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  • Pick-ups and play: How Monster Hunter gets loot right

  • ecco 18/02/2015

    Well, what one prefers one prefers.

    But, I agree it is both more entertaining, realistic and thus more immersive to purposefully hunt for what you want rather than just randomly click things to death until you do. Then again, that is probably very much connected to me as a gamer type, but no gambler.
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  • Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs 60% off in huge Xbox sale

  • ecco 17/02/2015

    @ecco: If you know any of those locations, tell me. My nephew wants one, but no way I'm paying 390 Euro for a birthday gift, and they're pretty unpopular here in Lisbon.
    Happens frequently in Scandinavia and Germany.

    Maybe it is too popular in Portugal after all. ;)

    Less than 390 and five games, so I can keep for me, and I'm in.
    An empty box is no fun you meanie. :-P

    It was four now actually, sorry. Previous offers had five.

    @mega-gazz @ecco
    if things didn't sell then they wouldn't make them, its not like they are trying to shift unsold stock.
    Yes it actually is like that. Some people in this piracy is not theft mentality dosen't seem to grasp the concept of imaterial having values, and best before dates. Not mention actually also having limited numbers, even if the later is simply that.

    It's a different market where games sell over a much longer period of time and not just their first week of availability.
    It is so because buyers have learned to wait for the now inevitable sales, the options for publishers is either to be the odd one holding out, or try to make up for it in numbers.

    This and Steam in itself is not sustainable for AAA multi platform titles though. Was it not for console sales those would not exist on Windows today.
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  • ecco 17/02/2015

    I would like to see Sony and Microsoft offer something like the Steam sales. I'm not entirely sure of the politics behind it with the publishers involved, but it would be good for the consumers if this becomes a regular thing.
    Steam have sales because things doesn't sell. If things start looking anything like that on the Xbox store, then they are really in trouble.

    It is not looking all that well for them already. Depending on popularity in various locations one can get a XB One with five or so games, for a price way under a PS4, with nothing.
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  • Raven's Cry review

  • ecco 13/02/2015

    @kremlingrasso The anglofication in itself is the biggest problem. All (well, most) other developers try to adapt to a form and lose identity that make it look just an outsourced clone, unless it succeeds and none will notice, then it is an anglo game. Or the IP is acquired to really make it one.

    It is because of that, and also due to the monofocation of media power from certain regions of course.
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  • ecco 13/02/2015

    One of Raven Cry's strangest problems is its penchant for verbosity. Everyone talks for far too long about the most irrelevant thing. For a low-budget game that cuts every other corner possible, I have to wonder if these writers weren't paid by the word.
    They arr pirates, they steals yourr time.
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  • PSN now lets you upgrade your sub account to a master account

  • ecco 13/02/2015

    Does a sub account for my daughter allow her to use my playstation Plus games, online, etc?
    Doesn't matter what kind of account the other user have, only that yours is on the system they use.
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  • ecco 13/02/2015

    Great. Then a way to finally change user ID cannot be far away either! :o

    I'm hoping over the next five years.
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  • Sonic Boom games shifted just 490,000 copies

  • ecco 12/02/2015

    place the Sonic Boom titles as the lowest-selling major Sonic launches in the history of the franchise.
    That must hurt. Good thing there be plenty of bandage around. :eek:
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • ecco 11/02/2015

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  • Mekazoo resembles a blend of Donkey Kong Country and Sonic

  • ecco 11/02/2015

    It's blue, and it runs. Not looking much like Sonic apart from that really.

    Does sound very much like I imagine Sonic would by now, had not a stream of idiots destroyed the series completely.
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  • Nintendo details its outlandish process of transferring data to the New 3DS

  • ecco 11/02/2015

    Jesus Christ Nintendo why are you always so bloody difficult when it comes to this stuff?

    Transferring over should be as painless as possible.
    That may make for fewer users keeping both systems. Just saying.


    Just looking to the things to do list it makes me NOT want to transfer anything, by it had to be so complicated? Couldn't we just make a backup on 3DS SD card and use it on the new system?! Wake up Nintendo! Do your job!
    DRM. Old files need be unauthorized, or resigned for the new unit, or whatever.

