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  • PlayStation 4's Share Play feature limited to 60-minute sessions

  • ecco 17/08/2014

    Don't assume that everyone will think same way you do. There will always be cheap asses who will utilise this and exploit it fully, if given opportunity. They could easily end up with people leaving machines on overnight and friend on friends lists from around world playing whilst owner sleeps
    Not saying you don't have a point. But considering that would require 2 users being friends, and have a more than decent connection, despite living in such different time zones their sleep cycles be so desynced that be useful, and put up with the downsides (the lag for transatlantic remote play, I think it will almost be like looking at someone else playing) I do not doubt will be significant even when this service works well, then.. I still doubt it would be bigger problem than used games.

    I mean, even Microsoft must have thought about it that way after all.
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  • ecco 15/08/2014

    @Suarez07 Well, If I can chose of having a friend stream some 50 hour game from my machine, and thus shortening it's lifespan and blocking me from playing anyting while at it, I think I'd rather simply lend the actual game instead.

    I do not really see an economic incentive for the limit. Except one for the users then.
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  • ecco 15/08/2014

    At first I thought it was a WTF moment but kinda makes sense I can't imagine needing help for longer than a few minutes on a game anyway.
    Exception being some "boss" fight in Monster Hunter maybe. :lol:
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  • Microsoft discussing Xbox Entertainment Studios sale with Warner Bros. - report

  • ecco 15/08/2014

    Great idea. Then they could make a "Super Warner Bros" game. It be a platformer inspired by the film "Up", and none can make a legal issue out of it due to being based on old company assets. Reply +4
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • ecco 12/08/2014

    Square are kind of in a similar boat.
    And Microsoft sure like them squares. :rolleyes:
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  • ecco 12/08/2014

    Microsoft raiding tombs. Hope they all got a curse that turns them into obnoxious jerks everyone hates in the process.

    Oh, wait..
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  • Watch a fish play Pokťmon

  • ecco 08/08/2014

    Can we have fish playing COD next?
    No, it would confuse him when the other fish swim away as he approaches.
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  • The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene

  • ecco 29/07/2014

    It is very much an English word.
    Maybe it was forgotten because it soundeth ill dispersed not spoken in verse.
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  • ecco 29/07/2014

    Like most people I think TLOU is a masterpiece - but I'm very worried about the film. Neil Druckmann is involved which is great, but if different actors play Joel and Ellie the film just won't be same.
    Easily enough solved. Just donít see it. :)
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  • ecco 29/07/2014

    By now I nearly heard about more endeings for this game than I seen in other games. None yet sounds better than the one there is thankfully. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs The Last of Us Remastered

  • ecco 29/07/2014

    @ecco i understand your argument (except the SIGH),

    Well, sorry about that but sometimes I just foresee the futility of a discussion whan someone manages to miss that they already in the original reasoning around a subject contradict themselves. It tends to drag out into a pintless rhetoric about anything but the fundamentals in the end, to no end. :lol:

    1. a few thousand copies is still a few thousand copies. at the end of the day, publishers want to make money and the integrity you speak of, or more precisely the "art for the sake of art" breed is on the verge of extinction.
    Sure sounds like choice to me. I think you drag this free will thing under circumstances a bit too far, even for an antineoliberal like myself. ;)

    And as for the "art for sake of art" bit.. Have you really thought this statement through? In neither videogames or outside them have there ever been so much art for the sake of art as now, and it does not change anything if you say you meant commercial art or not, or if you call Deviantart art or not. (I mean the site, not mentally unstable individuals painting dead squirrels in gold and positioning them on tiny bicycles) Indie developers and studios both produce more games every year today that could be considered art than the entire history of games that came before. (I'm leving out the C64 era of "demos" because while I would call it art, they are clearly not games.

    2. i can give you innumerable examples of people, and a majority of them regretting their votes through the history (G.W.Bush, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to name a few). i'm not being sarcastic, but i would doubt your sanity if you claim to support the administration of your country through and through.
    I donít think there is space for that in a post. :) But regrets doesn't really change the common mans choices anyways, does it? They still made that choice. And even so, be all to happy to repeat them in a few years, or make new ones to regret.

