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  • Looks like Microsoft's pricey Xbox Elite controller is getting an upgrade

  • bioreit 17/01/2018


    The fact is MS give you the choice, you can use AA, AA rechargeables or go and buy a battery pack. They do not make any more money this way.
    Don't forget the other option - just plugging in a micro USB cable and using it as a wired controller. Not pretty, but useful in a pinch if you happen to have burned through all your AAs...

    Options are good - forced 'choices' are not.
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  • Sea of Thieves is getting a beautiful Xbox One controller

  • bioreit 09/01/2018


    You could've at least given us a "marks the spot" in a hand script typeface near the X button!
    How about this? Sorry, can't find enough time to add wood effects, but I did improve the 'Arrr' a little...

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  • bioreit 05/01/2018

    Looks nice, but surely they missed a prime opportunity with the A button to have 'rrrrrrrrr' printed to the right side of it...?

    Forgive the poor 'shop skills, it's definitely not my forte!

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  • Nintendo Switch hits 10m sales in nine months

  • bioreit 12/12/2017


    As much as I really want to check out Breath Of The Wild and am utterly dying to play Mario Odyssey, nothing else on the platform really appeals. I can't justify an approximate £400 outlay for two games.
    There you go - Switch, plus Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild for £360 from Game.

    Switch SMO and BotW

    Pubes, like my advice, are free and non-returnable.
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  • bioreit 12/12/2017


    @abeeken The dpad inputs are not read correctly. A video of it in practice:

    It's disgusting that this issue gets a free pass when people are paying up to £65 for a controller.
    I could be wrong here (confession: don't have a Switch, never used one) but isn't that webm showing someone using a Pro Controller on Steam Link? I think they are on the list of confirmed compatible controllers for Steam Link, but that isn't a totally honest representation.

    Not to say there aren't issues with the Pro Controller on Switch itself (again, never used one so can't comment), but think it would be better for a demonstration of the issue actually on a Switch rather than a third-party system which Nintendo almost certainly didn't design for...
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  • Official World War Z video game in the works

  • bioreit 11/12/2017


    I disagree somewhat, especially as I said I wished the film was "more like the book", but you dismiss that as saying it "wouldn't work as a direct translation". That's not what I said. At all. Argue the point I made, not the point you want to argue against.

    I agree that the film couldn't have kept all of the characters in the book and maintained anything like enough pace or character development to stay interesting, however there are several examples of films which follow several different characters and story arcs successfully.

    Also, the film could have stayed with the premise of a writer interviewing people for retrospectives, building the story from the ground up and showing the audience the start, the initial failures, the change in approach and the final near-victory.

    But the main issue I have with the film is that it completely changed the nature of the zombies; the old stereotype of shuffling, slow and actually pretty vulnerable antagonists (as long as you remember to 'remove the head or destroy the brain') are terrifying simply because they just keep on coming and never need to sleep or rest. The new stereotype of acrobat running zombies is ok, but you have to admit it completely alters the nature of the story between the book and the film.

    Personally, I think the film would have been better if they'd kept the original zombie style and focussed on some of the main plotlines - specifically the military change in tactics and a couple of the home-invasion subplots, perhaps with the whole Phalanx bit thrown in, because who doesn't hate Big Pharama, amirite? ;-)
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  • bioreit 08/12/2017

    Agree with most comments; book was amazing, film was sub-par and fairly standard. Would have loved the film to be more like the book and, based on the trailer for the game, I'm going to give this a pass.

    A series of game scenarios similar to the book could have been amazing - a self-contained sequence of home attacks/defences by ordinary people (like Left 4 Dead); the failed military response at Yonkers; an expanded tale of the Russian actions, culminating in the decimations; a Halo-style/-parody vehicle section ending with Shiva's Wrath; an Alien Isolation style bit in the Parisian catacombs; and a Tomonaga Ijiro lone survivor section, perhaps modified as having a blank screen to represent blindness could get irritating and not everyone has surround sound, but something creative could be done, I'm sure.

    All in all, just reeks of a missed opportunity to me...
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  • Looks like Assassin's Creed Origins will get a chocobo horse

  • bioreit 04/12/2017

    Can't wait to get me some Chocobo Horse Armour.