    Still, it is clear Nintendo still have absolutely no clue on how to handle these things in a user friendly way. Or rather, not in a completely user hostile way.
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  • Make something that makes something: Inside the Procedural Generation Jam

  • ecco 11/01/2015

    @ecco I have a dream to make a game like this, actually. A colleague of mine, Gillian Smith who works at Northeastern University in Boston, is very big on using procedural generation as a game mechanic, too. She's really keen on people opening up new kinds of gameplay with it.
    I guess it could be well suited for some new gameplay implementations too. But mostly I just meant it would be about a procedural world, turning inherently unsuitably for human interaction. But then one would probaably end up a bit with the same old motivations most games have on the other hand. ;)

    The unique way it could be used here though I figure is that a badly working algorithm would maybe work better, and it being semi active during game, creating new paths, or dead ends.
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  • ecco 11/01/2015

    It would be neat if there was a game about actually playing in a world built by someting that was built by somthing to make something.. err, and so on. Like a game based on "BLAME!" or so. Reply 0
  • Ninja Theory's Hellblade also confirmed for PC

  • ecco 10/01/2015 Well, this game will probably do most, if not all that. So maybe it is then, not a spiritual success. Reply -1
  • ecco 10/01/2015

    All this PC loving brimming lately from former typical console studios and genras will be over when the numbers people notices even fewer are interested in paying anything, let alone that it also seems to eat into the previous years numbers. Reply -1
  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • ecco 10/01/2015

    I'm sure Nintendo will find brand new and innovative routes to fuck up next time. ;) Reply +14
  • David Jaffe reveals arena shooter Drawn to Death

  • ecco 06/12/2014

    Whats up with people!! I think this looks like a cool and innovative take on the online 3rd person shooter genre, with an original art style to boot. I am deffo interested and its nice to see a studio take some risks instead of trying to follow the same old tired footsteps that everyone seems to be moaning about being bored with ie: cod and bf4.
    But it's not innovative. It's about running around killing things with outrageous, or just raging, characters. It's like "Splatoon", but more of the same old tired hyper violence really.

    New, innovative and daring would a game about boobs.

    And as a plus it reminds me of the sort of doodles i loved to doodle in my textbooks at school as a teen :D
    What about boobs?

    Jaffe didn't really need to drop so many f-bombs though.
    No one had cared unless it was b-bombs anyways..
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  • ecco 06/12/2014

    -1 /1
    Well, there. Not everyone liked booobs.

    I wonder how many downs I can rake in on speculating about how much shellings this game will get after the next school shooting. Weirdo kid doodling violent power fantasies that comes to life.
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  • ecco 06/12/2014

    All the characters are based around conventionally adolescent stereotypes with plenty of demons, skeletons, mohawks, wristbands, dragons, and violent imagery of his classmates that he doesn't feel so fondly of.
    And boobs, lot and lots of boooobs!

    Ok, proboobably not. :rolleyes:
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  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date changed in the UK

  • ecco 31/10/2014

    Sarcasm now on the endangered list. Reply +12
  • This War of Mine gets a November release date

  • ecco 31/10/2014

    @Timmy_Toldrum Well, sort of. If you look outside Joels (or Ellies) perspective you can at least assume a lot of those people he killed directly or indirectly were not monsters. Some of them probably depended on monsters, but did they deserve to starve to death al the same or because of depending on them?

    This is one aspect of what I meant by the axe thing. Kill someone else out gathering and then what could the implications be.
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  • ecco 30/10/2014

    Actually looks a bit like being in Flashback. Or TLoU 2D. Or Abes..

    Still, could be interesting, if the concept is not all blurbs the axe fighting thing suggests.
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  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date announced

  • ecco 31/10/2014

    @ecco You're arguments are that, because something similiar is happening somewhere else in the world it's pretty much okay for it to happen in Japan.
    No... :rolleyes: My argument was that Japan is not "the worst place" or even close, but rather the opposite because worse things happens in most other places. Relativism is the shit eh? And on that topic..

