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  • Original Xbox Star Wars: KOTOR downloadable ahead of back-compat launch

  • alasdairm 23/10/2017

    Keen to know how DLC will work
    Crimson Skies had game modes levels & planes as DLC - which I bought back in the day
    As OGXbox Live is no longer around will this be available to download, particularly if you had bought it previously bought the DLC?
    I know the DRM was different on the OGXbox & tied to a console & not a gamer tag
    Or will the download be a 'complete' edition ?

    I think KOTOR had some DLC too
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  • There's a range of miniature, officially licensed arcade cabinet replicas on the way

  • alasdairm 19/10/2017

    Marble Madness please !!
    Played it in an arcade only the once & was amazed by it & the trackball controller was a revelation
    Played many of the conversions & they have all used a joystick & is nowhere as good as the trackball
    Love to be able to play it properly with a trackball
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  • GTA Online is getting multi-vehicle racing and dogfighting soon

  • alasdairm 07/10/2017

    Just give us some Midtown Madness modes and I'm there Reply 0
  • The big interview: Xbox boss Phil Spencer

  • alasdairm 13/06/2017

    Is that the full interview as it seems to end rather abruptly ? Reply +36
  • DF Retro: Soul Calibur on Dreamcast - beyond 'arcade perfect'

  • alasdairm 28/05/2017

    Shame the 360 never got the full version and I'm pretty sure the original XBLA size limit was 50mb, which was then increased to 200mb & eventually maxxed out at 2gb (I think that was the max size XBLA games could technically be)

    Having every thing unlocked from the off put me off getting it, however I've been waiting for it to go on sale & as far as can tell it never has been; have it on the DC - was it VGA compatible?
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  • Watch Dogs, Dragon Age headline June's Xbox Live Games with Gold

  • alasdairm 23/05/2017

    Loved Speed Runners on 360 when it was an Indie Game - great fun local multiplayer game

    Hopefully its been expanded with more solo and multiplayer levels; i did spot that its now got online multiplayer
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  • The original Xbox turns 15 in Europe

  • alasdairm 14/03/2017

    Still life in the old Xbox yet

    Been sitting on the fence about getting this, but very tempting...
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  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • alasdairm 28/02/2017

    Wonder how this works if you are playing on both XB1 and 360?

    Can you download the 360 titles to your 360 too - would be interesting as Microsoft, as far as I am aware, don't have the ability to remove games or revoke the license after downloading them to your 360
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  • PlayStation VR nears 1m sold

  • alasdairm 27/02/2017

    I just hope there is some fix or upgrade to allow 4k HDR pass-through via the breakout box - a complete pain switching cables over to get 4k HDR on the tv and then back over again when you want to use the VR Headset

    Surely some 3rd party box from an Asian company must be on the cards at least?
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  • Cave Story and 1001 Spikes are coming to Switch

  • alasdairm 19/01/2017

    Bought 1001 Spikes when it was known as "Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes" on the 360 in 2011; was an Indie game for £0.69 but now seem to be £3.49 when searching the marketplace Reply +4
  • What works and what doesn't in PlayStation VR's launch line-up

  • alasdairm 13/10/2016


    played Driveclub at the Glasgow popup shop a few weeks ago
    I was convinced the seat I was on was moving when steering, accelerating & braking
    Mentioned this to the helper - he told me the seat didn't move !!
    I still can't get my head round this as I was convinced the chair was moving with the steering
    The level of immersion helped with using the steering wheel & pedals
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  • alasdairm 13/10/2016


    thanks for clarifying
    Shame the resolution is likely to be not great for films, etc - roll on the V2.0 headset !!
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  • alasdairm 13/10/2016

    Don't think I've seen this asked or mentioned before - can you play "normal" PS4 games through the VR headset or is it only for VR games ?

    I think there is a cinema mode for watching Blu rays (but it is not 3D blu ray compatible)

    Can anyone confirm?
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  • Quantum Break pre-order offer replaces Alan Wake's American Nightmare with Kameo

  • alasdairm 01/04/2016

    What date is it today ? Reply +37
  • EGX Rezzed has PlayStation VR

  • alasdairm 24/03/2016

    Noticed a comment in The Sun's City page about Games woes but noted that they are set for a boost as they have exclusive rights to PSVR in the UK

    Anyone picked up on this & got more info?
    Got mine ordered from anyway !
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  • Raiden 5 review

  • alasdairm 11/03/2016

    Trouble Witches Neo was delisted a while back.....

