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  • Nintendo patents controller with shoulder scroll wheels

  • ecco 19/09/2015

    Scroll wheel/bumper button hybrids sounds pretty cool. Zooming and navigating through menus, inventory, items etc. will be made a whole lot easier. I am sure other developers will have some other cool implementations of this as well.
    A pinch gesture is much more intuitive and proven by now. It also adds the benefit of easier centre focus on a map. The only reason that cannot be used on the WiiU is because it has a very simple one point manipulator. (obviously making a pinch function impossible) Which also was a completely ridiculous cost cutter even back then.

    So there is another one of those examples of Nintendo being a combination of too gimmicky and too cheap for their own good.

    Unlike the touchscreen on the Wii U Gamepad, these scrolling bumper buttons won't make the controller ridiculously expensive, nor will it appear visibly "gimmicky" to the naked eye.
    Even a good multipoint touch screen is not a big point in the cost. It would certainly be less than rotating manipulators cost to manufacture and solder on with this scale of electronics.

    With that being said, I am not a fan of the fact that the patent shows the scrolling bumper buttons attached to a Wii U Gamepad-esque controller with only 2 face buttons. Of course, this is a final, so nothing is final, and Nintendo probably just used that weird design as a generic sketch to demonstrate the patent rather than to show the world what their next console's controller would look like.
    I doubt they can be that generic in this case since there already exist all manners of electronics with rotating manipulators on them. This looks more like a pattern patent.
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  • ecco 19/09/2015

    dude your I'm assuming your 10 because 1 you complain like 1,
    Uhm... what? :eek: See, this is what I'm talking about. If you don't want to be perceived as a 10 year old kid with some sort of letter combination for diagnosis, then try at least a little bit to not write and argue like one.

    you went out of your way to show me an old MS pad that just proves to me that there is a reason for including this by nintendo.
    Because why exactly...?

    The only thing this "proves" along with all the other indications is you are on the average mental development of a ten year old. That sort of reasoning is not called school yard argument without reason.

    People like you will hold this world back and stifle any kind of innovation. You pick products apart even though you have no experience in creating anything. At least I can see the potential, all you see is a wall and leave it at that.
    Creating things is pretty much all I ever done. Predicting usability is a key aspect in producing something that will actually be used. Nintendos engineers have a history of not being very proficient in that regard.

    features dont hurt you, as long as the functionality is there so that experience is the same on all platforms, extra stuff doesn't get in your way.
    But that was part of my point, the functionality will not be the same on all platforms. That is the main part of Nintendos bulk of problems with the WiiU. While it's extra functionality added very little at the expense of those very functions hardly any developer found a use for.

    So yes, they do get in the way.

    It just seems you are too up your self to realise that sometimes you need someone like nintendo, though their ideas may be odd, it could spark some new form of gaming. If the world was like you we'd never have gone into space, invented the car or even started to use smartphones and PCs.
    Adding pointless functions for going into space would most likely have made that venture even more unsuccessful than Nintendos worst failures.

    "Oh, say Vladmir don't you think we should put in these cool new touch buttons for activation of the hatch bolts?"

    Computers and phones serve a function. Gimmicky things on them does not, and when implemented thus rarely last. Plenty examples of this fact.

    You know when that MS pad came out I was playing 3d games with my mouse and keyboard, i used that pad for other 2D games, unless you have one and ever played with on dont come to me and say it wasn't good for 3D games.
    Which one was not good for what? You seem confused, again.

    Whatever the case I tried one, it had the wrong functionality for the times and environment. And it evidently was as much of a miss in that as all of the many varieties of it. Tried several of them.

    I'm glad nintendo doesn't have many people like you holding it back otherwise it would just be another Sony, I dont want that.
    Funny though how it is also a common complaint that old men knowing nothing is what is causing Nintendo to be so out of touch with things. So, I guess they do have to many of us after all.

    You seem to hate what nintendo does so why even post on this artical?
    Because there is box for commenting and posting thoughts on things here. If not one of those thumbs up or down would do.

    And because I don't want another pointless controller function without any actual function. I doubt Nintendo would have had many complaints about ditching that screen in favour of good old analogue shoulder buttons. Instead they copied the ones from the first PlayStation. Making all forms of driving more boring than it needed be, and instead gave the players a map on a screen. Pretty much making a co-driver necessary for it.

    Maybe a new generation R.O.B. could have fixed that. :lol:

    With that I will leave your 10 year old self alone and be done with you.
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  • ecco 18/09/2015

    @ecco right but that's on pc and this is about a console post...
    It's a game controller, for games.