    The point is, the cumulation of all these choices, regrets or not is the common choice. It's not like Australia just suddenly was taken over by some horrible anti violence fascist regime, this is the common collective will in the manner most democracies work today. You may not like the outcome of the process at any given time, but if you seriously start talking about:

    an inexplicably stubborn board of decision-makers who think they're above the people and superior to the public common sense
    then the irony must eluding you a bit. One man telling that a larger group, chosen by the grand collective (the commons) is wrong?

    Of course not. Just like America has their nippleban, Germany their exposed fat gut-ban, this is not just something suddenly imposed by someone thinking so, it is the wish of the culture in a way that goes even beyond politics.

    So, if then ND or Sony was all that interested in respecting the cultural demand for exploding skulls in most places, they could very well have made e few more separate versions of the software. The game is after all subtitled in a range of lingos few others bother with, a true multiregion release. Thus it is not strange it bends somewhat to a few of these cultures apprehensions about content.
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  • ecco 28/07/2014

    @ecco i don't think it's NEARLY ALWAYS down to publishers to censor their games. say, Australia has an inexplicably stubborn board of decision-makers who think they're above the people and superior to the public common sense. the heavily modified version of the latest Wolfenstein game is another clear example. the publisher had no choice but to cut out everything and anything related to Nazis in-game to sell a few thousand copies in Germany. publisher's choice? i don't think so.
    Sighs... :)

    1. The game is still all about evil nazis, both in the third reich and kangarooland.

    2. If it was a matter of "a few thousand copies" then may it be the chioce for artistic integrity would have been easier no? But it is free a choice all the same.

    3. If the public in common (in the commonwealth) found it sensible to vote for an administration telling what is common sense, then that was the common sense. Or there is nothing common about sense, or whatever the bumper sticker said.
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  • ecco 28/07/2014

    @GooseUK You still need an engine suited for that. Also, while I know nothing of this, I suppose attaching integers to the affected object in the code is no simple matter of auto insert. Implementing code wide could produce entertaining result though I guess. :) Reply +1
  • ecco 28/07/2014

    Would love to see how a PS4 Remastered version of Uncharted 2 looks!
    That is the most graphically impressive game on PS3 imo.
    Second game is not even close to the third one from an aesthetic angle. But the later also do take some short cuts to get there, like more tunnelling, so one could say they are equally impressive on using resources.

    Didn't think Europe censored games, thought that was the poor Aussies?

    Who makes that decision then?
    Europe donít. It's nearly always down to the publishers or developers to censor, (cut) be it game or film for any particular region and or desired age ratings in that region. Lots of material are market adapted besides these occasional exceptions too. Very few things are actually censored these days, no matter country. Like some poster hinted at, games simply fall into the trappings of multiple market adaptations due to the technical limitations and possibilities of them. This started way back on DVD though, so nothing unique for games as culture really.
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  • ecco 28/07/2014

    @Shepard_Commander lol
    "next gen" consoles are so weak it's not even funny.PS4 can't even max out a last gen game at a constant 60fps.
    My pc is already like ~5 times more powerful and this gen has only just started.What a joke....
    So, where then is the "TLOU" for the almighty vortex of power that is PC eh? :rolleyes:

    *All dressed up and nowhere to go to.
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  • Sony lists Journey, The Unfinished Swan for PlayStation 4

  • ecco 28/07/2014

    Swan song already? At least it should be finished this one round. Reply +1
  • Does Watch Dogs deliver on its stunning E3 2012 reveal?

  • ecco 27/05/2014

    Also, what puzzles me is why the PS4 version has any tearing at all. Assassin's Creed IV ran at a flawless 1080p and 30 FPS without a single tear or framerate hiccup. Why didn't the Watch_Dogs' devs use triple buffering and full v-sync to eliminate tearing completely?
    ACIV is a completely different challenge to do so with than WD. A lot slower, and far fewer explosions too I suspect.

    It is also quite noticable how much beter ACIV runs when tere is no complex geometry arund. Like on the open seas.

    Tripple buffering is a great way, to waste processor time.

