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  • Batman: Arkham Knight launch sales beat Arkham City

  • ecco 01/07/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Yes, wow.. 40% on what the PCMR-mob constantly tries to sell as the most popular platform. :rolleyes: And no doubt did those figures mostly come from those 90% off sales, that are also an indicator that the PC platform is not a good market.

    But that is beside the point in this case since none of that can be numbered yet. The point here is if that market would be considered important enough at all "conversions" would not be handed of to an external developer with a, to say the least, well known and questionable record. Would it?
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  • ecco 29/06/2015

    Multiformat PC in this genre never stand for any noticeable share of the copies shifted anyways, so of course it makes very little difference in total numbers if that version is perfect or completely broken. :rolleyes: Reply -1
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • ecco 26/06/2015

    Apart from the "actual" tombs, (which I doubt will happen) they need to include her "actual" shorts. :) Reply -3
  • Video: Are we sure Batman isn't killing people in Arkham Knight?

  • ecco 23/06/2015

    Nananananana, Tankman! Nanannanaa. etc.

    One could probably expect some collateral damage when driving a tank in a city. I think I'd cause some just trying to park that thing. It probably parks itself though.
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  • Video: Eurogamer plays Agario

  • ecco 25/05/2015

    My system clearly is too shite for this graphically taxing game.

    Sometimes they move like a ball of marmalade, sometimes the monetarily goes supersonic. :)

    Guess I'll just wait for the PS4 version.
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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • ecco 23/05/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler Best theory I heard.

    Still, the controller chip or system OS sure seems to manage dataflow just fine (I mean, it then could explain why takes about 4000 years to transfer a few screenshots to an external drive) from uncertified devices so I don't see why something similar would not be possible for a controller that previously also used USB2.

    I guess it would also make a priacy scenario less likely, or at least less interesting, if they don't follow Nintendo and Microsoft by paving the way with external game storage.
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  • ecco 22/05/2015


    Well, in principal I agree. Wheels are a bit special though since they sometimes use new algorithms for force feedback and such, still for the benefit of the driving experience (and sales of said games..) Sony should work on some software layer for the older models even if the game or hardware developers won't. But sure, that a simple digital fightstick don't work from one generation to another is just ridiculous.

    Just tested my cheap Tekken one, and sure enough. Just the hysterical blinking respons from the receiver.

    It just seems incredibly nave for all concerned to believe that the youth of today are so accepting of getting mugged by companies, that they will continue to buy, while the season gamer seethes at this ever more negative business model. Such large short term gains gave rise to an industry crash the last time.
    Not so sure about this on the other hand. I think it is the opposite, fanatical gamers will buy into and put up with pretty much anything. The casuals will never bother in the first place.

    Still, they will upgrade every generation of a new iPad, need or no need to.

    So I doubt them shortsighted business models will change anytime soon.. :|
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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    As I'm now probably done with arcade fighting games and racing simulator games on consoles, which also rules me out for buying a Sony VR headset.
    Don't dwell on it. Yosh said driving with Morpehus vas a sickening feeling anyways.
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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    -3 /3

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  • ecco 22/05/2015

    Jebus this thing is a design mess.

    Looks like Logitech is falling back into their stupid nineties low end audio trappings again... :eek:

    The technology hasn't changed enough to warrant dropping support for the G27. I'm still optimistic they'll release an adapter.
    Why would it need an adapter?

    Games, or/and PS4-ware need support it is all.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • ecco 22/05/2015

    @Nikanoru Well, psychopathic personalities don't "get better". They usually do get better at controlling impulsive tendencies mostly at that age and more skilled in acting as society prefers though, which in many cases actually makes them more dangerous. Especially if they get into position of power of course. Reply +3
  • ecco 22/05/2015

    At least he did it for love. :rolleyes: Reply +1
  • Dimension Drive returns to Kickstarter after troll ruined previous effort

  • ecco 19/05/2015

    Whatever the case, some of these forms of perks for pitching in sort of makes me less likely to do the same. I don't want aspects in games that some potential troll with too much gold on hand buys the privilege to be in. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 walkthrough

  • ecco 19/05/2015

    @snafu65 @brider

    Back in the days the guide was usually out long before the game was. On paper.
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  • Procedurally-generated high seas adventure Windward sets sails for May release

  • ecco 22/04/2015

    Sailing ships don't manoeuver in circles and shrug off collisions like go-karts, and can't constantly shoot in any direction.
    Would be nice. But here really, this is not exactly simulator material after all.

