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  • Why Overwatch on console is in desperate need of a report button

  • ecco 16/08/2017

    Anti sociable childish behaviour in a game about killing other players while involuntarily spouting the old predictable (and not so slightly racist) mandatory psycothic oneliners and then salute their demise with the built in inane taunts? Well I'd never expect.. :rolleyes:

    About the repport system, I think the redirect back is depending on context for complaint too, not just game.
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  • Sonic Mania review

  • ecco 15/08/2017

    jumping on giant syringes
    From that unfinished "Sonic Crackheads" game no doubt. :-P
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  • On games as philosophy experiments, from Fallout to Soma

  • ecco 05/08/2017

    2 hours ago
    The story of Soma was bloomin brilliant, I mean, they have to have stolen those ideas from a great piece of literature right? A game didn't have that level of thought provoking ideas did it??
    The gist of it was in "StarTrek TNG" already, but maybe that was inspirerande too though. Probably was.
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  • ecco 05/08/2017

    Akkshully, it's "paku". That's why the game's called "pakuman".
    Well, this is probably from a western version then, the one with dub by Shakira.
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  • ecco 05/08/2017


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  • ecco 05/08/2017

    In the security of the classroom, it's easy to tell your teacher you'd pull the lever to switch the train tracks.
    Should also try "Prey" then. :lol:

    I think the all too common opting for the active "kill one" path, versus the passive "let 100 die" in itself say something about videogames too though. It is, as some would claim, a problematic power fantasy that despite best efforts yet fails to portray it's pawns as real enough for moral questions really. Or the more important, to question "moral questions" and "common sense" imprint as such.

    Therefore I think "The Talos principle" is one of few games that really does the "what is consciousness" well.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: Razer gear, Humble Monthly, Ocarina of Time amiibo and more

  • ecco 05/08/2017

    tiny little PCs that fit in your pocket
    Would not recommend that though..

    I stepped on one I had laying around.
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  • It's time to settle the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds blue zone debate once and for all

  • ecco 04/08/2017

    Mhmm.. Pineapple, banana, peanut, anchovy, olive pizza. :cool: Reply +1
  • Microsoft really wants you to know playing Minecraft online is safe

  • ecco 03/08/2017

    the town drunk stumbling up to you in a bar, pissed-up past the point of no return, falling over and pissing himself in front of you as he tries to lecture you about the 'dangers of alcohol' as you reach to take a sip of your first pint of the night.

    And that guy if any would know what he was talking about.

    Just "one pint", that is how it always starts, no exceptions.

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  • The best games hold something back

  • ecco 03/08/2017

    To this day, still have not got a single friggin bladestone in Demons Souls.

    Still love RNG though.
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  • Minecraft's cross-network update now playable in beta

  • ecco 03/08/2017

    On the PS4 my kids can play any game whatever the age rating even though they are 9 and 11. And that's with their correct ages on those accounts.
    You need to set the highest level games they can play for yourself first. Its not really hardlocked to their age, but more of a parental control thing. This way your 9 can play 15 rated games, but the 11 only 10 ones, if that is what you think each of them be mature enough for. This is (probably) also why "kids" cant play online at all. If you let them play adult games; your responsibility. If Sony would let them play online, knowing they are; Sonys responsibility. And they dont want that responsibility. Just like Nintendo doing everything to limit what they would have been judged responsible for. Be it by law, or media consensus.
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  • ecco 03/08/2017

    Android PC :)
    "Peach Cake"

    It is just the minimum Android version you need to play it.
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  • Friday the 13th has sold over 1.8m copies

  • ecco 03/08/2017

    @SuperSoupy Sounds way too complicated. Most players can't even cooperate to "put battery in car" without it escalating into a Benny Hill run around it. Only with a rotten bastard instead of a dirty one for the chase. :rolleyes: Reply +7
  • Chess Ultra checks onto Switch later this year, mate

  • ecco 03/08/2017

    But is the Switch CPU enough for this?

    Expecting a DF compare of all versions.

    How many moves to CM?

    Just ... why?
    Closer to the non virtual reality. Makes for a better sense of the battlefield.