    Is it just because the game engine was made with the ageing and limited PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware in mind?
    Unlike ACIV? :confused:
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  • Sony announces Chinese PlayStation 4 launch plans

  • ecco 27/05/2014

    "Anything that promotes obscenity, drug use or violence" is banned, as is anything that "insults, slanders or violates the rights of others". Any gambling-related content or features are also outlawed.
    Hmm.. I really cant think of a single game that wont get banned. :rolleyes:
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  • Xbox One without Kinect matches PS4 price in Japan

  • ecco 27/05/2014

    They're not going to swallow all this next-gen hype so easily and when you consider what games do sell in great numbers over there (regarding PS), none of it includes software from the likes of American devs like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica which so many Western PS fans love and pin their hopes on.
    TLOU did quite well though. I think it shows the importance of a good and full SP in games rather than having it as some tick box to support the MP that so many AAA go by these days.
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  • ecco 27/05/2014

    But what impact will it have?
    Same as before with big lumbering beasts doing incursions from the Pacific I guess.

    Always ends the same. Beast cause a bit of a mess, people try all sorts of things to get rid of it, then a more friendly beast sends it on its way.
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  • PS4 racer DriveClub will now launch in October

  • ecco 29/04/2014

    8th October 2014
    Good of them to be clear about it. :)
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  • Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

  • ecco 29/04/2014

    Makes sense I guess. Many techers are reminicant of that annoyng mid level boss on a free roam game. Sure you can aviod them by circeling round en route to other quests but it will take time out of doing so, thus it will impact your overall acheivment. Better to have that out of the way. Reply -12
  • Why so serious? Nintendo explains angry Western Kirby

  • ecco 29/04/2014

    @Eldritch Or the worst one I've seen:

    Way to ruin an awesome cover.

    It was simply capitalising on contemporary pop culture, happens all the time.

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  • PlayStation 4 update 1.70 detailed, will let you pre-load games

  • ecco 17/04/2014

    I can't believe you still have to sit around and wait for trophies to sync on the PS4 before you can view the list...
    Well, you don't have to. There is a mode to not sync new trophies right away on accessing the list, thus you can view them right away but the new ones are simply not synced to server at the same time then.

    Still, I agree it should be done in the background per instance, ideally.
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  • Is that a re-designed PS4? No, it's Sony's 4K Media Player

  • ecco 17/04/2014

    (which is something else the company has been called out on)
    What are you, 10?

    Deeper breath.
    You will be needing it soon.. :)

    Sony was the first to implement it in their PS3 system, which also allowed the playback of downloadable or digital media content. This created a clash of interests between the system's use as a media player and a blueray player.
    You can sill play all downloadable legal material, and PS3 was never advertised as some general purpose media player. It was marketed and still is a games console able to play Blurays, nothing more, nothing else, both of which it still does.

    Subsequent BLUERAY players have indeed gone on to include this technology, but most media players have not.
    Yes, and how odd is that. Manufacturers selling boxes primarily to be used with pirated material are hesitant about adopting anti-piracy functions. :rolleyes:

    Furthermore, Sony's inclusion of this anti-feature came after many PS3's were installed into households via a mandatory software update (unlike ios, android or others, you cannot access many core functions of the ps3 unless you install the latest firmware), which did not state the inclusion of the copy protection in its update information
    Things like that is always covered in the general user agreement which you, like most people, no doubt clicked past even the first time. Subsequent changes can be informed in updated versions, but they does not need too if the original user clausal was there.

    Besides, even your examples on what I assume you think is the unaffected or opposite or opposite are flawed. In later versions of Android one can no longer freely access external storage after updates to the latest version. And iOS, well that one is all about locking in the user to certain channels. In Apple speak it is not a bug, it's the future.
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  • ecco 17/04/2014

    How could I forget vcd and the cd-i atrocity. Interesting to see it's still going strong in the Phillipines.
    Thanks to the creative packaging no doubt. ;) Some of them VCDs really rival the so called Special Ed box sets here for fancy.

    I also doubt downloads will entirely replace physical. DVD is declining more rapidly than Blu-Ray is gaining though. Streaming is mostly eating into dvd sales. Rental has already nearly collapsed. Blu-ray will keep growing. Collecting digital movies is not as appealing, lesser quality, fragmented services, long term uncertainty.
    Quite. I didn't think of it that way, but probably the real change is the various subscription services that is an option for many. A bit like the "SAT-Film" pay channels have a revival, but with less rigid airings.

