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  • Zelda will be Nintendo's last game for the Wii U

  • berelain 20/01/2017


    On the plus side, the catastrophically bad Switch reveal has finally prompted me to buy a Wii U and pick up the handful of games I've always wanted on the platform.
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  • Yakuza 0 review

  • berelain 20/01/2017

    I actually cannot wait to play this. I've avoided - not intentionally, mind - the Yakuza series for far too long, but this getting a relatively high profile release (even if it is on the same day as Resi 7...) has made me finally sit up and do something about it. Reply +17
  • Resident Evil 7 offers Cross-Buy on Xbox One and Windows 10

  • berelain 19/01/2017

    @obscured021 I thought they'd said that Vive and / or Rift support was coming to the PC version down the line anyway? Reply 0
  • berelain 19/01/2017

    Presumably this is just for digital editions, as with the other Xbox Play Anywhere titles?

    Shame this announcement didn't come sooner, but having said that I still think i'd be sticking with the PC version, mainly because it was going for 24 on Amazon.

    I've tried Play Anywhere with Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3 and ReCore, though, and have to say for me the experience has been flawless. And whilst my PC is more powerful and undoubtedly runs the games better, I find I often prefer playing them on the Xbox, sat on the sofa in front of the TV, than I do at my computer desk.

    It's almost as if the graphical fidelity doesn't matter too much in the face of engaging gameplay... but that can't be right, surely ;)
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  • Nintendo's next big mobile game is coming to Android first

  • berelain 19/01/2017

    I suspect I'll be lapping this up. Haven't played a Fire Emblem game for a while, and I've been wondering about getting into a new 'gacha' type game lately as well. Colour me interested, Nintendo! Reply 0
  • Yakuza 0 is a great way to get into Sega's outstanding series

  • berelain 12/01/2017

    @obidanshinobi oh god damnit. Same day as Resi 7? Thats no fair. Reply +2
  • berelain 12/01/2017

    I've been meaning to get into the Yakuza series for years, but didn't want to start halfway through. This definitely sounds like an excellent place to begin with. I see so much of Shenmue's DNA in the Yakuza games, and those I know who have played them sing their praises.

    When's it out again?
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  • Win a free copy of Resident Evil 7 on PC

  • berelain 11/01/2017

    oh great, another one of these awful 'SPAM EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER KNOWN to have a cat in hells chance of winning' competitions. No thanks, I'll just buy the damn game ;D Reply +4
  • Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS review

  • berelain 10/01/2017

    I've still never understood the love for this game. Maybe Dragon Quest titles just aren't for me, but I found it really irritating that turn sequence was essentially random, but you had to issue orders before the turns began. I'd frequently end up trying to cast a healing spell on someone who was dead by the time the healer got his turn.

    The voice cast and translation is pretty great, though.
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  • Why Let it Die's microtransactions are great for the game

  • berelain 04/01/2017

    I really enjoy what I've played so far of Let it Die. I've amassed a fair few Death Metals just from dily login bonuses and quests, and I've only elected to revive my character once with Death Metals. As long as you;'re sensible and pace yourself, earning enough Death Metals / Kill Coins to revive your fallen heroes is pretty easy from what I've seen. And everyone complaining is kind of missing the point - Let It Die is a free game, and paying with a premium currency is only ONE way to revive your characters when they die. Its far from the only way, even if it does happen to be the most convenient. Reply +2
  • Ariana Grande is a Final Fantasy character

  • berelain 03/01/2017

    Very bizarre crossover. But she does look adorable.