    Downloaded the demo & would have picked it up in a sale but I guess that won't happen now
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  • New Rayman game by Ubisoft Montpellier announced

  • alasdairm 07/07/2015

    I've got Fiesta & Jungle Run on my Windows 8 PC
    Does this mean when Windows 10 is released I can stream them to my Xbox One?
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  • That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order

  • alasdairm 02/07/2015

    The US Store is currently working out around £38.50 for the XB1 pre-order

    I know the download version prices are are on the high side but if you consider you get 2 licenses unlike the physical version where you only get 1 license it makes game sharing worthwhile....
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  • Xbox 360 saves carry over via Xbox One's back compatibility service

  • alasdairm 16/06/2015

    Noticed that the XBLA file sizes are much bigger than the 360 versions - its especially noticeable with the early XBLA titles which had to be Reply 0
  • alasdairm 15/06/2015

    Just downloaded Viva Piñata after putting the disc in (5.5gb)
    Got a screen with a spinning icon in the centre saying Getting your Xbox 360 info

    Might have hung on this screen as there appear to be Live issues tonight

    Update: now playing Viva Piñata - when I woke up this morning never expected to be playing this on my xb1 before going to bed !!

    Tried Kameo & not recognised
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  • alasdairm 15/06/2015

    Got all my 360 arcade games, dlc & games with gold on a 1.5tb external hard drive
    Wonder if it's as easy as unpluging it from my 360 & connecting it to my xb1 & it recognising the backward compatible games ?
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  • The next Sonic game is Sonic Runners

  • alasdairm 03/02/2015

    Just port Samba de Amigo for the Kinect

    It's about the one type of game the Kinect could do well and it meets the criteria of having the micro transactions Microsoft seem(ed) keen to force us - dlc tunes

    Is it just me that wants this to happen....??
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  • Pinball FX2 Xbox One release date set

  • alasdairm 16/07/2014

    Seems a bit strange about not allowing or able to do cross buy/import as I only did it last week with Call of Duty Ghosts!!

    Bought the Xbox 360 season pass in the sale last week & now have all the available content on both my XB1 & 360
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  • SpeedRunners will be free upon its final release

  • alasdairm 05/11/2013

    Really enjoyed Speedrunner HD when it came out on the Xbox Indie game section

    Would be good if there was an update to it, as the pc version looks like it has new levels, and the xbox was local multiplayer only
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  • 14GB Battlefield 4 install needed for optimal Xbox 360 performance

  • alasdairm 15/10/2013

    With BF3 on the Xbox 360 you could only install the hi-def texture pack to the hard drive
    I copied it over to a usb stick to make some space on my hard drive & when I next played BF3, the texture pack on the usb stick was not recognised & had to reinstall it back onto the hard drive
    Hopefully it wont be the same with BF4, but the initial 2gb install sounds very similar to the 1.5gb BF3 install...
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  • James Pond will return in A Kickstarter Campaign

  • alasdairm 13/09/2013

    Bring on the Gribblys Day Out kickstarter !!

    Or Thing on a Spring, Alleykat or Forbidden Forrest for that matter
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5's world map leaks online

  • alasdairm 10/09/2013

    Fuel is the record holder for the largest play area of 5560 sq.miles

    For the record i thought it was a very underrated game - the scale was breathtaking

    Spotting a mountain in the distance - driving up it and then realising there were more mountain ranges beyond it that you could get to
    The grand canyon area was stunning to view at sunset

    19 base camps and diving from one to another could take the best part of an hour

    Shame no other racer came close to matching the scale - but intrigued by The Crew on the next gen consles
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  • Microsoft: Xbox 360 will last three more years

  • alasdairm 04/09/2013

    When Live goes off the main issue will be all DLC will be rendered pretty much useless & unplayable

    You need to connect to the Live servers to get the game update/patch that allows the game to recognise the DLC; as this is saved to the (30mb?) cache, the most you can have is about 5-6 game updates in the cache at any one time, new updates overwrite the existing updates in the cache

    If you have a large collection of games you cannot have all the updates needed to recognise DLC in your cache

