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  • God of War director explains why entire game has no camera cuts

  • ecco 21/06/2017

    Also, camera cuttings be disorienting. Reply 0
  • Super Mario Odyssey: Switch's next big technical showcase?

  • ecco 21/06/2017

    That PS4 cityscape would look like complete shit in a Mario game
    Would look very nice in a Sonic game though.

    The weird or bad ones anyways.. :rolleyes:
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  • ecco 21/06/2017

    @kosmic2561 @ecco
    The games carry that charm no matter what, I don't see bringing a mediocre LCD TV into the debate having any real impact on that. Image quality varies but I've never seen any TV so bad the game becomes unplayable.
    Can you actually even see a TV?

    The impact in context is that we are talking about a system with said screen tech, and that it uses at variable resolutions, many times with little or no AA to smooth things over.

    Your choosing to ignore what I've said for your own perspective,
    Uhmm.. no? But that is often be an aspect of having a different opinion about something. Details in this case, but still.

    Games were designed for 4:3 because that was the resolutions available at the time
    and the only real aspect ratio in use.

    No. First of all 4:3 is a ratio, not a resolution.

    And like I repeated several times now; games had differing resolution back then to. Both internal and output.

    You can of course change the aspect ratio on the later Widescreen TV's but that as I said stretches the original image not bumps up the resolution.

    No. You said the image was stretched, I said: "Then change it back"

    Hence NTSC games in the US ran quicker than PAL because we had a higher Resolution so to compensate many games came with those dreaded borders.

    Sighs.. :|

    No. The games ran at 50hz because old TVs would not handle 60hz.

    It has nothing to do with resolution of respective PAL or NTSC. As evident by later 60hz PAL resolution game, since you obviously won't take my word for it.

    I suggest you look up a Aspect ratio to resolution chart to see what I mean. The original PlayStation was restricted to 256x224 to 640x480 (480i) which essentially covers 4:3 aspect resolutions.
    Yes, a bunch of available rendering levels. Still has nothing to do with the aspect ratio.

    I'm certainly not blind nether am I very rich, good quality TV's of any era will always deliver a good picture.
    Wow. "It works, don't touch it!"

    I think that is what Bain said when he finally got it working. :cool:

    And everyone ever after agreed.

    And its certainly not expensive to get old systems good image quality, go on eBay and similar and yo can find S-Video cables and even composite cables for many systems such as PlayStations and Nintendo's
    You clearly don't even understand the base issue here.

    The cable quality or even standards make little to no difference for this problem. In some cases the better signal type may produce an even worse result. The scaling problem affect all sub HD and analogue inputs because they are not a priority to waste resources on. Because of low market demand, this is why not even premium TVs guaranteed have decent scalers. And when they do, it usually adds other problems (for gaming) instead. Like delay.

    and even the original Xbox quite cheaply as they tended to use the same input ports on the back of their respective machines so its a universal cable systems.
    No, no it is not..

    The only ones I remember using reasonably standard analogue A/V was NES, Megadrive, PlayStation, (first series only) and CD32. Well, that was a short list.

    As for the LCD screen for my PSone it cannot be described as a toy, that's just being ignorant. When new it was a £200 accessory and even using it today is fine and still enjoyable.

    The PSVR is a toy too. Nothing wrong with it now, but a toy it is all the same.

    My 32" TV back from those days cost more than 10 budget 50" TVs does now. And it is now still complete shite even compared to the worst of them.

    As you said you haven't seen it so why comment?
    I'm not commenting. I'm apparently having a discussion with someone who thinks they somehow got their lucky mitts on the one and only eternally "fine" LCD.

    But hey, maybe it actually is. Maybe it's not looking jagged at all. Maybe it wont even change colours when moving like 3° of the dead centre axis.

    Finally Rise of the Robots is considered one of the worse games of all time so I have no idea why your ignoring that point. I remember the media coverage was huge ands it was everywhere, all because of those graphics which at the time looked mind blowing.
    Yes, it clearly got a lot of things right then. So clearly and objectively speaking, not one of the worst games of all times.

