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  • There's a special edition Metroid: Samus Returns 3DS

  • cawley1 08/08/2017

    Hang on, so the New 3DS is cancelled and only the New 2DS clam thing is available now, unless a special edition comes along, when they roll out the 3D again...?

    Is that right, or am I being thick?
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  • Tempest 4000 is real, Jeff Minter is developing it and Atari is publishing it

  • cawley1 08/08/2017

    Still think Atari are dicks for pulling their shit with TxK, but if Jeff has made up with them, who am I to complain?

    Now - let's get this bad boy on the Switch, as well as PS4 and Xbone, please...
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  • Spelunky, Downwell and more indie devs announce 8-bit game anthology UFO 50

  • cawley1 07/08/2017

    Is this like Cascade's Cassette 50?

    If so, I demand it available on every format under the sun and black and white adverts in the gaming press (even you can have some round the edges Eurogamer - as long as it's still black and white!), but it must come with a free digital watch...
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  • Why Wii U ports on Switch are good for Nintendo - and for us

  • cawley1 15/07/2017

    I get that a lot of people who stuck by Nintendo in the Wii U years will be upset at all these ports, but for those of us, for whatever reason, did not own a Wii U (and my Kids have one with a healthy collection of games, I just didn't get any time to play on it!) it's awesome being able to play some of these titles.

    It's more about form factor for me - I prefer handhelds these days as I can fit in half an hour here, a couple of hours there, when waiting to pick the kids up from school, or in the bedroom where we don't have a TV.

    I am well up for a number of Wii U games making the crossing to Switch - I would personally love Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World (we didn't even get DK on Wii U, so that would be a day one purchase for me). At the same time a Mario Galaxy compilation would be good as I never spent any time on these on Wii, also a New Super Mario Brothers All-Stars with all the New Super Mario games on it would be awesome!
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  • Thoughts on three months spent with Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • cawley1 15/07/2017

    >it's probably more accurate to say that I've spent 3 months living with Breath of the Wild.

    I can agree with this statement completely. This is the first time I have been completely into a 'modern' game in years (I'd say Resi4 was the last one), and I never even liked Zelda before this!

    Bloody awesome game.
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  • Sports Direct buys chunk of GAME

  • cawley1 13/07/2017

    @the_ewan I get that, but would still be an easy way to get hold of a laod of sites in one swoop... Reply 0
  • cawley1 13/07/2017

    Maybe everyone is missing the point here - what if Mike Ashley only wants the 'bricks and mortar' long term? He might have seen an opportunity to snap up the shops and when Game goes tits-up (or before if he continues to buy more shares and force it's hand) he can then re-brand and re-fit them as high street Sports Direct shops.

    It looks like he only paid 10m for a quarter of the company! Could be an easy way to get a large high street presence for less than 50m.

    If he does get more involved and ends up running it as a videogame store, then I would imagine e-sports will have some kind of a presence.
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  • Summer Games Done Quick raises over $1.7m, smashes previous record

  • cawley1 10/07/2017

    I thought this was something to do with the old Epyx games on the Atari & Commodore 64!

    I really am an old bastard!!!
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  • Cuphead will never come to PS4

  • cawley1 05/07/2017

    Resident Evil 4 was a GameCube exclusive as well... Reply +1
  • Tequila Works opens up about turbulent development of Rime

  • cawley1 05/07/2017

    When are we going to get an actual release date for the Switch version?

    I was hoping to have it in time for my holiday, but that's now in five weeks, so I'm guessing that's a no!
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  • Namco Museum is coming to Switch next month with Pac-Man Vs.

  • cawley1 30/06/2017

    What a piss poor selection of games! Namco has never gotten Museum right since the Playstation originals. Reply +4
  • UK shops get SNES mini in stock

  • cawley1 30/06/2017

    Anyone thinking of paying 150+ on eBay for one would do well to just buy an unboxed SNES unit and a standard Everdrive cart, then you can play all games with the exception of a few with special chips.

