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  • 40 Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed

  • bioreit 02/03/2015


    have historically bought quite a lot of games. However, I cannot justify spending 80 per game to get the full experience, nor can I justify spending 40 for an incomplete experience.
    Completely agree. With Battlefield 4, I paid 17 for new 360 version from Amazon - was happy to play with the standard maps for a while, but just as I was getting a little bored, Xbox Live had a sale on Premium so picked that up for 20.

    As far as I'm concerned, I've now paid slightly less than full retail for the 'complete' game and by waiting for the price drop I missed out on the vast majority of game-breaking lag (although it seems to have returned this past week).

    But no way would I ever part with 80 for a game and its map packs...
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  • Ironfall Invasion review

  • bioreit 17/02/2015

    They're called Dyxides, and I still can't think of a way to pronounce that without sounding obscene.
    (daI - siːd - iːz)
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  • David Cameron has visited the maker of Train Simulator

  • bioreit 11/02/2015


    Where's the Thatcher statue station feature?
    Has anyone actually tried saying this out loud? It's actually quite hard to say a few times in a row!
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  • League of Legends tournament openly discriminates against LGBT players

  • bioreit 04/02/2015


    Can you name one single person that was discriminated or point to ANY examples of the company refusing anyone entry to the tournament?
    Oh give it a rest.

    I've been thinking for a while now about an opposite term to Social Justice Warrior - something which neatly encapsulates the notion of a bigoted and irrationally narrow-minded individual; one who will cry foul against supposed 'political correctness' at the drop of a hat. I'll admit that I came up short - nothing was descriptive or snappy enough (credit where it's due, the disparaging terms the right use for the left are usually catchy and easy to remember).

    And then I just realised, today, that we already have a term for that kind of person.

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  • Spotify headed to PS3 and PS4

  • bioreit 28/01/2015

    If you don't need a Spotify Premium account to make this work, I'd say this is a huge win for Sony against Microsoft. No amount of useful but lets-face-it boring updates to make controllers connect quicker will equal the ability to in-game stream your Spotify playlist.

    Obviously if this requires a Spotify Premium account it will take a little shine off, but Microsoft needs to come up with an equally good benefit for the end-user.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dev hands out "reverse boosting" bans

  • bioreit 19/01/2015


    Paying for something doesn't secure you absolute rights to do whatever you like... Outside of legal circles, this is called 'good manners'.
    I regret I have but one +1 to give.
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  • Japan's console market at lowest point for 24 years

  • bioreit 07/01/2015

    I'm interested to know the actual sales figures per year (hardware and software, broken down into handheld and 'traditional'), as opposed to value of sales (particularly as hardware becomes significantly cheaper as a generation progresses). Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • bioreit 06/01/2015

    I am almost by default more inclined to be an Xbox gamer, but I have to say I'm getting more inclined to go PS4 this generation rather than Xbone - only one of my main gaming buddies has bought a new console and he got an Xbone, but I just haven't seen any truly must-have titles for either platform yet and the fact that Sony seems to be completely trouncing Microsoft right at the start of this generation is making me think that maybe I should throw my weight behind Sony - after all, developers will go with the biggest markets and I can foresee some of them focussing more on PS4 than Xbone due to the significantly larger installed base.

    There are still other factors to consider (I already pay for Gold for my 360, so do I want to run two subscriptions concurrently? I do like Halo. Xbox Live *seems* a tad more stable. etc) but whereas just before this generation started I was dead set on getting an Xbone as the new primary console, that opinion is definitely starting to wane.
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  • Student-made Ukip parody game upsets Nigel Farage

  • bioreit 23/12/2014


    Its not about race, its about space.
    Well it rhymes, so I'm convinced.
    Hehe, genuinely made me chuckle.

