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  • Here are Overwatch characters reimagined as dogs

  • berelain 26/08/2016

    "Do you know, I've had to sit on this story since yesterday"

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  • Face-Off: F1 2016

  • berelain 26/08/2016

    @seasidebaz damnit, best me to it ;) Reply +4
  • Take a tour of Resident Evil 7's disturbing new demo

  • berelain 23/08/2016

    Is this new demo available to download on psn / Xbox marketplace? Or is it coming out soon? Reply +32
  • Chomping on corpses in single-player Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • berelain 22/08/2016

    I'm currently playing through Original Sin's Enhanced Edition in split-screen Co-Op, on PC, with my cuz. And.. its awesome. I've played it before solo, but exploring the game as a team in co-op really makes some of the brilliant design decisions and possibilities really come to the fore.

    So yeah. Can't wait for this.
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • berelain 22/08/2016

    it looks horrible. The PS4 was never the most attractive console at the best of times but this looks really cheap and lacklustre. Its almost as bad as the last PS3 slim design. Reply -3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • berelain 18/08/2016

    Oh, yay. More tacked-on VR. Sign me up :P

    Seriously though, I've just started the PC version of this (unlike @kongzi I don't differentiate between what games I like to play on what systems...) and very much enjoying it - the addition of the co-op mode sounds like a fun extension though and I'll definitely give that a look, though I doubt I'll double-dip and buy the PS4 version just for that, so I'll wait for it to turn up on the PC version instead.
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  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron gets a surprise PS4 and Xbox One release in Australia

  • berelain 08/08/2016

    Massively underrated game. This and War for Cybertron are the best Transformers things that have happened in. . well, a very long time. I might reinstall my PC versions and take them for a spin in celebration. Reply +7
  • 16-bit Disney classics out now on PC

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    @abeeken Not sure about all of them, but according to the article: "The Aladdin on GOG is the Virgin Games Mega Drive version."

    Even if they weren't, most old PC games can be smushed up inside a Dosbox wrapper to run on modern PCs - thats what GoG does with a lot of its older games, I believe.
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  • berelain 04/08/2016

    @abeeken I think its more the case that other similarly old games are available much cheaper - most Sega classics sell for 1.99 on Steam. Fun as Aladdin is, it's not three times more fun than Streets of Rage 2. ;D Reply +4
  • berelain 04/08/2016

    I quite fancy playing Aladdin again, but I'm not sure I want to splash out 6 for the privilege. Especially when most Megadrive re-releases normally go for a couple of quid... Reply +4
  • AMD Radeon RX 470 review

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    Interesting that the ageing GTX 970 still holds up broadly similar results to the RX470, and you can pick them up for around 180 as well.

    Actually I don't know if that is interesting after all. But I had still expected the new gen RX x70 model to be convincingly faster than the previous gen gtx x70. I know AMD are chasing different goals here, and I'm sure there are benefits of opting for the newer card. But still. Maybe it's the numbering format thats the misnomer here - you'd tend to expect the x70 cards to be in the same ball park of performance within their generations, but looking at these stats the GTX 1070 is leaps and bounds ahead. Of course it's about twice the price, too.
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  • There's a little Master Chief hidden inside the new Xbox One S

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    Mega Chief? Reply +23
  • Yes, Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass

  • berelain 03/08/2016

    Simple solution to stop developers / publishers bolting on Season Passes to their games: DON'T BUY THEM.

    I'll buy the main game, most likely. And the Season Pass can sit and rot on a shelf for all I care, much like the Fallout 4 season pass, the DOOM season pass, and every other season pass that has ever existed for a game I've bought.
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  • Ubisoft announces The Division film starring Jake Gyllenhaal

  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @jabberwocky As far as Fast & Furious goes, I mainly mean 5 and 6, for the presence of Vin Diesel and The Rock alone who really are trying their hardest to keep the 80's action hero alive in those films XD

    But I'm pleased we can agree on Mad Max ^_^
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  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @jabberwocky very much so. I found the A-Team pretty painful to watch from start to finish. Aside from the laughably bad parachuting in a tank sequence, I don't remember any of the film's set pieces, and the way the film managed to mulch a quintet of iconic characters into uncharismatic blobs that are emblematic of everything wrong with modern scriptwriting was truly spectacular. The film even managed to turn BA Barracus into generic black guy. Considering he was already dangerously close to generic black guy, that's quite a feat. Reply +1
  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Really? I see what you're saying, but I don't think I can agree with you on that score.

    For me, that's easy enough. Mad Max: Fury Road is the one that immediately springs to mind. The more recent Fast & Furious films make for passable action flicks as well.
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  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Did you just imply that the A-Team movie was good? :O Reply +3
  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @renzollama actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf? Reply 0
  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @jacobpreston there have also been lots of terrible films based on books. The source material often has little bearing on how good or bad the resulting film is; its just a matter of who they get to write and direct it. Reply +9
  • berelain 02/08/2016

    Ubisoft in game-with-weak-story shock!