    Even if the disappointment obviously caused quite the trauma:

    Sadly no one thought about the gameplay in all this and when it launched and my friend got it on release day we sat down played it and released it was absolutely terrible in everyway.
    Yes I'm sure it felt bad having hard earned resources transposed into boredom.

    But better fidelity on the other hand does not equate bad gameplay anymore, on the contrary it usually ups the stakes for for pairing that with working mechanic. There is more on the line.

    Some sure like to draw a line from then to now, but forget things don't work the way it did then. Not development, not media.

    Of course it didn't kill the industry and I never said it did, I my the point if that is what all games had been developed as it would of taken the industry down much like Atari in 1983.
    That is starting to look at the middle of things for the outcome.

    Bad games was really just a response to a non functional market. Again, high stakes is not compatible if no one is betting.

    I personally haven't seen so called "alarmists" repeating it every year and I don't think I've referenced it in over ten years but history is always needed to remind us how to go forward for the better.
    Nothing was ever learned from history.
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  • ecco 20/06/2017

    But unfortunately you can't market a games frame rate..
    Of course you can.

    They can sell how great food taste, how nice shampoo smells, how soft your cat could be with extra liver and essential oils.

    There is no problem to market 60fps on a 30fps screen even. Just add a judder effects, the show how it really looks in 60fps.

    It would however then, still have to show the lesser graphical candy.

    Or have a disclaimer text that "this was played on.."

    Experience may vary with experiences.

    Your cat may not feel softer.
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  • ecco 20/06/2017

    @ecco It is a fair comparison because even if you play those games today the gameplay is still enjoyable and to be honest the graphics have their own charm.
    Not on a mediocre LCD it isn't.. :rolleyes:

    But there is no need for 1080 to enjoy these games or any that have great gameplay. I still have an old CRT TV in a spare room with old consoles hooked up and there isn't a huge difference between that and my LCD TV in the Bedroom.
    You are either very lucky, very rich, or near blind then.

    Point is, getting a good picture out of those old systems is nearly always very expensive or a compromised experience. If there be a TV with great scaling it adds delay like crazy, if a scaler is used to get around this it costs a lot relative whatever price TV you have, more so the cheaper the TV was of course.

    The main issue in both cases is that older console were set to 4:3 Ratios so when put on widescreen TV's the image is often stretched making it look much worse and in the case of modern 42" and above TV's its makes even worse over old CRT's which tended to be between 21-28" in the living room at least.
    They were not set to anything, it was simply the native frame aspect.

    That is not an issue though. Simply change the aspect ratio.

    If you can't do that you need to modify the RGB-cable. Because that (and the somewhat wonky standards for switching) is the only thing causing it.

    This could happen on CRT 4:3 TVs too when they started to have 16:9 modes btw.

    I have PSone with the LCD attachment screen Sony sold and the visuals on that can look very good because the image is compressed to a very small screen size.
    It's an LCD built for a toy from like pre 2000.

    Have not seen that particular screen in action, but highly doubt it could ever be called enjoyable. Especially not today.

    Even the PSP leaves quite a bit to be desired now.

    The overall point is still valid, the obsession that games must all be 1080p 60FPS or they get ignored or derided is ridiculous and like those old games the gameplay is the most important factor in the end,
    Generally I agree.

    However, part of my point is that games prioritized looks over resolution fidelity way back too. A lot of them even compromised "gameplay" over it on top of that. You even gave a fine example of it yourself now.

    But people just remember the great games as great games. And the reeally bad ones as even worse than they were.

    This will probably hold true for all good, mhe.. and complete crap games of today too.

    or we'd all have a load of Rise of the Robot games and that wouldn't be good for anyone
    Rise of the robots is not the worst game ever made. It's just one of those uninspired form over function shovelwares there are tons of today still. (like "Anthem" next) Not a problem that has killed the industry over the last two decades after all.