    Will it be enough to get me to reinstall Brave Exvius? No.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • berelain 02/01/2017

    35 - Clash Royale
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  • Nintendo's wildest handheld is bowing out with style

  • berelain 30/12/2016

    @Bander I picked up the PC version the other day, and its great. Really fun, and the visuals are gorgeous. Reply 0
  • berelain 30/12/2016

    I just sold my 3DS. It had been sat its box for the best part of the last five years. There were just too few games on it that really grabbed me - I spent more time playing Streets of Rage 3D than I did most other games on the system, I think - and as an early adopter the device never really lived up to its potential for me. The perennially high asking price for the games was certainly part of that, but it was also down to how fiddly the machine was; I invariably got hand cramp after playing on the 3Ds for more than a few minutes, and I'll be damned if I was going to buy a new version of the console because it was designed for smaller hands than mine. Reply -1
  • VR may not have made much money, but it's already revitalising games

  • berelain 29/12/2016

    I'm still a VR Sceptic, and probably likely to remain so for the forseeable future. For me, VR boils down to something like 3D TV or curved screens. Its impressive and wow-inducing at first, but after the initial buzz wears off, it's down to the content to keep you engaged, and this is where VR is currently failing. Many people are citing Rez as one of the finest VR games out there - well that's great, but Rez was great 15 years ago on the Dreamcast, and its the quality of the game that's shining through there.

    There's also the practical issues. I live in a house with pets, my PS4 and PC are in a room with relatively confined space, and I can't just shut myself off in a VR headset for fear of walking into things and tripping over animals, neither of which is appealing.

    And whilst I haven't tried a Vive or PSVR, I have tried mobile VR. And whilst the experience wowed initially, and was good for laughing at people on virtual rollercoasters, the novelty wore off very quickly - I haven't touched my VR headset for several months. I know its a different world to a dedicated VR platform, but even when paired with a bluetooth controller and my S7 Edge the experiences just weren't engaging enough to make me want to cut myself off from the world with a plastic helmet.

    Maybe time will change my mind, and as VR improves we'll see some truly engaging experiences that really can't be done any other way. But for now, I'm happy to wait on the fence.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: Final Fantasy 15, Gears of War 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and more

  • berelain 23/12/2016

    @Rack FINALLY! Reply 0
  • berelain 23/12/2016

    @Binba442 From the italicized blurb above the article:

    "Full disclosure: if you make a purchase from one of these links, we will receive a small commission from the retailer."

    So, I'd guess yes? I know what you mean though, many of the links do appear to be plain store links, but I assume there is some kind of underlying tracking code that I don't understand being used here ;D

    Also: Persona 4 for 3? If I didn't already own it twice I'd buy it again in a heartbeat at that price.
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  • berelain 23/12/2016

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is also on sale on Origin, I think, for 12.49. But I guess you don't get commission from that ;)

    Also disappointed to see that this is still just a list of games. Would be far more interested (and likely to click a link to a store) in more original gaming-related items. Lists of games that are a bit discounted aren't really very inspiring. Link me some cool game-related gear I might not have seen somewhere instead? ;D
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  • That's one hell of a Witcher cosplay calendar

  • berelain 20/12/2016

    @Bertie Photographer, and very occasional cosplayer ;D Reply +4
  • berelain 20/12/2016

    Maul cosplay is an absolute legend. Such a nice guy as well - I'm desperately hoping I get to do a shoot with him sometime this year. Reply +8
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 announced, goes open world

  • berelain 19/12/2016

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Actually, no, scratch that, I'm really, really excited. Omega Force excels at packing in stupid amounts of content, and if they're going to make this open world China it could be very special indeed. I suspect it'll be open World in the sense of Forza Horizon or similar - you can explore the world to find stuff, but battles will take place in instanced regions of the map.

    I hope they keep the same tactical and strategic elements that really define the series, and I pray that they keep the splitscreen co-op, because DW played splitscreen is the series at its best in my book.
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  • The only problem with Blizzard Mountain is how good Forza Horizon 3 was in the first place

  • berelain 15/12/2016

    I wondered when EG would get around to telling us that Blizzard Mountain was out ;)

    I haven't picked it up yet - too busy with FFXV to delve back into Forza Horizon 3 just yet - but I'm really looking forward to seeing how Forza handles snow and ice.
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  • Xbox and Windows 10 to get Dolby Atmos audio support in 2017

  • berelain 15/12/2016

    Just to clarify: This is a software update? Not something that'll be restricted to new Xbox One models? If so, that's pretty awesome. Reply +6
  • We've added a new article recommendation system to Eurogamer

  • berelain 14/12/2016

    @wyp100 Okay, for the first (text) link, the fact that it sits in a box with different margins to the body text doesn't help, nor does the fact that the headline for the section reads like another line of content. The fact that the link is bordered helps separate it, but its not separated enough to feel like it's a unique content block,but rather looks like it's been inserted by one of those adwords things that used to be prolific on less well-known websites.

