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  • MineZ: Zombie survival, Minecraft-style

  • bbvDJC 11/09/2012

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  • New Star Wars franchise to be unveiled next week

  • bbvDJC 25/05/2012

    KOTOR3? Reply +10
  • First crazy Japanese PlayStation Vita advert

  • bbvDJC 26/11/2011

    I LOVE MOUNTAIN BIKES! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Reply 0
  • Konami launches PES 2012 Facebook app

  • bbvDJC 14/10/2011

    Who negged Nick_Tizz, he's correct.

    PES is rubbish.
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  • Game to sell Blu-ray films and music

  • bbvDJC 14/09/2011


    I'm pretty sure a game employee tried to touch me once. :(

    Super fags. :(
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  • bbvDJC 12/09/2011

    SUPER FAGS! Reply -4
  • bbvDJC 12/09/2011

    Super fags. Reply -8
  • FIFA 12 football clubs trailer

  • bbvDJC 12/09/2011

    @steagz - were you high when you typed that? PES is fucking shit. Reply 0
  • Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference

  • bbvDJC 16/08/2011

    eh, at work. just won't update anything but comments. Reply 0
  • bbvDJC 16/08/2011

    Everyone else stuck on 17:52? :/ Reply 0
  • Netflix "coming to UK early next year"

  • bbvDJC 19/07/2011


    £13 for 10+ films is okay i suppose, but its nothing compared to our offer.
    For £9.99 you are entitled to an unlimited allowance for the month on DVD and Blu-ray! It also means that you get 10% off anything retail in store (except consoles and multi-buys). Also, instead of getting sent the films you pick from your playlist randomly from lovefilm, whatever you pick on your blockbusters playlist is guaranteed to be sent to you straight away, in the order that you choose. Its also not contracted, which means that you can cancel at anytime, with no problems.

    But yeah sure, £13 for 10+ movies is okay. :)
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  • bbvDJC 18/07/2011

    i work in a blockbuster store and i have to say, im nervous! as a company we are still doing really well, but with things like lovefilm and netflix the future of blockbusters is slightly worrying. although we have just started our own online service, just like lovefilm, but with instore special offers included. its just on movies at the minute but it will include games within a couple of months. i quite like my job at blockbusters, so people, PLEASE START USING BLOCKBUSTERS AGAIN! pleeeeeeeeeeease! Reply 0
  • PSN "fully restored" by end of week

  • bbvDJC 31/05/2011

    Thats not the point im trying to make.
    what im saying is that, the people that have slagged off Sony have no idea how complicated it must be to restore and enhance such a massive network like PSN.
    I literally know jack shit about computers , but im guessing it must be a little bit complicated. Thats why im being patient with Sony. It'll be up and running, when its ready.
    It seems like people commenting about how shit Sony are because they didnt have it up and running 100% within 10 mins, are maybe a little naive as to how complicted this is.
    would those people like Sony to have rushed it back online, and get fucked over again, or would they prefer Sony to take their time, and do things properly?
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  • bbvDJC 31/05/2011

    I dont get why people are still having a go at Sony.
    Before you all start jumping on the band wagon saying 'oh they've missed another deadline, how dare they!' or 'Sony have brought shame on the human race for missing another deadline' have you ever considered that restoring a network (especially one with 77 million accounts roughly) might acually be pretty difficult? have you ever considered the fact that Sony themselves are missing out on revenue, so im guessing that if they could have had the network 100% up and running sooner, they would have done.

    So next time you fail a deadline, whether at work or school, uni or the deadline to claim your dole money, i want you to set up some sort of blog, so i can comment the shit out of it, telling you how much of a failure you are.
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  • PSN password reset: Sony urges patience

  • bbvDJC 16/05/2011

    i was just wondering, has anyone been able to connect to the EA servers since they've been able to get back online? Reply 0
  • PSN friends lists, trophies to remain

  • bbvDJC 29/04/2011

    wow your cool arent you.
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  • bbvDJC 29/04/2011

    Sony was clearly formed by Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and the devil himself. Sony are terrible people , and to show them how we feel , we should all.... just be patient, and look forward to whenever PSN is back up and running.
    Yes its crap that PSN got hacked, but no matter how good a companys security is, there are people out there that will try and get past it. It's not Sony's fault, it was the wankers that have nothing to do in life, except hack a companies securityand ruin everything for the rest of us.
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  • Want your PSN subscription fees back?

  • bbvDJC 26/04/2011

    To be honest, depending how many people use the psn or have card details on their accounts you'll probably be very unlucky if yours ever get used. Reply +3