    Admittedly this rules out Mario Kart, Starfox, Yoshi's Island and Pilotwings, but you could just pick those up separately if really wanted.
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  • Nintendo confirms SNES mini, including never-released Starfox 2

  • cawley1 28/06/2017

    In-Store pre-orders working on Smyths right now, but I'm not sure if they take the 79.99 upfront? Reply 0
  • cawley1 28/06/2017

    Everyone fretting over the Amazon price drop, they will honour the lower price, it's part of their pre-order guarantee.

    I've never experienced them charging the higher price on a pre order.

    Mind you, if their notification of this is as good as the email they should have sent me alerting it was available to order again, you'll likely get it in a couple of weeks.
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  • cawley1 28/06/2017

    Well I never! Before the Nintendo store miss yesterday, I'd gone on ShopTo and thought I was filling out a notification email request, but I've got an email this morning saying I've secured a pre-order, and sure enough it's there in my account!

    Happy days. Good job ShopTo. Anyone else struggling could give this method a go.

    Now, just need to get a US one and a Super Famicom one now!
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  • cawley1 27/06/2017

    Well, I just managed to add one to a cart on the ebgames website...

    Pity it's in bloody Australia!!!
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  • cawley1 27/06/2017

    I read somewhere long ago the US SNES was designed that way (by the same bloke who designed the NES), as Nintendo of America had many NES units returned damaged due to drinks being spilt on them as the flat top design allowed drinks and the suchlike to be placed on top.

    The US SNES is clearly lumpy and bumpy on the top, so it would be difficult to place a drink on it, the Super Famicom shape not so much, you could definitely get a large glass on the back of the console.

    So, while I have no idea if this is true, or even where I read it, it sounds like it could be the case. Lance Barr (the designer) still works for Nintendo, so maybe someone could find his details and ask him.

    Still no pissing pre-order for me, though. At this point I am resigned to taking the day off and going to Game, Smyths and they supermarkets and hoping for the best, assuming there is not another round of pre-orders I luck out and manage to be part of in the next few weeks.
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  • cawley1 27/06/2017

    I don't think I have genuinely been so fucked off about anything retail related in a long time.

    After missing initial batches yesterday, as I'm working and not tied to a phone or computer, I find out I've missed both Nintendo store and Amazon restock.

    What a cnuting joke.
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  • cawley1 26/06/2017

    I don't actually know why I am bothered - US SNES Jr sitting here with RGB mod on a CRT TV and an Everdrive, but I still bloody want two of these - a PAL one and a US one for the collection!

    Actually, make that three as there will be a Super Famicom as well!
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  • cawley1 26/06/2017

    For fuck's sakes - unavailable on Shopto, Amazon and Smyths!

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  • cawley1 26/06/2017

    BOOM - Head Explodes! Reply -1
  • Watch: Chris and Aoife play Super Mario Odyssey

  • cawley1 15/06/2017

    @Volthis Was wondering the same thing, but I am sure they will have it covered. Reply 0
  • cawley1 15/06/2017

    @_TheDarkSide_ See, I didn't have a Wii U (but the kids do!) - so I didn't get into SM3DW, I played SM3DL on 3DS to death, so I'd quite like a Switch port of World.

    I also got a big Mario 64 vibe off this!
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  • cawley1 15/06/2017

    I was thinking this looked a bit pony when I saw the New York style stuff in the previous preview, and I still think it looks a bit odd here - but that desert level has me sold on it now! Reply +3
  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • cawley1 07/06/2017

    Well, as with owning a Jaguar for just Tempest 2000, I will always love my OLED Vita for TxK, and I even bought a VitaTV so I can play it on any size TV I want to!

    Take that Atari/Infogrames, you wankers!
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  • The story of Mean Machines magazine

  • cawley1 04/06/2017

    @BaronVonBumpkin Jesus - that was probably horrendous! Reply +1
  • cawley1 04/06/2017

    Long day at work and I come in for tea to find this unbelievably awesome article begging for a read!