    The second links, the narrower margins help this section stand out, but in this case it looks like this is the end of the article. If I was reading that article in a smaller window or on a portable device, I'd assume that was the end of the content and close the tab; anything beneath it would look like advertising content.

    Perhaps sectioning the links off in a different colour background would help - a slight grey tone to make it clearer that they are new content blocks?

    In any case, as they currently stand I'd be more inclined to bounce off the content that's already on the page, rather than continue reading or load another article.

    The clickbait part probably comes from the fact that with many EG headlines, its the subtitle that gives readers an idea of what the article contains. For example, from the article I screenshotted above:

    The headline is dramatic, but doesn't really tell the reader anything. it's the subtitle that provides the context. This isn't always the case, of course, but with the 'You may also like' sections only showing the title (and first few characters, in the image link case) this context is lost.

    Hope that makes sense. I'm not trying to bash the idea, but the implementation could really be improved if you want the user experience to benefit from this.
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  • berelain 14/12/2016

    Okay, so having now seen these 'in action' as it were... the links are horrible and utterly intrusive. Not only are there plain text links but also mid-article boxed-out content with thumbnails? Not only does it completely derail the flow of an article- something I wouldn't be happy about either as a reader or a writer - it looks amateurish and clickbait. Will the article titles be changing to a more tabloid style 'hook you in' approach as well?

    Definitely not feeling this at all. Recommending similar articles is always a good idea, but not smack in the middle of your own content. put it at the bottom like others have suggested, so when you've read an article you have an idea where you might want to go next.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 is a decent attempt at an impossible job

  • berelain 14/12/2016

    I'm one of the apparently rare few that actually did like 13, and it's cast, but then I've been a sucker for pretty much every Final Fantasy game except 12. [X is awesome. 7 has the best story and characters. 9 is a joyful celebration. 8 loses itself with Time Compression nonsense)

    After 16 or so hours with FFXV so far, it feels like something very special indeed. It's fun, full of character and charm, modernises many of the classic FF conventions without ruining them, and is a real joy to play. Yeah, Noctis is a bit bland, but the rest of the cast are hugely endearing despite their boy band looks. I can't stop playing it.
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  • Win one of 10 free PC games including Doom, Dishonored 2, Civ 6 and Mafia 3

  • berelain 13/12/2016

    Ugh, I hate these stupid competitions where you have to share every hour on every social media platform known to man to stand a cat in hells chance of winning. They only serve to fill my facebook and twitter feeds with spam. Reply +14
  • Gifts for Gamers - Christmas gift guide 2016

  • berelain 09/12/2016

    @Fourfoldroot They are indeed, but my point is less that PS4 pads are more expensive, its more that pads in general cost so bloody much in the first place. Reply 0
  • berelain 09/12/2016

    This article was blatantly funded by Amazon, surely. Given that there's a total of... maybe one thing that isn't linked directly to an Amazon product page?

    I'm still annoyed that controllers cost so bloody much these days, especially the PS4 pads. I got two Xbox One pads with my launch bundle as I knew I'd be using the pads on the PC as well as the console, though I would like one of the newer Bluetooth ones. They're 37, which is plenty of money. But the cheapest PS4 pads are 5 more expensive. I want a second PS4 pad for occasional multiplayer and for connecting to my Surface to use with Remote Play, but I really struggle to justify spending the price of a game on a device that won't see particularly high use. At least last generation there were some decent third-party options, there are a handful of third party pads for the Xbox One and PS4 but most seem pretty damn terrible.
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  • Dean Hall reveals "hard truth of VR development", announces new VR game

  • berelain 08/12/2016

    VR is just too fragmented for any major enterprises to be viable at the minute anyway. Even if developing for Vive / Oculus and PSVR were functionally identically - using similar API calls for graphical and control interfaces - the fact that each of them functions fundamentally differently from the others and has different inputs means developing across platforms just wouldn't be good sense - all you could do would be account for the lowest common denominator (eg, Oculus / PSVR and control pad) and then you'd get people who own Vive's or Oculus Touch controllers or PS Move complaining that the game doesn't support room space / touch controllers / motion sensing controls.