    Despite alarmists repeating it every year since.
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  • ecco 20/06/2017

    Its amusing to see people focus on resolution once again over the Gameplay experience, I think it says more about the state of gaming these days than anything else. Its funny that I can remember playing amazing gaming experience over the years like the SNES and PS1 and N64 and the amounts of time I just thought well the game would be great be no I'm not playing this as the Resolution sucks. Or it could be we did due to them often having fantastic gameplay. Point is If the game plays amazingly well and lots of great lifespan and features while still looking good even if its not the max Resolution and FPS its what the entire point of playing games is about. If your going to only focus on games FPS and Resolution then the future really does look bleak..
    Yes yes, in the end a good game is a good game despite near any technical issues.

    However, comparing now and then by not counting all factors is giving a skewed picture of things.

    Back in CRT time first of all there was a natural goal to go 60 frames, or 50. Second, the "automatic AA" mainly of the things connectivity and screen tech meant that a lot of very low resolutions (even by the standards back then) would look ok. Very few games way back actually used anything near "TV resolutions" neither.

    Now with LCD the pricier ones (can) have great scaling. But most budget ones still do not. This is why it is important to, if not having a native output 1080, at least have great internal scaling in the game systems.
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  • Crytek's Hunt is back from the dead - and it looks pretty cool

  • ecco 21/06/2017


    "To adjust difficulty to survivor mode, please mechanically remove F-key from your keyboard."
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  • ecco 20/06/2017

    Why it has no y in title? :confused: Reply +4
  • Nintendo Switch's new system update, as explained by Nintendo's helpful Switch mascot

  • ecco 20/06/2017

    Wait now. So does the Switch have a completely separate user account service or is this just a "approve the friends on list you want to keep" thing?

    Damn this is so confusing, it's.. :champ:
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  • Let it Die is getting a free Tron-like expansion later this month

  • ecco 20/06/2017

    @Les Yes, but those are called "free to start" I think. Reply 0
  • ecco 18/06/2017

    @brokedownsystem Hmm.. was afraid of that. It feelt like they had no plan for and end since as far as I undertood it even earlier levels was still in the making when it was released.

    Not asking for anything big really. But att least getting informed (if any) what the point was, maybe a "you made it" hat, before being sent back down again. ;)
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  • ecco 17/06/2017

    On top of lv40 eh? So is there an end or goal now then?

    Because all these things tell me is there was none. :confused:
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  • Ellie Gibson on E3

  • ecco 18/06/2017

    Pleb leather? :confused: Reply 0
  • An obituary for the architecture of Dark Souls' eternally dying land

  • ecco 18/06/2017

    Guess they just went all in when pretty much building the world out of tombstones and churches in Bloodborne.

    I just saw the series core as an analog to the futility in state preservation. As in, you very well can stop time, stop change, but it will inevitably be a pointless construct where the only truly inherent sensible thing is to make it perfect. By really bringing it to an end.

    It may say something about the real world conflicts now even.
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  • Xbox One X is $500 - so how much will next-gen consoles cost?

  • ecco 18/06/2017

    I would not be at all surprised if there's a small team in Redmond seeing how well they can make games run in Windows running on one of these Snapdragon 835 based tablets and convertibles that are going to be coming out at the end of the year.

    Xbox One P?
    Well, sure. I guess for their part it could also make sense to try some converging thing like that. Tablets, and Phones in particular are now so far behind their rivals it would be typical Microsoft tactic to make them more relevant by compensating with another userbase entry.

    Need not even cost that much as they could divide the gameer/business versions by small things that make them less attractive to the other. And just adding joysticks to it could be such a thing probably, so again, nearly free.

    P Box?

    Nah, Nintendo might have issues then.. :lol:
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  • ecco 18/06/2017

    Microsoft's 'Hovis Method' - individually tuning power delivery on each motherboard for each Scorpio Engine - must surely add to the cost of production.
    I doubt it involves the Stig taking every single Xbox X for a lap with Forza 7 though. :cool:

    It is a neat trick, but clearly painted out as way more than it is, for marketing. Litterary, in the presentation they made it seem as there actually is a "tuning chip" under the hood. ;)
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  • ecco 18/06/2017

    surprises me console manufacturers haven't gone the pc route yet of making there consoles upgradable. Would save them trying to push there next gen console which may have minimal improvements when they could just charge for individual improvements on there console
    Would also expand responsiblity service expectation, add cost for ports, backorders of unused upgrades, open up for easier system abuse, etc.