    I'm always wary whenever people start going on about space, or lebensraum. Once people start to say they haven't got enough space in their own country, there's always a risk they start looking to their neighbours to help provide expansion space, usually without their neighbours' consent...
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  • Interplay breaks months of silence with Kickstarter for Freespace board game

  • bioreit 16/12/2014


    I would be perfectly willing to accept I'm wrong, if actual evidence or a decent argument could be presented beyond "lalala, you're wrong, I'm right", which is basically all you've provided so far. You listed all the keyboard controls as why the game couldn't work on a pad, I offered a way I thought it could work, you countered with a ridiculous example to disprove a point I never made.

    That's it. If you had responded with an actual counter point, like how certain controls wouldn't work as I had envisaged with an actual reason why not, I'd accept that. You know why? Because I'm not you and I'm therefore willing to believe that others can have valid viewpoints.

    And the Russel Brand comparison? Personally, I find that deeply offensive, as one of my oldest friends was sexually assaulted by him. Obviously you couldn't know that, but then again, your comparison I think was made like your Afterburner one - to cover up the fact you couldn't think of a legitimate argument, you invented one designed to distract and/or offend.
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  • bioreit 16/12/2014


    There's absolutely NO WAY Freespace could work on a pad
    gently pointed out
    Haha, yeah, real nice and gentle that one...

    I did say I was being facetious when making the jest about using all the listed controls - but you obviously decided to ignore that. I put forward how I thought controls could be mapped in a console version of the game and your response? A completely overblown reaction, with a strawman argument using words and examples I didn't even come close to using, just so you could put down the argument I didn't even make. Rather than engaging in a genuine debate about what would and wouldn't work. No, obviously it's *only* your opinion which can *ever* possibly be the right one, eh?

    Just get off your high horse and back in your box, where you belong.
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  • bioreit 15/12/2014


    I'm sure it could be simplified, but when you do that its a completely different game.
    I never used the term "simplified".

    That's like saying you can simplify a fully featured aircraft simulator with all its switches and controls into Afterburner with a single joystick and it's the same game.
    If I'd said anything analogous to what you say, then yeah, sure, that would be a fair comparison. But I didn't say that, so please feel free to take your strawman away and replace it with a better argument.

    I genuinely do think the controls could all be mapped to a pad, mostly through a combination of on-screen radial button menus (which have been proven to work in other games), the use of repeated presses of the same button replacing the archaic "different buttons to do ever-so-slightly-different options" (as in view changing) and some less critical controls being moved to a pause screen (such as time compression and HUD contrast).

    If you don't agree with my opinion, fair enough. But DON'T use words I didn't say to put my opinion down. It comes across as needlessly arrogant and condescending, particularly when all I'm doing is expressing my desire to be able to experience one of my all time favourite games on a new system.
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  • bioreit 15/12/2014


    I get a lot of your point, but sorry?

    You use them all in just about every mission.
    You mean to say you use Chase view, external view, Toggle external camera lock, Free look view, Increase view distance, Decrease view distance and Toggle high HUD contrast in "just about every mission"?

    I am of course being facetious, but I would argue that an awful lot of buttons could easily lend themselves to being moved into a pause menu, or being part of a cycle of the same button press (i.e. view changes are perfectly able to be cycled through with repeated 'Back' button presses, just like in racing games).

    Flight controls will easily move to the twin sticks - general thrust forward and back plus turn on left stick, pitch and bank on right stick. Throttle setting could be achieved with multiple clicks with the left stick, afterburner with the right stick.

    D-pad can take care of the weapon, energy, shield and transfer options (again with each press cycling through options), weapons fire primary and secondary on the triggers, then radial menus coming off the shoulder buttons and the four face buttons can take care of pretty much the rest, especially if you don't limit yourself to one menu expanding out of each button, but have an expanding tree (I'm thinking of the menus in The Outfit which had several levels in each).

    I won't deny it would be a fair bit of work, but I genuinely think you could map all of the major controls (e.g. those actually required to complete the game) without needing to rewrite the whole title.
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  • bioreit 12/12/2014

    Ooh, interesting. But I would also like a console release of Freespace please - I think twin analogue sticks plus radial menus accessed by buttons should work for pretty much all the main controls and No Man's Sky is starting to look too tempting (no way can I justify a PS4 purchase at the moment!), thanks in part to a dearth of decent space combat games. Reply -1
  • DICE vows: Final Stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

  • bioreit 11/12/2014


    I'll admit I haven't yet - but then I have only just bought the map packs!