    DVD will stick around for a long time, but maybe not worldwide like vcd. It's starting to get messy in stores with 4K blu-ray, 3D blu-ray, standard blu-ray, and dvds.
    3D will probably always be such small part of the releases, so I don't think that will ever be a broblem. It is for most stores enough with one of those standee things for those discs. But since most of them in most cases are dual 3D+2D anyways, there is always the option to only hold this version. The price should be in line with regular for that to work though, which would also help 3D in general, so it is a bit backwards to try and get that extra for it on a market perspective. 3D despite its price sells better than 2D after all. Maybe because only enthusiasts are into it, maybe because it's more of a pain to pirate.

    (Are there still widescreen and full screen versions of dvds?)
    Never even seen those things in Europe. In US I guess they clasped onto the market as long as there was a potentially large mass of people with gigantic 4:3 TVs that could group sue if they felt bereft of their expensive screen estate. :rolleyes: Also, 16:9 saturaation was much faster in Europe, so that could of course be the reason too.

    I have some ancient import DVDs were 4:3 is on one side, 16:9 on the other though. So it was a bit like the dual 3D+2D is now maybe.
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  • ecco 16/04/2014

    You forgot Laserdisc

    VHS - 1976
    Laserdisc - 1978
    MUSE LD (1035i) - 1991
    DVD - 1995
    Blu-Ray - 2006
    4K Media - 2013

    Maybe 4K blu-ray will go the same route as Laserdisc, co-exist as a premium format next to streaming.
    DVD market will be replaced with streaming. 4K blu-ray will replace blu-ray over time. Physical disc market will shrink.

    Yes, very probable DVD will be around for a long time. A new formats successful introduction is probably not mainly due to quality, but to practicality. This is why some of the earlier formats failed, and why DVD is still doing ok by the side of BD.

    I have serious doubt about downloads ever replacing physical though. There is just to much fragmentation for it to be a serious contender. It is not practical, much like some of the earlier physical formats were not.

    whats the point? its a sony machine, DRM machine more like, cinavia will fuck everybody up, even people who have made LEGAL BR backups cannot play their own media again on a sony machine. Remove cinavia and we will talk, sony.
    Breathe into a bag. :-P

    First of all, Cinavia is not a SONY innovation. Second, pretty much all established brands use it by now.

    The downside is of course, it only affects those who probably in most cases pay for all, or most, their media.
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  • The Last of Us' final DLC, the Grounded Bundle, detailed

  • ecco 16/04/2014

    Not effected by own smoke bombs?

    This one is sort of sensible though. I guess if you are one to use smoke grenades a lot, you also be wearing a filter of some kind anyways. But the skill should also make this apparent on the avatar, ideally.

    Full frontal neck shiving is going to go through the roof.
    People still do this without smoke. Damn lag-rushers just jerk past and, snikkt!

    They should add a response move if one sees them in time, so like if to hit ∆ put an elbow to the attackers nose. Giving time to respond.

    A new difficulty mode? Meh. Survivor mode was hard enough thanks. I would prefer more excellent single player content like Left Behind more than anything.
    This new mode changes the game a bit as opposed to the survivor mode. I didn't really notice anything else changing there apart from there being less stuff to find.
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  • ecco 16/04/2014

    The former comes with Agility, which lets you climb, vault and move faster;
    Bomb Expert makes you immune to your own smoke bombs

    And I figure this still won't in any way motivate anyone responsible to fix that stupid bug allowing players to avoid coughing it up by jumping onto a very small box, still being in the centre of the damn cloud. I guess these two new skill things will sort of balance each other out though.. :rolleyes:
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  • Lifeless Planet: Encounters at the end of the world

  • ecco 15/04/2014

    I bet some sort of time paradox be involved here. It takes place in a parallel dimension where Alaska is still Russian, and thus the astronaut never actually leaves. Just like that film about the monkeys! Reply 0
  • The legendary Atari E.T. dump is being excavated in two weeks

  • ecco 11/04/2014

    I'm not convinced. It would have been illegal and quite frankly a bio-hazard to dump that much plastic, silicon and various other nasties in a big hole, on a piece of state owned land without permission. The fact that we have not had some federal case bought against Atari by now for illegal dumping kind of says this was a hoax.
    Well, it was sort of a timely incident in any case.

    Before 1980 industries small and big pretty much dumped crap wherever they could think of. Now the ET thing may seem a bit late here, but compared to the reasons for legislation to be tightened it was if it happened probably not even noticeable, and something the software side Atari maybe even could have been unaware of.