    Hmm. We'll see I guess. At least Uwe Boll isn't anywhere in sight. But I'm always a bit dubious when there's already a cast signed up but no sign of a director or script.
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  • Another month goes by and Fallout 4 mod support on PS4 is still MIA

  • berelain 02/08/2016

    "It's a bit like drawing graffiti on a painting in your house or abusing your natural beauty by getting tattoos all over your body. Even rappers do it, slicing up classic pieces of music with samplers and looping the stuff to create something new. But it's not better."
    Wow. I don't even know where to begin on that statement. "Abusing your natural beauty by getting tattoos". Did you seriously just say that? :o
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  • Looks like Blizzard finally put Xur from Destiny in World of Warcraft

  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @jayhy I literally have no idea what you just said. Reply +21
  • People think the Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics game shouts a really bad word

  • berelain 01/08/2016

    Sonic games are nefarious for slipping swearwords in. Remember Sonic Rivals, when Silver used to despite Eggman so much he referred to him as Eggman Nigger.

    Oh no, wait, his name was Eggman Nega. But thats definitely not what it sounded like Silver says. So I have no difficulty believing Shadow has taken inspiration from that.
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  • Naff Ghostbusters game was made in only eight months - report

  • berelain 01/08/2016

    So who are they gonna call? Reply +10
  • Your free August Xbox Live Games with Gold are...

  • berelain 26/07/2016

    Pleased for Warriors Orochi especially, been thinking about picking that up for a while. Reply +1
  • Feast your eyes on the best Overwatch fan art around

  • berelain 22/07/2016

    Kotakugamer strikes again ;)

    Some gorgeous art here though, certainly. And as a one-time fanart contributor myself, I do appreciate seeing such high quality pieces getting prominent features like this.
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  • Dark Souls 3 mod replaces every texture with crab

  • berelain 22/07/2016

    Does this mod make enemies vulnerable to massive damage? Reply +2
  • Square Enix is making the world's first Apple Watch-exclusive RPG

  • berelain 21/07/2016

    Looks and sounds suitably stupid. Though I did enjoy the Chaos Rings games....

    As an Android Watch user, I've tried a couple of games on my watch. They're amusing enough for a minute or two but certainly not anything I'd want to get my teeth into, just because of how unsuitable a watch screen is for that sort of thing.

    The only game that works really well is Lifeline, but then that's less of a game and more of an interactive story...
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 review

  • berelain 19/07/2016

    @LargeStyle This is generally the case with all new generations of graphics cards, though. The top-end raises the bar, the other cards bring more performance than their predecessors.

    For example, I just upgraded my ageing 660ti for a 1070, but the 660Ti was roughly comparable, performance-wise to the GTX 960 despite being effectively three generations older.

    I remember reading somewhere that the general rule of graphics cards upgrades is don't go for anything thats less than three steps above your current card, as the difference will be relatively marginal.
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  • berelain 19/07/2016

    Out of interest - why no Doom benchmarks? Would have been interesting to see the 'Vulkan' difference. Reply +20
  • Xbox One S 2TB launch date 2nd August

  • berelain 18/07/2016

    350 seems a bit steep for a refreshed console with a larger HDD. If they'd priced this a little better I might have been tempted to replace my original XBox One, but I think I'll pass at that price. The 500GB one is more reasonable at 250, but 500GB is pretty much useless on its own in the Xbox One, given that every game *has* to be installed to the HDD.

    EDIT: Didn't actually realise how expensive 4K bluray players were at the minute. In that case, the Xbox One S is pretty good value after all.

    To be honest though, by the time this comes out the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative should be up and running, so I'll most likely just play the games on my PC instead....
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  • Looks like Spotify won't arrive on Xbox One with background music

  • berelain 18/07/2016

    Groove music isn't bad, tbh. I only switched because it's Android client was a bit ropey, and Google Play Music's family plan is more generous and better value for money.

    I can't see Google Play Music arriving on Xbox One anytime soon, though, since it doesn't even have a standard Windows app, let alone a Windows 10 one.
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  • Ghostbusters review

  • berelain 15/07/2016

    @riceNpea yeah shame. My review of this, 'try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.'
    Total Protonic Reversal!?
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  • 10 more titles headed to EA Origin Access this summer

  • berelain 13/07/2016

    I've been really impressed with Origin Access. The amount of games EA is adding to the service makes it impossibly good value for money - I'd have to be subscribing for years to come to make up the value of the games I've played on Access.

    Now if only they'd add Star Wars Battlefront...
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  • Having no daily/flash deals made Steam Summer Sale 2016 more money than ever

  • berelain 10/07/2016

    I spent far less - I think I spent the grand total of 11, on Chaos Reborn and BioShock 1 & 2, which I already have on the XBox but just added to my PC library for completion's sake :/ Reply 0
  • How to fix the shooter campaign? Dig in

  • berelain 08/07/2016

    All you need to revitalise the single player campaign is follow the example of DOOM. Its a masterpiece of design, with excellent pacing, the need to *actually think* about where you're going and how to get there, and some of the best firefights in any game ever.