    But I'll definitely keep an eye out for it in the server lists and give it a go :-)
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  • bioreit 11/12/2014


    I agree that a lot of the Modern Combat maps wouldn't work, but a few of the BF4 maps are smaller than the ones I mentioned.
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  • bioreit 10/12/2014

    Why not remake some of the maps in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat? Bridge Too Far, Honor, Frostbite, Missile Crisis and Full Frontal would all be excellent - rose-tinted glasses and all that, but I seem to recall a lot of the maps had greater 'verticality' than a lot of the newer games (as in, full terrain height and depth rather than just sticking a building on some flat land). Reply +1
  • Halo spin-off Spartan Strike delayed as 343 battles The Master Chief Collection matchmaking problems

  • bioreit 08/12/2014


    What did other halo fans think of 4?
    Never really played the single player, but actually quite enjoyed the multiplayer. I know that makes me somewhat of an outcast amongst Halo purists, but I didn't mind the loadouts or the weapon drops as much as others seemed to.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • bioreit 10/11/2014


    I had played PC Multiplayer games for years before Halo, and then going to play Halo was a giant WTF for me. I absolutely hated it.
    I had played FPS on PC for years before I got around to Halo on Xbox - Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Unreal and UT, etc - and I can honestly say I loved the difference of Halo. Particularly the seamless transition between indoor spaces and huge outside ones within a level and the genuine AI of the Covenant (which sadly seemed to begin to slip away more and more with each sequel).

    It helped that at the time of release, Halo was also on par/just ahead of PC FPS graphics that were attainable by most - although obviously PC quickly overtook that.

    Guess it's a case of different strokes...
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  • Halo 2 Anniversary launch trailer shows off fancy pants new cinematics

  • bioreit 29/10/2014

    This actually makes me think that a Halo film could be pretty good (don't get me wrong, I quite liked Forward Unto Dawn, but that was't a 'Halo film' as such, more a film set in the Halo universe). Just need suitable writers and crew to be able to expand the storyline beyond short cutscenes... Reply +6
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

  • bioreit 21/10/2014


    Its pretty difficult to buy a TV that doesn't have a freeview tuner built in now, many will have a freeview HD tuner built in.
    I know a fair few people who game on dedicated monitors as it's easier to get much lower latency than on TVs - and all bar two of them don't have any TV functionality. Some of them aren't interested in this at all (they have dedicated TV setups for TV) but at least some of them are quite keen on getting TV on their gaming rig and this is a cheap-ish option with functionality they might actually use (although shame it can't record at the moment, especially to USB HDD).
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  • What did Alien director Ridley Scott actually do for Halo: Nightfall?

  • bioreit 01/10/2014


    Space: Above and Beyond, now, THAT was something to write home about.
    God I miss that show. I really want to buy the DVD boxset off Amazon, but seriously worried I'm looking back at it with rose-tinted spectacles...
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  • OlliOlli 2 coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2015

  • bioreit 25/09/2014

    OlliOlli2 article not written by Oli Welsh.

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  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • bioreit 17/09/2014


    Wait...youd rather a system, that has multi-platform games?

    The One has 3-4 exclusives dropping THIS year [pay close attention to those words]; alongside the multi-platform games.

    With more exclusives also coming next year.

    What it sounds like to ME; is youve bought into the graphics thingy...I mean just say that.
    Yes, bizarrely, I would rather have a system that "has multiplatform games". Really not sure why you wouldn't want a system that can do multiplatform games....

    And if I'm going to play multiplatform games on my system, I'd like them to be decent - I'm genuinely not overly fussed about graphics, but I do care about screen tearing and frame rates.