    It would also not lower cost by any noticable degrea for the users anyways. Because unless you wanted the same missmatch in process​ that is an issue about now, well then you would need to exchange what makes Up near 100% of cost of the box anyways. And then the margin have been eaten by the cost of that flexibility already.

    This is similar really as to why upgrade phones will only be a novelty for the interested. The trend is even moving further from this ideal.
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  • ecco 18/06/2017

    Maybe next gen is going to be all portable in waiting for Moores clock skiping ahead for the expected stationary powerhouses of next next gen.

    I mean, now when it seemed to works so well for Nintendo and all. :rolleyes:
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  • Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

  • ecco 17/06/2017

    I love Sony's excuse that it's all about 'protecting' their young players from the dangerous, evil old Xbox and Nintendo users. Like, what the hell are they saying? That the Xbox and Nintendo user base is primarily made up of...what? Kid touchers? Cyber bullies? Lol what an awful excuse.

    Nintendo don't have any chat to protect kids (proxy, their system really) from, so naturally it wont be a problem for their side anyways. If they did, there is no way they they be part of this.

    Just admit you don't want to play ball because you personally dislike the competition. Don't try and hide it behind a feigned consideration for your own users.
    Seriously, Microsoft just see this as a neat way to expand their Numbers of players for these games. Why do you think they went the route of other systems users need a login to their Network? :rolleyes:

    Nintendo on the other side as evident by now seem so uninterested to even have a network at all, that maybe they just enjoy the free ride. For now that is.
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  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2017

  • ecco 17/06/2017

    I'm sure Wolfenstein writers are good enough to leave inappropriate Trump comments and metaphors out of their game.
    Pretty sure frau Engels perfect do was a tribute to Trump. :cool:
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  • ecco 17/06/2017

    The real WTF in Wolfenstein is that for some reason after nazis invade and all of a suddden America in general is less, or even not at all, racist anymore.

    In reality black soldiers was not even accepted among the other units, in unreality Foxy Brown kicks ass for the homefront and chew something, probably. :confused:

    I think it can turn into a real problem when fiction whitewash history.
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  • ecco 17/06/2017

    Anthem looks beautiful, for example, but everything about its post-apocalyptic mech fantasy is purest video game convention

    Looked fantastic all the way till it turned into Crysis/Halo/Evolve/Destiny/something. And that it did already when climbing into that generic bot ugly suit that did not even seem to belong in the gameworld at all anyways. The first monster they found in the bush also looked exactly like the big orch thing that was in a game presented only moments before Anthem. :rolleyes:

    One of the most uninspired games I ever seen. And Söderlunds face when he claimed to be "super excited" said it all really.

    Yawn.. :|
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  • One of the ugliest controllers ever is about to make a comeback

  • ecco 15/06/2017

    They got a couple of hundred local gamers and figured them as your average American gamer.
    Serves to illustrate, never design anything for your most eager customers. There was good chance most of those lived of burgers. ;)

    I think there was a comic strip for that too; Apple released a piece of glass after market research returned what the archetypical Apple fan wanted the most. :lol:

    the horrible d-pad on the Duke and the white and black button placement on controller s.
    Considering the angle shift of the XYAB relative the BW I can see it could take some getting used to, but the placement is also more sensible if to reach with less movement. Like near joint on thumb fe.

    What I found worse with the old one was not the size, (had no problem grabbing it as intended but prefer smaller controller al the same as they then feel more like precision tools to operate rather than a steering wheel or something) but the XYAB buttons in particular. Those I think horrible, clearly designed to be pretty rather than to be pressed.