    Wrong game, old meme, still don't care.
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  • Humvee suing Activision over Call of Duty

  • bioreit 10/11/2017


    You make a point, but these games have been around for some time. From what I recall these vehicle don't get much play in CoD games as you're mostly on foot.
    Both very good points. I completely forgot to mention/take into account that the games were quite old and I would hope that a judge/jury/court would realise that in many ways a 10 year old video game is far less relevant than a 10 year old film or book (seeing as game technology moves on at a far quicker pace than films, games tend to be abandoned quickly unless and until they attain 'classic' status).

    And secondly, you're correct that you're on foot most of the time and thinking more about this topic, I would hope that as multiplayer CoD (i.e. 99% of the game, hardy-har-har) has no user-controllable vehicles whatsoever that any judicial decision would reflect that the prominence of any Humvees in CoD is substantially less than that of Bell helicopters in Battlefield.

    Thanks for the debating points - much appreciated for clarifying my thoughts!
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  • bioreit 09/11/2017

    @laughingorc @the_ewan @shadders

    This might make interesting reading for those discussing whether video games can take advantage of 'fair use':


    the [Bell] helicopters in Battlefield 3 were more prominent in both the game and its advertisements. In rejecting the motion to dismiss, the court held that it was plausible that a consumer could believe that Textron had supported the game or authorized the use of its marks.
    I guess the whole Humvee thing may come down to how prominent the vehicles were both within the game and its associated advertising. My gut is telling me that as there are points in CoD where you have to get into one and have to protect other Humvees, that Activision may lose this one. The defining factor between Video Game Company losing or winning seems to be whether a court finds that players of the game could reasonably believe that AM General either produced or endorsed their product(s) in the game(s), or not.
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  • Jelly Deals: Xbox One S bundles with Assassin's Creed, Wolfenstein 2, Doom and more

  • bioreit 31/10/2017


    If you think that's good value then the cost of health care in Europe will blow your mind.
    Genuine lol. +1
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  • NeoGAF offline after owner accused of sexual misconduct

  • bioreit 24/10/2017


    Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate it, especially as re-reading my comment it came across as waaaaaaay too aggressive. So sorry for that.

    There are a whole load of issues with Brent Turvey, not least that he seems to make spurious claims as to his education and career (such as counting his offers to carry out paid-consulting work which are then refused as his having 'worked with' law enforcement), but then that's pretty much par for the course for anyone who becomes a quasi-celebrity.

    Looking through some of his text, Turvey does reference the Kanin study from 1994 as one source for the 41% figure. The other is the Jordan study from 2004 in New Zealand - looking through what I can find of her study, it appears as though fairly significant numbers (55 out of the 68 false allegations constituting the 41% false report rate) were deemed as false by police officers. Elsewhere in the study, Jordan is quite strongly critical of many of the reports, saying that police officers were frequently presuming an allegation was false if any significant time had elapsed between the event and the report and that even when a report was timely, they were still beginning investigations with a presumption of it being false and that there was a likelihood that alleged victims felt pressured to retract their claims by the police.

    All in all, thank you for the conversation and for the reading material - I have a feeling I'm going to be deep-diving into study statistics for some time now!
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  • bioreit 23/10/2017


    Was reading into some data regarding sexual assault claims here in the US -- anywhere from 10 to 40 % of rape accusations turn out to be false and malicious. In terms of pure mathematical probability there stands a fairly reasonable chance the accused might be innocent solely from the statistics.
    I don't suppose you happen to have the source for that? Because if you're referring to anything involving Kanin's 'study' which claimed that 41% of rape accusations in one single small mid-western area were false (and often based on non-approved polygraph testing of the alleged victims used under the *presumption* that they were all lying), then you need to back the hell away from that claim.
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  • Gears of War 4 campaign runs at 60fps on Xbox One X

  • bioreit 24/10/2017


    I liked Ryse too. Sometimes, all you want is a simple, fairly linear hack 'n' slash with pretty graphics.
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  • Jelly Deals: Xbox One Elite Controller with Shadow of War or Forza 7 for £110

  • bioreit 12/10/2017


    well in game they basically fobbed me off. So I thought it'd be better to deal with Microsoft direct... well cause that went so well and I was having a few Stella's I decided I'd fix it myself.