    What kind of argument is that?
    The only kind you should expect when your argument is: "look at this weird shit I found in this puddle! I bet this puddle is full of this shit because I found it when waving my stick in it looking for shit! I still love this puddle though, apart from all the shit that must be in it. I could put my stick in another puddle, but then I am sure it wouldn't be all this shit in it, and then I'd sort of miss my shit."

    Also, kidnapping women for prostitution is not legal and that's what "importing" you talk about is.
    What? Who said anything about kidnapping, other than you?

    And things being legal or not in one and another place is also a common topic stuffed on misinformation regarding what places are morally backward or not due to it. Non objectives of course love to bring those "facts" up too.

    Anyway, we can talk about many problems of the world, but let's stick to pop culture otherwise we'll argue till the end of the world.
    Yes let's stick with only discussing fictional problems when the arguing if those cause real ones or not.. :rolleyes:

    BTW. You didn't find those near naked J-popstars then I take it?

    Let down. :|

    I agree (and agreed earlier) that the problem of sexual objectification of women in pop culture exists pretty much everywhere, but Japan is such a big player in this regard that they made an impact globally (along with America).
    So J-pop(culture) is a global player, and contributing more globally to objectification than fe US?

    By now I'm pretty sure you are simply trolling.
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  • ecco 30/10/2014

    @ecco A virtual desktop girl is hardly comparable to a game released on a Nintendo system and endorsed by it.

    Endorsed is a strong wording here. Nintendo has (rightfully so) gone away from their old selective quality seal, which was a very random thing anyway.

    But even so, since Microsoft once chose to publish the very game that really turned DOA from some kind of fighter with boobs, to a game about boobs, (and some sort of beach activity) we then can surmise that America is the worst because of what is on this American console makers decisions, yes? :

    PC is free for all, consoles are a different story.
    Since you now are cherry picking turf as the important thing.

    Or will you do another 180 argument for this to make more sense? :champ:

    As to cherry picking... I'm obviously bringing up the most obvious examples, but japanese pop culture really is filled with tits and girls showing skin.
    By all means, do show some flagrant mainstream examples. I would love to see some J-pop stars selling it with more flaunting and flatulence than the better (or worst) of their western colleagues in this regard. It still be picking cherries, but at least maybe it would be enjoyable then.. :p

    And you know what? I don't mind it most of the times, but it bothers me when it's the main focus.
    True, the important thing when shaking booty in a video is that the lyrics are supporting it.

    I love Cowboy Bebop and I'm not gonna hate it just, because Faye wears a really skimpy outfit. But she's still a cool and interesting character and her boobs aren't the main feature or focus of this awesome anime series.
    Cant say if it (the costume) is relevant or not in the setting, but I'm sure Milla Jovovich would love it. :rolleyes:

    Now in DOA boobs and their jiggle physics are arguably more important than the game behind it.
    No it's not, then they would cut all the other parts out. You know like those desktop strippers and shake my boob apps on the American systems like Windows and iPads.

    And how can you even compare an undeground, illegal, criminal activity of smuggling women for prostitution to a legally released rape simulator that you can buy nationwide like any regular product?
    Underground? Illegal? These girls are sold on and over streets, all over. Like I already said, exploitation and conditions forcing them into things that may not be illegal (in many countries at least) but certainly far far worse than any of your weird examples. Because, you know, being real. It is also then accepted by our culture, otherwise it would be made at least some serious efforts to stop it, no?

    If that was some kind of bootleg, underground product of a shady bussiness then I would never bring it up, but it's not.
    Now it was obviously simply you thinking fiction (and again, fiction not even involving real actors pretending) being worse than the real thing. That sure doesn't makes a lot of sense.

    Besides, it is still cherry picking and it still exists in much of the rest of the world. And especially in one certain part of it, so.. do you still not get the concept of the meaning with filtration?
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  • ecco 30/10/2014

    @ecco I wasn't expecting another reply on this topic XD.

    Anyway, my view is not skewed by american filtration, because I don't live in America (I live in Poland

    And Poland being no exception obviously. It contrary rather be of the ones most affected by this filtration probably.

    And again, like suggested my point was that it say as much or more about the filter than the things getting stuck in it.

    where we have our own problems with objectification of women as well)
    Not doubting it. Like I said, either church and the problems libaralisation has brought in its wake is the prime causes for the odd mix of hate of women with the objectification of them.

    and most of my views come from japanese games, mangas and films.
    Exactly. So why then are you primarily watching those that you find problematic? Instead of you know, the ones that would not be? How and why did you select them?