    Funny, last year I managed to get a complete set of Computer and Video games from the years that matter to me (Jan 84 - Apr 92), and I was reading through the Mean Machines sections of '87 - '90 the other day! I still have the original 24 Mean Machines magazines I bought on my paper round back in the early 90's... I would say that this along with Super Play (and Your Sinclair) are among my fondest gaming memories.

    What a bloody fantastic time!
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  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to Switch next week

  • cawley1 30/05/2017

    Awesome! I'm pleased I didn't unseal my PSVita version now! Reply 0
  • Sonic Mania release date set for August

  • cawley1 30/05/2017

    Well, I never attempted a pre-order on a digital release before, but having just tried on Switch, it's a no-no, so won't be doing it today, either!

    Good old Nintendo!
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  • There's FIFA 18 - and there's EA Sports FIFA on the Nintendo Switch

  • cawley1 26/05/2017

    Well, I don't like football, and so FIFA on Switch is not an issue for me, but it's a shame EA don't just do FIFA 18 across all formats, regardless of system power.

    Then again, it's been like this since the SNES back in 1992! That's a good 25 years of shit EA support on a Nintendo system, not even the Wii managed to get a decent level of support from them.

    Hey ho!
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  • Extra Nintendo Switch dock costs 80

  • cawley1 22/05/2017

    I've docked my Switch once, to see it on the TV! I don't trust the dock not to scuff the screen or bezel, and I'd rather use it as a handheld anyway, so it's not a big issue for me.

    What I would like is a cable solution, so I don't have to slide it into anything to play it on the TV if I chose to - I am sure one will be along at some point, and it should cost bugger all as it will be a bundle with a couple of USB ports, an HDMI socket, and a power socket.
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  • GT Sport on PS4 Pro: 4K impresses, but what about 1080p support?

  • cawley1 21/05/2017

    Blimey! I'm quite impressed how realistic a lot of that looks! Reply +5
  • Sonic Forces will let you play as a custom Sonic character

  • cawley1 17/05/2017

    @crackdude I love my Dreamcast, but I stand by what I said, the Adventure games did not float my boat anywhere near as much as Mario 64, any number of the Rare platformers or the 16-Bit Sonic games. Reply -1
  • cawley1 17/05/2017

    Sonic has never been right since missing a beat on the Saturn, if you ask me - someone needs to port Mania to the Saturn then go back in time to 1996/97 and release it as Sonic 4.

    Maybe then, if it was successful, they would stick to proper 2D Sonic's or do a proper 3D adventure in the style of the N64 platformers.

    The problem is Sega has always perceived speed as the main differentiating factor with Sonic, and it's ALWAYS got to be in there, so even in a 3D open world title you get these fast linear running bits. I'd be happy to sod all that off for some proper 3D exploration platforming.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Nintendo's first UK chart topper in six years

  • cawley1 02/05/2017

    I also bloody love my Switch, but I have been more of a handheld gamer for the last few years, so this is just perfect for me - I have only docked it once since launch to see what it looked like!

    My kids have a WiiU, and I bought Mario Kart for it, but never gave it any attention - I have been enjoying playing through the Switch version over the weekend, the only downside is it's stealing my Zelda time.

    Here's hoping for Super Mario 3D World, if these things are relatively easy to port, they could smash it out in late summer before Odyssey turns up.
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  • Night Trap is getting a 25th anniversary re-release for PS4 and Xbox One

  • cawley1 25/04/2017

    RIP Dana Plato Reply +4
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs 35

  • cawley1 20/04/2017

    All this moaning over price is only an issue if you want to buy something on day one - give it a few weeks and it will be around the 25 mark on Amazon and others. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch to host an arcade full of Namco classics

  • cawley1 18/04/2017

    The only really good Namco Museum games were the Playstation originals - including the 'R' disc only released in Japan, which had Rolling Thunder on it. They took the time to create a CGI intro, the 3D virtual museum, plus plenty of info and background on the games - we've never had any of that in the subsequent releases.

    In fact, I just pulled just out the PSP version I bought back in 2005 which has 17 games on it, plus 4 'arranged' versions.

