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  • Ghostbusters 360 slips to November

  • corposant 10/09/2009

    @miiiguel and TheTingler. Thanks chaps, much appreciated :-) Reply +1
  • corposant 10/09/2009

    Can anyone recommend a reliable importer? D y'all use Play Asia or is there someplace better? Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry- Summer '09 Avatar Marketplace Upgrade

  • corposant 11/08/2009

    Wow! Expensive threads!! Reply 0
  • Pachter: Activision MW2 price "is a test"

  • corposant 22/07/2009

    They'll be looking to shift millions of this, which means if no-one buys it for a couple of months it'll start getting heaviliy discounted. We should all do this. Think of it 'as a test'. Reply +6
  • Arkanoid XBLA wants extra money

  • corposant 07/05/2009

    It'd be interesting to know what rights you have when it comes to XBLA games.

    Interesting point Fodder. I guess we'll never know until someone tests it in court. To be honest, I've always been a bit uncomfortable with MS' disclaimer that points spent on games/themes/gamerpics are non-refundable. That in itself seems like a violation of consumer rights to me.

    Maybe EG should look into it - a feature perhaps on our consumer rights in this digital age of downloadable content!!!
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  • Slither director rages at Microsoft

  • corposant 27/04/2009

    I'm all for defending creative freedom and pooh-poohing (poo-pooing?) unrealistic censorship, but if something's got reasonable guidelines that were made clear from the off and this guy has failed to meet them, then what the hell is he moaning about? Reply 0
  • Games cause "early death" says Govt. ad

  • corposant 09/03/2009

    If some tubby little lardbucket is going to do nothing other than sit infront of a screen all day playing video games, the little fatty can't expect to live long and prosper.

    That said, if the ads actually claim that games *cause* 'early death' then the Government should be held to task over making such a claim without proof. Do the ads claim that or are EG merely sensationalising the ads?

    I think we should be told!
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  • Resi Evil 5 isn't racist, says BBFC

  • corposant 02/03/2009

    In the land of video game fantasy the entire human race has been threatened with extermination on countless ocassions and here we are getting upset about a handful of people from one specific ethnic group. Quite frankly I 'd like to see the efforts of EG directed at homocidal alien races who care not a jot it seems for human equality or rights. Reply 0
  • Guinness lists top 50 games of all time

  • corposant 27/02/2009

    Since when was The Orange Box a game. I've got that and it has Half Life 2 and Portal and Team Fortress but I can't seem to find a game called Orange Box.

    I wonder if the 'astonishingly good' Guinness list of greatest pop music contains any compilations. Best album of all time, 'Now That's What I Call the 80's!'
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  • Xbox Live adds Holiday Snow Globe

  • corposant 16/12/2008

    I like my snowglobe. It's about as pointless and worthless as a real one, but far less practical as you can't actually chuck it at anyone - someone like an advertising exec perhaps. Reply 0
  • EG meets Konnie Huq

  • corposant 11/12/2008

    Bloody crikey, if their aren't some humourless gits reading this website.

    It was a good read and this observer is grateful to know that Konnie Huq is a dab hand at House of the Dead. Come the zombie holocaust, we'll thank Eurogamer for identifying celebrities with the necessary undead slaying techniques we'll need for survival.
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  • MS: credit crunch will help Xbox 360

  • corposant 26/11/2008

    You know you don't have to use every single press release that MS, Sony or Nintendo issue don't you? Their PR folks must have been working on a 'credit crunch' story for weeks now and this is the best they could come up with?

    Sometimes corporate spin really isn't news and this is a prime example. At least you've had the good grace to give it the sarcastic treatment it deserves. Small mercies eh.
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  • Suicide game developer tackles Telegraph

  • corposant 18/11/2008

    I'd expect nothing less of the mainstream media to deliberately stir up controversy in order to sell newspapers, but The Samaritans and PAPYRUS should know better than to be drawn into this sensationalist piece of news making. They have an important agenda, but having a cheap shot at a deliberate parady shows them up to be humourless and pretty desperate for publicity. They really ought to know better. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 2

  • corposant 03/11/2008

    I can't believe some of the inane ramblings found on these comment threads of late. In the last week I've seen Fable 2 criticised for being 'too videogamey' and now someone is trying to draw a comparison between two markedly different games (LBP and GoW2) to justify an argument that one is better than the other.

