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  • Tech Analysis: The Last Guardian

  • ecco 10/12/2016

    And so it begins... the first game for which a Pro is required. Sony really want us all to upgrade, but they've decided to use passive aggressive persuasion.
    Follow this guide:

    Then place it on your head. :rolleyes:
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  • Astroneer looks like the game you may have wanted from No Man's Sky

  • ecco 10/12/2016

    Anyone else thinking the characters look inspired by another toy thing on P? :o

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  • Surreal sailing adventure Sea of Solitude picked up by EA

  • ecco 10/12/2016

    I came here for the sailing, what I got was motorboating. :(
    Trust EG commenting to make anything lewd.
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  • ecco 10/12/2016

    Looks pretty nice.

    The monsters will help you.
    Well, TLG and this be a nice change from Bloodsouls and whatnot then.

    Speaking of, the bird thing reminds a bit of catdragon. :o
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  • NieR: Automata's PS4 demo draws nier

  • ecco 09/12/2016

    Wait, do the androids have horses, or what?
    The bigger questions, are the horses equidroids, and do they dream about android sheep?
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  • ecco 09/12/2016

    Pretty sure packaged DLC codes are just a tactic by publishers to make a part of the game expendable to diminish resale value
    Well, for any standard special edition. "Day one", "Exclusive gamestore version" and similar crap, sure.

    But how many get the "Limited collector statue thingie box editions" only to input codes and shift it of Ebay? I'm guesstimating here but, very nearly none.

    It's more likely due to not wanting the extra work or certification cost for a real special game disc.

    Irony is, such version would just as likely also be more sought after than what is usually in a special edition, and thus probably bear the cost better anyways. Because they would be truly special editions, of the actual games.
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  • ecco 08/12/2016

    DLC codes.. :rolleyes:

    But, a real OST at least. So stillv better than most "special" editions these days.
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  • Ellie is the lead character in The Last of Us Part 2

  • ecco 04/12/2016

    Ellie will stab Joel? :eek:

    That is true, but let's assume for one minute that Marlene was fully virtuous and that the cure would deff have worked.
    That would make no sense.

    The thing is, Ellie has a "mutated" spore in her head, this means that it has taken position and restrict growth of other spores by simply being there.

    There is no way to develop a vaccine for that. The only other way is to grow more of them and implant everyone. (guess that could be called a vaccine though)

    However, this process would not need to carve out the entire thing, just a small sample would do either way you go about it. Be it DNA for spore testing, or a strand for growing. Considering how ridiculously invasive it is, that should not be hard.

    But this be working bad for a plot device. :rolleyes:
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  • Watch: Ian introduces Johnny to Cannon Fodder in Late to the Party

  • ecco 02/12/2016

    The ranks concept and trying to keep the "veterans" on the frontline was neat.

    People complained about it obviously dont get irony.
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  • The Walking Dead: Season 3 will launch with two episodes on the same day

  • ecco 02/12/2016

    This episode trend-thing is crap.

    I get it could be a point for something new, like an alternative to kickstarters and so on. But at season two, or three (that is even sort of four really) its just irritating.

    For many, not even real TV works like that anymore anyways.
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  • Steam Winter Sale start date confirmed

  • ecco 01/12/2016

    Nevertheless the Winter Sale is usually considerable, so perhaps save money by foregoing Christmas presents for your children, you monster.
    Only another week to new years sale anyways.

    Won't someone think of the children!
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  • Nintendo has just snuck out one of the best 2D Mario games in years

  • ecco 01/12/2016

    @spekkeh There are most likely, or will inevitably be, 1:1 clones of said levels.

    And in the remote possibility there is a missing one, you know what to do. :-P
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  • ecco 01/12/2016

    Cant have kids names revealed on Nintendo. You will be banned! Reply -1
  • Lara Croft Go leaked for PlayStation 4, Vita

  • ecco 01/12/2016

    Just the Tombraiding I wanted for my portable device with plenty buttons. :rolleyes: Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Final Fantasy 15

  • ecco 01/12/2016

    @jrallyson The code must be pretty tight at least.