    @ecco LOL, right. Europe has not had an innovation for centuries. But hey, your crumbling cities are looking really good with the coating of grafitti. You are the past. You are nothing more than a museum. Your slow death is a laugh to those in the western hemisphere. I love Mexico, I hate Uk inbred pussies.
    Err.. I'm pretty sure everything from the wheel to the car was invented in Europe. Your conclusions seem to stem from the innovation that is smoking pot and not even open those significantly rose coloured history books common to US education systems.
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  • ecco 11/04/2015

    Looks cute enough, but where the monkeys and parrots?

    Wow guys, one whole story in an entire day? Don't get too exhausted from content generation. No wonder Americans laugh at European work ethic and innovation. We do more in an afternoon than you do in a week. You must have the most docile, lazy workforce in the industry.
    Do more in overproducing nitwits.. :rolleyes:

    Me thinks you because of this also confuse GDB with MTP average time productivity. Otherwise americans be as productive as norwegians. And norwegians doesn't do anything anymore. Thus, for what you apparently meant by productivity US is behind quite a few regions of Europe. (Including Norway in the top, so that part was just a joke obviously) ;)

    Most "american inventions" was also either made in Europe, or by europeans.
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  • Xbox One update will let you turn on the console with your phone

  • ecco 22/04/2015

    One could just start it when leaving in the morning, that way it will have booted when getting back in the evening.

    Calling it in from the phone around noon may work too though.
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  • Video: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises taser hand, gold nanoshield

  • ecco 12/04/2015

    A gold nanoshield eh. But does it contain conflict minerals? Reply +1
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita this summer

  • ecco 11/04/2015

    @redcrayon The DS4 has a very precise and responsive gyro too, more shooters on PS4 should use it.
    Quite beyond why this was downed. :confused: (preparing for more myself then)

    Even though it's not the same thing as in an hand held, would have been great if, like The last of us had it. At least for aiming bombs and such.

    I didn't care much for "Portcharted GA" all the same but "Gravity rush" proved gyro controls can be fantastic.
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  • The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide

  • ecco 11/04/2015

    Now looking forwards to the performance test of GTAV with this thing. :rolleyes:

    And for 350 it should come bundled with the other parts anyways to be fair.
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  • Rockstar Games up to 80 per cent off in Humble Sale

  • ecco 11/04/2015

    No GTAV..?

    It's now good and well like years old.
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  • Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?

  • ecco 03/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Did not see that in your post really, just clearing it a bit for those reading it like that. ;) Like I said, thats is the common assumption.

    It would be neat though, if they had developed the thing completely independently. That would have saved a lot of problem and most likely made it easier to scale the damn thing a bit, but like we now know it later in life got stuck on a (by then) rather power hungry technology thanks to Nvidia, IBM, and indirectly Toshiba because of them losing interest in further improvements. And if not for this, then maybe the PS3 slim really could have lived up to the name, like the PS2.

    But things like that is just not possible any more sadly, no matter what titan of a company, would not try.
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  • ecco 03/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Cell was co-developed by Toshiba, so they probably offloaded most off the cost even back then. Later they also bought out a greater share in it, so I guess that helped some more.

    And BD is not a Sony format despite most thinking so. May well have been the heaviest backer still, but I don't think they even hold more than 10% or so of the patent portfolio making up the format.
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  • Google Maps launches April Fools' Pac-Man mode

  • ecco 31/03/2015

    Put your finger in your ear and wiggle it....sounds like Pac Man!!
    Mine sounds like Bloodborne. That can't be good..
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight-themed PS4 revealed

  • ecco 31/03/2015

    It could have done with one of them spring loaded USB harpoons shooting out when the controller starts running low.

    Also, the controller should be shaped like the bat logo.
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  • Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

  • ecco 31/03/2015

    @masseffectman He seems to be enjoying the game just fine.
    He may very well be, but it sure does not seem like it.