    Can I posit an alternate theoy to the rash of high scoring reviews of late? It's simply this.... There's been rather a lot of exceptionally good games of late, all offering something a bit different and all of which are great fun to play. As a fan of video games, I welcome that. However, as a fan of video games, I sometimes wonder if I've stumbled into an anti-gaming, Daily Mail rantbox when I read some of the comments here.

    For shame. That's right. FOR SHAME!
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  • Fallout 3

  • corposant 28/10/2008

    Dear EG. How dare you give a game in a genre that I don't like, a 10! You should be aware of my personal views. I am very fond of lace-making. There's no lace-making in Fallout 3 as far as I can tell - although you wouldn't know it from this review!

    For shame.
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  • Qur'an references force worldwide LittleBigPlanet recall

  • corposant 20/10/2008

    This is a good thing. In the almost unimaginable vastness of space it seems perfectly reasonable to me to believe that some all-powerful entity will condemn the species he created to eternal suffering because one of them sang some words to a tune. What could be difficult to believe about that?

    We should be grateful to Sony. They've saved us all from burning in hell - which would clearly befall us if we upset this benevolent, forgiving and loving God that everyone keeps banging on about.
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  • Gun-shaped box for Saints Row 2

  • corposant 29/08/2008

    The whole gun thing seems deliberatly provocative to me. Is the game so bad that the publishers have had to resort to antagonising Britain's moral millions in order to achieve widespread press coverage and some kind of noteriety? The sad thing is, it'll probably work. Reply 0
  • MadWorld spoils "family fun image" of Wii

  • corposant 12/08/2008

    John Meyer, director of Mediawatch-UK was talking to the Mail Online. Has this bloke seen what else is available online? If he had any idea about the filth that exists online he might think twice about having his organisation associated with such a depraved thing as the Internet. For shame! Reply 0
  • Noel Gallagher links games to knife crime

  • corposant 07/07/2008

    It wasn't that long ago people were blaming pop music for the anti-social actions of malcontent youths. Thing is no-one's buying pop music anymore are they! This Gallagher bloke should be grateful that his brand of bland dad rock is now so mainstream that the ranting hordes of Middle England consider him safe and cosy. It gives him a platform to spout his ill-considered 'grumpy old man' nonsense to anyone that'll listen to him, which is less and less the yoof. They're too busy playing video games because mindless repetitive button mashing is still more entertaining than Oasis (isn't that a soft drink brand?) songs. Reply 0
  • Next Molyneux game a "scientific achievement"

  • corposant 20/05/2008

    This guy is genuinely passionate about what he does. Whether what he says comes true or not is irrelevent - at least he's aiming for bigger and better and that can only benefit the folks who play games in the long run. Go for it Molyneux says I. Reply 0
  • EVE Online's Player Council: The Big Vote

  • corposant 13/05/2008

    This player representative thing seems like a pretty good idea. I haven't played EVE in a while but I was always impressed with the level of customer service and the attention paid by the devs to comments made by the players. Maybe this will help make for an even better gaming experience. Certainly the comments by some of the candidates in the article are encouraging.

    As a an incidental addition, I also knew Hardin of old. Top bloke tbh. Hope he wins.
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  • Drunk-driving group cross with GTA IV

  • corposant 01/05/2008

    This is hardly suprising. Anything controversial that has popular mainstream success will always attract special interest groups that will use it as an opportunity to seek exposure for their own cause. It's a cheap PR tactic, but it works - as is evident by the story here on EG and elsewhere. The best response is utter indifference. Reply 0
  • Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"

  • corposant 11/04/2008

    "Harmonix has told the Internet there's no point going bonkers over the European price of Rock Band, saying the game is "not magically going to get cheaper because you wish it to be so".