    Or maybe just to check out the curves of the queen? :cool:
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  • Alien: Isolation modder adds VR support

  • ecco 02/08/2017

    How did this game not sell well enough? I bought 7 copies of it alone (1 x PC, 1 x PS3, 1 x Xbox 360, 2 x PS4 and 2 x X1
    And I got 2. (PS4BD, LPC) But that still just makes a total of 9 sold. I doubt any game ever, including ET, sold less than Alien Isolation.
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  • Nintendo Switch system update fixes battery charge issue

  • ecco 01/08/2017

    Complaining about a game system thing wasting time. :confused: Reply +1
  • Does Xbox One get the full-fat Destiny 2 experience?

  • ecco 22/07/2017

    Wheat milk is pretty good substitute though. Reply 0
  • Atari is making a hat with speakers in it

  • ecco 22/07/2017

    Does it have a hair volume cap? Reply +2
  • PS4 opens beta registration for next system update

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Ehy, mr downvoter. You missed one of my posts, for the sake of consistency and consideration to the OCD community please correct immediately!

    Also don't forget this one. :p
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    @ecco PS4 store is also laggy most of the times on a standard PS4. Better then how it was on the PS3 though.
    My point was not really to compare PS3 to PS4. Rather since the various PS3 stores varied greatly in efficiency, I speculated this then could be (probably is) the case for PS4 too.

    If you have or are willing to set up accounts for some or all of EU,JP,HK,US or others you could compare them and see.

    Maybe DF will do one of their comparative articles on this.
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    At last I'm going to be able to play CDs - fingers crossed.

    Not sure if serious enough or.. :confused:

    But there is most likely real technical reasons it does not, like hard fact ones.

    Early DVD players actually had dual readers to play CDs. So now with BDs that have the data layer even closer to the surface (sort of diametrically opposite the CDs actually, DVDs was halfway) it would either need that (cost more) or be a dual focus lens (more error prone).
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    I honestly don't know what you're talking about. Facebook is only suggested once and in one place, when you're given the ability to link it with you PSN account to share your activities on FB's timeline. If you choose so, you will only hear of it if you press the share button (and I think it does automatically, no logos), and you choose not to, you'll never hear of it again.

    Ok, first of all.

    Erm... there isn't a Facebook app, and you can delete any app apart from the browser.
    I never actually said it was one:

    This will be the update that lets me delete Facebook and pointless apps I never use!
    However, the logo was in several places before. Maybe it's cut down now.

    But that's not the end of it either way, still crops up in games, and sometimes it's not even just once when starting it.

    There should be a system wide opt out, or preferably in, for all these auxiliary services. And even that would be sort of shit, like on some computer software, "you wanna connect with: *arm long list of things competing to be the next innovative startup media/data storage service or social invasion adds tracking thing that does not fail miserably right after being accursed, acquired by Megacorps*

    As for deleting apps, just press Option over one and select delete. Been like this since version 1.0 :)
    Ok, I'll try that, again.. If "computer says no" to anything I'm coming back to haunt you. ;)

    Edit: Why the fuck am I getting negged? I'm stating a fact, Jesus...
    I was also stating one of those in my second post. Someone did not agree with that fact.

    Just relax and drink some cowfeffe.

    And then accept the inevitable fact that by 2020, opinions will always trump facts. :cool:
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    @Foxtrot-Oscar @ecco

    It's not entirely impossible... we can now delete games in the list we've played that we didn't earn Trophies on. and don't want to be reminded.
    Except for those fun "Congrats! You started the game! We now have you hostage of shame to actually finish something and not appear as a quiter like you do for everything else in life!"-ones. :rolleyes:

    The deletable requirement would probably do well by upping it to at least 1 or 2 trophies.

    My wish list of one is that we finally get more than one customisable controller set up! I don't even have many games, but having only one set up seems unbelievable odd!?
    No, not really, the intent with it is accessibility (being in those settings and all) so adapting for some lost functionality or motor skill is probably the primary concern covering it all anyways.

