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  • Fighting Fantasy games on the way for DS, PSP

  • corimi 05/12/2006

    I'd love it if they made the Sorcery! series.
    Wonder if you get to write your stats in on the DS version - so you'd roll a 2 on the dice and 'round up' to 5.
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  • Wii Sports boxed in Europe

  • corimi 30/11/2006

    That's a real shame. I had hoped to impress my family by appearing only in my Wii Sports slipcase codpiece this Christmas. Looks like it's back to the DVD cock collar and elf shoes that were such a hit last year. Reply 0
  • X360 TV/film service launches

  • corimi 23/11/2006

    This stuff's great, but it's all kinda stinky how xbox owners get one bunch of content, ps3 owners will get another bunch. The potential's there, but someone wants to make a unified download service that uses a single format and stop being so fucking greedy...did no-one learn from the BETAMAX WARS! MAX-TIVATE. Reply 0
  • PSP updated to 3.00

  • corimi 21/11/2006

    Fuck that
    (Check projects 5+6)
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  • PS3 online service goes live

  • corimi 17/11/2006

    That said, if (when) we do get to the point where we can realistically download 'full' games for about half the price of store bought ones then they'll be quids in...
    You can see them charging like Ł30 for a game which they would have only seen Ł20 for in the past due to the shop getting their cut.

    I take it back - it'll be profit-a-mania eventually.
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  • corimi 17/11/2006

    disc, true, but I would have thought that they would have wanted to rely on more than live arcade style games? Yeah, these are money for the same infinitely replicable piece of data but I was thinking that once they'd paid for everything there wouldn't be a lot of profit left.

    I guess it's a wait and see, just hope it doesn't result in more and more pay-for unlockables etc. Surely live subscriptions aren't pure profit for Microsoft, they must have to pay for some sort of overheads to keep the level of service up.

    Not that I'm complaining about a free service, in this day and age, etc!
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  • corimi 17/11/2006

    I really don't get how this is a sensible business venture if it's free?

    At least in the iTunes model, it's a drive to push hardware with the content generating little or no profit, but when the hardware loses money too?! Granted games will turn a profit, but surely with massive development costs etc there can't be a margin that can support such a potentially massive new venture.

    I suspect someone at Sony is 'doing a Producers'...
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  • PS3 software tie-in ratio rubbish

  • corimi 14/11/2006

    "Why can't it open Word and Excel docs? It's virtually useless without it :/"
    Totally. That's not the half of it. I heard it couldn't even run a Powerpoint presentation.
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  • Games don't reflect the feelings of consumers - Lanning

  • corimi 14/11/2006

    As someone said, they're games - entertainment. It's up to the individual what stimulates them, be it a sports game, driving game or an RPG, whatever.

    I just think we're lucky to be in a time when we've got the choice, and not just between Pacman and Ms Pacman. It's the same in art, films and music, the majority will deliver stuff that sticks to a formula, because it's safe and sells well. Others are more concerned with artistic merit and strive for innovation and new perspectives. Often the best ideas in terms of gameplay and storytelling will filter through once they have been proven - it's how we get consistency in games and know how to play them 'instinctively'. On other occasions, innovative interfaces just won't communicate with the majority and disappear. This gives gaming a common language, something to develop and react against, a fascinating process really. I'm not sure that this should be perceived as a two sided battle between stagnation and innovation (or indeed between innovation and technology, where technology=stagnation), but both sides need each other.

    So buy what you like, as long as we're human, we'll demand change and development.

    Apologies for the spiel, ignore button is below left.
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  • BVG opens Wii, DS studio

  • corimi 07/11/2006

    Yeah, I was referring more to the use of the kiddy character in an ace game.
    Wonder if it'll appear on the Virtual Console at any point...

    EDITED cos my last comment made no sense in the context of the discussion
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  • corimi 07/11/2006

    Personally, I don't have a problem with playing cartoon characters, kiddy or girly games even though I'm quite manly. My comment was purely aimed at disparaging my shite joke, referring to the molestation of cartoon characters.

    If they make another one of these I won't be complaining.