    And yes, out of the upcoming exclusives on Xbox One, I would definitely get the Master Chief Collection and possibly Sunset Overdrive. But I just can't get on with Forza (so have no interest in FH2). Apart from those, there's nothing coming out in the next 12 months which would make me buy an Xbox One (rather than just enjoying my 360).

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying there are loads more PS4 games I want (there aren't, beyond Driveclub and The Order), but the ones that are coming out seem to pique my interest more than the current lists for the Xbox One.

    But then I can't stand Gran Turismo, Ratchett and Clank, Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance and loads of other PlayStation-exclusive franchises, so I may just end up sticking with my 360 for as long as I possibly can (i.e. until the games start to dry up).

    My (admittedly long-winded) point is this: right now, to me, as a long-term 360 owner, I can see why Sony have stolen a march on Microsoft at the start of this generation and I can also see why Microsoft thinks that spending that much money on Minecraft could help them to close the gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One. However, I think they would have been better off pouring that money into new franchises, reminiscent of when the first Halo, PGR and Gears of War all launched - Microsoft need to claw back some kind of pop culture/brand recognition to counter-act the current prevailing opinion that Microsoft dropped the ball.

    Microsoft undoubtedly will not 'lose' this generation (because even if it only sells half the number of Xbox Ones as Sony sells PS4s, that will still be millions and millions of customers), but it could certainly do with picking its feet up and getting its arse in gear, if only because when Microsoft chooses to be competitive and desperate enough to win consumers over, it tends to knock it out of the park.
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  • bioreit 16/09/2014


    Didnt SONY cut half their studios...which is the reason half their games are coming out in 2015-2016.

    Stop throwing rocks when you yourself are playing a glasshouse
    Taking your comment literally, you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that I am a PS4 gamer. I am not.

    I just don't see any reason at the moment to invest in either next generation console, although I am leaning more towards a PS4 - based purely on what is available for Xbox One and PS4 now and on the immediate horizon; coupled with the seemingly (please, please pay close attention to my use of this word) better handling of multiplatform games on PS4 right now.

    Although as an almost exclusively 360 gamer, I don't really want to maintain two subscriptions for online gaming so I am really hoping that Microsoft can pull some compelling games out the hat, say around Christmas, just in time for a decent price drop.
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  • bioreit 16/09/2014


    you are over exaggerating the lead Sony has on the xbox one,there much closer than people give them credit for
    In order for Microsoft to have a hope in hell of gaining traction against a seemingly unstoppable Sony (at the moment)
    I've highlighted in bold the key points of what I said before. Sony are already ahead of Microsoft and at the moment it doesn't look like anything Microsoft are doing will reverse that trend.

    You also seem to completely miss my point that it's not about a new Project Gotham or Halo (although a new PGR would have me throwing money at Microsoft, I will admit) but that Microsoft need their equivalents for this generation.

    Right now, I can't see any upcoming Microsoft exclusives that would compel me to buy an Xbox One.
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  • bioreit 15/09/2014


    Also why can't Microsoft put some money into new IP?

    The amount of money being pumped into this deal is sickening when Microsoft also don't seem keen on creating (or even resurrecting) decent IPs. Halo and Project Gotham are two of my favourite series ever (although I'd argue that Halo went squiffy for a while and became a bit formulaic) and Gears of War was initially a good enough change from what went before to merit attention.

    In order for Microsoft to have a hope in hell of gaining traction against a seemingly unstoppable Sony (at the moment), they desperately need compelling new titles. Surely a new Halo or Project Gotham* would cost them less than $2.5 billion!

    *Not literally saying a new version of those games, just something with equal attraction and which would be identifiably Microsoft.
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  • PewDiePie no longer allows comments on his videos

  • bioreit 03/09/2014

    He has instead opted to use Reddit and Twitter to communicate with his fanbase, platforms that are famously free of clutter and arguments.
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • bioreit 02/09/2014


    The point of this is not to speak to you and I, the sane majority. It is to show that hateful minority that they don't speak for the people they claim to speak for. Even if you don't agree with that aim, its existence shouldn't bother you.

