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  • MS auctions off Halo 2 billboard

  • ed 14/02/2006

    the first peice is going to cost someone an arm and a leg. boom boom Reply 0
  • PS3 hard disk confusion

  • ed 02/06/2005

    no PVR for PS3 then? I thought it wasn't going to be a games machine, but a home media entertainment system. Shouldn't one of those have a hard drive? Reply 0
  • Europa Universalis II on Nintendo DS

  • ed 17/02/2005

    I'd absolutely love a bit of proper photoshop style photo editing software on the DS. but yeah, RTS's on it sound perfect Reply 0
  • New Microsoft patent reveals Xbox 2 design elements

  • ed 05/01/2005

    When i hear "generate geometry on the fly" i immediately think of car dammage modelling, just like one of the tech demos for the XDK. It's just another example but when collisions occur, the "host" cpu could pass the velocity and material properties, paint colours (for traces of the other cars paint in the dent) etc. on to another cpu, which handles the real time mesh deformation, without the "host" cpu having to stop and think.

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  • Sony announces PStwo

  • ed 21/09/2004

    drawer. It's spelled drawer.

    apologies: drawer. It's spelt drawer.
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  • Nintendo talks 'Revolution' for next-gen

  • ed 11/06/2004

    Well, this could be a surefire way for nintendo to secure plenty of 'Revolution' exclusives. If they produce a machine far enough 'advanced' from the others, then it becomes a lot more difficult for multi-format games to be developed for it. So this could either work really well for nintendo, making their console by far the most popular, or simply alienate them from the mainstream.

    Also if, for a lame example, it used two screens, then surely this defines a certain type of gameplay. It would become a 'revolution' game rather than a game played on the 'revolution' I would have thought this would limit gameplay rather than expand it, locking developers into a certain game type.

    All of the nintendo innovations talked of such as controllers etc. have been small tweaks to the interface between human and console and not a 'revolution'
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  • Gosen slams Microsoft over console transition

  • ed 09/06/2004

    So, should we all buy Ninty and shell out for each successive 'innovation' of an add on peripheral? like the next sim clean house hoover controller or the next sim pub pint pump and optix controller?

    Hey hold on I like the sound of sim pub
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  • Opinion: J Allard sets out Microsoft's battle lines

  • ed 20/05/2004

    Seems to me this is talking about way down the line here. I can see why this would fall flat on its face right now, but what about 20 years from now, when gigabit internet connections are considered pathetic? Wouldnt it make sense to push a sales model more akin to cable tv? with the industry becoming more about multiplayer gaming, and social networks, what about a largely server-side model? capable of delivering the core information accross the network to you home unit.

    This could be a glorified graphics card capable of browsing 'channels', and a cache, filled on entry to the game, of shaders and perhaps some meshes. If this happened, your machine could define the quality you play at, but the server simply streams (and recieves) your game info. This instantly opens up the possibility for competition in the home terminal market, and allows a standard framework to operate, even if some 'channels' require slightly different hardware, well, you just upgrade.
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  • Leaked DS specs reveal touch screen, wireless LAN, 3D graphics

  • ed 11/03/2004

    imagine if you could convert your body's stored chemical energy into electrical energy

    OR, you could use your clothing to generate electricity from kinetic energy created by walking, swingning your chair, dancing, and erm.....other stuff.

    A touchscreen would also be less durable against the fingers of those little devils,

    Not if it were more like thi iPod touch wheel

    edit: it would then in fact be MORE durable because there would be no moving parts to get chocolate, jam, mud etc. stuck in
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  • ed 11/03/2004

    I think wireless LAN is the only thing I would consider "niche", cos which kids really care about multiplayer gaming over distance? The touch screen would be awesome, and perhaps a MASSIVE selling point. Think 3g iPod touchpad overlayed on a HUD, overlayed on a colour 3d screen.

    OH! yeah! wireless connectivity to your pc! watch videos and listen to mp3s anywhere in your home?

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  • Reports claim John Romero says N-Gage 2 prototypes already exist

  • ed 09/03/2004

    Nokia put out a new phone every month, with new styling or a camera or a new game, or java games...yadda, yadda, yadda,

    So why not have a rapidly updating handheld console? if they can sustain the development cycle, it can only mean cheaper products and more chioce for the consumer. When the n-gage is Ł20 as an upgrade, i would probably choose it over a phone which has half as many features, but will fit in my mouth.

    What would be nice to see is backwards compatability built into the games. That way, when you buy a new game, you can be sure that future models of your phone will not just support the game, but also support advanced features.

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  • PGR2 gets US release date

  • ed 18/08/2003

    the shizznizz
    the dammage
    the bussiness
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  • ATI to provide chips for future Xbox products

  • ed 14/08/2003

    well, as far as i know ati has no experience in the production of motherboards. And since the n-force/geforce3 combo in the xbox uses features like dual channel ddr championed and copyrighted by nvidia, then maybe xbox 2 will be less of a pc that looks like a console and more of a cost effective custom piece of kit which is more difficult to hack? Reply 0
  • Microsoft reinvents the mouse wheel

  • ed 11/08/2003

    i had a sony j5 mobile that did this. it was excellent, made navigation through the menu system super quick. Using a wheel forced me to start changing weapons more often rather than just wait to run out of ammo. maybe this will do the same for leaning? Reply 0