    No, but the bad press and slagging off isn't going to magically disappear just because you wish it to do so. Companies failing to meet their customers expectations can expect to be bad mouthed. Too bad!
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  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • corposant 02/04/2008

    If he thinks videogames are a colossal waste of time, maybe he should find something else to do instead. I'd suggest a nice game of cards like 'bridge' but as its a game a lot of old people play, I don't know much about it save for it probably encourages pensioners to shoplift. There's clearly a generational gap here and I'd like to see warnings on packs of cards lest I play something inappropriate that might encourage me to start spending a lot of time in Post Office queues and whittling on about the good old days. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer appoints MMO editor

  • corposant 11/02/2008

    What is this place? I was looking for marble mantlepiece ornaments, Damn Internet explorer. Reply 0
  • Iranian students' anti-US game

  • corposant 19/07/2007

    Where's the review? is it any good? Reply 0
  • Prime Minister gives his views on Resistance controversy

  • corposant 14/06/2007

    The Government and the Church seem worringly opposed to works of fiction, which I find quite odd - as must anyone who's heard of Government dossiers and read the Bible. Reply 0
  • Protestors take on Take-Two

  • corposant 29/08/2006

    These protestors are just trying to force people to do what they want them to do irrespective of whether they want to or not. They're bully's! Reply 0
  • Police slam Reservoir Dogs

  • corposant 01/08/2006

    Here's a further example of how the police are helping to build a strong, credible image of themselves in the eyes of the public they serve...
    It concerns the arrest of some kids for building a tree house!

    If this sort of thing is happening I think it would be a bad idea for anyone to play Resorvoir Dogs when its released, otherwise you'll be looking at a 10 stretch.
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  • corposant 01/08/2006

    "It's impossible to see how such a game can have anything other than a highly damaging effect on how people perceive and react to police officers."

    Interesting comment that on perceptions. Another interesting thing is the fact that not a single UK police officer has yet been imprisoned for shooting a civilian. This despite a number of cases involving the killing (murder?) of people armed with chair legs or in the case of Jean Charles Menezes, nothing at all. I would have thought that was more damaging to the way people percieve and react to the police than a video game?
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  • Man claims games are racist

  • corposant 25/07/2006

    I thought it was the ads that were racist, not the games. Anyway, on the subject of exploitive gameplay, I have reached the following conclusions based on years of practical research...

    Sports games are prejudiced against the physically disabled, who are never shown participating in them. Where's all of the 'Special Olympics' titles?

    Puzzle games are elitist and prejudiced against the mentally disabled who very often are unable to complete said games even on the 'easy' difficulty settings.

    Where's my interview and news story!
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  • Sony defends white PSP ad

  • corposant 05/07/2006

    In the words of Mr Michael Winner, 'Calm down dear, it's only an advert.'

    If you check out the Dutch PSP site you will see another of the ads depicts a black women wrestling a white women to the ground. So are the ads therefore racist towards white people too?

    It's perhaps a little niaive of Sony to think that people wouldn't draw conclusions based on racial imagery from these ads. Perhaps that was the aim of the campaign. Never the less, I think people are reading far too much into this.
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  • Is LocoRoco racist?

  • corposant 03/07/2006

    Won't somebody think of the children?

    These sick video games should be banned!
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  • MotoGP '06

  • corposant 13/06/2006

    sierra_whisky: The "low-budget" presumably means that Climax didn't have much money to develop the game, not its retail price.

    And it shows! MotoGP 06 is largely good, but there's no excuse for releasing a broken game just because you can maybe sort things out later with a downloadable patch. Is this a sign of things to come?

    And quite frankly, shame on Eurogamer and Edge etc for not picking up these bugs!

    Just as a matter of interest, what are all those folks without a Live account going to do about fixing their broken game? Xbox Live apparently has something like a 50-60% penetration rate (According to the latest edition of Edge anyway), which means that 40% of the folks that buy this game won't be able to fix it with a downloadable patch.
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  • Competition winners alert!

  • corposant 19/04/2006

    Bah! The only thing I've ever won is the meat tray at my social club's Christmas raffle. Don't get me wrong, I like sausages and chops as much as the next man, but I'd rather win something shiny like a guitar.

    To whom do I need to talk/bribe/do sex with in order to win the next compo?
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  • Final Fantasy XI

  • corposant 19/04/2006

    I thought this was a great review.

    In fact I think EG should explore creating an entire ranking system based on comparison with countries. A ten could be England (for patriotic reasons) and a 0 somewhere crap like Chad.
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