    I'm not even rhetorically asking if you are ten. I'll just assume it. :

    MS adopt it in some way
    Oh by the way, that was one of the most sought after pads so this just contradicts your point about gimmicks, that pad was the best built and responsive and was pretty amazing...
    You really can't decide which foot to lean on now can you?

    No it wasn't the most sought after. It had all the wrong buttons for that emergence time of 3D. And that wheel certainly still was not the most used button on the damn thing. It was a massive failure in most regards, just like all the incarnations that tried to fix all it did wrong.

    so it seems nintendo is doing the right thing...Thanks.
    By always inventing, never ever copying. Okelidokeli then. :lol:

    Apart from remote play, dual shoulder buttons, twin stick controls, click sticks, etc.

    @ecco This being the same Nintendo who've come up with just about every hardware innovation in console history? D-pad, shoulder buttons, joystick, handhelds, rumble, motion controls etc?
    First of all they did not invent nearly any of the things you mention there. And second, ^ So no.

    I don't think the Gamepad screen is a bad idea at all, they just didn't have the software ready to sell it. Sony and Microsoft both later tried second screen tech with Vita and Smartglass. Scroll wheel shoulder buttons are a fantastic idea as long as they're still comfortable to use.
    It is by definition an extremely bad idea if pretty much zero practical use has been found for it after two years.

    And it is even more clear to see that scroll buttons is even more pointless already.
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  • ecco 18/09/2015

    @ecco for you it will be a gimmick until sony or MS adopt it in some way, then it will become revolutionary!
    Apart from a spin on a wheel, bit late for a revolution really.

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  • ecco 18/09/2015

    @ecco um, so basically you are saying nintendo should be like Sony or MS, then whats the point of nintendo, if you want them to be like Sony or MS then go buy a PS4 or XO, and thats the thing, if they change people will still only consider the PS4 and XO, at least nintendo are the ones to do their own thing and actually try move the freaking games industry on with new ways of looking at gaming and the hardware it uses. All i ever see Sony and MS do is jump on the bandwagon of what ever is trending on the internet these days...oh right now it will mainly be VR...tomorrow...they'll copy what ever nintendo did as their VR gimmick didn't take off!
    Basically I'm saying this is so clearly a pointless stupid gimmick I challange you to come up with a single non gimmicky use for it not better served by either a touch screen or the good old sticks. Now apparently two from the start on this thing at least.

    Maybe there will be an adapter or new model adding 4 face buttons to play SNES retro titles this time instead. :rolleyes:
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  • ecco 18/09/2015

    Another crap design making problems for them in future. Probably be solved by a pile of adapters then.

    Nintendo really need to start thinking what the point of all their stupid gimmicks be. Other than being "fresh" then.

    Can't see any use for this that would not be better served by another solution.

    @Plankton1975 They patent a thing with 2 klicky wheels on a thing with a screen I guess.. :)

    But still.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 will have horse armour DLC

  • ecco 18/09/2015

    Little boys don't like it when anyone suggests taking away the boobies.
    Little boys don't like it when anyone tries to take away their toys.

    Some men who still like toys tries to forget they used to be little boys.

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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion revealed, coming November

  • ecco 15/09/2015

    However, locking that behind PS Plus means they are only catering to those who are subscribed. I was, but my sub ran out half way through the game. "Re-sub!", I hear you cry. "No", is the short answer.
    It's not "locked". If a game is not F2P then it is "Lived" like any other. Maybe those rules are not set in stone, but there really is nothing odd about this.

    And no, I don't like the pay wall for online play either.

    FROM have put a pretty neat mechanic in there for people like me, it's the co-op option and it can turn frustration into joy and allow you to move on.
    Well yes, for off line they could simply have done the same thing as for "Flapping beast" and placed that NPC hunter summon near all bosses.

    But I do think there shouldn't be any trophies for that method. And I certanly don't think one should be handed out if a real (or two) cooperator is called in.

    I guess this ties in to what someone said before, most people these days are not even interested in feeling good about overcoming a challenge, they just want a reward to feel good about without all the effort.
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  • ecco 15/09/2015

    @atothewest I guess some just make the distinctions "hard" being Shovel Knigget, Bloodborne is most "hard work". Unless "good at video games". Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 'C-Chassis' review

  • ecco 14/09/2015

    @DoomCryer Dinosaurs are cool! Reply 0
  • ecco 14/09/2015

    The thermal span being smaller on the new model should really be positive for reliability despite the highs being.. uhm, higher. Reply +1
  • Freemode Events coming to GTA Online next week

  • ecco 10/09/2015

    Just patch in the possibility for the same things off the line as on it.