    It looks way better than GTA5, and has more advanced models and animations.
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  • ecco 30/11/2016

    @PCMaestro Lets just wait and see how it dies perform on "PC" first, eh?

    You may yet need that upgrade. ;)
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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • ecco 30/11/2016

    And gameplay and AI improvements have been replaced by loot, repetition, tension of higher difficulty levels.....
    In 4K! :cool:
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  • ecco 30/11/2016

    The only one benefitting are the retail stores with their huge mark-ups on second hand copies (and A and B, obviously, because they will be able to play more games in total), but it's a fallacy that trading in will help the market.

    It's no coincidence that everyone is pushing digital, because in all likelihood, A and B will spend more than they want if there are no trading in/second hand copies at all, respectively the publishers want to have what is currently the mark-up of second hand copies for themselves.
    I don't think it's that far fetched at all to assume even the very option to trade your games, can have a huge impact on if one dares to try a game or not. (the more odd or new IP the worse of course) I nearly never trade or sell, but sure would be very vary of buying the wrong thing if not given that option.

    Also, another part is psychological, download games for many feel super expensive even at the same price. Hesitates clicking down a "download" title at 20 on sale, still feel the disc special edition for 80 is cheaper. A similar feel I get for games with too much DLC, or even those in real need of free patches. So that turns into a no sale, that should certainly be the least desirable route for any publisher after all.

    So in the end even a slow transition to "digital only" could deflate game sales on a similar slow pace. A forced transition.. well, I think that would be 3D0-numbers for the generation that thinks it's about time ahead of times.

    There is more than one reason PC gaming is like one big constants price crash naturally, but this is part of it. The question is, if the industry must adopt this on consoles too, then what was gained.
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  • ecco 30/11/2016

    @jeremycomans But what is the actual entropy of this data?

    The only interesting thing to compare really is any given AAA game. Not if indie not even on disc or online subs and costumes for given AAA amass to 50% of the total sales for anything.
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  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice delayed until next year

  • ecco 30/11/2016

    Wonder if it was delayed due to competing "savage cavegirl in third person anachronistic-action-RPG-thing" or if it will be delayed to compete against that.. :eek: Reply +2
  • The Last Guardian media kit includes a heartfelt message from creator Fumito Ueda

  • ecco 30/11/2016

    Is it just me or does the sketch show a spoiler as catweagle looks dead to me with boy mourning him?

    I may be wrong of course
    You are.

    Kid is just eating the "crumbs" out of catdragons beard. Relax.
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  • Red Dead Redemption will finally be playable on PC, via PlayStation Now

  • ecco 30/11/2016

    @ihnm_aims Cherry pickings. There are exlusive action titles too.

    Like Bus Simulator 2016.
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  • Watch: Ian introduces Chris to the Atari Jaguar (and its controller inserts)

  • ecco 25/11/2016

    Another thing that generally never happens is not having a rant about how much better it would be on PC.. :rolleyes: Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry's guide to PS4 Pro game upgrades

  • ecco 24/11/2016

    On top of all this, unpatched games on the Scorpio will probably perform way better, with none of this "base mode" bullshit
    I doubt that will get free range there either. And it is probably the case for "current box" too, old titles are most likely flagged ok or no in the OS versions starting with the new version. Because "From programming" may have been used in any title really.

    Still, would be nice if the newer PS4 could have such "greenlight" function too.
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  • Now we know four Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates

  • ecco 24/11/2016

    Great, a rapping krogan. Like their poetry was not ear grinding enough. :rolleyes: Reply +5
  • Battleborn is £3.85

  • ecco 24/11/2016

    Regular discounts, story DLC and a constant stream of new characters have failed to ignite interest.

    The game's hardcore fans have even rallied to organise a Battleborn Day Steam event to help grow the game's community, but it left little lasting impression.

    But, for £3.85 - can you go far wrong?

    One word of warning, however. Two months ago Kotaku posted word that Gearbox was quietly working on a free-to-play version of the game - an assertion Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford initially appeared to discount, before detailing a free to play "trial version".

