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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • berelain 24/10/2016

    Look like a tit for just 5! Reply -4
  • PlayStation VR hasn't tamed VR's strangeness

  • berelain 13/10/2016

    This has always been my view of VR. It's simply not a mainstream thing. When I get home from a long day at work, I want to chill out, on the sofa, with a control pad in my hands. I don't want to don a dodgy helmet and stand around waving my arms; its exactly the same problem I had with Wii motion control, PS Move, and Kinect: it just doesn't fit into most people's daily lives.

    I don't doubt there will be some great VR experiences to be had (many of them, I suspect, not games). But I don't see it ever becoming a mainstream prospect at any price point.
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  • Gears of War 4 review

  • berelain 11/10/2016

    @Rusty_M I believe so, pretty sure all Xbox Play Anywhere games have to support those features :) Reply +1
  • berelain 11/10/2016

    I only had chance to play about 30 minutes this morning before I had to go to work, but thoroughly enjoyed what I played. It has that solid, polished Gears feel, and rejects the unwelcome shifts in enemy strength and numbers that ruined Judgement.

    I had a blast. The PC version runs great (haven't tried it on my Xbox yet) and the keyboard and mouse controls work well (though it still feels more at home on a control pad to me). And both PC and Xbox versions even supports Split-screen co-op, which is an instant win in my book.
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  • FIFA 17 The Journey walkthrough - how to play a full season and get all rewards

  • berelain 03/10/2016

    @Slartibartfast-33 you're not alone. The sudden influx of FIFA content taking over the site does raise suspicions. Sure, it's a popular game, but separate articles for each part of a guide seems a bit overkill. Reeks of paid for content. If it isn't, well, fair enough, but EG might want to rethink how they showcase this stuff in that case. Reply +3
  • Behind the Scenes on Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

  • berelain 01/10/2016

    I've watched the first couple so far and I'm quite enjoying it. My only complaint is that it's a little bit long - I feel like a 45 minute / 30 minute format would work better and be a bit punchier. Some games don't really work well on tv (the Portal 2 challenge wasn't great to follow - generally it works better when you can see both screens at once and have an idea of whats going on. I got the Portal thing fine, but my wife, who has never played Portal, didn't have a clue what was going on.) But its good, and has plenty of potential. Its easily the best thing since Gamesmaster. Reply 0
  • Lost Odyssey receives Xbox One backward compatibility today

  • berelain 29/09/2016


    Been thinking of replaying this for a while... and now I have the perfect reason to.
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  • What does it take to run Forza Horizon 3 at 1080p60?

  • berelain 27/09/2016

    I don't think the CPU is too big a factor in Horizon 3 on PC, or at least it doesn't seem to be on my rig. I run an i7 920 (first gen i7 chip!) clocked at 3.4ghz, paired with a GTX 1070. Running at 20148 x 1152 (my monitor is a bit of a random resolution) I get 50 - 60pfs with everything maxed out in Ultra settings.

    Haven't tried it with dynamic scaling to see if I can get a solid 60 without many visual compromises, but I'm more than happy with the performance I'm getting from my machine. I'm quite happy playing the game at 30fps anyway - Horizon's frame blending implementation is sublime, and makes it feel far more fluid than standard 30fps gaming.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 at 4K 60fps is simply breathtaking

  • berelain 24/09/2016

    I have the game installed on my Xbox One and PC ready for it to actually be released on Tuesday (I didn't pony up the 80 Microsoft was asking for early access...). Played the demo a couple of times through on the Xbox, so I'm eager to see how my PC handles it. It's an old i7 but with a GTX 1070, I could easily hit a solid 1080 / 60fps in Forza Apex with everything maxed out, but I somehow doubt I'll be able to do the same with Horizon 3... Reply +1
  • berelain 24/09/2016

    @UKPlay don't people ever get annoyed with professional sites not apparently being able to proof read their own content? ;) Reply +30
  • Oculus Rift controllers Oculus Touch to cost 190 in UK - report

  • berelain 22/09/2016

    what the fuuuu - good gods that's expensive. I still don't really get the VR appeal (and yes, I have tried it) but price points like this are certainly not going to help. Reply 0
  • Paladins boss speaks out over Overwatch clone claims

  • berelain 21/09/2016

    @mega-gazz Gloom was deliberately made for the Amiga though, since id software wasn't planning to release Doom on the platform. So some developer took it on themselves to do something similar.