    Needless to say I smashed it to pieces with a hammer
    I know it's not directly comparable, but I've just had my screen replaced by Microsoft (well, their support partner) and that was truly the best customer experience I've ever had. As I'd broken the screen it was obviously an out-of-warranty repair so I had to pay, but I think £110 for a new screen plus labour plus courier shipping there and back was reasonable - especially considering that as it's a Lumia 950XL the screen is 5.7 inch and 2560*1440 and a proper bitch to get to (had a look at doing it myself and haha, nope).

    But more than that, the actual experience was amazing. I work in IT and deal with customer/enterprise support on a constant basis and this was genuinely hassle-free. First off, I tried to schedule the repair via the web portal - told they didn't support that device through that method, so would I like a callback? Considering I'd just entered all my details including IMEI number via a crappy backup phone, I was a little bit bummed that I'd have to go through the whole thing again with a CS rep (anyone who's had to jump through HP's support processes will know what I'm saying when repeating yourself every time a call escalates will make you contemplate murder as a valid career choice) but figured it was the best/only option. Portal said I'd get a callback within 6 minutes - think I may have actually snorted at that disbelievingly. Literally 15 seconds later my phone rang and the guy on the other end said "Hi, is that Mr xxxx?" He asked me to confirm my email address and IMEI number I'd entered on the portal - not in a 'please confirm while I actually write them down' way, but a genuine confirmation. He then walked me through scheduling the repair on a different part of the portal I'd missed the first time and that was it.

    I reckon it was maybe 2 minutes from clicking 'callback' to the call ending and my repair being scheduled. No stupid questions, no repetition apart from needing to enter the IMEI number in again to confirm that was correct but the guy on the phone even helped with that by reading it back to me while I typed it in.

    And the phone came back today, completely fixed - and with the old screen in the box. I guess a) they don't want it, but also b) it proves that they have actually replaced *my* screen rather than just sent a refurb or ex-demo model.

    So, like I said, not really comparable but I was so impressed I figured it was worth mentioning that genuinely good customer service does actually exist - as long as you're paying for it!
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  • Jelly Deals: LG's finest 4K OLED just got a little cheaper

  • bioreit 09/10/2017


    I just realised regarding this bargain news headline, that 4K OLED is an anagram of OK DE4L. Coincidence?

    I think not.
    I didn't LOL, but I did wry smile. Well-played, sir.
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  • Bungie removes "hate symbol" from Destiny 2

  • bioreit 14/09/2017


    what hope is there when we have to argue against such abject syllogism as this.

    I do so hope you don't then engage in a kind of syllogistic fallacy yourself then, as that would be extremely hypocritical of you.

    White Supremacist is just the latest buzz pejorative for anyone right of Stalin, you'll be tarring everyone with a new one next week.

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  • bioreit 13/09/2017


    Article references Kek flag being associated with white supremacists.

    The Kek flag was not 'carried by those attending some of the recent white nationalist rallies in the US.'
    Two fellow commenters respond with pictures from the white nationalist rallies, showing various pictures of the Kek flag.

    So these were White Supremacist rallies? How do you know? Look more like Anti-SJW rallies to me.
    Up next - fellow commenters provide news footage, found from a simple Google search, of the rallies londonbailey referenced, showing attendees wearing/holding/waving the Kek flag.

    londonbailey tells you "nothing to see here. Kek flag? What Kek flag? In fact, what flags? There are no people and there definitely weren't any flags. But if there were, it was probably a setup by a coalition of Antifa, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the lizard people and Elmo off Sesame Street. I mean, c'mon, the guy is red for crying out loud and that means he's a stinking Commie. He's not even trying to hide it!"
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  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole's difficulty slider changes the colour of your skin

  • bioreit 08/09/2017


    Women earning less than men? This has long since been proven to be false. Women tend to take more career breaks which leads to an earnings gap, but the same as if a man took a career break. In fact, under 35 evidence has shown women earn more than men.
    Then as you have so often *DEMANDED* (note, not asked, demanded) of others - where is the evidence for this please? I'm sure you can provide a whole raft of links to in-depth scientific studies, reported on by accredited and trusted news outlets, with clear and unequivocal proof of what organisations funded them and for what purpose?