    I snap up most retro stuff, and even I have to say that's a limp line-up at 10 titles. It should have 30-odd games for that money, and Pac-Man & Dig Dug again???
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  • Older iPhone, iPad games now warn they'll soon become obsolete

  • cawley1 11/04/2017

    And Battle Squadron One!

    Seriously, if I have PAID for these Apps, how can Apple stop me running them?

    What a pile of shit.
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  • cawley1 11/04/2017

    There's something people are missing here as well...

    I use my phone for retro music - NesMusic, Pokey Player, Sid Player, SC68 Player, Mod Player. All of these let you download music files from external websites, something I think Apple cracked down on a while back.

    So, all these give me that wanky warning, and none of them are getting updated as even if they did, you couldn't download the files needed for them.

    For the first time in seven years, I am considering getting a Samsung, as I bet these are all on the Google Play store, or whatever it's called...

    Either that, or we need a way of running 32-bit apps on the iPhone, via an App Translator, or similar.
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  • Wonder Boy 3 remake introduces new playable lead: Wonder Girl

  • cawley1 23/03/2017

    I wonder if the password WE5TONE will work? Reply 0
  • Nintendo investigating Switch Joy-Con issues

  • cawley1 13/03/2017

    I've had no issues either, but I've been playing mainly in handheld mode, and I don't own a fishtank. Reply +10
  • Watch: Johnny cooks meat and mushroom skewers from Breath of the Wild

  • cawley1 08/03/2017

    No good without the cool sound that plays when you toss the ingredients onto the pan! Reply +4
  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • cawley1 06/03/2017

    I was in Smyths Toy Store in Watford yesterday (buying Horizon for my Son's birthday - Don't worry, I got my Switch and Zelda from Amazon on Friday!)

    I asked the girl behind the counter how it had sold, and she said well, I also asked if they had any stock and she said they had three pre-orders which had not been collected, and I could buy one of those if I wanted, she said they were officially reserved until close of business Monday, so if you have a Smyths near you and you are after a Switch, maybe give them a call first thing tomorrow and see if they have any uncollected pre-orders...
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  • Alert: Do not apply a vinyl skin or wrap to your Nintendo Switch

  • cawley1 04/03/2017

    Why would anyone want to put adhesive backed shit on their nice console, eh? Reply +8
  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • cawley1 03/03/2017

    I should have elaborated my earlier post - doing a fair bit of courier stuff, I have to say that DPD are utter shit (can you believe the UK Passport office also use them!)

    I have had nothing but issues from them in the past, and dread people using them when sending me stuff.

    UPS is king, then I would be tempted to say Royal Mail, after that, Yodel, DPD, UK Mail and Hermes all offer the same shitty service! Notice how many retailers use DPD, UK Mail and Yodel, all about cost cutting, the only reliable next day delivery I have found in my experience is UPS, and I have yet to see a retailer use them.

    I trust Amazon as I have only ever had them cock one delivery date up...
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  • cawley1 03/03/2017

    I'm lucky, my Amazon pre-order was delivered around 1pm - I'd pre-ordered it on the morning they opened orders, but I only ordered Zelda earlier in the week, still they came together.

    Wish I'd ordered the slip case at the same time, I didn't and it went out of stock, so I ordered from Game, an now it's available from Amazon again!
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  • cawley1 03/03/2017

    Urgh! Game and DPD, what an unholy clusterfuck of uselessness! Reply 0
  • The Nintendo 64 turns 20 in Europe

  • cawley1 01/03/2017

    I seem to remember they dropped the price by 50 quid 2/3 months after launch?

    No ambassador program back then!
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  • cawley1 01/03/2017

    I bought a Japanese N64 from somewhere on Tottenham Court Road in Summer 1996, it cost me 400, and Mario 64 was 96!

    I did a good job of getting Nintendo some day one sales with people that had played my import machine - pity they had to put up with shitty PAL versions, at least until Nintendo and particularly Rare (IIRC) did a much better job of optimising PAL games.

    I just can't believe it's been 20 years, man I am old now.
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