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  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist footage

  • bzzct 05/06/2012

    Robert Ludlum's Splinter Cell

    They've even copied Joan Allen's voice...
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  • QUBE Review

  • bzzct 06/01/2012

    How do you paraphrase science? Reply +1
  • Forza 4 demo teaser footage

  • bzzct 04/10/2011

    It's nicely done, but the edge is somewhat taken off by the knowledge that Clarkson thinks of video games as fiddly little bits of electronic nonse, that don't stand up for a second against the physical, viscerous nature of the real thing, let alone view them as a last bastion for petrolheads. Still, a paycheque's a paycheque. Reply +4
  • FIFA 12 release date announced

  • bzzct 22/06/2011

    Well if you had predicted that, you'd be wrong, seeing as it's out nearly two months after the start of the season... Reply +11
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution ESRB rating

  • bzzct 22/06/2011

    The game's many sexual themes are "highlighted by screams of pain" and "large sprays of blood that stain the surrounding environment", revealed the ESRB. Up close there's "choking" and "electrocution".

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  • Halo: Reach played 70 million times

  • bzzct 24/09/2010

    So after your great article on the release hype where brains were engaged and some independent thought broke through, we're now back to pushing out official pronouncements like a PR agency?


    (Love the games though.)
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  • Just for the record?

  • bzzct 22/09/2010

    Very good article. A bit of chat about how the industry players conduct themselves is an important thing for a media outlet to do, and there's very little of it in videogames.

    Also shows there's critical thinking going on inside EG when controller is not in-hand, which the stream of PR-sourced "news" stories does not.
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  • UK chart: Rayman spent 5 years there

  • bzzct 06/08/2010

    "Weeks spent inside the top 10 was dominated by Brain Training (87 weeks), but only just: Tomb Raider managed one less with 86 weeks."

    Do you know what dominate means?
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  • 360 crashes explained?

  • bzzct 25/11/2005

    /is hoping someone tries the Gamespot guys idea and the piece of string catches fire, leaving the PSU plummet to earth, crushing some household pet or other in a cartoon anvil from the sky kind of a way. Reply 0
  • Kojima doubts over PS3

  • bzzct 31/05/2005

    on the Nintendo Revolution front the DS connectivity and downloadable back catalogue give him "the impression that the developers could create games on less budget"

    Anyone else fail to see the logic in that?
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  • GDC: Xbox 2's High Def future trumpeted

  • bzzct 09/03/2005

    Please tell me it is back compatible, at least. Otherwise I'm really not happy - it will just be a less flexible version of my PC

    Well if that's true it's only because you're lucky enough to have a phenomenally powered PC. Most don't - so it'll do just fine.
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  • World Tour Soccer

  • bzzct 11/02/2005

    "if you can't beat them, take them to school". Old school.

    I refuse to buy this game for the sole reason that a third-party preview used this phrase.

    It's just that bad ;).
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  • Xbox 2 will release 'in late October, early November'

  • bzzct 11/02/2005

    Dreamcast, anyone?
    Sure, I'll give ya £3 for it.
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  • bzzct 11/02/2005

    I'll buy it.
    Even more when they pay more attention to european market than to japanese market.

    Out of interest, once you've bought it, how do you buy it, more...? ;)
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  • bzzct 11/02/2005

    I don't think Microsoft will ever make their Xbox 1 money back

    Neither did they.
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  • Doom 3 Xbox port, PC expansion dated worldwide

  • bzzct 09/02/2005

    Not to be picky or anything but it'll probably actually be the 8th, as it's the week of the 4th that it's being released, the 4th being the Monday, Friday is the 8th. :P Reply 0
  • bzzct 09/02/2005

    PGR is 15 FPS... Forza 'might' be 15fps too?

    Wow, really? Where'd you find this out? It never feels that low to me.
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  • UK Charts: Sonic Mega Collection ends NFSU2's run

  • bzzct 09/02/2005

    Why do you guys keep banging on that Need for Speed Underground 2's broken longest consecutive no. 1 record? Clickit Reply 0
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory multiplayer beta

  • bzzct 26/01/2005


    I want some, they're great with dips.

    No wait, that's nach...
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  • Sam Fisher in... Pin the caption on the screenshot!

  • bzzct 22/12/2004

    "You could just go to where they had these up yesterday with all the captions in place."

    Where's the fun in that?Worst reader ever.

    If you don't get a trophy, it's not a real award.
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  • bzzct 22/12/2004

    You could just go to where they had these up yesterday with all the captions in place.

