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  • Meet Card Hunter, an RPG from veterans of Irrational, PopCap, and Magic: The Gathering

  • chimp_hustler 09/08/2013

    I've been playing it for a couple of weeks and it doesn't seem the F2P has that much of an impact to be honest. Only thing I've seen is that you can buy a "membership" with it that just gives you 1 more loot drop from chests of the same level as the highest level you got in the chest?

    I tried it out and ended up not using/selling most of the extra drops anyways, they had almost no impact.

    Otherwise a nicely polished, if a bit grindy in places (as has been stated, though the F2P doesn't seem to actually reduce the grindy bits).

    Well worth a try though for an card battling/D&D afficionados!

    Edit: competely missed Masroth's comment earlier. D'oh!
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  • Nintendo unveils Revolution

  • chimp_hustler 18/05/2005

    to be honest, i decided not to buy any of the "next-gen" of consoles, seeing as i have about a bajillion games still to complete/play on the ps2/xbox/gamecube/GBA. but Nintendo have got me all excited again damnit o_O Reply 0
  • Ninja Gaiden stripped of decapitations

  • chimp_hustler 21/04/2004

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  • Lost Kingdoms II

  • chimp_hustler 11/08/2003

    /grabs tiddles and put his coat back on the coat rack.

    *shrugs* i loved PSO tiddles, until dem god damn cheaters made it scary for me to go online :/
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  • Nintendo warns importers again

  • chimp_hustler 06/08/2003

    well, y'see. i happened to see a copy of AW2 at my local(ish) shop and couldnt contain myself. its bollox that we have to wait up to and including a year sometimes to get games already in our language but with a different region code.

    gettin import games where i live, (Gibraltar) is a touch and go affair, they might get an american version in a week after it comes out. or might not even get the european version a month after it comes out. so whenever i get the chance, its import game time for me!
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