    Been worried about this since the early days & keep hoping each system update will address this problem - typically updates that are >5mb allow the option to be saved to hard drive, usb, etc
    Hope they implement this option for all game updates....3 years to get it sorted
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  • Battling to stay online

  • alasdairm 08/06/2013

    There is a HUGE impending issue with XBox 360 servers & very few people seem to have picked up on it

    As the majority of game updates are saved to the system cache, when the 360 servers are eventually retired we will be unable to access the game updates

    For info, at most you can have about 5 updates stored in the approx 20mb cache

    It is these game updates that allow the software to recognise DLC for the game

    Potentially pretty much ALL DLC WILL BE USELESS as games will be unable to download title updates to recognise the DLC

    If the update is more than 5mb you can choose where to save it, rather than the cache, but you do not get this option for updates that are smaller than 5mb

    I'm hoping Microsoft will address this issue towards the end of the 360's life span & allow any updates to be saved to the hard drive rather than the cache, but this seems like an outside bet.......

    Currently there are ways around this as there are websites that store the game updates, but this is verging towards the dodgy side of things involving hacking your profile
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  • Codies talks multiplayer, next gen and, yes, camera angles for Grid 2

  • alasdairm 11/04/2013

    System link on 360 ?
    Future proofs against Live support eventually being switched off on 360 eventually
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  • Battlefield 3: Aftermath review

  • alasdairm 29/11/2012

    for xbox 360 users, the usb limit increased to 32gb at the last big system update, with a limit of 2 usb sticks being plugged in at any one time

    Maxxed out my 320gb hard drive & now have moved all my Halo & CoD maps onto a 32gb stick & have a 16gb stick for Forza stuff

    Really hope they release a 500gb, or 1tb hard drive soon
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  • Castlevania: Mirror of Fate lurks in development until "early 2013"

  • alasdairm 19/08/2012

    Bring on the pant swinging action with Simon & Trevor !! Reply +2
  • Criterion takes full control of Need for Speed and Burnout franchises

  • alasdairm 25/06/2012

    For those who enjoy the SHIFT series, Slightly Mad Studios have Test Drive Ferrari out (supposedly) either this Friday or the week after

    Seems very low key and is being released everywhere bar the UK

    Shopto had it up for preorder, but now seems to have been pulled, and & .de have it for around EUR55

    There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what's happening with it, but as its Atari putting it out that's not really a surprise

    Looks pretty good, covering the Gold, Silver & Modern eras of Ferrari & has 38 tracks
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  • Codemasters unveils F1 2012

  • alasdairm 16/03/2012

    I keep hoping they will bring out a fantasy F1 game with "extreme" style tracks - loops, banking, jumps, etc

    The commentators keep saying the F1 cars could drive upside down in a tunnel - well let's see it then !!

    An "extreme" style game F1 with realistic physics would be an instabuy for me

    Even the first PS1 version had an easter egg with a track shaped like the outline of a F1 car - at least that would be a start in the current version
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  • Mario Kart 7 3DS UK price roundup

  • alasdairm 02/12/2011

    The Zavvi code also works with Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympics which brings it down to about £25
    Sadly it doesn't work with the Mario Kart 7 & headphone set.....
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  • The cloud is coming to Xbox - Microsoft exec

  • alasdairm 14/11/2011

    I keep my saves (& online passes) on a USB stick and move it around from 360 to 360 depending on which room I'm in

    The limitation on the 360 Cloud is 511MB, and i'm sure my saves on the USB are more than that
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  • Enslaved Xbox Live Games on Demand price £24.99

  • alasdairm 02/11/2011

    Noticed that Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been on GoD for the last few weeks & is £14.99, which seems a pretty good price for it, considering that even online prices are generally higher than this for new copies - although I'd guess you don't get the Casino with it, as i think that may have been only for pre-orders

    Tempted if I hadn't bought it on release - only GoD I have bothered with are Crysis & RE 4
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  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 release date

  • alasdairm 19/10/2011

    From the speed wheel instructions:

    "it acts as a steering wheel and ignores unwanted motion like pitch, yaw & roll. However, when you use it with a game that supports motion on 3 axes, the wheel responds accordingly"

    Roll on developers using it in flight games, or patching to support older racing of flight sim games !!
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  • "People are ready" for Mirror's Edge 2