    It was actually great fun from what I remember.
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  • berelain 21/09/2016

    @Simatron3000 I think the issue for me is that a pure multiplayer based game like this will only thrive if the community gets behind it. But the community are - rightly or wrongly - behind Overwatch, and it'll take something mighty to topple it. That doesn't mean that the other games aren't worth playing, far from it. But it does mean that it might have a limited lifespan or that matches might get harder to find as time goes on.

    FWIW, although I have tried Overwatch and Battleborn, I don't play either, as they just don't appeal to me. I'm not some Overwatch fanboy. And I genuinely do hope these games do well. I just have some doubts that they will.

    (also, regarding Redoubt- am I right in thinking it's pure racing, no weapons? If so thats a big differentiator from WipEout right there. Plus that argument doesn't hold up anyway, even if it was a copy-and-paste WipEout clone, we're not likely to get any new WipEout games any time soon, if ever, so why people are complaining that a new title has come along to carry the torch is beyond me)
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  • berelain 21/09/2016

    @rubberducko Battleborn is a MOBA as well, but on the surface, the games are similar. To the average person, they;'re all character-based team shooters, irrespective of whether there's a moba-like strategy element to it.

    My point is, whilst they might be great games (well... Battleborn is okay I guess, and I haven't played Paragon yet) the fact that most people who are into the style are playing Overwatch, and that will swing others into playing it as well.

    I agree, Overwatch and Battleborn (and probably Paragon and Paladins) do play differently to one another, and are different genres. But on the surface, they're all very similar looking games with similar mechanics and play style.
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  • berelain 21/09/2016

    Seems a lot of developers wanted to get in on the character-based, MOBA-inspired team shooter genre all at the same time. But with Overwatch (yes, I know its not actually a MOBA, but the style and setup is similar) being so popular and capturing the market, I can't see that there's enough room for the likes of Paladins, Battleborn, or Paragon.

    A shame as I'm sure they're quite good. Paladins certainly looks pretty. But I doubt it'll find much of an audience.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: the first PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison

  • berelain 14/09/2016

    @kevboard They're not allowed to do that. Sony's guidance to dev's said that games would have to be playable in both formats without the need for additional content Reply +3
  • berelain 14/09/2016

    Well anybody who didn't see this coming a mile away obviously hasn't been paying attention. There's possibly another reason why the 'Pro' version of the game doesn't use 4K textures - because they might not be able to squeeze another full set of textures on a standard Blu-ray?

    Whilst the Scorpio is set to be a lot more powerful, and might well be able to run a game like ROTTR at the equivalent of ultra settings at full 4k, I suspect it won't be the case across the board. We'll see the same kind of corner-cutting from developers who are now needing to develop two versions of the game for each console and squeeze it all on a standard sized disc.

    As much as I like the idea of more powerful consoles, I still don't really like this standard vs Pro / Scorpio divide.
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  • Valve finally takes on Steam user review score manipulation

  • berelain 13/09/2016

    sounds a bit heavy-handed to me. I rarely buy games directly through Steam - most of my games are bought through the Humble Store, GOG, and Greenman Gaming. So because I buy my keys through fully legitimate, official stores, my Steam reviews won't count. That feels a bit sneaky to me.

    Appreciate the detailed breakdown though @noontide, that's some insightful information. :)
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  • Forza Horizon 3: still the only racing game for everyone

  • berelain 13/09/2016

    @Some_Goats I felt like I was the only person who loved Blur. Brilliant racer. Reply +1
  • berelain 12/09/2016

    @danieldeitermann I think Project Cars has VIVE support? Reply 0
  • berelain 12/09/2016

    I can't get enough of the Horizon games. Horizon 2 sat in my Xbox One for months after release, and whilst I'll be picking up the digital version of this so I can play it on PC as well, I'm sure the same will metaphorically hold true for Horizon 3. No other games come close to how much fun these games are. Reply +6
  • Xbox One S gets painted military green for 1TB Battlefield 1 console

  • berelain 12/09/2016

    I thought this was going to look horrific, but actually it looks quite smart. Reply +3
  • Fallout 4 and Skyrim PS4 mods look dead - and Bethesda blames Sony

  • berelain 12/09/2016

    Didn't this news come out on friday?