    Also, I never said that Japan is not a pleasant place (it might be unpleasant for some because of racism, but hardly lolis and tits). I simply see objectification of women as one of Japan's (also global) problems.
    Both global problems. The differnce thoug is in Japan it would be harder to tell, bacuse of: A. The general courtesy of minding your own business. And B. The nearly non existing violent crime rate.

    That's not to say there be no racists in Japan like anywhere of course. But there like in some other cultures it can be more or less hard to see it for several reasons of course.

    Just as obsession with violence and guns is a problem in America (a more serious one actually).
    Yes, but even that is one of those truths that are not as true as most people think. America despite all its problems in fact does not have the highest level of violence connected with guns, quite a bit from it even.

    But let's not forget that it's Japan where DOA and Highschool of the Dead are made.
    Like I said, the error in laying out arguments based on cherry pickings is that for every example you will simply get another or several cherry picked counter example. Ie, Zombeevers and "Saw".

    It proves nothing, it's not even a working indicative then.

    And it's Japan where you can feel up girls on your 3ds screen.
    Here you go.

    Or here.

    Unlike in Japan though, most in the by far (and this is one of them actual factual facts) ;) biggest pornography producing nations, can't be bothered prior to getting on to the point with virtual dinner, suggestive feely feely and whatnot.

    So here.

    It's Japan that has tv game show with guys sliding face down into woman's tits.
    Being a popular prime time family entertainment on the national networks I'm sure? :rolleyes:

    Those shows are not unique to Japan, but they gets more attention because of Japanese. (You know, because sort of racism, and because filtering.)

    Finally it's Japan where Rapelay was released.
    Finally it's Poland and much of the rest of the world. In, to and from where real girls (I mean living ones, not the to be confused with some other TM) are exported(imported raped or raped on industrial scale.

    I love Japan, but you know, they're kinda unbeatable in the field of objectifying women.
    I love people, but I know most people are simply unbeatably at failing to be objective. :cool:
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  • ecco 28/10/2014

    @ecco You might be right about the west moving backwards. Come to think of it some European countries and a big part of US is getting more conservative, which sucks.
    Many european countries are affected in this direction by economic slump, but the church and american cultural colourisation also plays in, a lot. The former of course more in bad times, the later in better times.

    But the same thing is happening in Japan right now as well. And no, they are definitely not decades ahead of the west. Women are expected to be office ladies and than mothers in Japan.
    Well, yes and no. They are not expected to. The liberalised market economy has driven it to that because none want to invest for the future when someone else can pay for it. ie, taking on the cost of a temporary leave for long time career for longer term employees. They can just as well hire someone else, so women cant have children without relaying on men, in two ways. This is part of what Im meaning by turning back time to 1950, the US is exporting this problem.)

    Japan is still ahead despite this because at least women can be office ladies, because society is accepting it, obviously. This is a global trend though, like I say, Japan is simply way ahead.

    And people don't want to have children, because it's too bloody expensive in civilised countries, both money and time wise.
    It's not a question of want, but true the reason. Most women however are now forced to postpone to such lengths they in many cases can't, due to medical and psychological reasons. It can be too late for the mind simply.

    I'm not saying Japan is a mysogynistic hell, but it's no paradise either and their culture is indeed very fond of sexual objectification of women of all ages.
    This view however is skewed, through americanism filtration usually.

    Let's say we apply the same syphoning of cultural import from the US as the US does from Japan. We can then quickly and objectively (for all we see) conclude that the americans be interested primarily in underage torture and rape porn and chainsaw murders. It must therefore be a not very pleasant place overall. :rolleyes:

    So, to label Japan for this, especially because of the filtering aspect, becomes ironic in yet another level. Obviously.

    That's not to say it doesn't happen elsewhere, we have our fantasy games where the best armor for a female character is a bra that barely covers nipples and silver thong...
    Could be good tactics though. But is it has higher damage absorption it is probably quite ridiculous.

    Butt speaking of silver things..