    I mean, he probably also set a record on the game for most complaining in 40 minutes. :rolleyes:
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  • Nintendo to release games on phones and tablets

  • ecco 24/03/2015

    @ecco I sincerely hope that the last game is going to star Princess Peach, not Mario himself.
    Sorry, see above.
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  • ecco 24/03/2015

    @ecco You are quite wrong:

    Maze runner with Captain Toad
    Blocktrix with Waluigi
    Hit the badger with Wario
    Flappy birds with Luigi
    Shake my boobs with Princess Peach
    Toad can't run in mazes. Because of the backpack apparently.

    And Nintendo would never trust the market with another Peach game. Sexist bastards.

    The others seems reasonable enough though.
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  • ecco 17/03/2015

    Iwata confirmed Nintendo is not considering ports of existing games, but rather new experiences developed for and more suited to smart devices.
    Maze runner with Mario.
    Blocktrix with Mario
    Hit the badger with Mario
    Flappy birds with Mario
    Shake my boobs with Mario
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  • PlayStation just brought in 3bn for Sony

  • ecco 17/03/2015


    Take things like this with a spoon of salt. And guesstimate the change with scale and manufacturing optimisation with it over time.

    I'd say its more like 250-300 by now.
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  • ecco 17/03/2015

    @joshkierstead Resource relocation costs, not only from taxes but also as administrative. Killing off "assets" on the other hand sometimes gives tax reductions. Also, shareholder of one subdivision may (will) not be happy about either one scenario of course. Reply 0
  • ecco 17/03/2015

    All thanks to me buying Vice City Stories on PSN last weekend for 1.60, that is.

    ...oh yeah....contributing like a boss....
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  • Nintendo NX is "new hardware with a brand new concept"

  • ecco 17/03/2015

    Its hardware is four years old. Which part of it isn't outdated compared to smartphones today, let alone in 2 years time?
    Buttons! :cool:

    In any case, Nintendo hardly compared on graphic capabilities 2 years ago anayways. Obviously they wont do that next-years neither.

    I am not dissing the Vita here (I have one myself), I was just repsonding to the claim that it wouldn't be possible to have portable hardwware that is powerful enough to also fill a TV screen, using the Vita as an example.
    Vita still having many times better graphic quality than Nintendos latest DS iteration sort of indicates not many cares about that.

    Buttons and ergonomics on the other hand is essential for most. Being why the DS had all them design revisions and, more buttons.

    Playing PS4 remotely on Vita sort of illustrates this problem that even that device have. Be it still is way beyond even the latest attempt from Nintendo.
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  • ecco 17/03/2015

    I wonder if the X part implies some form of collaboration, a la Street Fighter X Tekken. That would certainly make sense given the nature of the rest of the announcement.
    Probably means "Nintendo eXperience" or something like that used by everyone ever. But probably signifies that service more than any of the boxes tied (!) to it.

    I really think it will involve virtual reality cuz remember Nintendo came out with the Virtual Boy or whatever it was called a longgggg time ago
    Or maybe it simply stands for "Nintendo X-eyed" then. :eek:
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  • Pick-ups and play: How Monster Hunter gets loot right

  • ecco 18/02/2015

    Well, what one prefers one prefers.

    But, I agree it is both more entertaining, realistic and thus more immersive to purposefully hunt for what you want rather than just randomly click things to death until you do. Then again, that is probably very much connected to me as a gamer type, but no gambler.
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  • Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs 60% off in huge Xbox sale

  • ecco 17/02/2015

    @ecco: If you know any of those locations, tell me. My nephew wants one, but no way I'm paying 390 Euro for a birthday gift, and they're pretty unpopular here in Lisbon.
    Happens frequently in Scandinavia and Germany.

    Maybe it is too popular in Portugal after all. ;)

    Less than 390 and five games, so I can keep for me, and I'm in.
    An empty box is no fun you meanie. :-P

    It was four now actually, sorry. Previous offers had five.

    @mega-gazz @ecco
    if things didn't sell then they wouldn't make them, its not like they are trying to shift unsold stock.
    Yes it actually is like that. Some people in this piracy is not theft mentality dosen't seem to grasp the concept of imaterial having values, and best before dates. Not mention actually also having limited numbers, even if the later is simply that.

    It's a different market where games sell over a much longer period of time and not just their first week of availability.
    It is so because buyers have learned to wait for the now inevitable sales, the options for publishers is either to be the odd one holding out, or try to make up for it in numbers.