    That is, if you were referring to my comment in the first place. My brain is melting today... as not to link to some dodgy looking roms site...
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  • corimi 07/11/2006

    Touch Mickey
    Touch Donald
    Touch Goofy
    Ha ha

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  • Smash Bros. shown in Japan

  • corimi 03/11/2006

    Cool, cheers malteaserhead!
    Looks like the artists are well into denim, cloth of fighting.
    Also, Snake's 'crawl' move looks amazing. I did that in a fight last Friday and my enemies were really scared till they stamped on my head.
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  • Japanese Virtual Console list

  • corimi 01/11/2006

    Yeah, a whole old-zelda compilation with newer nicer graphics would be ace - all brought up to the Link to the Past / Four Swords standard.
    Though I don't suppose we'll see that now what with the virtual console and all :(
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  • corimi 01/11/2006

    Link's Awakening was redone for Gameboy Color wasn't it? With 2 new / enhanced dungeons? I don't think you can play Color carts on DS, just GBA. Reply 0
  • corimi 01/11/2006

    nintendo == willy
    europe == bottom
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  • Book author drops Diablo 3 hints

  • corimi 26/10/2006

    With all the hand-germs on money, it's probably even more unhygenic for swimming than the local pool, what with all the child wee and veruccas. Scrooge McDuck must be a total mingrat. Reply 0
  • Judge refuses to ban Bully

  • corimi 16/10/2006

    Don't see why someone can't revoke this prick's law licence / permit / whatever for being a total fucking pest to the American judicial system. Tiny-balled arsehole.

    Glad I don't live in the US cos he could probably 'get' me for that comment. In the meantime, Jack Thompson, suck my plums.
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  • UMD doing great, honest - Sony

  • corimi 16/10/2006

    Ha ha, 'attachment rate'
    If he's referring to the two UMDs that he's stuck to the side of his head as blinkers, then that's pretty good I suppose.
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  • Level 5's new DS game

  • corimi 11/10/2006

    The artwork looks ace! Very reminiscent of Belleville Rendez-Vous.
    I hope it's actually just a front for a brain training game though, that's quite the lonely bandwagon.
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  • SEGA's After Burner hits PSP

  • corimi 10/10/2006

    "...maintaining the arcade original's fast pace and challenge."
    Does that include spending the first 12 levels in the top left corner, safe from harm? Worked on the Master System at any rate...
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  • PS3 to debut at Best of Stuff

  • corimi 09/10/2006

    I've just invented an amazing laser powered car, which I plan on unveiling at the Ideal Home Exhibition. Reply 0
  • Burning Crusade special edition

  • corimi 05/10/2006

    That box looks nothing like the Lord of the Rings special edition box. Amazing. Reply 0
  • 'Halo Wars is for Germans' - Microsoft exec

  • corimi 29/09/2006

    "It illustrates our desire to release games that are appropriate for gamers in all markets."

    Is that a bit like how Shania Twain releases different versions of her amazing albums for different regions?

    I hope, as a Britisher, that they ONLY release football and driving games here. Or Sim Ale.
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  • 360 to crack Japan - Xbox boss

  • corimi 27/09/2006

    X-box Japan boss on crack, asked about 360 Reply 0
  • Bioware forms handheld division

  • corimi 20/09/2006

    This sounds ace, the DS is severly lacking in the decent RPG dept.
    Wonder if they could do some form of MMORPG on it, with plenty of options for solo gameplay when you're not in the Kingdom of Wireless Internets
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  • Euro Wii in March 2007?

  • corimi 15/09/2006

    Think I'll spend my xmas cash on seagrass washbaskets and 15 foot high rotating cd racks from argos instead this year Reply 0
  • corimi 15/09/2006

    Go to Argos website , find page with the Wii and PS3 pics and View Source.

    Image alt tag for Wii is "Nintendo Wii launching winter 2006, click here for details, this will open a new window"!!!

    ...image alt tag for PS3 is "Playstation 3 launching 17th November, click here for details, this will open a new window"

    Unless that's November 17th, 2007?
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  • New Monkey Ball Wii details

  • corimi 14/09/2006

    ha ha. monkey 'ball wii'.
    will the hilarity never stop...
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  • Resi Evil Wii named

  • corimi 14/09/2006

    Oh great. More 'do stuff with your hands to make things happen on a screen' videogames
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  • corimi 14/09/2006

    >> Sounds like just another spin off, rather than another proper RE game :(

    Aye, getting a bit sick of the old 'best of' / 'remix' for nintendo consoles. Almost like developers can't really be dicked...

    Can see this happening a lot with the wii though, emperor's new clothes style...
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  • Majesco reiterates Wii support

  • corimi 12/09/2006

    I love Cocking Mama, it's really brilliant Reply 0
  • Nintendo's US DS dates

  • corimi 26/07/2006

    big gap there between Nov. 13 and Dec. 4...
    Nov 20th I reckon
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  • Nintendo's 24-hour promotion

  • corimi 25/07/2006

    mario kart ds anyon... Reply 0