    There are tens of thousands heavy polluted sites still not cleaned up. Many of them because they are out of access, previous locations for a factory or fuel depot may now be under a suburb. And way back they dumped pretty much anything right into the ground. That's what neoliberalism gets you, cancer. :eek:
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  • ecco 10/04/2014

    Making room for the Xbox One?
    Not enough space for it.
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  • ecco 10/04/2014

    Excavating silicon in the desert eh?

    The circle of life.
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  • A glimpse at The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

  • ecco 10/04/2014

    Hoping there will be a new MP level with giraffes walking around in the peripheries. That be better then Titanfall! Reply 0
  • PC and PS4 horror Soma set at the bottom of the sea

  • ecco 04/04/2014

    Wha, wait wasn't this supposed to be that game about the brain switcherooing?

    Figure it be set in some desert post apocalypso, or space station rather. Oh well.

    I don't know if those computer screens would be working so well underwater....
    It's all Sony android tablets.
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  • Uncharted director Amy Hennig joins Visceral Games

  • ecco 04/04/2014

    Donít let her jedi mullet play mind trickery, she's the sith I tell you. Reply -2
  • Remember Desert Strike? Meet Killstorm

  • ecco 29/03/2014

    @ecco Thanks

    The music was considered back and fourth, some of the alternatives left me banging my head on the desk.

    How about a banjo solo?
    Headbanging on the desk, knock on woodstock.

    Sure, if there is a level in some swamp or river canyon it fit with banjo. It be scary to crash somewhere the play banjo solos. :)
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  • ecco 28/03/2014

    @ecco Music is one of those areas where it is hard to please unless you put in a mass of different options. We will run a survey on kickstarter in to the campaign to see what the community wants to hear.
    Gunship democracy prhaps. :)

    Same music would fare better without the lyrics I suppose. It's a bit too much like some 2005 action or horror film. "What kids listen to these days Burt?" "Nu-metal-rap-jazzfusion or something, I think.." "Never heard of it, must be edgy. Lets go with it!" ;)

    It did sort of remind me a bit of the electroaggresive theme on Desert Strike itself after all, and that worked for me way back.

    Also, it looks like the heli is never in any danger of bumping into anything? That may make the game more interesting. Again, I guess this too could be due consideration for touch.

    Look pretty though.
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  • ecco 28/03/2014

    I don't want to troll you guys but I don't remember Desert Strike on the MegaDrive as a particular good game. The controls were quite clunky.
    Jungle was brutally hard and the controls were just horrible, but the first level let you destroy most of Washington so I just sessioned that.
    If I remember correctly, there were two methods of controlling those games. One was very clunky indeed, it controlled basically like any old slanted top view RPG did. But the other one was a bit like the Resident Evil 1-3, and it worked pretty good. It also gave the game more of a helicopter feel by being somewhat momentous and heavy, and that is a good thing in a game about urrm, a helicopter.

    This game looks like it is lacking in that area. Would probably be hopeless on touch control any other way I guess.

    They really need to hire someone for the music tough, or someone else if they did. It is not what I want, what I want it is not, not what I want! It be better served by Spice Girls.
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  • Nintendo and Sega team up for Sonic: Lost World Zelda DLC

  • ecco 27/03/2014

    Come on Sega, where's my Sonic-Metroid-F-Zero crossover???
    Sonic did his Metroid tribute already by rolling up into a ball. And was also in a game with morphing and flying cars. There is just no pleasing some people..

    @TeaFiend Zelda is a girl?
    She is obviously a hedgehog due to the furries flute Link just found, and he could not wait to play it.

    What if Zelda was a girl?
    She is not tough. Why would Sonic be there otherwise? Apart due to the human crush thing he suffered of course, but he clearly got over that a long time ago now.