    Add to that the tiny install base, it's no surprise we're sorely lacking in killer VR content. It's just not worth developing at the moment. Which in turn means unless you're a tech-addict with money to burn, it's not going to appeal to a broader audience. The first game I can see *possibly* changing that is Resident Evil 7, as a full title with VR support throughout. But even then, it's going to be a tough sell I think.
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  • Street Fighter 5 season two set for sweeping balance changes

  • berelain 06/12/2016

    @Honeyman Honestly? I don't. I've barely been able to play the game online thanks to the awful netcode, and the relative lack of PC players, so I'm only going by limited local matches and singleplayer stuff.

    As I say though, I'm long done with SFV by this point. I've given the game too much goodwill and Capcom has pissed on it at every turn. However good the core fighting is - and it is BRILLIANT, don't get me wrong - everything that surrounds it is such a clusterfuck of badly implemented game modes, half-baked ideas, missing content, and DLC money-grabbing that I've lost the will to carry on.
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  • berelain 06/12/2016

    Great, they finally reinstated Chun-Li as a viable character after rendering her virtually useless in SF4... and now they nerf her again. Oh well. My brief love affair with SFV is well and truly over now anyway. Reply -3
  • Captain America and Morrigan confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

  • berelain 06/12/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Guilty Gear Xrd would like a word. Its 3D character models look and animate very closely to their 2D, sprite counterparts. Reply 0
  • berelain 06/12/2016

    Sad that Morrigan has to be suffixed with a 'from Darkstalkers' explanatory tag :(

    I also wish Capcom would hire some different art stylists for the current series of SF games. The visuals for this look technically decent, but artistically horrible.
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  • The Last Guardian review

  • berelain 05/12/2016

    I'm not sure I'll actually ever buy this - as much as I enjoyed Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for their aesthetics, I invariably got too frustrated with fiddly mechanics to ever finish the games. But I'm pleased to see it being so well received. As much as I believe playing the game would frustrate me to the point of ruining my enjoyment, I'm glad to see Fumito Ueda's knack for creating wonderfully compelling relationships between characters and melancholy world builing skills haven't faltered.

    Also, side-note: Intrigued as to why this review never refers to the beast as Trico, when pretty much every other review seems to..?
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  • WipEout looks great for its PS4 debut

  • berelain 05/12/2016

    Okay, and now I'm excited. I loved 2048 but always resented that there was no full console version for proper TV play. But if the remastering of HD and 2048 is a good as it sounds, this will be a special game indeed. Bit of a shame there's no fresh content here, and I would have taken a new WipEout over a remastering... but this will scratch the itch for sure. Reply +5
  • There's a new WipEout game

  • berelain 03/12/2016

    Nice to see 2048 getting a proper lease of life, but re-selling HD and Fury to PS4 owners seems a bit shitty unless there are some major graphical upgrades along the way (watching the vid on my phone so can't really tell). Reply +4
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 4 reportedly due out 2017

  • berelain 29/11/2016

    @Mar27w Now that would be something very special. MvC4 with Guilty Gear Xrd or BlazBlue quality visuals? I'd take that any day. Reply +1
  • berelain 29/11/2016

    It'll be a shame to lose the X-men characters if this turns out to be true :(

    Lets just hope they take their time with the game and release it complete with some actual features and game modes...
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda will leave some familiar alien races behind

  • berelain 25/11/2016

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat pretty much, but i was trying to be sutble ;) Reply +2
  • berelain 25/11/2016