    It isn't always about us.
    Well said. Personally, I took the intent of the letter to be about helping to generate awareness, so that those who are "gamers" would perhaps feel more compelled to not just let that kind of behaviour slide; and also bringing this to the attention of non-gamers, so that perhaps they could be more involved if they did witness such behaviour (I'm thinking of situations like a parent overhearing stereotypical smacktalk on an online game their child is playing) and not just shrugging it off.

    Would this ever be 100% effective? Hell no.

    Could it help to make even a small difference? Absolutely; especially for the minimal amount of effort involved, the potential returns are substantial.

    The fact that some people are so incensed about Eurogamer signing that letter that they are deleting their accounts is greatly saddening (see gott_sei_dank's comment, for example). Particularly as they are kinda missing the point that irrespective of the reasons behind the letter being written, the actual message it contains is to be unaccepting of any hate from any source.

    Sorry, kind of wandered off topic and this changed from a specific reply to a general comment!
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  • Pierce Brosnan plays GoldenEye 007

  • bioreit 20/08/2014


    I feel your pain, Brosnan. Other people should try replaying Goldeneye today with a N64 controller, I dare them to say it's aged well.
    Challenge accepted. Shall hook up the N64 and play it tonight. Maybe followed by some Perfect Dark.
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  • Battlefield 4's next big update cleans up HUD, tweaks soldier movement

  • bioreit 08/08/2014


    Does anyone know why the sounds cut out for that start of a match? You think they would fix this.
    This. I came to Bf4 pretty late (i.e. when it went to 17 on Amazon) and apart from slight lag in a very few matches (which could be my end in all fairness) the only major outstanding issue I have is the lack of sound when you spawn in for the first time.

    Well, that and a way to vote to kick griefers. Like those who steal the jets and crash them into the ground so they can start capturing a checkpoint quickly. Then get mown down by a guy in a chopper.

    Every frickin' time on Golmud Railway.
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  • Bitmap Brothers' Z: Steel Soldiers relaunches on PC today

  • bioreit 01/08/2014

    I'd be more than happy with the boost in graphics, if they'd just kept the viewpoint the same fixed one as before. For me, RTS games took a nosedive when they started implementing swoopy-divey camera controls. I can't even stand the ones which flicked between fixed viewpoints so you could see behind buildings.

    /grumpy old git mode
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  • PGR4 remains arcade racing at its very best

  • bioreit 14/07/2014

    Metropolis Street Racer and PGR 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been my favourite racing games of all time. Unlike BellyFullOfHell, I personally think they were the perfect mix between arcade fun and simulation-realism.

    Whenever the 360 owners of my friendship circle gather, there are *always* at least a few sessions spent on PGR4.

    The only other fun racing game we still play is FlatOut Ultimate Carnage - definitely a woefully underrated game for a group.

    Such a shame that racing games now seem to be either ultra-ultra-ultra realism (and therefore inaccessible to many) or Mario Kart and its clones (don't get me wrong, I love Mario Kart, but I'm not buying a Wii U until it halves in price).
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  • Rainbow Six Siege has male and female hostages

  • bioreit 26/06/2014


    One demo featuring a single hostage, and a coin toss to essentially decide gender, and this gets an article.
    Except it wasn't just a "coin toss", was it?

    I mean, when we did that design we felt a lot of empathy with the hostage. We wanted people to want to protect her. If the hostage gets killed a team loses the game, so we wanted players to care about the hostage so that's the design we chose.
    "Remnant" has got on his own high horse here in his criticism of Grayson and made a claim which is patently *false*. I wonder - will he modify his response in the light of the statement from Ubisoft?
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • bioreit 19/06/2014

    Just suggesting that shows how much of the point of the article has flown over your head. The entire piece is about recognising the faults and taking steps to improve ourselves in the future.

    To use your comparison: at no point does Tom say the achievement should be deleted or we should go and raze anybody to the ground for it, just recognise the issue and use that knowledge to think on it for the future. If -to use your example - he resigns, how can he be expected to make considerations about the staff in the future?