    Because GTA Online is boring and pointless.
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  • Until Dawn death scene censored in Japan

  • ecco 27/08/2015

    @chatsubo And this is in what NDS game exactly? Reply 0
  • Until Dawn review

  • ecco 27/08/2015

    It says it has many different paths. But are they different enough to tempt multiple sessions? Reply +1
  • ecco 27/08/2015

    @Mr-Writer Forza would suck according to Xbox fanboys. Reply 0
  • Minecraft: Story Mode Wii U marks series' Nintendo debut

  • ecco 27/08/2015

    Funny thing, there has been a "Minecraft-game" on WiiU for some time. :) Reply +1
  • Splatoon's original soundtrack is called Splatune

  • ecco 26/08/2015

    Catchy. But is it eorth a few squid?

    I remember the good old days when games had a meny for listening to the tracks. Progress!
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  • Watch Street Fighter 5's Birdie KO Ryu with… snot

  • ecco 24/08/2015

    Next gen! Reply -1
  • Chinese console crowdfunding project manages to rip off PS4 and Xbox One

  • ecco 17/08/2015

    The Chinese have no concept of innovation in any field.
    Is it me or do Chinese manufacturers have absolutely no imagination, I mean is it beat out of them in school or something?
    Ironically there are so many talented people in China, yet they could never make their own console or games because their own domestic market would pirate the shit out of it.
    Funny that they where never any consoles in china they dont do that, they just pirate the shit out of everything. I mean whom dosent have a bit of china in there hands - t`pau.
    The arguments here be also a bit like "china", very fragile. :)

    The reason there are no real and original consoles from China is the same as there not being one from any other place either. Global culture being siphoned through Hollywood. Which ironically is mostly about copying foreign products these days. It is not possible for a China-based venture to sustain what a games system is today, a media channel. Just like it would not be possible for a UK one.

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  • It takes nine days to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker

  • ecco 13/08/2015

    Great plan. I mean, why on earth make it possible for elaborate or visually interesting levels right from the start. Reply -3
  • EA removes player accused of sexual assault from NHL 16 cover

  • ecco 13/08/2015

    Bite marks eh?

    No wonder, they both look like scruffy wolfmen. :p
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  • Rare Replay reveals the Kameo 2 we never got

  • ecco 05/08/2015

    @SwissTony1994 That was not part of that particular discourse though. Pay some attention.

    Nintendo turned it around because people for some odd reason kept buying the increasingly a little less crappy DS, over and over.
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  • ecco 05/08/2015

    Oooh, I think I'd disagree with you on that one! I still play the hell out of Wipeout HD.
    All good and well, but any holding WipeOut as a name held for most probably died with that unwieldy PS2 version. That I guess did not have much to do with Liverpool, but not many buyers factor those things, and then it is too late in most cases.

    I'm also not talking about launch titles - I think the benefit of the launch window has now passed for all three current gen consoles and we're at the stage where the consumer needs to ask "Why do I own your system? What benefit will it give me over this one? What experiences will you, the system manufacturer, provide that this one does not?"
    Yes yes, as long as everyone arguing at least argues the same periods when it is relevant. ;)

    Nintendo have answered that question with continued first party support (arguably the only support, but this isn't about console wars now), Microsoft are starting to add value to their system with interesting looking first party AAA's and the much coveted back compatibility. In my opinion, Sony are letting me as the consumer down at the moment. My PS4 gets the occassional game but is mostly being used as a Blu Ray player and Netflix machine, while my Wii U and PC are getting the most use as gaming devices.
    That is my feeling, but with the PS4. These things are not completely objective after all.

    And I do hope Nintendos lone support at least extends to Zelda for WiiU, because that is the other box I chose this time. I hope they don't make me regret it again just like with the CG to Wii transition.

    As it shuold be.
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  • ecco 05/08/2015

    Ample support? ... Not first party it hasn't .. Sony barely acknowledges it exists these days ...
    "launch or early years first party support"
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  • ecco 05/08/2015

    Studios were closed, including poor old Liverpool (God, what would a PS4 Wipeout game have looked like!?)
    This is another one of those nostalic memories betraying your objective outlook I guess. There wasn't a single decent WipeOut game released on any stationary Playstation after the first one.

    There was however on the portable system, so adds that inconvenience to my last post.

    I miss the Sony I came to love in the PS2 era that I saw a spark of at the end of the PS3 time.
    Again, nostalgia glasses. The launch titles on PS2 was in most views not very good at all. Even if I was entertained by those by later standard mediocre games, Sky Odyssey, RR, Lair.. uhm what more. :)

    ostensibly because of its failure, despite the wide consensus being that the cause-and-effect relationship was the other way around - the Vita failing because of the atrocious first-party support and the overreliance on poor console ports.
    No, it had and do have plenty. The one thing I heard most was people wanting to play those exclusives, but not on the Vita because they did not want to play portable in the first place. Unless it was on Nintendo, where no one wants to play stationary instead. Here the key thing is the odd converging rift between Japan and Europe or US over the later years.