    But even this, which will come with limited features but which can be expanded through purchasing other bits and pieces, may end up being more expensive than this offer for a boxed version.
    I think all this accumulated little pieces of crap is what makes many titles, even relatively successful ones like SW Battlefront, end up on price slope instead of just continuing as an "ok" deal, then just needs to compensate for this by micro transactions anyways. In the end, is it really a winning strategy from a pure total?

    Its just too confusing to the consumer just what the hell they actually would buy into.

    Be warned, though. The script takes the worst of Borderlands' self-referential humour and vomits it at you relentlessly, offering a lower gag hit rate than Joe Pasquale and an apparently genuine belief that repeating the same soundbite 50 times in a single boss fight will enhance the experience.
    :| Sounds like I would have wanted at least 3.85 to even try this all the same though..
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  • Cancelled Tron game by the F.E.A.R. 3 dev revealed

  • ecco 24/11/2016

    Needs be excavated and retrofitted into a VR helmet. Reply +5
  • Cancelled plans for Sleeping Dogs 2 were ridiculously ambitious

  • ecco 23/11/2016

    @ecco The problem with Demon's Souls' World Tendency was that it almost always just stayed stuck in the middle, maybe edging towards White World Tendency.
    Yes, that sort of sounds like something someone should figured be the predictable outcome from an aggregate of choices mostly between two paths I guess. It be interesting if certain nations elections worked that way.. :lol:

    Still, like implied it didn't really affect me in any tangible way on first play since I had little idea what was going on anyways. Even ate the bosses. :rolleyes:
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  • ecco 22/11/2016

    @Number1Laing I think that is exactly what most want. But most probably don't want that also messing up chances of getting certain things done. ;)

    And in the case of DS I sort of agree it was hard to get the point of it. It added some unpredictability, but from a single playthrough you would not know the changes anyways. So it was a bit of a weird thing for them to prioritise getting in there.
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  • ecco 22/11/2016

    Doesn't sound all that complicated, or even that new.

    Was there not a similar function in "Demon's Souls" were the respective worlds shift from dark to light was somehow connected to what players in the collective sense was doing in them?
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  • Steam's autumn sale is now live

  • ecco 23/11/2016

    Saving it for a racing wheel. Then at least I'll have a thing I'd never play.

    And at least it would be shift-able.
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  • Resident Evil 7 Collector's Edition includes dummy finger USB drive

  • ecco 22/11/2016

    Never forget what poor quality they made the Arkham Knight and Dragon Age Inquisition CE's.
    They cannot possibly be any worse than the "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" statue.
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  • ecco 22/11/2016

    The dummy finger is the most amusing bit of the whole thing as it's a reference to an item in the game's demo that does nothing.
    And given how long cheap USB drives usually works, this will make it a more accurate replica too. :rolleyes:
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda's new Normandy has no loading screens throughout

  • ecco 22/11/2016

    No loading screens, just "x-rays security checks" for every room. :p

    It will be explained as a jab at Trump.
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  • Titanfall 2, Gears 4 price plunge at HMV on Black Friday

  • ecco 21/11/2016

    And it probably did because most saw this from a mi.. Reply 0
  • Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel cancelled

  • ecco 19/11/2016

    Now the more important question, when will they announce the official Overwatch pornographics? :p

    That's a proper nut kick for the artists. I'd be more than a little pissed off.
    This being based on and ordered for by a pretty huge production.. I think it's fair to assume they were already payed as much for their work as they would ever see anyways.

    As for the fame and portfolio part of it all, they can probably still show of select parts of it.

    That said, they probably feel a bit nut-ered all the same.

    I know I would.
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  • Firewatch is getting a retail release this year

  • ecco 17/11/2016

    @ecco Buy Firewatch on GoG, and it'll only disappear if GoG goes down *and* you have no copy on your PC.

    And you'll still be able to play it when your PS4, PSN and Steam are already dust in the wind. :D
    So, it's one of them "DRM-free" deals then eh?

    Thanks, but I'll probably still hold of on any consumerism-paranoia license-hoarding until that eventuality actually happens instead. Game would probably be sub $1 at most, if GoG is still around by then. If not there or in any other place, I guess it would be "internet archived" anyways. :|

    Whatever the case, my PC will probably be able play the PS4-version long before any of all these scenarios play out.
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  • ecco 17/11/2016

    Good, downloads are so boring I dont even want to get tiny indies that way anynore. Sometimes even those get physical so I guess many feel the same about this useless "your shit may vanish at any moment" future.