    (Japanese translation for Natalie Portman)
    Is a great example of the trend for what and how women must adapt in increasing degrees in cinema to keep relevant.

    I'm not blind either...I just have tunnel vision. :)
    It may be it is not tunnel vision, most are actually in a tunnel.

    That is the whole issue with media filtration. The respective nations filtration of media probably sort of says more about national media, culture and politics than the media from a culture in itself.
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  • ecco 25/10/2014

    @ecco Sorry, but I just cannot agree.
    Not expecting you to. Just pointing out that for all your weird mix of sweeping generalisation and cherry picked examples (that you then don't even try defending for obvious reason) pointed out as such, that you are wrong. Ironically so at that.

    Here, I'll prove it for you: Japan me! :rolleyes:

    As much as I love Japan and its pop culture (and I really do) they are in the lead of the civilised world when it comes to gender inequality and objectification of women.

    Tired bias CIA factbook BS a best. Political propaganda, noting else.

    Real fact is japanese woman are so independent it has become a demographic problem since quite some time. The US of course has no such issues because it is one of the worst places in the "western" civilisation for women, in that regard.

    And if sticking to games only.. apart from unparalleled representation in them, in Japan there are lots of women in most of the industry, in the rest of the world very few, and the gamergate(TM) rises if they say or do anything remotely perceived as questionable.

    As I said, the western world is far, far from perfect in this regard, but we're (EU, US) still decades ahead of Japan.
    More like Japan is decades before both EU and US, and the later just like some nations in EU is bloody moving backwards. The US is back to the seventies by now, ambition seem to be to turn back time to 1950. Only without chivalry.
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    Lol. The poor unfortunate model in the picture. It's not that I find the picture itself so offensive, it's the huge 'meat' article around her. Jeez, it's not even a subliminal message sent out to the alpha-male chavs who 'read' this garbage.
    That could be, and probably is, coincidental. But usually the so called interview (the "literal motif") around is still more offensive, because hypocritical, than the visuals. The actual "object" is amplified as such.

    And as for the model, if this is one happy exebitionist or not I do not know of course. But many of these girls are not well, be it before doing this or as a result of it. I don't know either.

    'compartmentizing' their thoughts
    Lols aside. One of the ironic things most seem all to happy to forget, the key differance from the west since "way back" is that some eastern cultures, like Japan especially, (and China) actually had female dominant (don't read Freudian into that) :p female characters in the fiction.
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    @ecco Characters in hentai games also have background stories, but we all know those are bollocks.
    Err, because why?

    In a fighting game the closest you can get to "personality" is the actual character design, they're usually over the top and they often have characters that are ridiculous (Ivy in Soul Calibur for example), but nothing can rival DOA.

    Is mostly it because she is dressed in S/M in some undeterminable time that should probably be around 1100 despite all the other anachronisms? Or because she has a father who is a some sort of 1700 style pirate despite all that? ;-)

    A redhead with big tits, a blonde with big tits, a pink-haired girl with big tits, a brunette with big tits...
    And now also some blonde with none. So some people can complain abut that instead, and make factoid comparisons to reality law and politics, that are usually ill informed.

    You get my point.
    Your point was clear, it is your lack of a balanced view of the world that makes me question it. The very things you rest your points on then.


    As for tits in a tabloid, it's terrible, but at least we've got lots of other media and people who do think it's not OK.
    Unlike Japan that has no other media than DOA-games, or just what is that supposed to mean in this context?

    (I'm not from UK BTW)
    Point was the west is no better than the east, if anything it is the opposite considering the actual problems women have here. And UK certainly is not the worst place in the west in that regard.

    In Japan pretty much everybody thinks it's OK.
    Based on what? In the UK everyone must think exploitation of half naked teen girls is "ok" because it is what is in the best selling papers in the country.

    They've got tits, panties and lolis everywhere
    1. "They" don't.

    and no one finds that uncomfortable.
    2. "Most" do.