    Seeing as that's all things you have *DEMANDED* of others when presenting their case, I'm sure you can reciprocate easily, quickly and without any kind of backtracking or excuses of any kind.

    I'm patient. I'll wait.

    EDIT Just in case you try to deny asking for specific information from specific sources with specific conditions attached (or edit your previous replies to remove them) here are your words, preserved:

    Huffington Post? Jesus, might as well have posted a study by the Guardian.

    I will read the other one provided it is clear who funded it.
    EDIT 2 Also intrigued by how you say that it's been 'proven' that under 35 women earn more than men, yet also state this:

    And how has it been proved by studies? I would be genuinely interested in reading those. It is all intangible estimations. No two life's are the same, no two people are the same, no two circumstances are the same so it just seems silly to suggest you can determine outcomes based on one attribute.
    But how are the men different to the women, mrcheesyelf? Surely there can't be different "outcomes based on one attribute"?
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  • Jelly Deals: Up to £20 off games and tech bits from Tesco

  • bioreit 24/08/2017


    That might be a link for my profile, although it seemed short enough to be a general link.

    Try this one maybe?

    Still showing as £5.00 with Xbox Live Gold on that link (and I signed out to check!)
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  • bioreit 23/08/2017

    Sorry for being 'that' guy, but surprised there's no mention of the Deals with Gold discounts on Xbox Live at the moment (unless those aren't covered under Jelly Deals due to the restricted nature of those deals, or I've missed it somewhere, in which case I retract everything and apologise).

    A lot of the deals are the usual crap, but one I think worth mentioning is that Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is currently £5 - considering that includes the season pass and therefore all maps/DLC, that's a fricking steal. I bought it even though I already have the disc Standard Edition.

    In case anyone's interested, here's the direct link.
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  • Can sports data analysis figure out exactly how much Mario Kart screws you?

  • bioreit 04/08/2017

    Really good article Phil, thanks for this on a Friday morning!

    One thought though - seeing as all podium positions can often be seen as 'winning' (particularly in multi-competitor sports), how does your analysis change if you count 1st/2nd/3rd places as winning, rather than just 1st place?

    Which now is making me wonder how it would also change if you weighted each podium position accordingly as well (say 1st=100%, 2nd=66%, 3rd=33% - or maybe whatever weighting method they use for gold/silver/bronze medals at the Olympics)?

    And *now* I'm wondering whether you tracked projectiles aimed at you but were successfully dodged (tricky I know when you're both the participant and the observer), which would surely lean more towards skill than luck...

    And finally I'm now wondering whether making your own notes, presumably pausing/unpausing as needed, would have a positive or negative factor. On the one hand, when you're in the zone it can be awful trying to get back into a game midway through, but then sometimes if you're getting frustrated or maybe a bit tired, a quick pause can really help to refocus.

    And really, really, finally I'm now wondering about quantum theory and whether the act of observing your own experiment was causing you to change the outcome, and whether any such changes would be based on your own skill, or on random chance (in reality, no, because that's not actually what the theory is talking about, unless you're gaming at a quantum level....)

    Accusations that I'm trying to avoid work for as long as possible are completely unfounded and scurrilous slander.
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  • The Lizardmen are angry in Total War: Warhammer 2's first in-engine trailer

  • bioreit 11/05/2017


    (On a side note this 'zoom' function on EG right now doesn't work right in Chrome, kinda clips the rest of the UI)
    Was going to mention this - oddly, your comment zooms ok, presumably due to the grey background you have, whereas the normal comments look to be transparent rather than a white background, meaning a lot of the time you can see through to whatever is beneath it.

    Also, can't click Reply on your zoomed comment, but can on the others (down/upvoting is ok though).


    Turns out I can click Reply to your comment now - seems like you can't click Reply if it's the latest comment...

    Also, using the tags seems to result in weirdness when typing comments - double lines automatically get deleted and leaving a space after the bold tag, it just gets ignored when the comment is updated.