    This and Steam in itself is not sustainable for AAA multi platform titles though. Was it not for console sales those would not exist on Windows today.
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  • ecco 17/02/2015

    I would like to see Sony and Microsoft offer something like the Steam sales. I'm not entirely sure of the politics behind it with the publishers involved, but it would be good for the consumers if this becomes a regular thing.
    Steam have sales because things doesn't sell. If things start looking anything like that on the Xbox store, then they are really in trouble.

    It is not looking all that well for them already. Depending on popularity in various locations one can get a XB One with five or so games, for a price way under a PS4, with nothing.
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  • Raven's Cry review

  • ecco 13/02/2015

    @kremlingrasso The anglofication in itself is the biggest problem. All (well, most) other developers try to adapt to a form and lose identity that make it look just an outsourced clone, unless it succeeds and none will notice, then it is an anglo game. Or the IP is acquired to really make it one.

    It is because of that, and also due to the monofocation of media power from certain regions of course.
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  • ecco 13/02/2015

    One of Raven Cry's strangest problems is its penchant for verbosity. Everyone talks for far too long about the most irrelevant thing. For a low-budget game that cuts every other corner possible, I have to wonder if these writers weren't paid by the word.
    They arr pirates, they steals yourr time.
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  • PSN now lets you upgrade your sub account to a master account

  • ecco 13/02/2015

    Does a sub account for my daughter allow her to use my playstation Plus games, online, etc?
    Doesn't matter what kind of account the other user have, only that yours is on the system they use.
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  • ecco 13/02/2015

    Great. Then a way to finally change user ID cannot be far away either! :o

    I'm hoping over the next five years.
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  • Sonic Boom games shifted just 490,000 copies

  • ecco 12/02/2015

    place the Sonic Boom titles as the lowest-selling major Sonic launches in the history of the franchise.
    That must hurt. Good thing there be plenty of bandage around. :eek:
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • ecco 11/02/2015

    Reply -4
  • Mekazoo resembles a blend of Donkey Kong Country and Sonic

  • ecco 11/02/2015

    It's blue, and it runs. Not looking much like Sonic apart from that really.

    Does sound very much like I imagine Sonic would by now, had not a stream of idiots destroyed the series completely.
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  • Nintendo details its outlandish process of transferring data to the New 3DS

  • ecco 11/02/2015

    Jesus Christ Nintendo why are you always so bloody difficult when it comes to this stuff?

    Transferring over should be as painless as possible.
    That may make for fewer users keeping both systems. Just saying.


    Just looking to the things to do list it makes me NOT want to transfer anything, by it had to be so complicated? Couldn't we just make a backup on 3DS SD card and use it on the new system?! Wake up Nintendo! Do your job!
    DRM. Old files need be unauthorized, or resigned for the new unit, or whatever.

    Still, it is clear Nintendo still have absolutely no clue on how to handle these things in a user friendly way. Or rather, not in a completely user hostile way.
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  • Make something that makes something: Inside the Procedural Generation Jam

  • ecco 11/01/2015

    @ecco I have a dream to make a game like this, actually. A colleague of mine, Gillian Smith who works at Northeastern University in Boston, is very big on using procedural generation as a game mechanic, too. She's really keen on people opening up new kinds of gameplay with it.
    I guess it could be well suited for some new gameplay implementations too. But mostly I just meant it would be about a procedural world, turning inherently unsuitably for human interaction. But then one would probaably end up a bit with the same old motivations most games have on the other hand. ;)

    The unique way it could be used here though I figure is that a badly working algorithm would maybe work better, and it being semi active during game, creating new paths, or dead ends.
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  • ecco 11/01/2015

    It would be neat if there was a game about actually playing in a world built by someting that was built by somthing to make something.. err, and so on. Like a game based on "BLAME!" or so. Reply 0
  • Ninja Theory's Hellblade also confirmed for PC

  • ecco 10/01/2015 Well, this game will probably do most, if not all that. So maybe it is then, not a spiritual success. Reply -1
  • ecco 10/01/2015

    All this PC loving brimming lately from former typical console studios and genras will be over when the numbers people notices even fewer are interested in paying anything, let alone that it also seems to eat into the previous years numbers. Reply -1
  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • ecco 10/01/2015

    I'm sure Nintendo will find brand new and innovative routes to fuck up next time. ;) Reply +14