    Ubi obviously wanted to make you work harder EG ;).
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  • TOCA Race Driver 2

  • bzzct 09/12/2004

    I'm amazed so few people have mentioned the AI behaviour in the corners. It's not even just that they're ridiciulously slow in slow corners (which they are, to the point that you coming into a corner at optimal speed and find everyone else is sitting virtually stationary on the apex), but they also slow down far too much for for mid-speed corners, it's only the ones you can take flat out they seem to get right. Coupled with the 'opponents as brakes' thing that games generally fail to avoid, but in this one seems to be positively encouraged, means you either end up crawling round the corners at the AI's pace, or slamming into them every time just because they're all driving round with the brakes half on. Reply 0
  • Sims 2 head off to college

  • bzzct 22/11/2004

    They could add massive novelty factor by modelling some real unis that you could pick from to play in. Reply 0
  • Oddworld Stranger renamed, dated

  • bzzct 12/11/2004

    Wow, good to see they care about it enough to release it in the lucrative January period. Reply 0
  • Halo 2 Single Player

  • bzzct 08/11/2004

    Exactly my point. The review alone was me expecting an 8... Would krudster have the balls to give that game an 8? Hitchcockian suspense, until i reach the bottom of the page and realize he wouldn't.

    That doesn't mean it's an 8/10 game that was given a 9, it just means more time was spent in the review talking about the things that were wrong as the reviewer felt they needed more discussion, than some of the good things that there was no need to go on about.
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  • bzzct 08/11/2004

    I think the Halo fanboys have already petitioned gamerankings to get our review taken down from there (it has disappeared)... can't cope with having the average score being dragged down by a 9!

    In fairness though(not to those petitioning, that's just taking things TOO far ;-)) in the context of a site like gamerankings your 9/10 doesn't come across as a 9/10, it comes as a 90%. They're giving your review a score out of 100, which it doesn't have, the score to the nearest 1/10 may be 9, but that doesn't mean the score you would have given would have been 90 to the nearest 1/100. (Obviously you already know all this - you wrote the review, but I'm rambling and I can't think of how to make the point any better!) Basically I'm saying that in a way it's understandable that your score might not appear on such a site as your scoring system is not compatible with theirs.
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  • bzzct 08/11/2004

    "If anything, it's the biggest two fingers to lazy PC development we've ever seen, and proof that if you optimise things enough there should be no reason why PC gamers should have to upgrade as much as they do"

    So true, it boggles the mind what todays mid-high end pcs could do if the developers didnt take the attitude of.."if they want it to run better, they can buy an upgrade"...rather than actually use some of their skill to improve things....

    Although do we really want development times to start getting even longer...

    In regard to AI zones thing, I guess in a lot of games which are largely set in interiors things such as rooms operate as sort of natural zones - the enemies only operate within their zone, but there's no way to progress without fighting through these zones. Wide open spaces I suppose need a different approach, as the zones are far easier to avoid (ie. run around!)
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  • bzzct 08/11/2004

    I agree with UncleLou on saying that if you take away the scores the reviews would have to be written differently. Without a score, the balance of the amount of time spent on describing the good points/bad points would have to be made proportional, so as not to mislead people as to how much good/bad there is in the game. Also I think either people would feel a little lost as to what the reviewer's final opinion was, or the concluding paragraph would gradually start to become a slightly expanded version of the score eg. ...but overall it's an excellent game, the main a terrible game. There's got to be something to sum up the opinions of the review succinctly, and I think a score, in collaboration with a full review, is the best way of doing this.

    To use this review as an example, of all the people complaining about 'only' a 9, if the same review was there without a score it would seem as if you were being far more harsh.
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  • PAL Gran Turismo 4 set for Q1 2005

  • bzzct 21/10/2004

    Funniest thing is they left it so late before deciding to cut their losses on the online component, that they haven't been able to get it out before Christmas anyway! So now in Europe they've missed the peak time and it's offline only!

    Edit: I'd be substantially more annoyed if I had a PS2, and was therefore actually planning on getting the game.
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  • Valve - Vivendi legal battle may delay Half-Life 2

  • bzzct 27/09/2004

    id must be LOL'ing

    Laughing out louding?
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  • Killzone

  • bzzct 09/09/2004

    If we're gonna talk about dodgy words I'm surprised no-one has complained about

    "Because Sony has finally gotten round to releasing an FPS"

    (checks name of site to see if it's changed to USgamer since yesterday)
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  • Simply sets up summer sizzler

  • bzzct 19/08/2004

    I wouldn't have expected it at less than 30 notes in its second week of sale....

    All the major online retailers (Amazon, Play etc) sell games at £29.99 or less from release.
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  • bzzct 17/08/2004

    To all those people excitedly buying Riddick - have it for £24.99 (as long you enter 'gamestracker2' as a coupon code, otherise £25.99). Reply 0
  • MS confirms Halo 2 European release date

  • bzzct 11/07/2004


    "Game production is developing as planned," confirm Microsoft. "We have simply revised the launch date across Europe based on feedback from our retail partners."

    They continue, "If we launched on 9 November we would have had to ship stock to retail by the end of the previous week. This means that retailers would have the game in stock yet not be able to officially put it on sale. The temptation to sell the game early over the weekend before the launch date could prove too strong for some European retailers, as we've seen in recent cases involving high-profile game releases." The most recent example of this would be Driv3r, which recently charted at number six even before it was officially on shelves.
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  • Vin Diesel wants PS2 Riddick this Christmas

  • bzzct 07/07/2004

    Re: Ok, who let the fanboys out?? :)
    /Loads gun, aims for the nearest fanboy........