    It's funny how a lot of people here seem to think the article is a straight up attack, or to put sexist stuff up to some sort of trial and execution and not asking people to just simply think on their actions a bit and recognising - and owning up to - our own mistakes.
    I regret that I have only one +1 to give.
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  • bioreit 19/06/2014


    I agree with everything the article says. Like Tom, I had a similar realisation not too long ago that an awful lot of my casual, non-deliberate behaviour and conversation was sexist. I've always considered myself to be liberal and (having grown up only wth sisters) to be very pro-equality; the self-knowledge that I'd actually failed abysmally on so many fronts geuinely pains me.

    As someone further up this thread has already said, I think a large part of this behaviour stems from a lack of empathy; the inability to see what women actually have to go through and put up with, day in, day out. Everything from flippant sexist comments, to being beeped at by drivers, to still having to pay (reduced) VAT on tampons, for Christ's sake!

    I'm trying to do my best, but as Tom says, it's a constant, conscious battle against upbringing, nature, programming, whatever. But it's certainly a struggle which is worth it.
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  • Watch someone run around a huge Battlefield Hardline map all on their own

  • bioreit 03/06/2014


    Disagree. One of my all-time favourite console shooters (and Battlefield games) was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. No destructible environments or structures, just loads of people blasting around huge maps, having fun.

    I genuinely wish they'd redo that game; implement some of the improvements they've made to the series since, like the anti-base camping (bitter memories of being camped by circling helos still haunt me), stick in an auto-rotate among the maps with a veto option, rather than 'everyone choose from a list' which meant you played the same 3 or 4 maps over and over because they were the first options, and get rid of the automatic identification of enemies on the HUD (the RB/R2 tagging is just fine now).

    The weapon/equipment selection menu was also spot-on and it bemuses me that pretty much everyone these days thinks that using multiple buttons is better than having one button in conjunction with a direction.

    Damnit, now I want to start tearing round on skidoos again! (Missile Crisis, I think...)
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  • EA launches Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment

  • bioreit 09/05/2014

    Agree that it's way on the late side for beta testing for these issues, but have to say as a recent Battlefield 4 purchaser/player, I haven't encountered any issues in the 30-odd online sessions I've played. Not saying they don't exist and they don't happen frequently for large numbers of people, just saying I have yet to encounter any issues (and the issues with Bad Company 1 and 2 and Battlefield 3 online sessions stopped me from playing those to any great extent). Reply +1
  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • bioreit 20/04/2014


    Because his parents gave him a ridiculous biblical name and he changed it when he was 13?

    Is the religious element that you object to, or that it's jewish, or some kind of reverse snobbery because you think it sounds posh to you?
    Just re-read this and thought it was worth making another comment.

    Where the hell do you get off making implicit accusations that I am either anti-semitic or bigoted to the point I would judge someone for having a "ridiculous biblical name"?

    Your accusations are not only offensive they also lack internal consistency - I said he *should* be called by his birth name, then you make accusations based on the false presumption that I have a problem with the name Gideon. Even though I said he should be called that and not "George". So how in the name of anything is that me "object[ing]" to "the religious element"?

    Step the hell off, you flippant twat and next time you want to accuse me of something, make sure you actually read the bloody quote you use and try to keep your logic together.
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  • bioreit 10/04/2014


    "Is the religious element that you object to, or that it's jewish, or some kind of reverse snobbery because you think it sounds posh to you?"

    None of the above.

    I think he changed his name to try and fit in more and not be the 'posh little rich boy'.

    Who then went to independent school, then Oxford, joined the Bullingdon Club and seems to be making his career based on demonising the poor as workshy, benefit-scrounging scum-bags while giving his old chums in the financial sector an easy ride.