    Still, this limited run thing is a bit of a . . limited replacement for real releases. :p
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  • “Never in my wildest imagination did I think The Last Guardian would take this long”

  • ecco 15/11/2016

    Driveclub was made in the UK.
    (or well, most other parts of the world really)
    Also, do check the end titles when crossing the finishing line or whatever.. ;)
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  • ecco 10/11/2016

    Never in my wildest imagination did I think The Last Guardian would take this long.
    That is because he used it all up for the game! :o

    Japanese companies can be very patriotic and inward looking.... To be fair kudos to Sony for supporting games like this for many years. Just look at some of the out there games funded and supported by them over the years... Not that they're all great but many would never have seen the light of day without sonys support!
    It is also called "let things take their time".

    That's not nationalism, simply shintoism.

    Possibly proven track records for delivering games that sell and play really well on release.

    Driveclub had a good few problems from the start and it took a long time to get back on their feet. It's a shame, as Evolution Studios really delivered in the end.
    Those things do of course matter in Japan too. But, the thing most miss that makes this seem strange is the gulf of difference in running cost developing a game in Japan (or well, most other parts of the world really) and the US.

    In Japan especially there are not typically an entourage of non essential staff like "prop makers" and a hoard of marketers, web and consumer greeters, catering for said people etc etc. It's the difference of running years on a budget that would be ran down in months, or even weeks.

    Game development in the US is nearly the same as the film industry is, it turns into a paper shredder for money on day one and it runs till someone says cut.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda's new kett race were clothed to avoid "really odd disconnect" of talking with naked aliens

  • ecco 15/11/2016

    So, now if you are nervous talking in front of the aliens you have to imagine them naked. :rolleyes: Reply +1
  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • ecco 12/11/2016

    @pantherjag ""Bethseda go "Nah that's all we're doing, take it or leave it". Are Sony really going to deny their new system a game based on such minor scruples????""

    Honestly, someone should say fix your shit or no release to Bethesda no matter what system they want out on.

    And they probably need someone to tell them that at least 9 times. :)
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  • ecco 12/11/2016

    There should be a user setable fallback option to lock it into pure PS4 mode should a games extras be a sloppy serving. Reply +1
  • People are selling the out of stock NES Mini with a huge markup

  • ecco 12/11/2016


    What better marketing than ™demand cannot be met™ be there? :p

    Nintendo is supplying their hype by not supplying enough, of course.
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  • PlayStation wants you to name its new bear

  • ecco 12/11/2016

    Pedalling Bear Reply 0
  • Can The Last Guardian live up to expectations?

  • ecco 10/11/2016

    I wonder if that cat will be credited in the end. Of the game I mean. Reply 0
  • Project Wight is an open-world Viking RPG where you play as the monster

  • ecco 08/11/2016

    @man.the.king Pft.. Just lost in deep self reflection. Reply 0
  • ecco 08/11/2016

    Except when it was time to mate and reproduce.
    Nah, that's the worst thing of all. :rolleyes: Endless fighting to even get with the girl, and then more fighting with her before getting it on. And after all that it's over in like a minute anyways. Until repeating the same shit in three years.

    My international fans would just take a sample and clone me.

    Way smother, and it would also be 100% me!

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  • ecco 08/11/2016

    The monster (although Goldfarb tells me he doesn't like that term - "we're referring to it as 'the creature' right now") has watched humanity hunt down and kill the rest of its kind.
    Aha.. Creature is an Englishman.

    It's like, if you were a tiger and you saw all the other tigers becoming extinct: what would you do?
    I would be happy.

    Finally no other tiger bastards to chase out of my territory! I'd get all the attention and thus, pretty safe to expect, support from several international fans with huge resources. They probably get me a neat place and supply all the slow ass herbivorous and other tasty things I like. It would be so great. :o
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  • Cat collecting game Neko Atsume is getting a live-action film adaptation

  • ecco 08/11/2016

    Heard Haruki Murakami wrote the script! Reply +3