    @smallblueslime when you say in some of the Star Wars canon - are you talking about the old expanded universe stuff (which was basically whatever anyone wanted to dream up at the time) or the more concise, trimmed down new universe? Reply +1
  • berelain 25/11/2016

    @ISmoke did you even read the article?

    there's a Citadel-like hub spacestation, the Nexus, which made the leap prior to the four main race's arks.
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  • berelain 25/11/2016

    bitter dissapointment: My dreams of an Elcor party member are gone.
    modest optimism: but may be a possibility in the future!
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  • Face-Off: Dishonored 2

  • berelain 25/11/2016

    @Furnace-Inferno I don't necessarily mean there's a bottleneck on the consoles - just that there's a bottleneck on my machine, because I'm running a 1070 paired with a 1st gen Core i7 920, which only has 4 cores and is only modestly overclocked to 3.5ghz.

    But thats only my experience - I have no idea how others are faring. But I'd certainly agree that the game needs a lot of optimisation, probably across all platforms.

    It's still bloody good, though.
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  • berelain 25/11/2016

    I'm still happy with the 70-ish fps my PC gets at "1152p" (as DF like to think of it) but I'm certain there's a CPU bottleneck - dropping the visual quality has no effect on the framerate on my machine. I suspect the AI is running a lot more complex cycles than the monsters are in Doom - which generally only spawn in as an when required and have very straightforwards 'charge' behaviour. The AI cycles of dozens (hundreds?) of NPCs in one of the sprawling Dishonored 2 levels presumably comes at a high CPU cost. Reply +4
  • Saints Row 4 gets proper mod support three years after launch

  • berelain 23/11/2016

    Oh as if I needed another reason to play Saints Row 4 again.

    God I fucking love the Saints Row series. Vice President Keith David alone is reason enough.
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  • How I learned to stop worrying and love Dishonored 2

  • berelain 23/11/2016

    I adore the Dishonored games. I never feel like the mechanics are forcing me to play one way or the other - yes, the game informs you that there will be consequences, but just because the 'high chaos' ending is *darker* doesn't mean its worse. The high Chaos ending for the first game was arguably more interesting than the low chaos golden age.

    So yeah, for me its the freedom and ability to experiment with ideas and powers in interesting ways - and in some ways I think the fact that many of the powers lean towards lethality makes for an interesting change of pace. You're constantly thinking, well, I *could* just use this drop-kill and turn the enemy into dust, which would mean I wouldn't be spotted and there'd be no body to hide. Or you can take the riskier non-lethal option. There's a degree of risk vs reward - ultimately it's generally easier to kill your way through the game, by careful planning and use of powers, but there's an innate challenge to be had in not using those powerful abilities.

    More than any of that, though, its the world and the details of the setting that I find so compelling. I know there are rooms and sections I haven't even seen - a friend was telling me about how he liberated a printers shop that was being harassed in the first chapter, whilst I completely passed it by,
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  • Conan Exiles survival game gets PC, Xbox One early access release date

  • berelain 22/11/2016

    I'm not normally into survival games, but this.. I might try it for the setting alone. Reply +1
  • Resident Evil movie makers set sights on Monster Hunter

  • berelain 22/11/2016

    "There are no real central characters so it's a bit like when we first approached Resident Evil and imposed our own characters and story on that world. "

    Yes, which was the worst fucking thing you could have done. "Ahh, these games have a plot... lets ignore that and make up our own shit one instead."

    "I thought this was our opportunity to have a cinematic universe."

    Monster Hunter CU? NO! PLEASE.

    This is going to be terrible. I feel like Paul W.S Anderson is turning into the Michael Bay of video game adaptions. Big budget films that are confusingly successful, but absolute shit.
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  • Steam users have already declared the winner in the great coaster sim war

  • berelain 18/11/2016

    slow news day? ;)

    Was listening to the Giantbomb guys talking about this on the podcast, feedback definitely seems overwhelmingly in favour of Planet Coaster.
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