    It illustrates the key differences between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo quite well really. Microsoft sees its console as a vehicle for marketing its services. Nintendo sees its console as a vehicle for marketing its games. Sony sees its console as the primary product itself.
    Well, Sony are up to now at least a hardware company first after all.

    But, looking at the practise of Nintendo that statement again really fits them more clearly. The amount of plastic Nintendo wants to shift shadows the other parties so much it's not even funny anymore.
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  • ecco 05/08/2015

    I'm sure things will turn around in 2016 for PS4 owners, but Sony do have a track record of doing these sorts of things ..
    Seriously now? :rolleyes: The Vita had ample support for quite some time, it is not an easy thing to push the big rock that is Nintendos portable out of the light despite them doing their best do off it themselves. (speaking of dropping support and confusing upgrades way too soon)

    Also, for all main systems Sony has rather opposite your claim consistently upped their support with time, that was sort of what turned the PS3 around remember. No reason to think the PS4 will be different.

    Microsoft on the other hand do exactly that, blow the big horn on the starting line and then go develop weird consumer locking-in services that never takes off for all good reasons.
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  • Humble Bandai Namco Bundle includes Dark Souls and Enslaved

  • ecco 05/08/2015

    Windblows games, worth exactly $1 a piece.

    Charity, even less then I guess.
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  • Sony will let Plus members vote on the PS4 Instant Game Collection

  • ecco 01/08/2015

    @riceNpea I think it is too soon for that.

    Maybe like in 2118, and of course if they be in marriage with a male gamer.
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  • ecco 01/08/2015

    Well, this sure will turn into a constant shitstream.

    The ordinary man should not have a say about things, because he is an idoit.
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  • Face-Off: Journey on PS4

  • ecco 26/07/2015

    Motion blurring has it's places, I agree the dreamy nature of Journey is one of those. Reply -4
  • Bloodborne 1.05 patch matches player levels when using passwords

  • ecco 07/07/2015

    And yes, I do think this game could do with smother framings. That martyr L fella gave me a headache, for more than the intended reason. Reply 0
  • ecco 07/07/2015

    @Amistat It is probably not that they complain, but the the percieved reasons for it. And that reason becomes pretty clear whnever the next lines contain "PC".. =)

    Same thing with complaint on "japanese games" being more broken. 1. It is not so, in comparatve numbers it is the other way round. 2. Like that PC thing in most cases most likely.. :P
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  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • ecco 04/07/2015

    Not a lot of creative geniuses living large of the laurels of their nineties or earlier in the west either really, I'd say he simply been bitten by that false dream.

    Thank heavens he prefaced that sweeping statement with "I'm generalising" because otherwise folk could fairly cite the likes of,

    - Japanese company Capcom having produced countless interative games in the Street Fighter franchise, of which he played a part in

    - Japanese company Capcom having produced countless interative games in the Mega Man franchise, of which he played a part in

    - Japanese company SNK having produced countless iterative fighting games all largely built from the Street Fighter II template

    - Japanese companies such as Cave and their ilk having produced countless iterative bullet hell shmups

    - Japanese company Game Freak having produced countless iterative games in the Pokemon franchise

    - Japanese company Hudson Soft having produced countless iterative games in the Bomberman franchise

    - Japanese company Tecmo/Tecmo Koei having produced countless iterative games in the Dynasty Warriors franchise

    - Japanese company Konami 'doing a FIFA' with the PES franchise for many years now

    - Various Japanese companies having produced a staggering number of iterative bemani games
    When lined up like that at least it adds up to quite some thematic variation. :rolleyes:

    Either way, there is in fact more variation in japanese games. The thing with that is that variation is not represented in export, which then also says something about the "western" range rather than the eastern.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight launch sales beat Arkham City

  • ecco 01/07/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Yes, wow.. 40% on what the PCMR-mob constantly tries to sell as the most popular platform. :rolleyes: And no doubt did those figures mostly come from those 90% off sales, that are also an indicator that the PC platform is not a good market.

    But that is beside the point in this case since none of that can be numbered yet. The point here is if that market would be considered important enough at all "conversions" would not be handed of to an external developer with a, to say the least, well known and questionable record. Would it?
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  • ecco 29/06/2015

    Multiformat PC in this genre never stand for any noticeable share of the copies shifted anyways, so of course it makes very little difference in total numbers if that version is perfect or completely broken. :rolleyes: Reply -1
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • ecco 26/06/2015

    Apart from the "actual" tombs, (which I doubt will happen) they need to include her "actual" shorts. :) Reply -3
  • Video: Are we sure Batman isn't killing people in Arkham Knight?