    Would it have been so difficult to have several or even an unlimited number!?!
    But sure, it would be good being able to customising games lacking in settings for this. It could even be made as an automatic switch of made profiles for each game started that has one made.

    I also don't see why the range of inputs are limited, since that is even more important for accessibility. Like fe switching the sticks LR or even have either one set as the + pad or the touchpad. (for when it lacks very specific function of course, but this often is the case)

    Sony don't really understand player choice or customisation unfortunately.
    Sure they do!

    Ok, did.. :p

    Seriously though, while it ca always be more and better, apart from the mentioned "at least some controller adaptability" the custom backgrounds, folder sorting and such are also one of those another things after all.

    Aww, they so cute.

    A shaman once rubbed one against me.

    Apparently this process cures all kinds of ailment.
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    @fabio78 Ok, maybe not an app but there is that ugly FB logo all over the places.

    And surely you cant remove all, or even most, of the default apps? Is there some secret hackery trickery to this Im unaware of?
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    @Mar27w Well, yes. But the problem is the store is overcumbered plain and simple. Just restructure it with smaller images and cut all the autoloading videos should sort things out without actually recoding anything probably.

    This is exactly the same situation that was on the PS3. EU store was slow and laggy, the Asian fairly quick and smooth. Compararivly.

    Not sure if this is repeated on PS4, have not checked the JP or HK stores for quite some time now.
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Simply sign up for the beta and make sure your profile is set to be the console's master account.
    Nitpickers note: The machines actually dont have master accounts, but the accounts have a master machine though.
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    This will be the update that lets me delete Facebook and pointless apps I never use! :D

    Ok, maybe not.. :|
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  • There's a lot to love about Absolver's martial arts-fuelled combat

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    You sent the intern to Paris... And she came back :o
    Liam Neeson was sent to retrieve.
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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Heavier armour makes you hit harder? Why?
    Physics science things.
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  • Splatoon 2 review

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Pretty sure that should be "cala-more-i", not "cali-more-i". I was reading it and thinking "what does California have to do with this game"?
    Maybe lower back inkings and whale tails? :cool:

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  • ecco 20/07/2017

    @hana_fubuki Going by the price of the damned controllers, is it really that much of a barrier for most who can buy the console (and with it a set of them) anyways?

    The reason also, doubt it was an active choice for the sake of fairer play, but a technical one. Split screen cost a bit, especislly if the CPU is allready taxed for what a single player is up to.

    @robo-viking I really doubt he's a fan boy. People tend to grow out of that mindless behaviour around the same time they learn to drive.
    Most people nowdays do not learn to drive though. :rolleyes:
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  • The Surge now has a demo on all platforms

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Resurge things before buying! ;) Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead and Evolve dev is releasing a VR Blade Runner 2049 game

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Uhm.. the essance of Bladerunner right there. :eek:

    Feels like it was back in the eighties whence the film incidently is fron too. Any film could, and usually would, be made into a driving shooting game. :lol:
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  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher review

  • ecco 20/07/2017

    Seems alright enough. If the world is resonably big I could probably justify time\cost by the vacation pillar of a game.

    Pretty much how I played Windwaker anyways. Just got annoyed in the temples.

    Murk, a foggy looking evil entity, is causing the local residents distress and trying to take over the island.
    Just like that freaky nature thing in Moomins then?

    Guessing it just wants a hug too.
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  • PlayStation Now's PS4 game performance analysed

  • ecco 15/07/2017

    @Eman525 All these efforts are reduct of watt to work, sure you could use that to take out more work at significantly more watts. (like last ditch efforts already do now on current technology btw)

    But this is still not enough even for a laep matching previous gen, and that in turn was tha shortest leap yet.
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  • ecco 15/07/2017

    I can see no reason for them to change to an entirely different processor technology and lose compatibility with older titles.
    The reason would be that the generational leap of the roadmapped APUs simply does not seem to be able to reach anything near what would be expected to be in a console generational leap, even by 2020.
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  • ecco 15/07/2017