    Ok boys, hunting season !!!!!!!!!

    sit on gaming forums all day long and play loads of games and read every magazine! Why doesn't he!!!
    doesn't as much as I do about my hobby!

    Hint of sarcasm, no?
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  • Far Cry Instincts delayed until 2005

  • bzzct 07/07/2004

    Indeedy! Nice to see something launching in January/February time!

    Bet they'll wait till March.
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  • Half-Life 2 set to go gold in August

  • bzzct 28/06/2004

    In fairness UncleLou you can't blame people for not knowing the intricacies of the censorship rules of a country they don't live in. You also can't really blame people for reading things in generally reliable sources and taking their word for it.

    If, for example, Far Cry is released worldwide and then everyone hears it's held back in Germany whilst they make changes to the content then people are going to be amused by it.
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  • bzzct 28/06/2004

    We are being used!

    Yes! Think of all the benefit they've gained at our expense compared to if it had been finished last year!
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  • bzzct 28/06/2004

    CS:Source, HL:Source and DOD:Source, which are updates of existing Half-Life content to the Source engine and are expected to ship with the game.

    A version of the original Half-Life on the source engine is expected to ship with the game? Am I blatantly missing what 'HL:Source' refers to or did I just fail to notice this being announced at some point? All I'd heard about was CS:Source.

    (I take it from the rather casual mention that this is reference to already known info, rather than an anouncement).
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  • UK tabloid attacks Nintendo over epilepsy

  • bzzct 22/06/2004

    can't a company be big now

    Actually no, but there's no 'now' about it, this has been the case for a long time. If one company has too great a market share in one area the Monopolies and Mergers commission looks into whether or not it should be allowed to continue trading as one company, as to do so would be disadvantageous to the consumer.
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  • Galleon

  • bzzct 21/06/2004

    I find Galleon does well at times at making you feel as though it's quite freeform when it isn't. Playing Calverly's Island you look around and there's this massive sprawling area, reaching way into the sky, but when you're actually playing, you can still only go from one place to one other in one way almost all of the time. They're big open levels, but there's only really one, carefully constructed path winding around them. Reply -1
  • Chronicling Riddick: Extra Extra!

  • bzzct 10/06/2004

    We should have a commentary track, and talk about how, you know during a particular section of the game we didn't know how we could get something to work and stuff.

    He seems half-joking here but I think it could actually be quite interesting to have a Developer's Commentary type thing in games. Obviously there wouldn't be that many games that you would actually want to listen to the developer talk about, but for the ones you do it could be pretty interesting.
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  • Microsoft cans True Fantasy Live Online

  • bzzct 03/06/2004

    I think the DOA series and Ninja Gaiden have proved that the best a 'killer app' can do in Japan is boost sales a little for a fortnight. The console itself seems to be presenting a far bigger problem than individual titles can resolve.

    Teeth: From the sounds of it they just don't expect them to do the job in time; they've probably come to realise Xbox 2 is gonna be pretty much on its way by the time the game's out.
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  • UK Charts: Potter casts No.1 spell

  • bzzct 03/06/2004

    "geek" is the champion insult of the retard. Who is honestly offended by being called a "geek"? Come on...

    Does that make "retard" the champion insult of the geek?
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  • bzzct 02/06/2004

    Xinch: What, you really think people buy it because it has the EA logo in the corner? Who would do this? 'Hardcore' (for want of a better word) gamers wouldn't see it being an EA game as any kind of advantage, and casual mainstream players would pay no attention to what publisher it's from. Reply 0
  • bzzct 02/06/2004

    If you slapped an EA sticker on Ninja Gaiden, I bet it'd sell tons!

    You think people are actually buying these games because they're from EA?. Don't you think it's more likely that EA are just publishing games that more people want? (ie. film licenses and well-known brands, I'm not trying to say they're publishing the highest quality)

    Edit: just noticed your post sdfs, glad someone else seems to be thinking along the same lines.
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  • Commandos FPS spin-off Strike Force revealed

  • bzzct 02/06/2004

    Agreed, if done well could be really good I think, despite provoking an obvious 'urgh, another WWII FPS?' initial reaction. As strategy games they've always had fantastic atmosphere, and if they can manage to transfer that to an FPS it'll be great. If they go with the open-plan levels of the other games as well it could be truly special. Reply 0
  • PAL and NTSC Halo 2 builds 'play nice'

  • bzzct 24/05/2004

    I can't really imagine MS letting the PAL version slip beyond Christmas, far too much of a missed opportunity. Presumably this is why they're working on the specifics of the PAL version already. Reply 0
  • Sony drops US PS2 price to $149.99

  • bzzct 11/05/2004

    Thats about £85 (€126) !!! Why hasnt this happened in the UK yet??

    Quite simply because they don't need to; it's still outselling the others here by a large margin.
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  • Doom 3 due 'this summer'

  • bzzct 11/05/2004

    last night's impressive demonstration of the Xbox version

    How come we haven't heard anything about this then?
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