    Come to think of it, the girl in question did look a lot Zelda-ish. :o
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  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • ecco 26/03/2014

    It's all connected. With wires! Reply +1
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter's graphics will recreate objects from photos

  • ecco 26/03/2014

    @alexatkin But of course, I simply speculated many won't. Then again it is only usable for existing buildings that way, so at least sci-fi games are safe. ;)

    I guess it could also be used as convergence input for artists not into CG modelling. I seen a similar technique used in film industry where the art team actually sculpet the CG beasts of the film in good old clay, then the CG people scanned it and added, structure mesh and joints to it. Of course, that's Hollywood, they love to complicate things, to spread the wealth I suppose.. :)
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  • ecco 25/03/2014

    A bit stiff-ish looking, so like most typical PC games. Interesting interactive picture though, but that makes me wonder how interactivity will fare if this technique is used extensively. Static object (hammer stuck on desk) will be a feature in the future too. Possibly more so. Reply -5
  • Microsoft discounts Xbox One Thief, Tomb Raider this weekend

  • ecco 25/03/2014

    Well played Microsoft, keep this sort of thing up. Wish Sony would do the same.
    But they already did a Tombraider 50% sale like a year ago. For PS3, but still.

    Inevitably TR will be a + title on PS4 though. Just like that and Bioshock Infinite recently was on PS3. The sale on BS 1 & 2 was also some time ago now.
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  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • ecco 21/03/2014

    PS3 and PS4 gamers will also get an exclusive outfit and a hacker boost, which enables an extra battery slot on your mobile - the rechargable meter which regulates your use of hacking powers.
    I'd rather have extra battery for my controller instead. But at least they are not selling me some emperors old coat like for some games nowdays.

    But... "the cloud"
    People better get their heads out of them.
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  • BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth was initially a silent character

  • ecco 21/03/2014

    Sometimes when after she opens the 546th lock to say the same one of three things I really do wish this 1920 thing was in effect. That could also have fitted in well with the milieu. It should also be in B&W. And being the cinematic standard at the time run at 14 FPS. No wait, it did a lot of the time.

    I also wish I would not get stuck on so many small object on the ground. Sure it is funny when it happens to Charlie Chaplin.

    And that I didn't have to run back and forth the longest way on the set (also like Charlie Chaplin) just to prolong the game with tedious errands.

    And what was the story with the bird, (not E) I found some nota about it but that was it. Lost and interesting side quest never happened.

    And I don't have a neckbeard, shutup!
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  • "Sony needs to show how good VR could be - not something like PS Move"

  • ecco 21/03/2014

    @IneptPercy The CPU in PCs can start to throttle up massively for anything unexpected though, so it really doesn't mean much for comparing with consoles. CPU need in general is also very low for games vis a vie GPU, especially on consoles that have traditionally never had anything that could be called powerful CPUs until the PS3, we are simply back to the old ways again.

    Sloppy PC adaptations can cause very high loads on CPU, BF being an example that sure heats up the silicone no matter what goes on. But this is also a problem for PC games on its own. Anyone who ever got a high end GC for their old trusty warrior knows the disappointment that can be. ;) At the same time most game rigs still never go for the high end most powerful CPUs, but the middle ground in favour of a better GC.

    As long as games don't use actual raytracing the extra CPU time required for well written code will be clocked in single digit % at most.
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  • ecco 19/03/2014

    Is the PS4 powerful enough to power VR well?

    I can see this being like 3D support last gen.
    With no problems at all. 3D in the form this VR thing would use is considerably less demanding on the systems than rendering 3d for the TV.

    The 3D for a screen need to have 2x1080 different images displayed at least 30 times each. So that makes 60 rendered images. Two completely full different perspectives and renders need data calculations for them, heavier strain on both CPU and GPU.

    The VR glasses use 1x1080 (half image each eye) at 60 renders. So here while it would be noticeable if it dropped to 30, it still be better than the same relative drop with regular 3D on a TV. One render of two perspectives causing a little more CPU work, the GPU don't notice the difference.

    In fact it will be likely that many games will support only the VR3D, and not TV3D because of this. So 2D game on screen, 3D with helmet.

    As mentioned by others 3D isn't dead, I don't watch many movies but games is epic and I would recommend it to anybody.
    True. 3D is not suitable for most films, while games on the other hand in most cases are improved a lot by it.
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  • Shenmue once featured cats that walk on two legs

  • ecco 19/03/2014

    Mark Cerny was audibly perplexed: "I don't know what this is," he could be heard whispering.
    This despite male character Mark Cerny talking like a cat, and possibly walking like Marilyn Monroe.
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  • ecco 19/03/2014

    After Seaman nothing SEGA does or nindiden't surprises me anymore. Reply -3