    Outside of Doom, Halo's campaigns have been consistently good at dropping you into a sandbox environment and letting the excellent AI do its thing. It gives tremendous replay value when you really don't know what the enemy will do next or how the scenario will play out, and these 'open' sections are punctuated by strong, memorable set pieces.

    In contrast, games like COD and Battlefront are endless corridors of set piece after set piece, and really suffer for it.
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  • Need for Speed and Unravel are coming to EA Access next week

  • berelain 06/07/2016

    I was a bit sceptical about Origin Access at first, but EA has been pretty good with it. A lot of games are on the service now and given that's I'd probably havw bought at least a couple of them, it works out at pretty good value. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 filing points to DualShock 4 PC adapter

  • berelain 06/07/2016

    All they need to do is release some proper ds4 drivers. I've been using a program which can connect to ds4 controllers via Bluetooth for a while now and it's pretty solid. That said, I still tend to plug in my Xbox pad. But having the Bluetooth ds4 on hand is great for co-op games.

    But then, if they released Bluetooth drivers for the pad, wouldn't be able to sell us a 20 adapter...
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  • Live speedrun attempt interrupted by fake Windows 10 update

  • berelain 06/07/2016

    @Innocent_Bystander shockingly enough, I also have over 10 years experience working in IT, so incredible as it may sound, I do actually know what I'm talking about. So maybe we could all stop with the hilariously patronising attitude and accept that maybe, just maybe, my comment wasn't intended to be entirely serious...?

    I know full well the reasons some people won't upgrade to newer versions, and whilst in the most part I find their reasons to be unfounded and have had no issues getting some very old hardware and software that I've acquired over the years to work on Windows 10, that doesn't mean I don't respect their opinion.

    Wrong as it might be ;D

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  • berelain 05/07/2016

    @TigreStratos I did, but as the concept of not having, for free, the latest version of something is pretty much anathema to me, I disregarded it. ;D Reply -7
  • berelain 05/07/2016

    Of course, people could avoid these issues just by updating their fucking computer. I know this was a prank, but there are enough complaints of it happening at inappropriate times. I'm not saying that the forced update is a particularly great idea, but seriously, even my *DAD* managed to update his PC to Windows 10 without a problem, and he barely uses his PC. Reply -41
  • Overwatch heroes re-imagined by fan artist as Rockabilly pin-ups

  • berelain 05/07/2016

    Thanks, Kotaku! Reply +3
  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • berelain 04/07/2016

    @ubergine erm, I don't know when you played it, but having owned it since launch I can safely say that i've never found it to be uncompleteable in single player... Reply +2
  • berelain 04/07/2016

    I really loved RE5. It has a few spotty moments, but its one of few games I've played through several times, both single player and co-op, and generally find it a total blast to play. Reply +2
  • Big Xbox summer sale kicks off tomorrow

  • berelain 04/07/2016

    @grassyknoll perhaps he's *ultimately* pathetic? ;D Reply +26
  • Xbox One background music launches 2nd August

  • berelain 01/07/2016

    I would assume it'd be tied in with Groove Music (which replaced Xbox Music) - though it would be nice to have other options. Reply -1
  • Total War: Warhammer is getting Blood and Gore DLC

  • berelain 30/06/2016

    @FishMcFish that makes me feel a bit better. To me it doesn't seem like there;s much strategy or tactics involved - just who has the better units. And it seems to penalise you for having more than one army :/ Reply 0
  • berelain 30/06/2016

    @FMV-GAMER I haven't actually been enjoying it very much :( partly because I play orcs, and the campaign feels very focused around the slow burn of building up an empire, but as orcs all I want to do is go hit things.

    I also find that I'm getting pounded by Dwarves, because the limit of 20 units per side means that my 20 units of basic gobbos and Orc boyz are up against 20 elite, heavily armoured Dwarf units.

    The maps also seem a bit bland. Maybe its the region the Orc campaign starts in, but there's no rivers, few hills, and very few woodlands - so it just ends up in a big mulch of units crushed together regardless of what tactics you employ. I miss the days when 40 archers could hold a hill against a huge army of spearmen in Shogun.

    I'm not sure I agree about it being demanding, though? I was running it maxed out at 1080 on my ageing GTX 660 TI and was getting a solid 30-40 fps? Ashes of the Singularity is much harder on systems (and has a proper benchmarking tool built in)
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  • berelain 30/06/2016

    so... what does it do? Just add a few buckets of blood and new animations? Reply 0
  • Dragon's Crown pulled from PlayStation Store in Europe

  • berelain 30/06/2016

    This digital licensing shite needs to stop. I long for the day (which will probably never come) when a license to sell / distribute / view a product isn't time limited. I'm fed up of Movies and TV series coming and going from on-demand services as licensing agreements change, and games suddenly ceasing to exist when an agreement runs out. Its just frustrating for the consumer.

    Also, Dragon's Crown is fucking brilliant. I have the PS3 and Vita versions and love them both dearly.
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