  • ecco 23/06/2015

    Nananananana, Tankman! Nanannanaa. etc.

    One could probably expect some collateral damage when driving a tank in a city. I think I'd cause some just trying to park that thing. It probably parks itself though.
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  • Video: Eurogamer plays Agario

  • ecco 25/05/2015

    My system clearly is too shite for this graphically taxing game.

    Sometimes they move like a ball of marmalade, sometimes the monetarily goes supersonic. :)

    Guess I'll just wait for the PS4 version.
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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • ecco 23/05/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler Best theory I heard.

    Still, the controller chip or system OS sure seems to manage dataflow just fine (I mean, it then could explain why takes about 4000 years to transfer a few screenshots to an external drive) from uncertified devices so I don't see why something similar would not be possible for a controller that previously also used USB2.

    I guess it would also make a priacy scenario less likely, or at least less interesting, if they don't follow Nintendo and Microsoft by paving the way with external game storage.
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  • ecco 22/05/2015


    Well, in principal I agree. Wheels are a bit special though since they sometimes use new algorithms for force feedback and such, still for the benefit of the driving experience (and sales of said games..) Sony should work on some software layer for the older models even if the game or hardware developers won't. But sure, that a simple digital fightstick don't work from one generation to another is just ridiculous.

    Just tested my cheap Tekken one, and sure enough. Just the hysterical blinking respons from the receiver.

    It just seems incredibly na´ve for all concerned to believe that the youth of today are so accepting of getting mugged by companies, that they will continue to buy, while the season gamer seethes at this ever more negative business model. Such large short term gains gave rise to an industry crash the last time.
    Not so sure about this on the other hand. I think it is the opposite, fanatical gamers will buy into and put up with pretty much anything. The casuals will never bother in the first place.

    Still, they will upgrade every generation of a new iPad, need or no need to.

    So I doubt them shortsighted business models will change anytime soon.. :|
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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    As I'm now probably done with arcade fighting games and racing simulator games on consoles, which also rules me out for buying a Sony VR headset.
    Don't dwell on it. Yosh said driving with Morpehus vas a sickening feeling anyways.
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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    -3 /3

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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    Jebus this thing is a design mess.

    Looks like Logitech is falling back into their stupid nineties low end audio trappings again... :eek:

    The technology hasn't changed enough to warrant dropping support for the G27. I'm still optimistic they'll release an adapter.
    Why would it need an adapter?

    Games, or/and PS4-ware need support it is all.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • ecco 22/05/2015

    @Nikanoru Well, psychopathic personalities don't "get better". They usually do get better at controlling impulsive tendencies mostly at that age and more skilled in acting as society prefers though, which in many cases actually makes them more dangerous. Especially if they get into position of power of course. Reply +3
  • ecco 22/05/2015

    At least he did it for love. :rolleyes: Reply +1
  • Dimension Drive returns to Kickstarter after troll ruined previous effort

  • ecco 19/05/2015

    Whatever the case, some of these forms of perks for pitching in sort of makes me less likely to do the same. I don't want aspects in games that some potential troll with too much gold on hand buys the privilege to be in. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 walkthrough

  • ecco 19/05/2015

    @snafu65 @brider

    Back in the days the guide was usually out long before the game was. On paper.
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  • Procedurally-generated high seas adventure Windward sets sails for May release

  • ecco 22/04/2015

    Sailing ships don't manoeuver in circles and shrug off collisions like go-karts, and can't constantly shoot in any direction.
    Would be nice. But here really, this is not exactly simulator material after all.

    @ecco LOL, right. Europe has not had an innovation for centuries. But hey, your crumbling cities are looking really good with the coating of grafitti. You are the past. You are nothing more than a museum. Your slow death is a laugh to those in the western hemisphere. I love Mexico, I hate Uk inbred pussies.
    Err.. I'm pretty sure everything from the wheel to the car was invented in Europe. Your conclusions seem to stem from the innovation that is smoking pot and not even open those significantly rose coloured history books common to US education systems.
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  • Xbox One update will let you turn on the console with your phone

  • ecco 22/04/2015

    One could just start it when leaving in the morning, that way it will have booted when getting back in the evening.

    Calling it in from the phone around noon may work too though.
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  • Video: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises taser hand, gold nanoshield

  • ecco 12/04/2015

    A gold nanoshield eh. But does it contain conflict minerals? Reply +1