    The last DLC DOA is missing is a tentacle monster add-on.
    Sure, why not. They already had a phallus god as boss. :rolleyes:

    That could be an interpretation out of lack of cultural context though.
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    there's no characters behind those melons,
    I assure you, the DOA characters have more or less the same levels of necessary background stories and the all important character data as the average fighting game does. Probably more so though. ;)

    but let's be honest, the western world, while still far from perfect, is a bit more advanced when it comes to gender equality.
    Sometimes, some people, for some reasons, likes to point out this site despite the whole .net thing in the end is the UK version of Eurogamer. For these and some reason, I'll point that out too:

    but we all know
    Once all (most) knew the world was flat. And some landmasses was on the other side of this coin shaped thing. Obviously.
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  • Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"

  • ecco 30/10/2014

    So, if everyone now just up and get the full version they (and we) will still be off road.

    Why assume so many that are really that interested in the game will be grinders? I'd figure those people have bought it already.
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  • Nintendo adding pre-downloading to Wii U, starting with Super Smash Bros.

  • ecco 30/10/2014

    @number1024 The problem (for me at least) is not how it looks, but what is included in the list of downloads.

    Like why would I ever need a permanent list of all demos downloaded.

    To be fair though Nintendo has at least a little better system here because you can differentiate bought things from free in the store directly. On PSN one has to go to system management for that.

    Still annoying all the same.

    Also, talking about Android, there they added the option to remove stuff from the list quite some time ago, for this reason.
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  • ecco 30/10/2014

    One problem I have with the N-store (same as for PSN) is that all the free cra.. demos and things is also added to the download list. It is becoming a mess, forcing me to use two accounts just to keep it tidy.

    Please fix this, both of yous. :-P
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  • Nintendo details contactless sleep and fatigue sensor

  • ecco 30/10/2014

    Daily.. err, nightly health and sleep information in the cloud?

    Being in the insurance business after a "leak" telling apart the health freak WiiUsers from the heart attack at 25 couch potato ones..

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  • Keiji Inafune crowdfunding DLC for his crowdfunded Mighty No. 9

  • ecco 30/10/2014

    "Hey guys I'm hungry. How about rustling up a Kickstarter for some lunch?"
    How much manure will you produce for each meal?

    ... Hmm, this concept also adds a new meaning to stretch goals I guess. :eek:
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  • Video: How does Resident Evil 1's new remake look on PlayStation 4?

  • ecco 28/10/2014

    I don't get people constantly complaining about remasters and remakes or anything similar.

    It's not like there is a shortage of other games to play, even new new ones.

    The same thing with this recent movement to influence character changes in games "we do not like". The game is the way it is, (unless remastered or remade of course) :rolleyes: so just play another one. Maybe someone else likes them, maybe someone else has of yet played them.
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  • ecco 28/10/2014

    @Nikanoru Isn't it a remaster of a port of a remake? Reply +9
  • ecco 28/10/2014

    About the WiiU skip, this game could do well with a second screen for that added panic of an inventory without pause. Odd. Reply 0
  • ecco 28/10/2014

    "Let-me take, care-of it!" ... "Then I really have-to, go to the-head!"

    Wonderful they kept the spirit of the voice acting perfectly. :lol:

    Also, the alternative controls was in previous games too I think. They were hopeless. But maybe that part could be a good change.
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  • Excitebike returns in Mario Kart 8 DLC track footage

  • ecco 28/10/2014

    If they really wanted to honor Excitebike.. there should be a level editor. Reply +5
  • Video: Unanswered questions from The Evil Within

  • ecco 25/10/2014

    @JerryLCormier @QuentinWAbel
    I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail
    I don't get why robots can't do that work too. Or is the advert also meant for robots perhaps.. :confused:
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  • Apple iPad Air 2 review

  • ecco 25/10/2014

    No drop test? Reply 0
  • Smash Bros. for Wii U includes eight-player battles

  • ecco 25/10/2014

    @ecco While we don't know what custom moves he'll have, Mewtwo was in SSBMelee so his basic move list will probably be the same.
    Well, there we go. :o There is probably very little work then, maybe not even burdened by adaptations to new engines and whatnot.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    And they do work on balancing the game, being a game thought hat ranges from 2-8 players with numerous different modes it definitely isn't going to be perfectly balanced but it isn't like they don't bother at all.
    Considering the wide range of types in it I sort of think it should be even far more unbalanced. Ideal for a game like that could have other rewards for characters that in all fairness in "reality" really should not stand a chance of landing a single hit on some other.