    In any case, its a pretty sad state of affairs. Given Sony's past interest in user-created content (such as with LBP) you'd think they'd be more open to enabling mod support for PS4 games, especially when Microsoft seems to be actively embracing it this generation.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the CUH-2000 PS4 Slim

  • berelain 09/09/2016

    @riceNpea but if anything I'd say that's even more confusing for the consumer. At least with Scorpio (or whatever it ends up being called) there's a clear gap between releases of the Xbox One S and the more powerful machine. With the Pro and the PS4 Slim the releases are so close together (and price points not that far apart) I can see it being a bit muddled for the average Joe?

    EDIT: just saw your point about phone SKUs, and whilst I see your point, again, I think that's equally confusing for a lot of people who aren't really into phones but want something decent.
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  • berelain 09/09/2016

    I find it interesting how when Microsoft announced two consoles at the same time they were criticized for being too confusing, yet when Sony do the same thing, with two consoles coming out very close to one another and not massively different, they get a free ride.

    Anyway. This looks okay. If my PS4 dies I'd probably pick one of these up over the Pro, because I doubt I'll have my PS4 hooked up to a 4k TV for a long time, but the lack of optical out really kills it for me. But it would be nice to have decent wi-fi speeds...
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  • Bayonetta joins Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • berelain 09/09/2016

    oh man.. I might have to give it another playthrough now. Reply +1
  • Redout is the next-gen WipEout you've been waiting for

  • berelain 08/09/2016

    @robbiesabo I'll have to give BallisticNG a look, haven't seen that. I agree with you about Formula Fusion, it's still very ropey - the look is right, but the controls feel horrible.

    GRIP, though, is tremendous fun even in its current state. Hugely enjoyable.
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  • berelain 08/09/2016

    I'm really interested in this, though have to admit the lack of combat and relatively high price point (plus lack of demo) is keeping me at bay a little. But I'm getting more and more tempted as time goes on. Reply 0
  • Apple accidentally announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus via own website

  • berelain 07/09/2016

    Although I've been using Bluetooth headphones for quite a while now, I can understand why this move is a) stupid and b) annoying for a lot of people. I personally don't like wired headphones - I get the bloody cables tangled up in everything - but I know I'm in a minority on that, and Bluetooth headphones - whilst good - still can't give the same audio fidelity you'd get from, say, a top end set of wired Bose or Beats headphones.

    I can't imagine Apple will include a set of wireless earbuds in the box with the iPhone 7 either.

    I did hear rumours that the 7 was going to have a dual camera setup, like the HTC One had a while back and a few other phones have tried over the years. It was a pointless gimmick then, I can't see it being much different if Apple has gone down that route.
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  • Virtua Fighter 5 is coming to PlayStation 4

  • berelain 06/09/2016

    The VF series remains the closest video games have ever got to actual sparring. Masterful series, especially VF5. Really hope Sega sees the surge in popularity of games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat and makes a new VG game. Reply +3
  • Mother Russia Bleeds review

  • berelain 06/09/2016

    I still love the classic beat-em-up genre, and regularly revisit games like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, the Capcom D&D games. Dragon's Crown stayed in my PS3 for a LONG time after it came out, and I've never found the genre to be as stale and frustrating as so many critics seem to insist it is. Actually, I think I see the Dynasty Warriors series as the spiritual successors of the old beat-em-up, which is probably why I like KOEI's games so much.

    As for this game, though... yeah. It looks a bit pants. So whilst I disagree with some of Simon's complaints of the genre, I can't say that Mother Russia Bleeds looks like a good example of it anyway.

    And that pixel art is *horrible*.
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  • Watch: Seven times video games were just really, really gross

  • berelain 03/09/2016

    thats... a pretty weak list, to be honest. The Dead Space 2 scene is typical of the kind of crass, torture porn gore that the series seems so obsessed with, but there are much worse things than the other offerings on the list.

    I mean, the DMC Succubus? Really?

    I would have thought games like God of War, Dante's Inferno and even Gears of War 2 would get a look in here. But instead we have singing turds and bile-spewing demons.
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  • Castle of Illusion remake will be removed from sale on Friday

  • berelain 01/09/2016

    these short-term licensing deals really need to stop. Reply +2
  • Forza Horizon 3 PC specs revealed

  • berelain 31/08/2016

    @green_nifta thats a very good point. Oops. Reply 0
  • berelain 31/08/2016

    If they get the Warthog handling right - and there's no reason to think that they won't, given Turn 10's pedigree here - driving that beast will be an absolute delight.