    The S though, to keep form maybe, persists with at least one oddity in the placement of the back/start. Guess they didn't want to risk further compromise the size of that logo eh.. :cool:
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  • ecco 14/06/2017

    @ecco - it was designed for American hands. Specifically a couple of hundred gamers in the redmond area.
    The gigantic x was added because they had a shit ton of room.
    Sure, the beef hormone industry has really screwed the population growth up a bit with landwhales and giantism epidemia.

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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    @Cyber6 I think it's a man who's compensating controller ;)
    Because if you have a big controller, then you must have big hands, and if that is the case you probably also have big feet, and if so then you maybe also have a big.. ego! :-P

    @porkface hear that? There is hope for confidence! If you just get this thing.
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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    That insanely oversized logo is what it was built around, and that is why the rest of the controller is so humongous.

    Now why this design in the first place then you might ask?

    For marketing purposes. Manufacturers as you know was, still is, keen to sponsor their product into TV series and such. But back then TV was much lower resolution and it would be hard to identify products, requiring deals for even more awkward obvious product placement. And this is how that problem was solved.
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  • Here's what the revamped and diverse new Xbox Avatars look like

  • ecco 15/06/2017

    What memesters. They actually stuck an ellietar in there.. :lol:

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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 lets you create your own character

  • ecco 15/06/2017

    Also, I think "procedurally generated" could be taken not to literally. A lot of games have worlds done this way, it doesn't always mean it is random on a per game basis, or even left alone from manual checking and correction. Reply 0
  • ecco 15/06/2017

    @VibratingDonkey Hear hear.

    It's making a lot of sense saying this could have been the true vision, but that it was at time limited by technology. And the compromise turned into a slightly fuzzy world that seems "nicer", but if one thinks about it part of it was also very dark and gritty.

    This is the same thing as those campaigning for another "cute" Rare game probably for most part got disappointed that was all they actually got. So for me it's contrary a relief finding out BG&E stay well away from that path.

    Leave nostalgia in your heads people. That's the only place it still plays out the way you remember.
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  • ecco 15/06/2017

    @GeorgeLK Yes, I think it was even said to be "essential" this time.

    Though I guess one couldn't really get anywhere without it in the first either. So, a bit of an odd statement perhaps.
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  • ecco 15/06/2017

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 will let you create your own character.
    Great news for those disappointed in the absence of good old Jade then. Maybe? :cool:

    Ancel boasted that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will feature an entire procedurally-generated star system that's so complex that even the planets will rotate around the sun, creating simulated sunsets.
    Wouldn't that be an actual sunset though?

    Comparing to other sunsets in games i mean.

    "Beyond Good & Evil 2 lets you create your own character"

    Holy moly! How innovative! In other news, pressing the Options button will allow you to pause the game
    Uhm, no..

    The article said it will be like Dark Souls. Pay attention please. :rolleyes:
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  • Life is Strange prequel's Max-based bonus episode is a Deluxe Edition exclusive

  • ecco 14/06/2017

    "Digital" and "deluxe". Luls.. :rolleyes:

    But what about a (comming l guess) physical release?

    It better not be some stupid code there.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins has a £699 special edition

  • ecco 13/06/2017

    I could get an actual assassin for that.

    Not a cat one I mean.
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  • Colour your own official Xbox One pad for £70

  • ecco 12/06/2017

    @Stepharneo Thanks, too bad it can't actually be made.

    As it confuses a lot of people apparently. ;)
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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    @losalnos The glyph support is quite limited, but I'm sure someone will figure it out. :lol: Reply 0
  • ecco 12/06/2017

    I had a stab at being wild and crazy too.

    Unexpectedly it did not work. :|

    I think you'll agree.
    The red on top of this thing doesn't really work, at all.. :rolleyes:

    Other than that it looks pretty neat.
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  • WipEout series claims first ever UK chart top spot with Omega Collection

  • ecco 12/06/2017


    Probably meant Russians. :lol:
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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    Why this franchise was put on ice I'll never understand.
    The emergence of other type game of higher technical quality than before. Racing games are easy to make, (and let's face it, there was a looot of them around back then) and show of the hardware with. So it was not so much this series as racing in general that went over a banked slope I think.
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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    WipEout is an off-road racer too though. ;) Reply +21
  • Three-part Life is Strange prequel confirmed

  • ecco 12/06/2017

    I haven't played it to this day.
    But but, you get to play with pump action water guns! :lol:

    I can understand your standing though, I think some parts of a story can very well be left better to ones imagination.