    That goes for most fighters though.
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    5. Yes, 20 variations of "ouch!" in rat-speak must put a strain on them voice actors. :rolleyes:
    Speaking as a not voice actor of course. In not some cute squeaky rat-speak, unfortunately. :eek:
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    @ecco or the reason could be they need to get his moves set down and make sure hes balanced which does take a long while it isnt all about the model. You say its so people keep the game but i can gaurantee nintendo games on the wii u are probably the least traded in games. Most the people who buy them have bought a wii u specifically for these games and use there Xbox/PS for the rest.
    The "fact" that Nintendo is now following suit of all "the others" trying to do the same thing clearly speaks aginst your guarantees.

    @ecco You don't know what you're talking about. "Rendering" has nothing to do with it. There is so much involved in making a single character:
    1) Move set and balancing for the character need to be worked out.
    2) After the modelling is complete (2 models, one for Wii U and one for 3DS), the character needs to be fully animated to very a high standard. As an animator I can tell you this takes a lot of time!
    3) Special exceptions need to be made in the code for how Mewtwo will be able to interact with other characters (probably involving making them move around with telekinesis etc).
    4) All of the special effects created by Mewtwos attacks would need to be made.
    5) Sound effects for the character.

    There're a lot of other things too, but the point is: don't be ignorant about the huge amount of time and work that goes into making characters.
    The easiest way to integrate something into a system is to have it ready beforehand. This is the way it works. The two differences be, now Nintendo is doing it too. The other being Nintendos loyalists will complain less about it.

    1a. We donít know anything about this characters moves. I could be a Pikachu clone for all we know.

    1b. Balance? It's SSB... :rolleyes:

    2a. I have absolutely no idea what one has to do with the other. Probably because they don't.

    2b. As an animator I can say there are animations that are very very time consuming, and those who are not. This is the later case.

    3. Yes. Having a character moving around without actually moving be hard work for animators and programmers alike. :lol:

    4. Some lightning FX probably. Probably only some simple variation of output of existing ones. (As not a programmer I'm only saying what I heard from those who are.)

    5. Yes, 20 variations of "ouch!" in rat-speak must put a strain on them voice actors. :rolleyes:

    @null Your ignorance for game design astounds me. If rendering character models is all it took to make a game then good lord, let's just bring out new games every day, why not?
    Unlike Ubisoft.

    Oh, wait!
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  • ecco 24/10/2014

    Mewtwo is not finished. Hence why they only showed a still shot of the model and why it'll be released next year.
    It isn't.

    The reason for it, like most tacked on DLC these days, is to make at least some more players put off shifting their game for some time.

    Seriously, that anyone believe it takes that much time to render a model like this that will undoubtedly be given a very limited repertoire is quite beyond me.. :|
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Mode rekindles memories of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

  • ecco 24/10/2014

    Will get SF4 when the title is long enough. :rolleyes: Reply 0
  • PlayStation Network returns online after worldwide connection issues

  • ecco 02/10/2014

    Just come on over and join in the fun on Nintendo Network. No massive outages and doesn't cost a thing. ;)
    Wish that be true. But the only outage on Nintendo network seem to be of my time.

    I literally played 4 or 5 races on MK due to it's instability or whatever. In most cases there will at most show up another poor bugger waiting forever on the spinning globe.
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  • PlayStation Vita update adds support for themes

  • ecco 02/10/2014

    Wonder how they will mess up the Vita themes?
    Same way as on PS3 I suppose.

    (By flooding it mostly with tacky western "manga"-girls, usually butchered even further with bad Photoshop skill. And when that is not deemed bad enough they are also given the Czechoslovakian cut out animation treat.)

    A capitalism, how little you changed after all. :rolleyes:
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  • GTA Online adds Last Team Standing update

  • ecco 02/10/2014

    Great, just what this game was missing, even more boring death-matching. Now with a 5-10 minutes waiting to waist x minutes of your only life.

    Good thing then they update the "mission" creator.. allowing still only creating more of this already tired crap. :rolleyes:
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