  • alasdairm 08/10/2011

    Dear DICE, can we have a new




    please ????
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  • Rotastic Xbox Live Arcade release date

  • alasdairm 08/09/2011

    Only got 15gigs left on my 250gb hard drive and that's after a good clearout before downloading the last 2 weeks XBLA trials - hopefully the 320gb drive will be released seperately in both slim and phat versions, although i suspect it may only be a slim version that is available

    Please just release a 500gb drive!!
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  • LG unveils PlayStation 3D TV rival

  • alasdairm 03/09/2011

    Rather annoyingly system link games on current consoles are on the decline (Forza 1 & 2 have system link, Forza 3 doesn't and i don't know about Forza 4), which is where this technology appears to be aiming for

    Means games have to be played over Live rather than a LAN, and with XBox 360's the majority of routers only allow 1 open NAT connection - other XBox 360's are restricted & cannot see the other 360's that share the same router

    I have 3 Xbox 360's around the house and have still to find a router that allows an open NAT connection on more than 1 360; as a result when mates come over we cannot play on Xbox Live against eaach other on the different consoles - VERY annoying when this happens and games don't have System Link

    Why games don't have system link as well as Live baffles me, especially when servers are switched off (looking at you EA !!)
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  • Resi HD remakes cost 1600 Points/£15.99

  • alasdairm 27/07/2011

    £11.43 each, based on 2100 points for £15 - doesn't seem too bad

    Play Asia have the disc priced at, currently, just under £29 (before shipping & import/post office charges)
    At a guess if it was a retail release in the UK it would be around £25-£30
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  • Bastion

  • alasdairm 19/07/2011

    Wonder if we will get any unexpected XBLA games turning up on Fridays, like we did during the Winter promotion; although if they are the standard of Days of Thunder I will not loose any sleep Reply -1
  • Cheap This Week - 09/06/11

  • alasdairm 10/06/2011

    The discount code for seems to only work up to a max order of £200 (before the discount is applied), any more than that and there is no further discount

    Don't know if the code can be redeemed more than once per account
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  • Choplifter HD confirmed for XBLA

  • alasdairm 02/06/2011

    Can we have a remake of Fort Apocalypse too ? Reply 0
  • DiRT 3 gets Online Pass

  • alasdairm 21/05/2011

    KD: why not save the online pass to a memory card / USB stick ?

    I have all my save games & online passes on a USB stick so when I go round to a mates house I have all my saved games with me & the online passes

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  • Rock and a Hard Place

  • alasdairm 08/05/2011

    Surely the time has come to have a standard format and do away with different formats - and i don't mean a PC. I, like many others have no interest in PC gaming - having to update graphics cards, drivers, etc

    I like being able to fire up my console and start playing a game from my couch on my big screen without waiting for it to boot up, worrying about updates conflicting with the drivers, etc

    The electronics manufactureres managed it with the DVD standard - they clubbed together & were able to see the bigger picture & the adavantage of a standard format that each manufacturer could put there own spin on

    For deveoplers hpw much does it cost to develop 2 seperate versions of a game that (now) look pretty much indistinguishable from each other? Surely these resources would be better spent one making the standard version of the game even better

    Back in the days of PS1, N64 & DC I would have thought that a standard format would be unthinkable, but surely the time has come to acknowledge that if we want to continue to play blockbuster AAA titles, a single format must be embraced otherwise, as this article implies, the costs of next gen development will drive developers away & put a nail in the coffin of big budget games
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  • Retrospective: John Woo's Stranglehold

  • alasdairm 14/03/2011

    How about a Retrospective on 50 Cent-Blood on the Sand ?

    Very underrated game, and similar in type as Stranglehold - not a AAA title but still a great dumb B movie type game
    Loved the fact you could buy new in-game swearing packs !!
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  • Ridge Racer Type 4 on PS3 and PSP

  • alasdairm 16/02/2011

    Still got the bizarre JogCon controller that came with it in the loft as well as the 60fps Ridge Racer tech demo

    Remember at the time being disappointed with the muted & drab colour schemes in this & Rage Racer - much preferred the technicolour sunshine of Ridge Racer & RRR

    Sad that there was no way to unlock the Ridge Racer tracks in RRR (think it was system link only !!) and that Rave Racer never got converted over
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