    EDIT: Or even Playground games. Not Turn 10. Duh.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport delayed until 2017

  • berelain 30/08/2016


    No but seriously, did anyone NOT see this coming? Sony seem to have a knack of getting their exclusive racing titles delayed. Oh well. At least it'll give me time to work through Forza Horizon 3 before GT Sport comes out.

    And probably Forza 7...
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  • Here are Overwatch characters reimagined as dogs

  • berelain 26/08/2016

    "Do you know, I've had to sit on this story since yesterday"

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  • Face-Off: F1 2016

  • berelain 26/08/2016

    @seasidebaz damnit, best me to it ;) Reply +5
  • Take a tour of Resident Evil 7's disturbing new demo

  • berelain 23/08/2016

    Is this new demo available to download on psn / Xbox marketplace? Or is it coming out soon? Reply +32
  • Chomping on corpses in single-player Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • berelain 22/08/2016

    I'm currently playing through Original Sin's Enhanced Edition in split-screen Co-Op, on PC, with my cuz. And.. its awesome. I've played it before solo, but exploring the game as a team in co-op really makes some of the brilliant design decisions and possibilities really come to the fore.

    So yeah. Can't wait for this.
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • berelain 22/08/2016

    it looks horrible. The PS4 was never the most attractive console at the best of times but this looks really cheap and lacklustre. Its almost as bad as the last PS3 slim design. Reply -3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • berelain 18/08/2016

    Oh, yay. More tacked-on VR. Sign me up :P

    Seriously though, I've just started the PC version of this (unlike @kongzi I don't differentiate between what games I like to play on what systems...) and very much enjoying it - the addition of the co-op mode sounds like a fun extension though and I'll definitely give that a look, though I doubt I'll double-dip and buy the PS4 version just for that, so I'll wait for it to turn up on the PC version instead.
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  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron gets a surprise PS4 and Xbox One release in Australia

  • berelain 08/08/2016

    Massively underrated game. This and War for Cybertron are the best Transformers things that have happened in. . well, a very long time. I might reinstall my PC versions and take them for a spin in celebration. Reply +7
  • 16-bit Disney classics out now on PC

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    @abeeken Not sure about all of them, but according to the article: "The Aladdin on GOG is the Virgin Games Mega Drive version."

    Even if they weren't, most old PC games can be smushed up inside a Dosbox wrapper to run on modern PCs - thats what GoG does with a lot of its older games, I believe.
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  • berelain 04/08/2016

    @abeeken I think its more the case that other similarly old games are available much cheaper - most Sega classics sell for 1.99 on Steam. Fun as Aladdin is, it's not three times more fun than Streets of Rage 2. ;D Reply +4
  • berelain 04/08/2016

    I quite fancy playing Aladdin again, but I'm not sure I want to splash out 6 for the privilege. Especially when most Megadrive re-releases normally go for a couple of quid... Reply +4
  • AMD Radeon RX 470 review

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    Interesting that the ageing GTX 970 still holds up broadly similar results to the RX470, and you can pick them up for around 180 as well.

    Actually I don't know if that is interesting after all. But I had still expected the new gen RX x70 model to be convincingly faster than the previous gen gtx x70. I know AMD are chasing different goals here, and I'm sure there are benefits of opting for the newer card. But still. Maybe it's the numbering format thats the misnomer here - you'd tend to expect the x70 cards to be in the same ball park of performance within their generations, but looking at these stats the GTX 1070 is leaps and bounds ahead. Of course it's about twice the price, too.
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  • There's a little Master Chief hidden inside the new Xbox One S

  • berelain 04/08/2016

    Mega Chief? Reply +23
  • Yes, Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass

  • berelain 03/08/2016

    Simple solution to stop developers / publishers bolting on Season Passes to their games: DON'T BUY THEM.

    I'll buy the main game, most likely. And the Season Pass can sit and rot on a shelf for all I care, much like the Fallout 4 season pass, the DOOM season pass, and every other season pass that has ever existed for a game I've bought.
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  • Ubisoft announces The Division film starring Jake Gyllenhaal

  • berelain 02/08/2016

    @jabberwocky As far as Fast & Furious goes, I mainly mean 5 and 6, for the presence of Vin Diesel and The Rock alone who really are trying their hardest to keep the 80's action hero alive in those films XD

    But I'm pleased we can agree on Mad Max ^_^
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