    /Disclaimer - I am from Tunbridge Wells (genuinely!) and my brother-in-law is fairly senior at a large international bank. None of that stops me from seeing him as a hypocritical, nasty-minded swine.
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  • bioreit 24/03/2014


    "(Fucking shithead Gideon)"

    Glad I'm not the only one who insists on using his birthname.


    We have been rather spoiled by online pricing structures for things like games and blu-rays (as companies like Amazon took advantage of lower VAT rates), but that doesn't mean it won't hurt if/when the prices start to get closer to retail...
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  • Xbox One firmware update will let you manage storage

  • bioreit 05/02/2014


    Completely agree! It seems like Microsoft decided to ignore all the previous works they did on so many different OSes and started again from the ground up.

    It made sense for them to start over for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to try and shed some of the legacy crud built up over so many generations, but the 360 interface was pretty good (minus the advertising) - I certainly prefer it to the PS3 one.
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  • bioreit 05/02/2014

    Good that they're starting to add missing features, but totally bizarre it was missing in the first place...

    Hoping that the first major price drop happens around September - should be some good games out by then and most of the kinks ironed out to make it worth buying.
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  • PS4 vs Xbox One: which is the better media player?

  • bioreit 03/02/2014


    You do know you can legally make digital copies of your discs right? I have hundreds of films and TV shows legally backed up to a NAS from disc for various streaming/portable uses, not to mention music and photos as well.
    Have they actually legalised the ripping of legally-purchased discs for backup purposes at home now? I knew it was in the pipeline here in the UK (some MP or somesuch had said copyright law preventing that was outdated - paraphrasing) but I didn't know it had actually gone ahead and been legalised.

    Good news if so - I have over 6TB of legally-purchased DVDs ripped for easy round-the-house streaming. Would be nice to get a legal check mark for that!
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  • New cheaper Xbox One model this year - report

  • bioreit 31/01/2014


    I think the Xbox One is the biggest mess of a launch I've seen in 20-odd years of being a gamer. Absolute shambles.
    Yeah, would agree with you on that. The PS3 pre-launch was worse in my opinion, but the actual launch and months immediately after? Xbox One has trumped that, definitely.

    Just glad I've stuck to my guns and decided to wait for first price-drop plus more games and system maturity from both PS4 and Xbox One, rather than getting swept along by "Ooh, shiny shiny"...
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  • Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"

  • bioreit 31/01/2014


    "EDIT: To save you looking up, vanilla PS4 is No. 1 (and out of stock), Xbox is 52 (and in stock, obviously)."

    You're wrong. Xbox One is in position 54.
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  • Sony: UK PS4 to Xbox One sales ratio is 1.5:1

  • bioreit 30/01/2014


    Ah nuts. That's been a huge bug-bear for me with previous Sony consoles and a significant factor in my previous choices for Xbox/Xbox 360 as primary machines.

    Haven't yet tried out the DS4 (or the new X1 controller) but had heard good things. Dagnammit!

    EDIT: Jesus. Looks like SDF are out in force, negging a guy just for saying he finds the DS4 uncomfortable...
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  • Microsoft rebrands SkyDrive to OneDrive after copyright dispute

  • bioreit 29/01/2014


    Haha. Reminds me of the Invader Zim episode where the Schwarzenegger-sounding ice-cream van voice drones on:

    "You like ice-cream. You like ice-cream. You love it. You cannot resist ice-cream. To resist is hopeless. Your existence is meaningless without ice-cream".

    Just replace "ice-cream" with "OneDrive", get Arnie to record it and job done.

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  • bioreit 29/01/2014


    Agreed. I've come to love my phone (after years as a die-hard Samsung 'droider) and the app store is getting better, but not fast enough to compete with iOS and Google Play offerings.

    Those thinking about migrating aren't interested in the difference between how long the different OSes have been around for - all they care about is whether their favourite app on those stores is also available on the Windows Store.
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  • bioreit 29/01/2014

    I can see why they've chosen the name, but it doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way as SkyDrive does.

    I do think Murdoch's shower should recompense Microsoft for the expense of rebranding in those markets where Sky does not have a presence, though.
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