    Will give it a few days and come back to EG, as this is doing my head in with the constant popping.
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  • Spaceplan is the 2001 of clicker games

  • bioreit 11/05/2017


    Clicker / Incremental Games

    Never heard of them either, but found this on Wikipedia. Still not really any the wiser, to be honest...
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  • Capcom tweaks Street Fighter 5 Thailand stage due to "unintentional religious references"

  • bioreit 27/04/2017


    Unintentional religious references? Sounds Allahming.
    Genuinely made me chuckle out loud. Bravo.
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  • May's Xbox Live Games with Gold detailed

  • bioreit 21/04/2017

    Lego Star Was: The Complete Saga
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  • Black Ops 2 on Xbox One back-compat: has the wait been worth it?

  • bioreit 20/04/2017


    It is a full-on 360 emulator, but I thought the only thing preventing games from being made available was publisher permission? More than willing to be proven wrong, but there's something in the back of my head telling me that theoretically 360 games 'should just work'* on the Xbox One.

    *Obviously subject to testing and possible tweaking/refinements, which explains some delays. And also subject to the game being downloaded, even when a disc is inserted - because as you say, it's an emulator, not a hardware backwards compatibility system, like original PS3 was.
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  • PlayStation 4 is finally getting external hard drive support

  • bioreit 07/02/2017


    Stallone's Dredd was a massive slap in the face of every 2000AD fan. Not one aspect of it was faithfully recreated other than a general resemblance. I cant think of a worse comic adapaptation. It makes Clooney's Batman, Affleck's Daredevil, Berry's Catwoman, Pamela Anderson's Barb Wire and Howard the Duck look like works of genius.

    I hate that film so much but I can understand if you knew absolutely nothing about it you might enjoy it and unfortunately Stallone knew that too and just used it as a vehicle for his career. I think of it now and I honestly can't distinguish it in my mind from Demolition Man.
    I disagree. The one major aspect which Stallone's Dredd got 100% right was the comic book humour - which was basically entirely missing from Urban's Dredd. Urban's Dredd character was undoubtedly superior, as was the storyline for that film, but the look and feel was also off compared to Stallone's Dredd - obviously there were budgetary considerations, but it almost looked like they just shot most of the film in a present-day US city with whatever vehicles happened to be on the road at the time - there was absolutely no sense that this was Mega City 1. The Lawmaster and Lawgiver also seemed slightly off in Urban's Dredd, but at least Urban didn't have that godawful codpiece!

    Overall, Urban's Dredd was significantly better, but it was nowhere near perfect and by no means did it do absolutely everything better than Stallone's Dredd.

    And I say this as a kid born in the early 80s who inherited 2000AD comics from his big sisters and still has them as prized possessions...
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  • Have a quick look at tomorrow's free Battlefield 1 map

  • bioreit 20/12/2016


    I'm a Support, but now I'm using the beignet merci
    Just thought I'd reply seeing as I usually play as Support at the moment. I currently use the Lewis Suppressive - I find that the combination of fairly high ammo per clip (97) and decent accuracy offset the slightly reduced damage and less-than-top rate of fire.

    As Support I get myself into decent overlook positions, as LMGs come into their own either when prone or resting the bipod on a wall or surface - the key thing to remember is to shoot then move (once an area is cleared, keep moving up, flanking and hanging a little back from your team - or even getting there slightly ahead to clear the way for an assault).

    With the ammo crate I can replenish myself and teammates quickly and this keeps them in the fight - I often squad spawn on sniper teammates just to drop off an ammo crate, or seek out guys who have paused behind cover to do the same. Maybe they've done so because they're running low and don't want to die with an empty clip.

    I also use limpet mines - they do decent damage to tanks (especially if I hide in a crater and let one roll over me, just attach it to the underside. I'll probably get squished but I've even taken out landships like that). But they're also good as anti-personnel - because they're on a timer they are going off no matter what, so they're good for dropping over walls, etc to take out whole groups of enemies, or even suiciding into an objective. I once ran into a flag on Amiens and dropped a limpet mine on a whole group capturing it - I died, they all moved to teabag. Four seconds later - 7 kills. But more importantly, we flipped the capture.