    I'm hopeful that the PS5 will be BC. If it's not then it's bullshit as they don't have the Cell as a reason.
    PS4 just has the SPEs as compute units of the GPU instead. If either the GPU architecture itself or whatever kind of interconnect to CPU (there is talk of dedicated chips this turn) change drastically it would be just as much of a problem for BC work as the Cell ever was.
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  • ecco 15/07/2017

    PS Now that is not available for Bravia TVs and for PS vita..
    Where is a logic Sony?!!!!!
    Just stream PSNow to a PS4 and then remoteplay to the Vita. :cool:

    Looking forward to timing tests on that. :lol:
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  • ecco 14/07/2017

    Richard Leadbetter :
    Secondly, how about adding cloud access to any PS4 title you own digitally?
    Since one essentially pay for server work and outgoing bandwidth, I'm guessing they would not be so keen to have even more load from people not actually paying for that service when simply downloading the full thing be much more more cost efficient. Especially for the older the titles there are.
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  • Xbox One update adds custom Gamerpics, co-streaming and more

  • ecco 14/07/2017

    Strange PS don't have this yet. Considering one can already set a giant personal wallpaper that anyone can see all the same. Reply -1
  • ecco 14/07/2017

    @bf It probably varies a lot based on your history, location, and user pattern.

    For both machines I mean.
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  • ecco 14/07/2017

    Judging by the screenshot above the dick pic filter has already been bypassed.
    Yep.. with a user name like that, every face pic is a dick pic. :rolleyes:
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  • Ultra rare Mega Drive game goes for 3380 on eBay

  • ecco 14/07/2017

    it never officially made it out of publisher EA's European office - despite being primed for release
    Apparently there are 11999 copies buried in a grave mound somewhere.
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  • Radiohead fans find mysterious ZX Spectrum Easter egg in OK Computer's new C90 cassette

  • ecco 14/07/2017

    Aww.. no beat'em up with Tom taking out Hitler dos and fridge imitator pixel people then? :( Reply 0
  • Mercy me: in praise of gaming's greatest healer

  • ecco 10/07/2017

    The healer is such s daft concept.

    Why doesn't everyone simply carry one of these (usually very lightweight obviously) near-insta-cure-anything-guns on/aimed at their back from the start. That be a pretty annoying army to fight. :rolleyes:

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  • Horizon Zero Dawn gets a big new update today

  • ecco 07/07/2017

    Anyone have any idea how new trophies work with getting the original platinum for "all trophies". Will these be separate to the original set like DLC trophies?
    The trophies list (for "full" games) are always made up from a certain value divided into the sub values of the various trophies levels, (this is why some games can have pile of bronze ones and others just a few gold or silver) so its simply not doable to add more trophies needed for a platinum.
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  • ecco 07/07/2017

    @ecco It's a patch dude. It's free and will happen automatically.
    That was not the issue though.

    Just want my games feeling complete, as in a unit like.

    Please man, mah OCDs.. ;)

    Well, no, NG+ lets you start a new game but keep all of your existing gear and levels. You could already continue your existing game after beating the final boss.
    Still, this woould probably be enough to cover any urge to go hamster for me at least. And to be honest, this makes more sense anyways, unlike NG sometimes.
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  • ecco 06/07/2017

    This game must get a GOTY edition if going by how that tend to work.

    Think by now Ill just wait for that instead.

    I mean a grand DLC with a different world and all is one thing, but how can these sorts of games on release still miss NG like 10 years afters Soulsborn.. :|
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  • Cuphead will never come to PS4

  • ecco 06/07/2017

    @AdamNovice Agreed the hypocrisy is real on this site. People gave Sony such a hard time for there exclusive deals, but MS does it and its OK. It's unreal.
    One must look at the hows, whens and whys though. If the distrubutor of the exclusive been with it for most of the development, taken a great economical and PR part responsibility, then I think exclusives are not only ok, but even a good thing. And Cupheads seem to fall well within this group.

    Most distributors sure done some questionable hogging from time to time though.
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  • ecco 06/07/2017

    Linux version eh? :cool:

    Well, that be good enough for me at least.

    Would also be the second odd :eek: in the Steam library.
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