    Probably would not have played it myself had it not been on the remaster. Partly most because I loathe DLC in all forms, but still.
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  • ecco 12/06/2017

    I really don't care about what Chloe went through before Max went back to Arcadia Bay -- especially since, y'know, they've told us that whole story in the original.
    That's what I said too.

    But on the other hand, this is what was done in "The last of us" with the "Left behinf" extension. Everyone playing the full game knew exactly what would happen, but most still had little idea what it would be like.

    Not saying it will, but it sure could, add something.

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  • No Man's Sky community deciphers cryptic Hello Games cassette message

  • ecco 07/06/2017

    What game trailer for any game ever showed inventory management screens for example?
    The sim and management ones.

    But that is because it is such prominent and important aspects in those, the player is actually interested in that. So a good trailer should at least give a fair representation of what to expect. And I think most do really, including NMS.

    The only game type I seen that near never even shows a frame of actual gameplay or gives any little hint to what said gameplay could be like or may look like seem to be those MMORPA or whatever they abbreviate to.

    It's always some "cinematic quality CGI" troll smacking something in the head while a unicorn with lasers fly in and wreck a castle. Epic. Then you play a virtual board game from 1999.

    It's very tough to sell to people especially via pre order, when you fill in all the blanks and actually tell people the specifics of a games mechanics.
    True. But that is not the issue most seem to have with NMS though. And apart from trailers, I rarely seen so much of a games mechanic (and inventory mangment in particular) ;) pre-release as NMS. The videos from E3 (or what it was) with the developers playing and explaining, letting journalists try, was quite extensive. To the point I stopped watching those.

    It's a tried and tested marketing trick that is designed especially to exploit gamers and what they love about games so it's a little unfair to blame people when they fall for this.
    Sure, most people don't curb their enthusiasm.

    But all the same, modern advertising has used the same formula for like 60 years now. And the bulk of those raging the most now are probably the same type of people not understanding people falling for marketing regarding other products.

    Let's also not forget we are talking about people on this site, now you kind of expect those to have learned by past mistakes, be a bit more informed, be a bit jaded even?

    My theory. Some people just like to whine.
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  • ecco 07/06/2017

    Anyway, if this really is realated to NMS then maybe it could be a bit like Subnautica in early access.

    One can dream, just not waking up and being pissed at reality because of it.
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  • ecco 07/06/2017

    @Panzer1 That about sums it up.

    Some people filled in so many blanks they imagined the game they wanted to make instead. :)
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  • ecco 07/06/2017

    Clearly a hint to a portal in time.

    So have they tried to simply run the B side in a C64?
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda patch makes Jaal bi

  • ecco 07/06/2017

    Imagine if this would have been a film or book and it would not possible to just patch it.

    "Lol, what?"

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  • ecco 07/06/2017

    @TheSensationalSean When you start caring. Reply +1
  • ecco 07/06/2017

    So what happens when they get it on? Do they end up with a human/alien hybrid of a kid?
    No, you are then simply locked into the last conversation options you ever had. It's pretty much like a real relationship.

    Also, there are (for technical reasons) no kids in Mass Effect anyways, so naturally characters can't produce them.
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  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • ecco 06/06/2017

    Well, all my systems are pretty much stationary. Including the Vita.

    Guess I am in that S+N demographic though.

    I think both PSP and Vita done better had they a release window later comparativly the stationary units, to better match expectation and synergestic effects.
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  • PS4 is three times more popular than Xbox One in Europe, Sony claims

  • ecco 06/06/2017

    @Der_tolle_Emil The situation for computers have switched around comparing like the mid nineties to now. It user to be a bit of pain to get the things running well but after that they simply worked till the hardware died, now its super easy to get them running well even from building the thing and installation, but near impossible to keep it that state. Reply 0