    I regularly come top 5 in matches, but my kill/death ratio is usually slightly in the negative - but I do an awful lot of assists and suppression and when capturing/defending an objective it's pretty easy to get yourself into a corner where you can provide decent cover - with an effectively endless supply of bullets and grenades, you can just spam a doorway to keep people's heads down. People rarely charge into a place they know someone is shooting out of.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my play style in case it helped.
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  • You can talk to the Titans in Titanfall 2's campaign

  • bioreit 23/08/2016

    it's the giant mech BT-7274 - or simply BT to his friends - who's the real star of Titanfall 2
    Wait, so I get to talk to BT in this game? Hope there's a localised Easter egg audio option for British gamers then, where you try to talk to your mech and it puts you on hold for 20 minutes, before saying it can't help. Or it has paranoid schizophrenia and every time you talk to it, refers you to its other personality called OpenReach, who refers you to BT, who refers you to OpenReach, etc, etc.

    Or you ask for a new armament and it gives you an install date 3 months in the future and a window between 08:00 and 20:00. Then doesn't turn up. Then charges you a 'failed installation' fee...
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  • Xbox One S: release date, price, specs and everything we know

  • bioreit 16/06/2016

    as well as the Xbox One's propitiatory wireless connection
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  • Footage leaks of unreleased Star Wars strategy game

  • bioreit 12/05/2016


    aytee-aytee for me (mostly based on the fact you tend to say/hear aytee-esstee, rather than @-ssst)
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  • I don't accept the premise of the question

  • bioreit 25/04/2016

    No draw-rooting for him.
    Think you meant drawer-rooting.

    How often I am lead through games by the nose...
    led, unless you're engaging in a dangerously odd hybrid of blacksmithing and face-art...

    Sorry, it's early and the coffee has not yet smothered my pedantry.


    I've noticed similar behaviour in myself; in games like Crackdown, I remember playing the game as a series of checkpoints and challenges - fight this boss, clear this area, bounce around getting all those agility orbs, whereas my friends would often see what would or could be broken. I'm pretty sure in my case it stems from a slight lack of available time - if I'm going to play the game with what I have available, then I'll try and see as much as I can that the designers have created, rather than try and pick holes in their creation.

    But I certainly get why others like to test the limits and see what they can find - after all, it's that exploratory spirit which helps moves us forward as a species.
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  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • bioreit 25/04/2016

    It's not just games - the Panasonic SD-2500WXC breadmaker has been an Amazon-Prime exclusive purchase since before Christmas.

    I'm sure other things are as well, it's just one of those things I've been umming and ahhing about buying for ages...
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  • You can play PS4 games on your PC or Mac from tomorrow

  • bioreit 05/04/2016


    As they've pulled Media Centre from Windows 10, I'm stuck with Windows 7, like thousands of others.
    I'm in the same position as you, but a friend at work pointed me towards this - haven't tried it yet, so can't make any promises on how well it actually works* but might be worth a shot?

    *Also, no refunds, no buy-backs, no guarantees nor unicorns provided.
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  • How Microsoft's most-hated employee found hope in galactic disaster

  • bioreit 09/03/2016

    You are the sole survivor of wrecked and unsalvageable space station


    Adrift is luxuriously produced, with beam-sharp graphics a.
    What happened here? That "a" making a spirited bid for freedom, but got stuck halfway down the page?

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  • Xbox One system update launches tomorrow

  • bioreit 19/02/2016

    Out of all that, most looking forward to the customisable chatpad buttons. Assuming it's an available option, making one of them a "Record That" button could be very handy... Reply 0
  • Finally, tide turns in war with PC game crackers

  • bioreit 08/01/2016

    director of marketing and sales Thomas Goebls.

    director of marketing... Goebls


    If I had that sounding-surname, the last career I would ever pursue would be one which could be considered propaganda...
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  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • bioreit 25/11/2015

    I'm seriously starting to contemplate getting a PS4 instead of an X1 - the performance difference seems to be pretty clearly in favour of PS4 and I generally tend to play multiplatform games. But on the flip side, most of my friends who moved to the next generation have an X1 and I still prefer that controller to the DS4. Plus I like Gears of War and Halo. And I cannot stand JRPGs or Gran Turismo.

    But on the other hand, my 360 Slim just died, so the issue of potentially paying for two online subscriptions if I went for PS4 has become slightly moot.

    Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhh! More conflicted on this now than ever!
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  • Warner Bros. offers full refund for still-broken Batman: Arkham Knight PC

  • bioreit 02/11/2015

    "We are very sorry that many [of] our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight"
    Jesus. Just say "Sorry it's broken", rather than implying that customers are *choosing* to perceive it as still having issues.
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  • Xbox Games with Gold November titles named

  • bioreit 28/10/2015

    Why does Bomberman get to meet Gaultlet?
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  • Voice actors strike has been authorised

  • bioreit 08/10/2015


    They can go strike to get better pay sure, but go on strike to get royalties for up to 2 million copies?
    Basic reading comprehension fail.

    The demand for residuals per game are *after* a title sells more than 2 million copies - i.e. if it's a substantial commercial success.
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  • Here's the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 1TB PS4

  • bioreit 23/09/2015

    Console, yes.

    Controller, fuck no.
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  • Hide the new Frozen Bejeweled console game from your children

  • bioreit 15/09/2015


    We're doomed, doomed, DOOMED!
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  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • bioreit 27/08/2015


    let's BOTH stop making assumptions eh?
    Until then, it's down to bad management, plain and simple. The $5.4m figure is what they spent on making the game... not what they spent on ice creams, doughnuts, or slushies.
    let's BOTH stop making assumptions eh?
    Well, would be nice if *YOU* stopped as well....
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  • bioreit 26/08/2015


    5%? 10%? Any evidence for those assumptions? How do you know rent alone hadn't gone up by 20%? Which is quite probable in a capital city over a period of more than four years, particularly if it happened to coincide with a period of rent control ending.

    Your problem is that you seem to only conflate quality with length. Who cares if a game is "only 4 hours long" if it's brilliant and priced accordingly? I happily pay £15 for a blu-ray which is *only* 2 hours long and that isn't even interactive.

    And I'd happily pay slightly over the odds to support a smaller studio, if it means they get to stay open.

    Now, if they kept taking the piss and churning out free-to-play mobile tat (for example), then no, I wouldn't continue to support them. But I also wouldn't sit there with a blueprint in my head and say "Boy, their next game had better conform exactly to this plan otherwise I'll cut them off like a bastard nephew".

    It's their business: they can make the games they want with the money they have and charge what they like. If no-one buys it and they tank, then so be it - they obviously didn't know what they were doing. But I sincerely doubt that will happen this time, despite that being what some Internet rage artists seem to desperately want to occur.
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  • bioreit 26/08/2015


    I know, right? Not sure how comparing the price of a house now to over 30 years ago, to a video game sequel a year or two from the last one mounts to the same, but hey ho.

    Well, I was obviously being slightly facetious :-)

    Although it's more like 4 and a half years since Trine 2 ;-)
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  • bioreit 26/08/2015


    Are you actually trying to say inflation made everything more than 3x more expensive in 4 years?

    No. I was being facetious - something I thought would be pretty obvious from the UNNECESSARY CAPITALISATION. But my core point was that generally speaking costs rise, particularly in something which is still predominantly a first-world industry, as it's not just the wages of the actual developers which need to be taken into account, but things like rent on their premises (which almost certainly will have gone up year-on-year), replacement hardware, maintenance contracts, etc all need to be taken into account. Which is ignoring things like interest payments on initial loans being paid and venture capital funding running out and alternative means of income being required. Especially as after a few years, those employees have probably grown up a bit and bought houses and need a bit more stability than they would have at the start.

    So with an excruciatingly simple cry of "it cost X, Y years ago, so if they're charging Z it must be a scam!" I felt justified with my (very exaggerated) first response. Which you must admit, was a lot shorter than this one, although admittedly perhaps less thorough....
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  • bioreit 25/08/2015


    They had a bigger budget than the last game, and delivered a shorter game with no resolution to the story.
    I know, right? I mean, 30 years ago my Dad bought my childhood home for £30k and now £30k won't even buy a garage. How can people just not understand that ALL THINGS MUST COST THE SAME AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT HISTORY?
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  • CoD: Black Ops 3's Juggernog Edition includes a functioning mini-fridge

  • bioreit 10/07/2015

    No root beer included? No sale! Reply 0