50 quid if you have PS+ Reply +2
  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • elhozzo 17/01/2014

    Quick, release the 1DS .... Reply +14
  • Joe Danger 2's Undead Movie Pack DLC is out now

  • elhozzo 30/10/2013

    looks good DLC.
    But for some reason, I just don't get on with sequels of 'smaller' downloadable-only PSN games... Joe Danger 2, PixelJunk Shooter 2, Trine 2 ... loved the originals, got bored quickly for the sequels... think its just my mindset is these are 'bite-sized' games, and therefore I had enough of the experience with the original
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  • Take a look at the Leap controller's most ambitious game

  • elhozzo 16/10/2013

    give me House of the Dead, a Move and a Sharpshooter instead please ... Reply +3
  • Sony expects to recoup PlayStation 4 hardware loss at launch

  • elhozzo 20/09/2013

    I probably won't get a PS4 day one ... but if I did/do, then ... I might be tempted not to make these 'extras' ... I have already paid for PS+ until early 2016, and with DriveCLub and that game from the Stardust dev in the first month (plus my huge PS3 and Vita backlog from PSPlus) ...
    maybe thats not considered a 'normal' user, but part of the reason I would not go day one, is that the value for money is not there, games are all full price, no sales etc (as well as first games in a generation are generally not the best - Super Mario 64 and other noticable exceptions aside), having PSPlus transferred/already paid for, and the Instant Game Collection they plan is the only thing making me consider an early purchase
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  • GamesMaster: The Inside Story

  • elhozzo 04/06/2013

    asking Sam Fox if she has done watersports before ..thats just FLOORED me ... oh well, no work is going to be done today... Reply +10
  • EA cans Dead Space series following poor sales of Dead Space 3 - report

  • elhozzo 05/03/2013

    Interesting reactions ...

    from my side, I think there is a couple of things that contributed to DS3's 'failure' ... too soon, its likely to have a 'tail', who buys at full-price these days, it will surely be a tenner in another month, maybe on PS Plus like DS2 was ?

    And 'franchise fatigue' - such a long generation (compared to console owners expectations), I think by the time the third game in a series comes along in 5 years on same hardware, people are put off (thinking 'motorstorm apocalypse' - although I am sure there are counter-examples, like Assassin's Creed)

    I have DS1 and DS2 and am sure I will get to play it at some point, but not in the first 4-5 weeks of release ...
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  • X-COM creator Julian Gollop has announced a sequel to Chaos

  • elhozzo 02/11/2012

    Mr Gollop deserves an OBE, or MBE or whatever they are, he should be a sir for services to videogames.
    Rebelstar, Laser Squad, Chaos ... classic, still very playable (and how many games from the eighties can you really say that about)
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  • GameCube celebrates 10th birthday in the UK

  • elhozzo 03/05/2012

    I loved it at the time ... but my third home Nintendo home console (after SNES and N64) and for the first time, I enjoyed the third-party games (RE4, FIFA07, Lego Star Wars, Burnout 2, Beyond Good and Evil, etc) to the first party titles... definitely part of the reason I moved over to Sony PS3 this gen... Reply +1
  • Game of the Week: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

  • elhozzo 30/09/2011

    Sorry, this is totally in the wrong place BUT ... where are the lovely download games reviews we usually get on Fridays, missing today and last week, I look forward to those .... Reply +2
  • Pixeljunk Shooter 2

  • elhozzo 01/03/2011

    cost will have an impact here... if its the same (or less) than the first, I'll get it this week... if its higher, I might leave it till its in the sales ... anyone heard yet what it does cost? Reply 0
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane DLC blows in

  • elhozzo 22/09/2010

    I really liked Hydro Thunder, back on my N64 ... so any word is there is a PS3 version planned? Reply -1
  • Capcom fighters half price on PSN

  • elhozzo 20/02/2010

    was waiting for 1942 to reduce, wanted a top-down shooter, and from the demo it seemed fun, but not 8-quids worth ... so in one month, you will be mine, 1942, YOU WILL BE MINE!!! Reply 0
  • Gravity Crash

  • elhozzo 02/12/2009

    oh, this is making my blood boil .!!! I'm literally (well, not actually..) fuming ...

    Harshest review I have ever seen ..

    Now, I've not had a chance to play PJ Shooter yet ...maybe this has affected the reviewers judgement ...

    but this is a great game. I agree that there are minor niggles on the Continue (I lost my progress a couple of times) but the game itself .. well, for anyone with fond memories of Thrust (and thats key, I cannot imagine a younger generation loving this as much) this is a great game, I can't wait to have time to make my own levels, the user-created levels means it will never 'finish' as a game ...

    ARRRGGH too angry for more ...
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  • WipEout HD patch at 5pm today

  • elhozzo 08/04/2009

    where it is, where is it ? or have I confused GMT with BST again ??? Reply 0
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

  • elhozzo 03/04/2009

    so, more of a rental then ? Reply 0
  • Nintendo patents in-game hint system

  • elhozzo 12/01/2009

    strange reponses ... personally, if the game took over and completed a boss or two on Metroid Prime (and MP2 Echos), I would probably actually continue and play those, instead they gather dust ...

    I don't consider myself a 'casual' gamer, and manage to beat some games (Resident Evil 4, for example) without help, but others like the aforementioned Metroid games just prove too challenging, and rather than spending hours repeating against the sames boss, I tend to turn off and move to the next game ...

    one or two posters missed the point, it doesn't mean the rest of the game is automatically completed (like watching tv) its just the section you want ...
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